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Synthesis modules

Hi everyone! My name is Juan Manuel and I am from Lima, Peru Today, Ill be explaining you the usage of the 5 most important synthesis modules: Oscillator, Filter, Amplifier, Envelope, and LFO

A syntethizer has 3 main primary modules: the Oscillator, the Filter, and the Amplifier There are also two main modules that change the sound over time (this is called modulation): the LFO and the Envelope

The Oscillator module is the one that creates the sound in the syntethizer, based on geometric waveforms

It is also called a VCO, or Voltage-Controlled Oscillator To use it, select the type of shape, the frequency at which the sound will be created and then press the Note button

The Low Frequency Oscillator, or LFO, modulates the sound in the Oscillator (it changes it over time), based on geometric waveforms

The LFO is designed to modulate very low frequencies, usually used between 0 and 20 Hz, so we cant really hear the output directly Like the VCO, in order to use the LFO you should set the shape and frequency However, it addition to that, in modulation modules, you can also choose the amount of modulation

After the sound goes through the Oscillator, it enters the filter, where certain frequencies are attenuated or highlighted

In a syntethizer, the most important filter is the low pass filter, and the cutoff frequency can be modulated It is also called a VCF, or Voltage-Controlled Filter To use it, select the type of filter, the cutoff frequency and the resonance (this is linked to the feedback in the delay effect)

The amplifier sets the output level of the sound It is also referred to as a VCA, or Voltage Controlled Amplifier In its simplest form, it only requires the user to move the volumen up and down

The envelope modulates the amplifier, allowing the volume to change over time Its main parameters are:
Attack Time Decay Time Sustain Level Release Time

In order to use you should first set the parameters: Attack time will control how long it takes for the sound to reach 100% volume since the Note key is pressed After the 100% level is reached, Decay time will determine how long it will take for the note to go from there to the sustain level After the Attack and Decay time, the volume will be at the sustain level until the key is released The release time indicates how much time it will take for the volume to go to 0 once the Note key is released

Synthesis modules

Thank you for taking the time to read this document!