Steady My Heart
Written by Kari Jobe, Ben Glover, and Matt Bronleewe Intro: G G



Verse 1: G Wish it could be easy G Why is life so messy C C Why is pain a part of us? G There are days I feel like G Nothing ever goes right C C Sometimes it just hurts so much Pre Chorus: Em D But You’re here, You’re real C C I know I can trust You Chorus: G Even when it hurts D Even when it’s hard G/B C Even when it all just falls apart G I will run to You D ‘Cause I know that You are G/B C Lover of my soul, Healer of my scars, G D You steady my heart, G/B C You steady my heart

com) / Sony ATV Cross Keys Publishing / Songs From The Science Lab (ASCAP) .Verse 2: G I’m not gonna worry G I know that You’ve got me C C Right inside the palm of Your hand G Each and every moment G What’s good and what gets broken C C Happens just the way You plan Bridge: D And I will run to You G/B C I’ll find refuge in Your arms D And I will sing to You G/B C ‘Cause of everything You are G G/B C You steady my heart D © 2012 worshiptogether. at Songs / Ariose Music / 9T One Songs (Admin.

and Ed Cash Intro: Bb F/A C Bb F/A C Verse 1: Bb F/A C Every secret. let the light shine . Chuck Butler. lift your head C/E We were meant for more than this F/A Fight the shadows. Hillary McBride. conquer death Bb Make the most of the time we have left Chorus: F We are the light of the world Dm Bb We are a city on a hill F We are the light of the world Dm Bb And we gotta.We Are Written By James Tealy. we gotta. every shame Bb F/A C Every fear and every pain Bb F/A Live inside the dark Dm C But that’s not who we are Bb F/A C We are children of the day Pre Chorus: Dm So wake up sleeper. we gotta let the light shine F Dm Bb Let the light shine.

shine © 2011 Centricity Music Publishing (ASCAP) / Sony/ATV Tree Publishing / Jord A Lil Music (BMI) / Hillary McBride Publishing Designee (ASCAP) / Alletrop Music (BMI) .Verse 2: Bb F/A C We are called to spread the news Bb F/A C To tell the world this simple truth Bb F/A That Jesus came to save C There’s freedom in His name Bb F/A C So let His love break through Bridge: Bb F C We are the light. we are the light. we are the light Dm So let your light shine brighter Bb F C We are the light. Bb F C You are the light. You are the light Dm We will lift You high Bb F C and shine. we are the light Jesus. shine. we are the light. You are the light.

only Asus/D You Asus/D You Chorus: G In Your presence.One Desire Written by Kari Jobe and Jason Ingram’ Intro: G/D D Asus/D G/D D Asus/D Verse 1: G/D D Asus/D Here I am G/D D Just for You. Your name G D A Let it stay on my lips G D A I will seek Your face G D A God. it’s You. Lord D I will find my strength Bm You’re the breath in me A You're my everything G With my heart bowed low D And my hands held high Bm All consuming fire A You’re my one desire Verse 2: G D A Your name. oh. only G/D D Asus/D Here I stand G/D D Wanting You. only You .

com) / Sony/ATV Timber Publishing / West Main Music / Windsor Hill Music (SESAC) .Bridge: G Bm A It’s Songs (ASCAP) (Admin. God it’s You G Bm A It’s You. I love You © 2012 worshiptogether. at EMICMGPublishing. only You G Bm A D My heart will always sing … I love You.

I’m longing for You G But I will Chorus: Bm Find You in the place I’m in D A Find You when I’m at my end D/F# A Bm D G A Find You when there’s nothing left of me to offer You except for brokenness Em Bm A You lift me up.Find You On My Knees Written by Kari Jobe. You never leave me thirsty Em Bm A When I am weak. when I am lost and searching G I find You on my knees . I’m looking for You G Weary just won’t let me rest A And fear is filling up my head D/F# I’m longing A God. Ben Glover. and Matt Bronleewe Intro: D D Verse 1: G Troubles chasing me again A Breaking down my best defense D/F# I’m looking A God.

I know that Em Bm A You lift me / Sony ATV Cross Keys Publishing / Songs From The Science Lab (ASCAP) .Verse 2: G So what if sorrow shakes my faith A What if heartache still remains D/F# I’ll trust You A My Songs / Ariose Music / 9T One Songs (Admin. You never leave me searching © 2012 worshiptogether. I’ll trust You G ‘Cause You are faithful A And I will Bridge: G A Bm A/C# G A Bm A/C# G When my hope is gone A When the fear is strong Bm When the pain is real A/C# When it’s hard to heal G When my faith is shaken A And my heart is broken Bm And my joy is stolen A/C# God. at EMICMGPublishing.

Savior’s Here Written by Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes Intro: Ab Db Ab Db Ab Fm Db Eb Verse 1: Db Ab/C You bring hope Fm You bring life Eb Awaken hearts. breakthrough's near © 2012 worshiptogether. You are true Eb We can always run to Pre Chorus: Db Love that never fails Ab/C Arms that never close Fm Blood that covers sin Eb Eb Grace that never ends Chorus: Ab Db You have saved .com Songs / Cody Carnes Publishing Designee (ASCAP) (Admin. hear them rise Eb We call these dry bones to come alive Db Ab/C Fm You are faithful. death is gone Ab Db Freedom's found us. open eyes Db Ab/C Fm With our voices. at EMICMGPublishing. You have won Fm Eb Sin is broken.

Fm Eb Our God Saves Bbm Outro: Ab Ab Db Db You save us … Ab Ab Db Db You free us … Ab Ab Db Db You heal us … Ab Ab Db Db You’re our Savior … Ab Db You opened the blind eyes. no more fear Db Db Our Savior's here. at EMICMGPublishing. Fm Eb Ab Our Savior’s here © 2012 worshiptogether. opened the blind eyes Fm Eb Heal our sickness. our Savior's here Verse 2: Db Ab/C Faith is stirring Fm Hearts are free Eb Chains are broken when we believe Db Ab/C Fm You are Songs / Cody Carnes Publishing Designee (ASCAP) (Admin. gave me a new . You alone Ab Db You opened the blind eyes.Fm Eb In Your presence. You come through Eb We can always run to Bridge: Fm Eb/G Db Ab Hallelujah ….

Stars in the Sky Written by Kari Jobe and Chris August Intro: C/E F C/E F Am Am G G Verse 1: C/E Take the sun F Take the moon Am G Take the earth and watch it move C/E F Under Your control Am G ‘Cause you’re all they know C/E F Here’s my life and all my heart Am I give it all G Lord. ‘Til you tell them to . every part C/E F Is under Your control G Lord. You’re all I know Chorus: Am C/E F The stars in the sky will hang there G ‘Til you tell them to Am C/E F The faith of my heart will still sing G Of what Your love can do F C And even when life weighs heavy on me G Am G Know You’re in control and You’re all I need C/E F G The stars in the sky will hang there.

com) / Word Music. I’m Praising You Bridge: F The clouds will rain Am G G The seasons change F Am The sun will shine Your burning light F When You speak Your words Am Move my soul G So I know it’s true F G F G You’re in control. LLC (ASCAP) . in control. “You are Lord” C/E F Giving praise to You G Lord.Verse 2: C/E Take the sea F Take the tide Am Take the waters G Watch them rise C/E F Am G Giving praise to You. at EMICMGPublishing. in control © 2012 Songs (Admin. always praising You C/E F Here’s my voice and all my soul Am G Singing freely.

Mia Fieldes.What Love Is This Written by Kari Jobe. and Lincoln Brewster Imtro: Ab Fm Verse 1: Db Eb Ab You never change Fm You are the God You say You are Db When I'm afraid Ebsus Eb You come and still my beating heart Ab You stay the same Fm When hope is just a distant thought Db You take my pain Ebsus Eb And You lead me to the cross Chorus: Ab What love is this Fm Db That You gave Your life for me Ebsus Eb And made a way for me to know You Ab Fm Db And I confess You’re always enough for me Ebsus Eb You’re all I need Verse 2: Ab I look to You Fm I see the scars upon Your hands Db .

S. You always can Ab And standing here Fm Beneath the shadow of the cross Db I'm overwhelmed Ebsus Eb That I keep finding open arms Bridge: Ab Ab/G Jesus. at EMICMGPublishing. in the U. at EMICMGPublishing.And hold the truth Ebsus Eb That when I can' Songs (ASCAP) ( / Integrity’s Praise! Music (BMI) (Admin. and Canada at EMICMGPublishing. in Your suffering Bbm You were reaching Db You thought of me © 2012 .com) / Shout! Publishing (APRA) (admin.

Jesus C# I run Chorus: F# C# I need You D#m B I can’t get enough of You B F#/A# I come alive when I’m in Your presence B C# O God.Run to You Written by Kari Jobe. You’re calling me B Lord. Janell Belcher. I run Jesus C# And I run Bridge: B F#/A# Lord. You’re beckoning C# With love abounding D#m F# B And I run. You’re drawing me and I am completely overtaken D#m F#/A# B Yes. I’m running . Jason Belcher. and Jordan Mackenzie Intro: F# C# Verse 1: D#m F# C# F# Lord. Ed Cash. Tim Peters. of my salvation Verse 2: D#m F# B C# Lord. Matt Burrowes.

C# F#/A# Lord. draw me closer © 2012 worshiptogether. at EMICMGPublishing. I’m running to / Alletrop Music (BMI) / Matt Burrowes Publishing Designee / Tim Peters Publishing Designee / Janell Belcher Publishing Designee / Jason Belcher Publishing Designee / Jordan Mackenzie Publishing Designee .com Songs (ASCAP) (Admin. I’m running B F#/A# C# Lord.

You are worthy D Em Lift up our eyes to Your glory C Let every nation.Rise Written by Kari Jobe and Matt Bronleewe Intro: G D/G G D/G Verse 1: G Lead us to You D/G G Show us Your mercy D/G D Em Your majesty lifted up on high C It tells of Your goodness G Your name is true D/G G Your name is holy D/G D Em Your splendor is written in the skies C It tells of Your greatness Chorus: G We will rise. to praise You D Em Offer our lives before You C Let every nation. all of creation G We will rise. all of creation G (D Em C – 1st time only) We will rise .

at / Sony ATV Cross Keys Publishing / Songs From The Science Lab (ASCAP) .Verse 2: G We stand in awe D/G G You won the victory D/G D Em Your enemies tremble at Your name C It speaks of Your triumph G You clothe the poor D/G G You mend the broken D/G D You heal our hearts Em You take our shame C It speaks of Your kindness Bridge: Em We will cry out Your renown C G You are the God who has saved us D/F# We will rise to praise You Em We lift a glorious sound C G You are the one who redeemed us D/F# (C .com Songs (ASCAP) (Admin.2nd time only) We will rise to praise You © 2012 worshiptogether.

I will believe Pre Chorus: Bbm Ab/C Eb I remind myself of all that You’ve done Bbm Ab/C Db And the life I have because of Your Son Chorus: Ab Love came down and rescued me Db Love came down and set me free Fm I am Yours Eb Db I am forever Yours Ab Mountain high or valley low Db I sing out and remind my soul Fm Eb Db I am Yours I am forever Yours Eb .Love Came Down Written by Brian Johnson. and Ian McIntosh Intro: Db Fm Db Fm Eb Eb Verse 1: Db Fm Eb If my heart is overwhelmed and I cannot hear Your voice Db Ab Eb/G I hold onto what is true. and the road ahead gets steep Db Ab I will lift these hands in faith. Jeremy Edwardson. Jeremy Riddle. though I cannot see Db Fm Eb If the storms of life they come.

rest upon me Db Fm Eb Staying desperate for You. in North America by Music Services o/b/o Vineyard Music) . God. Jesus. staying humbled at Your feet Db Ab I will lift these hands and praise.Verse 2: Db Fm Eb When my heart is filled with hope. I will believe Bridge: Ab I am Yours Db I am Yours Fm Eb Db All my days. I am Yours Outro: Fm Eb Db (repeat) © 2009 Bethel Music Publishing / Mercy/Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP) (admin. and every promise comes my way Db Ab Eb/G When I feel Your hands of grace.

We Exalt Your Name Written by Kari Jobe and Matt Maher Intro: Db Ab/Db Gb Db/F Db Ab/Db Gb Verse 1: Db Ab/Db Db Ab/Db Spirit come and change the atmosphere Gb Db/F Gb Convict and open hearts to hear Db Ab/Db Db Ab/Db The anthems that the angels sing Gb Db/F Gb Ab The worship of the King of Kings Pre Chorus: Gb Ab For Jesus reigns Gb Ab Over all He reigns Chorus: Gb We exalt Your name Db Ab High above the heavens Gb We exalt Your name Db Bbm Ab All of creation sing praise Gb Ab For Jesus reigns Db Gb Over all He reigns .

com Songs (ASCAP) / Valley Of Songs Music (BMI) (Admin. God of every aching heart Gb Ab We long for You in light and dark Pre Chorus 2: Gb Ab For Jesus reigns Gb/Bb Ab/C Over all He reigns Outro: Db Bbm Ab Db We exalt Your name Bbm Ab Db We exalt Your name © 2012 worshiptogether. which is admin. worldwide at EMICMGPublishing. at EMICMGPublishing.Verse 2: Db Your presence fills and satisfies Gb/Bb Gb Tears down the walls we hide behind Db/F / Thankyou Music (PRS) (admin. by Kingswaysongs) . excluding Europe.

and David Leonard Intro: Am G Am G C C F2 F2 Verse 1: Am Come and rest here G C F2 Come and lay your burdens down Am Come and rest here G C F2 There is refuge for you now Pre Chorus: F You’ll find His peace C Am And know you’re not alone anymore G He is near F You’ll find His healing C Am You’re heart isn’t shattered anymore G He is here Chorus: F C G Breathe in F C G Breathe out F You will C G F You will find Him here .Here Written by Kari Jobe. Leslie Jordan.

com) . at Songs / Integrity’s Praise Music (BMI) / Integrity’s Alleluia Music (SESAC) (Admin.Bridge: G C F C/E G I will rest in You Outro: F You will find Him C/E C G C/E F You will find Him here Am You will find Him G C F You will find Him here Am G C F © 2011 worshiptogether.

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