A GIFT OF ROBE DURING JOURNEY OF ASCENSION ( ME’RAJ ): THE KHIRQAH AL ME’RAJ: This article relates about a precious gift

obtained by Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) from the paradise (Jannah) during his journey to heavens and further. This gift is a Robe or a Gown like a quilt given by Allah which had been kept in a locked box in the heaven. While visiting the heavens, beloved Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) saw a box in a heaven which was locked. The Prophet (Pbuh) asked hazarat Jibrael (AS) about the box. So, Allah replied “the box contains a robe and every Prophet wished to obtain that robe. But I will give you that robe as you are my loved one” By the order of Allah, hazarat Jibrael opened the box and the robe was given to Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh). This precious gift was brought to earth by Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh). This robe was kept in a box in paradise and hence it was not the one which was wore by our Prophet going to journey of me’raj. It must be noted that this gift is the one which is physical and can be seen by our physical eyes. All other things of journey of ascension were spiritual. We got salaat (prayers performed in mosques) as a gift but the salaat is a spiritual thing. We cannot pick up the prayer. We can perform the prayer but it cannot be picked by our hand or it cannot have physical weight in pounds or kilograms. But the robe brought by our Prophet was a physical and can occupy volume and weight physically. This was a solid proof that our Prophet took journey of me’raj with his physical body. Allah had given instruction to Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) about who would be true heir of that robe (khirqah) after him. Allah advised Prophet that he should ask this question to the persons of your choices “What will you do if this khirqah is offered to you?” Allah also informed Prophet (Pbuh) about its correct reply. Any body who replied correctly would be the heir of that khirqah. After returned from the journey, when the time riped, our beloved Prophet (Pbuh) went to hazarat Abu Bakar Siddiq(RA) and asked “O Abu Bakar, what will you do if I offer you this khirqah?” Hazarat Abu Bakar replied “I will work with the truth” The prophet then went to hazarat Omar(RA) and asked the same question and in reply Omar (RA) said “I will work with the just” The Prophet then went to hazarat Usman (RA) and repeated the same question and Usman (RA) replied “I will work with Shame” and after this, Prophet went to hazarat Ali (RA) and asked “O Ali (RA), what will you do if this khirqah is given to you?” Hazarat Ali (RA) replied “I will hide the sins and drawbacks of the people” The Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh), on hearing the reply of hazarat Ali (RA) gave the precious khirqah to him with congratulation. This reply was already told by Allah to the Prophet (Pbuh) that the person who replied this way was the real heir of the khirqah. From hazarat Ali (RA), this khirqah transferred to the pious saints and friends of Allah of silsila-e-chisht. Hazarat Ali (RA) gave this khirqah to Khwaza Hasan Basari(RA) who gave it to Abdul Wahid bin Zaid (RA) who transferred it to Fudail bin Ayaz (RA) to Ibrahim Balkhi(RA)…………..to Hazarat Nizamuddin Auliya (Mehboob-e-Ilahi) (RA) to

Khwaza Mehmud Naseeruddin Chirag-e-Delhi(RA) who kept the khirqah with him and took it with him in grave too. He instructed his devotees that the khirqah –e-me’raj be kept in my grave and the true heir of the khirqah would take it from my grave (me) who would be from my grand sons. The time arrived when hazarat Khwaza Mohammed mazaharullah Assamad bin Hasan Mohammed was called through spiritual inspiration by Naseeruddin Chirag-e-Delhi. The Spiritual inspiration from Naseeruddin (RA) called Mohammed Mazaharullahussamad “Come to my grave in Delhi and obtain gift due to you” So, Khwaza Mohammed (RA) arrived at the grave. The grave of Naseeruddin (RA) splitted in two halves. Naseeruddin (RA) gave the blessed khirqah with his own hands with blessings and congratulations to Mohammed Mazaharullah Assamad (RA). Khwaza Mohammed(RA)’s grave is in Shahpur area of Ahmedabad near Bank of Baroda. This Khwaza Mohammed(RA)’s spiritual lineage is like this: Naseeruddin(Delhi) to Kamaluddin Allama (Delhi) to Sheikh Sirajuddin (Patan-Gujarat,India) to Sheikh Ilmuddin (Patan-Gujarat,India) to Sheikh Mehmud Rajan (Patan-Gujarat,India) to Jamaluddin Jamman (Ahmedabad) to Sheikh Hasan Mohammed (Ahmedabad) to Sheikh Mohammed Mazaharullahu Samad (Ahmedabad) may Allah please with them. Khwaza Naseeruddin Chirag-e-Delhi(RA) gave permission to Khwaza Mohammed (RA) to start silsila-e-Mohammediyah by the advise of Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) given to him. This shows the greatness of Khwaza Mohammed Mazaharullah(RA). From him, the khirqah-e me’raj has transferred to his family heirs of chishtiya silsila and now the khirqah is resting with present khalipha hazarat Farukh bawa residing at Shahibaag, Ahmedabad. It has been known that the khirqah is made open for blessed viewing for people during annual celebration of Khwaza Garib Nawaz death anniversary. So, India is lucky and Gujarat state is lucky and in particular Ahmedabad city is lucky to have such a precious gift of me’raj is resting. Of course, what a great Chishtiya saints of Gujarat are that they have inherited such a big and precious gift. The gift is so precious that Khwaza Naseeruddin(RA) kept this with him in his grave! It is said that there exists a straight very thin split-line at the middle of the grave of Naseeruddin (RA) from where the grave had splitted up in two halves and again closed after giving the khirqah to khwaza Mohammed (RA).