“Our Story”

For more than a decade neighbors have joined with neighbors to make positive change in their communities…now we have a chance to partner with the Kellogg Foundation and collaborators across the county and region to make where we live a healthier, safer community…

Why Delridge? And how this initiative can change your life:
 Nearly half of Delridge families are currently not meeting recommended levels of physical activity.

Delridge/West Seattle was chosen as a focus community for the King County Food & Fitness Initiative, because the initiative can count on a partner that successfully builds on past efforts to overcome barriers to food & fitness, and does so with a dynamic and energetic set of partners and deep engagement of community members.

Food & Fitness is a national collaborative of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. It’s about people working together to create vibrant communities where the healthy choice is the easy choice. Nine sites are being funded to form local collaboratives and develop community action plans. The goal is to improve food and fitness environments through policy and system change.

(Latino organizing project)

Our working VISION is that all King County residents have an equal quality of life, with equitable access to resources right in our neighborhoods that promote healthy and active lifestyles. That all residents have the ability, knowledge, and skills to obtain and prepare food that is healthy, affordable, and locally grown whenever possible, to feel safe and able

to pursue physical activities and play, and to thrive in physical environments that make daily active living easy is the foundation of this vision. Our MISSION is to foster collaborative leadership among diverse community partners to cocreate long-term, innovative strategies to realize our vision of equitable access to resources and choices that promote health. To achieve our goals, we actively engage with communities and youth in planning, decision making, and fun activities.


The places we live, learn, work and play affect our health.

 Affordable, healthy food and safe accessible opportunities for physical activity—both essential to good health—are scarce in Delridge.  All children deserve to grow up in places that support being healthy.  Policy change is an important driver in transforming our food and fitness environments  Collaboration and equity are at the core of this initiative


While programs can—and often do—lead to changes in individuals and/or communities, unless they are scaled up or instituted through formal policies, programs may not outlast funding or be sustainable. We are getting away from an emphasis on programs and moving toward a focus on policies and systems. Long-lasting and sustainable change to our food and fitness environments requires systems change driven by new and improved policies. What is policy change? Policy change refers not only to the enactment of new policies, but also to change in or enforcement of existing policies. An example of an organizational policy change that is relevant to Food & Fitness: The Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan, a consortium of Michigan’s federally recognized tribes, instituted two policies recognizing the importance of food and fitness to the health of their workers and families. One policy allows employees enrolled in a structured fitness program during the course of normal working hours up to five hours per week with pay for exercise time. Another policy allows nursing mothers to either:  Bring their baby to work with them until the baby is six months of age, or

 Adopt a more flexible schedule that enables them to pump their breast milk while at work.

We have received a two-year grant to create an eight-year plan with the potential for implementation support. We are building a local collaborative that will plan, implement and sustain improvements to the places we live, learn, work and play. Our collaborative is composed of youth, organizations, community members, businesses and government. Together, we are developing a pathway for everyone to have a voice in creating a new vision for our community. We will create a plan to influence policy and practice so that everyone can be active and have access to affordable, healthy, locally grown food.

NEXT STEPS: Join us at our community gathering on March 23rd from 6-8pm at ____________ as we Thrive to Eat healthier, take collection Action & Move more!