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Slavery; The Cause of Racism

and despise the Africans. racism being no exception.“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of it’s creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal. Slavery came about. The white man could not be prejudice against a race that he did not know about. but because of the need for cheap labor in Europe and the colonies. The truth is. quick fix. The truth of the fact was. and other countries found it an easy way to make money by selling the slaves. Most slave owners feared their slaves rebelling. The human race as a whole has always been narrow minded and ignorant. not because of racism. men have asked themselves. caused the white masses to loose the shreds of respect that they had towards the slaves. 1963) For decades. a man only had two options available to him: either hire workers. In the colonies. slavery came about only because of the lack of cheap labor in other countries. August 28th. or joining with the natives. slavery caused racism. Also. Not because of racism.’” (Martin Luther King Jr. if there were no indentured servants. slavery caused racism. during the period of time when slave numbers were at their highest. the human race has always wanted the cheap. and make that slave work for free. and give them wages. or racism. In the end. which came first: slavery. the amount of slaves skyrocketed. That. but because of the lack of indentured servants coming to the new country. White men found it an easy way to get work done. slaves understandably held no respect towards their white owners. or pay a quick fee on an auction block for a strong slave. Naturally. in turn. . there were few recorded rebellions. Caucasians could not be prejudice against a race that they did not know about. and so most went with the latter choice. In truth. When slavery was at it’s peak of power. First.

overpowering the slave owner would be laughably easy. the races that held them under their thumbs became enraged. the thought that the one race is better than the other becomes permanently ingrained in the minds of the race that holds the power. caused even more disrespect between the races. The Africans hated the Europeans for enslaving them and tormenting them. and the lack of spirit caused the Europeans’ to believe that they had won. respect between the two races dwindled. However. If one race sees that it can control another. the human race as a whole is an ignorant. which eventually blossomed into racism. and therefore corrupted humans make mistakes that brand the rest of the world in ways that last for years. The Europeans were condescending towards the Africans because they knew that. After years of holding Africans in slavery. a few simple examples can easily point out the answer. the human ego drives the human race as a whole. other races automatically assumed that that was what Africans were good for. however. if not equal to the Europeans. in most cases. harsher towards their slaves. From that hatred came racism. when slave owners became crueler. The Africans were treated. This. However. and began to hate Africans even more. in turn. Power corrupts humans. In conclusion. Humans see themselves as the rulers of the planet. while many doubt which came first. narrow minded lot. it does.(website) Very few rebellions were actually recorded. and show spirit. and that is true in some cases. During the first few years of slavery. no race can loath another in the harsh way . In truth. racism or slavery. slavery was more like indentured servitude. actually rebelled. at least fairly. Very few slaves. After a while of having that kind of power. Once Africans began to fight back. Finally.

not the other way around. Like a dog with a bone. before they even meet the other race. a lot of the blame has to be placed on human nature in general. once a human latches hold of something he wants to keep forever.needed to cause racism. Once slavery gained some support. and once it is taken from him. and became the harsh and cruel procedure that today’s people think of. Also. in the end. The answer to the question is simple. he fights like an animal to keep it. Slavery caused racism. he resents the one who took it. . respect was lost on both sides.