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This document is a record or history database that describes what's new in the latest and previous versions of this program. PowerSuite is a software application designed for programming Compack- and Smartpack-based DC Power Supply Systems from a personal computer. Installation

Computer’s Requirements
— Minimum: PC with 400MHz CPU, 96MB RAM memory, 310MB free hard disc space, a 1024x768 display and MS Windows 98 as the operating system. — Recommended: PC with 800MHz CPU, 256MB RAM memory, 1GB free hard disc space, a 1024x768 16 bit color display and MS Windows XP as the operating system. More powerful PCs running MS Windows Vista are also suitable. — Communication with the Controller: The PC running PowerSuite may be connected to the controller either locally via an USB port or remotely via an Ethernet LAN (UDP tunneling protocol)

— Do not connect the USB cable to the PC before installing the application and drivers, if USB port connection is used — Automatic Upgrade The PowerSuite installation software will upgrade and overwrite your previously installed version of PowerSuite. — Upgrade of USB Driver 5.4 The installation software will prompt you to upgrade the Eltek Valere USB driver to version 5.4. If you are unsure whether you have such a driver installed, or which version, we advise you to click on the ―Install‖ button to install or upgrade the driver, and then click on the ―Continue Anyway‖ button to accept the driver installation.

Installation Procedure:
You can install PowerSuite directly from the CD-ROM, from the FTP server or from the Elvis site. Follow the instructions on the screen. In short, to install PowerSuite carry out following steps: 1. Run the setup.exe file, and the ―PowerSuite Install Wizard‖ will guide you through the installation process. — Let the wizard install the Eltek Valere USB driver 5.4, if unsure — Skip steps 2 and 3, if connecting to the controller via Ethernet LAN 2. Switch the Smartpack controller ON and connect the USB cable 3. Wait for Windows to detect the Smartpack (―Found New Hardware‖ balloon tip) In the ―Found New Hardware Wizard‖, select: — ―No, not this time‖ (not to connect to Windows Update), — ―Install the software automatically (Recommended)‖ and — ―Continue Anyway‖ — After the installation, you must let Windows restart the computer 4. Start the PowerSuite program

PowerSuite Program History
Doc 402207.063, Issue 3.2, 2009-September, Pub. 2009-09-21


009. v (Smp) 402070. 2009-September.02 (Smp) 402073.03 (Smp) 402073.003.4 3. Controller Version No. Compatibility  Controller versus PowerSuite For a complete overview of compatibility between PowerSuite. (Smp) 402070..063.3 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X ^Top PowerSuite Program History Doc 402207.0 3.04 (Smp) 402073. Smartpack controllers. v 02. v 01. v 03. v 02.0 2. v 01.01 (Smp) 402070.009. v 02.00 (Smp) 402073.1 3. Issue 3.0 2.009. v 01.01 PowerSuite Version No. v 01.2. Compack controllers.009. v 01.003. 2009-09-21 2(14) www.03 (Smp) 402073. v 01. Pub.eltekvalere.00 (Smp) 402073. e-mail your contact person at Eltek Valere. 1.00 (Cpk) 405002. rectifiers and communication protocols.02 (Smp) . v 01.009. v 02.009.04 (Cpk) 405002.2 2.03 (Smp) 402073.003.

3-v3. Reconnect. Issue 3.2 3799 The Shuffle Time in Rectifier Efficiency Manager is Fixed in version 3.2 Fixed in version 3.2 Control Unit Error in the Alarms Overview Summary 3684 The Alarms Overview .2 Fixed in version 3.1) Fixed in version 3. Fixed in version 3. at the end of this .Version & Date New in This Version Art.2 events for Outdoor Temperature monitors 3771 The XML file includes all events for battery fuse monitor 3772 In some cases.009 3.eltekvalere. if communication is aborted)  Also.2 Fixed in version 3.2 (Slow response on 9600 baud connections.2 Fixed in version 3. for Programmable Inputs.2. ^Top PowerSuite Program History Doc 402207.Review filters is very slow due to too many monitors are read 3701 Event Log files have no file extension 3777 Modem connections do not function . read the description of reported problems or bugs at the moment.2) 2009-09-18  Only improvements are implemented in this version Most Important Fixes in PowerSuite (3. 402207. does not function 3728 Alarms overview dialog box displays incorrect number of outputs Fixed in version 3. the configuration list includes Clock and Voltage for battery fuse monitor 3746 Site Manager dialog box uses old password for verification. after changing the password from the Access menu (from v2.2): ID Symptom Status 3747 The configuration file for I/O units does not include Fixed in version 3. 2009-09-21 3(14) www.2 New functionality (3.2 Fixed in version 3. Pub. in Rectifier Overview.2 3715 All minor alarms for I/O units are displayed as Fixed in version 3. 2009-September.2 too low in the Smartpack default configuration file 3721 Reallocating rectifiers.063. .

Pressure Test.eltekvalere. selective temp probe setting on temperature monitors  Implemented new alarm monitor in I/O Monitor units: Speed Deviation  Added new digital inputs’ configuration settings: Voltage and Clock  Added new control for digital inputs used with setting: Clock  Implemented more PLC . New language: Greek  Added selection check boxes for Load Events. 3420 Error message when no connection.1) 2009-06-05  Support for Compack controllers  Support for Solar Charger Units  Implemented configuration of logged alarm monitors in Data Log  Implemented logging of Energy and Power  New selection: enable/disable Efficiency Manager functionality (HE)  New Temperature Handler tab (alarm monitors) in control unit’s dialog boxes  Increased the Event Log’s maximum number of events  Improved Import/Export Configuration (―clone tool‖) to also read from customized files.1 3655 The "Find COM-Port #" button in the Site Manager Fixed in version 3. in Alarms Overview dialog box  Improved current measurement functionality: display in deci-ampere  Implemented Master Password functionality  Added new events: Battery Test Inhibit and System Shut Down (Use rectifier ON/OFF function)  Implemented upgrade for USB to UART driver version 5. 2009-09-21 4(14) www.1 not stop loading the log. when I/O card is not installed 2383 PowerSuite program hangs when suddenly disconnecting the cable between the PC and the Smartpack controller.1 As: Normally Closed‖.4 Most Important Fixes in PowerSuite (3. ^Top PowerSuite Program History Doc 402207. Fixed in version 3.1 Fixed in version 3. 2009-September.2 dialog box doesn’t work properly.1 3489 In the Data Log dialog box. the Cancel button does Fixed in version 3.2. Pub.1): ID Symptom Status 3190 Programmable Inputs are displayed as ―Configured Fixed in version 3. at the end of this file. Issue 3.063.Version & Date In Previous Versions 3. In case of unstable communication the user will be notified. Fixed in version 3. in addition to the default Configuration Files (xml)  Added new functionality to I/O Monitor units: Humidity Reduction Scheme. with the possibility to disconnect or to continue communication.  Also.1 New functionality (3. 3301 Error message ―Object reference not set to an instance of an object‖. for ―AND (&)‖ of alarm groups  Added Standard Generator setup  Improved 60V systems settings command: Set Default  PowerSuite language improvements. read the description of reported problems or bugs at the moment.

2. 2009-September.eltekvalere. Issue 3. 4 decimals for better accuracy  Implemented delete Data Log functionality  Nominal voltage setting based on cell voltage and number of cells Most Important Fixes in PowerSuite (3.0 Fixed in version 3.0 outputs 2605 Fan Configuration reading functionality 2417 Rectifiers Reallocation problems with high IDs 2448 Slow navigation when activating tabs in Rectifiers dialog box Fixed in version 3. digital inputs  PowerSuite language improvements. ^Top PowerSuite Program History Doc 402207.0 Fixed in version 3.0 2665 Import/Export (cloning tool) possibility to read other Fixed in version 3.Mains Monitor  Added password protection on I/O Monitor control unit  Ability to rename Battery Monitor and Mains Monitor  Data Log functionality is moved to control unit level  Added system capacity scale.0 battery table file) 2677 MainsFail monitor deactivation – info about consequences Fixed in version 3.0): ID Symptom 2402 Site Manager’s difficulties resulting in wrong port connections Status Fixed in version 3.0  Also. 2009-09-21 5(14) www.0 New functionality (3.Version & Date In Previous Versions 3. battery boost current threshold and voltage threshold  Improved control on battery symmetry vs.0 2736 Battery Capacity (Ah) not saved in Smartpack (from Fixed in version 3. read the description of reported problems or bugs at the moment. at the end of this file. .0 files than default Smartpack 2152 Output Test dialog box should only display existing Fixed in version 3. New language: Russian  Improved Site Manager dialog box  Added attribute (versions header) in XML file  Updated XML files  Improved Modem Callback dialog box  Improved OVS reference voltage.063.0) 2008-06-26  New Alarms Overview dialog box  Implemented C#-comm driver  New Profiles functionality implemented  Improved Import/Export dialog box (clone tool functionality)  Improved Battery Table dialog box  New dialog box – AC Generator functionality  Support for new control unit .

read the description of reported problems or bugs at the moment.eltekvalere. colours.063. before you edit the size value manually Status Fixed in version 2. improvement Most Important Fixes in PowerSuite (2. improvement  Battery Test Guard Time remaining time indication on Status bar.4 Fixed in version 2. at the end of this file. 2415 The Reconnect message dialog box does not disappear after clicking on the dialog box Cancel button 2410 The Battery Bank Current alarm monitors do not display the shunt size.2. 2178 The Clone tool write to file "Save button" does not save file.4 Fixed in version 2.4): ID Symptom 1594 At times the dots in the Power Animation are not displayed. clone tool improved  Calibration. after editing values. Issue 3. Pub. Fixed in version 2. 2009-September.Version & Date In Previous Versions 2. etc)  Import & Export configuration uses a new Wizard.4) 2007-11-05  MS Windows Vista compatibility  Battery-Capacity used alarm monitor  I/O Alarm Interface Functionality on CAN bus connected units  Rectifier Shut Down alarm monitor (only in Chinese versions)  PowerSuite language improvements  Eltek Valere branding code implemented (logo. Scale and Configuration of Alarm Monitor functionality.4 2416 The alarm monitor’s alarm group list is not updated.4 Fixed in version 2. ^Top PowerSuite Program History Doc 402207. 2009-09-21 6(14) www. 1596 Missing monitor text link. before clicking on these buttons.4 when an alarm group is edited (outputs enabled) on other control units than Smartpack  . Part of another window is displayed instead. after opening the Power Summary pane and clicking on the Apply or OK buttons. improvement  Site Manager adjustments.4 Fixed in version 2. Also. improvement  PowerSuite appearance options or themes .4 New functionality (2.

improvement  PowerSuite version displayed in title bar. Fixed in version 2.Only nodes that are "In view" are updated for status.3 Fixed in version .3 Fixed in version 2. added Most Important Fixes in PowerSuite (2. Pub.3 Fixed in version 2.3 1845 Control System \ Summary: Hide the OK and Apply Fixed in version 2. improvement  More PowerSuite languages.3 buttons 2062 Added "Reset Manual Alarm" in the "Tools" menu 2065 Options dialog .3 In negative system polarity. 2009-09-21 7(14) www. at the end of this file.3 New functionality (2.3) 2007-07-dd  Rectifier ID reassignment directly from PowerSuite  Connection to an Smartpack Connection File  Modem Call-Back Functionality  Battery String Monitor Functionality on CAN bus connected units  All Smartpack connection and login tasks collected in the same dialog box  Site Manager connection data (phonebook) preserved after upgrades  Calibrate.bug when closing dialog fixed 2125 Tree View .2. show ―Critical‖ in the status field 1849 Increased the number of maximum Control Units from 10 to 100 Fixed in version 2.3 Fixed in version 2.3 2080 Status field . 2009-September.063.eltekvalere. improvement  White unused nodes in Power Explorer pane. Other relevant battery test data will not be exported. Issue 3.3  Also.3 will be shown as negative Fixed in version 2.Version & Date In Previous Versions 2. most of the dc-voltages Fixed in version 2.3 Fixed in version 2. ^Top PowerSuite Program History Doc 402207.3 Fixed in version 2. Should be all nodes where the parent node is expanded 1120 The battery table Export to File function only exports the actual displayed table values.When system is in critical state.3 Fixed in version 2. read the description of reported problems or bugs at the moment.3): ID Symptom 1982 Rectifier Status and Details export 2079 Battery test log does not show correct info 1977 More information in the battery test log file 1995 Added explanation in discontinuance tab 1881 The OK button will not save data 2076 String view is not correct 906 Status Fixed in version 2. Configure and Scale functionality on applicable Alarm Monitors  Import & Export configuration data supports several units.3 Fixed in version 2.

Version & Date In Previous Versions 2.2 NNN When manually configuring Battery Symmetry settings with Power Suite. other battery configuration settings might be inadvertently changed too.2) 2007-03-16  No new functionality has been added Most Important Fixes in PowerSuite (2. Pub.2.  Also.2 New functionality (2.1. read the description of reported problems or bugs at the moment. ^Top PowerSuite Program History Doc 402207.063.2): ID Symptom Status Fixed in version 2.eltekvalere. 2009-09-21 8(14) . at the end of this file. v 2. Issue 3. 2009-September.

added Most Important Fixes in PowerSuite (2. 1573. Fixed in version 2. 1649. the first time you open the window. Pub.Version & Date In Previous Versions 2. Discharge (Ah)‖ configuration in Simplified Battery Test. ^Top PowerSuite Program History Doc 402207. e-mail your contact person at Eltek Valere. 1805. improved  PowerSuite languages.1 Xxxx We have also corrected several other fixes.1) 2006-12-21  Site Manager. added  RectCurrShareEr – monitor. when it should be active. 1785.1 1605 The Control Unit dialog box may sometimes hide behind the Animation View pane.2.1): ID 904 Symptom The PowerSuite program window hides behind other program windows Status Fixed in version 2. 1506. 1832. added  ―Max. 1589.1 be disabled (grey). Fixed in version 2. improved  Discontinuance Battery Test  Inhibit Battery Test option  Battery Test Log view.eltekvalere. when entering data outside the min/max limits Fixed in version 2. 1685. may Fixed in version 2. PowerSuite site connection overview  Storage of the 5 last site connections  Modem Dial-up functionality  Efficiency Management functionality  Distributed functionality and configuration. 2009-09-21 9(14) www. For detailed information about these and other .1 them fixes with following ID numbers: 1046. 1650. in the Battery table data. added  RectCapacity – monitor.1 1098 LVD monitors may display negative values. 1198 The String Cell monitor text may not be displayed correctly. Issue 3. 1520. added  Smartpack language configuration  Default setting for 48V and 24V systems  Smartpack Data Log overview  PowerSuite Data Log overview  Symmetry Configuration.1 1118 The Get Data button.1 New functionality (2. improved  DeltaStringCurr – monitor.063. 2009-September. improved  Battery String overview. among Fixed in version 2.

0): ID 611 Symptom If Time/Date is adjusted during a Battery Test or boost it will affect the test time.eltekvalere.2. characters above 16 are lost when refreshing (Smartpack’s max.0 867 Refreshing the Power Explorer pane expands all the tree options. Interval and Charge/Discharge. a warning should be displayed informing the reason. 2009-September.0) 2006-07-17  Distributed functionality Support for larger power systems with several Smartpack controllers.. Fixed in version 2. Auto.0 832 Test Mode could have sub levels: Boost. But. when Mains Fail option is active  Rectifier Walk-in time configuration implemented  Rectifier Communication Error monitor implemented  Rectifier Capacity monitor implemented  Battery Test/Boost event configuration implemented  Manual Reset Configuration monitor extended  Hysteresis Configuration monitor implemented  Time Delay Configuration monitor implemented  Fuse Input Configuration (NO/NC/Diode Matrix) implemented Most Important Fixes in PowerSuite (2.0 923 Alarm group names longer than 16 characters may Fixed in version 2.0 834 If you try to start a Battery Test and it is not possible.0 918 As the Event Log list is displayed in a ring-buffermanner. Fixed in version 2.0 New functionality (2. Issue 3. Float . Fixed in version 2.0 881 Cancel functionality.063.0 be entered in PowerSuite. Automatic refresh. all messages will re-appear after last message. Pub. Status Fixed in version 2. Fixed in version 2. string length) PowerSuite Program History Doc 402207. Fixed in version 2. 2009-09-21 10(14) www.  Multilanguage support  Automatic data refresh for dialog boxes  Dialog boxes design improvement OK and Cancel buttons located on the bottom of dialog boxes  PowerSuite Help implemented  Improved Event-log functionality  More configurable LVD alarm groups  Shunt scaling implemented  Expanded calibration functionality  Control unit Error monitor implemented  Smartpack’s front panel option disabled  Rectifier Fail suppressed.Version & Date In Previous Versions 2.

Fixed in version 2. Fixed in version 2. Fixed in version 2.a window is opened from the Explorer pane. Fixed in version 2. when more than 10 test results are displayed.0 PowerSuite Program History Doc 402207.0 1128 Calibration in system configuration may not refresh Fixed in version 2.eltekvalere. Pub. Fixed in version 2. E.0 be higher than the battery test End Voltage.0 1108 Power System Install date and Service date have no Min/Max check in PowerSuite.0 1073 The Battery Test results table and the graph columns at the bottom are not displayed in the same order. blank fields (no values) may be displayed. 1134 Incorrect temperature scale is displayed in the Rectifier detailed data.: displaying degree Celsius when Fahrenheit are selected. 2009-09-21 11(14) www.0 1027 Certain buttons and controls seem to be deactivated at times. The result parameters are displayed correctly. Issue 3.0 Fixed in version 2. Fixed in version 2.0 1009 When Time / Clock is selected in read only mode.0 1132 PowerSuite allows displaying LVLD and LVBD data Fixed in version 2. Fixed in version 2. Neither the Refresh button nor closing and reopening the window will refresh the data.2. This may cause the battery test to enter an endless loop. Fixed in version 2.or when double-clicking the Expand / Retract Hierarchy Tree icon . may not refresh properly in certain dialogue windows. Fixed in version 2.0 the displayed data.0 1598 Active alarm groups prevent status on slave alarm groups to be presented correctly.0 1097 Slow update of animations 1107 When pressing the + or – button in the Explorer pane -.g. etc. 972 Changing temperature scale (Celsius.0 in several windows.0 974 Information. Fixed in version 2. 2009-September.063.0 1587 System Configuration dialog box crashes if not loaded completely. Fixed in version 2. Fixed in version 2.0 1059 Warnings for incorrect system voltages entries do not refresh properly (hang) Fixed in version 2.Version & Date In Previous Versions 930 It is possible to set the rectifier’s Standby Voltage to Fixed in version 2. 1130 When you open a LVLD monitor.0 1125 The Disconnect / Connect animation may display red dots missing. you are not allowed to log in to adjust the time. Fahrenheit) does not update battery monitor’s denominations. controls.

^Top PowerSuite Program History Doc 402207. 2009-09-21 12(14) www. Fixed in version 2.0 xxxx PowerSuite allows displaying Battery Test Result data in several windows.for good accomplished testing job. Steffen. Pub. and the R&D 2005-mm-dd Department has revised and improved the software extensively. Fixed in version 2. The R&D Department thanks Asbjørn. Beta Our beta test group tested and used PowerSuite during many months.special beta test group -. Fixed in version 2.eltekvalere.0) 2005-11-04  Finally we release the official version! This program is made for you.Version & Date In Previous Versions 1602 Error message in Event Log. But should you find any bugs.0):   Hopefully we have been able to removed most of the initial problems in the application. They have used PowerSuite extensively during many months.  The beta testing is now completed.063. this history file will describe the reported problems or bugs at the moment.0 New functionality (1.0 ^Top .0 1607 Alarm group Configuration may report an error message. hopefully making your Flatpack2 configuration tasks easier.0 1606 Buttons disappear when downsizing the Event Log dialog box. forcing to quit the application. Hanne and Bjarne-. 2009-September. Fixed in version 2. Most Important Fixes in PowerSuite (1. please let us know about them Future software versions will describe the new functionality and fixes in each version. Also. . Issue 3.

USB communication Applies to Smartpack firmware 2. to correct the issue. Problem is solved in Smartpack firmware 2.0 and . Mismatch in the number of control unit errors. and is working to correct the issue. . a doubtful warning message might be displayed when opening alarm monitors. 3644 Xx The current flow graphics are not updated correctly in the Power Animation pane. to correct the issue. The Smartpack controller’s USB driver sometimes Eltek Valere has confirmed that this Restart the Smartpack malfunctions (communication loss). might be annoying. the alarm monitor Eltek Valere has confirmed that this Refresh the dialog box status is not displayed correctly.Reported Problems ~ 2009-09-18 ID 3794 Symptom Status Workaround The status in the Alarms Overview dialog box is not always Eltek Valere has confirmed that this Refresh the dialog box updated automatically might be annoying. PowerSuite will continue working correctly. and is working message dialog box. 2009-September. 2009-09-21 13(14) www. and is working dialog box . in the Alarms Eltek Valere has confirmed that this Overview dialog box. to correct the issue. Eltek Valere has confirmed that this Press ―Continue‖ in the might be annoying. Issue 3. . Eltek Valere has confirmed that this might be annoying. sometimes alarm groups are missing Eltek Valere has confirmed that this Close and reopen the in the alarm monitor configuration dialog box. . to correct the issue.063. and is working control unit is not present. In the Battery>Status>LVBD dialog box.eltekvalere. and is working controller to re-establish COM port settings to the controller. to correct the issue. 3797 2513 3022 3569 In Compack systems. after Enable/Disable LVBD might be annoying. .2. Pub. and is working manually (F5) . when PowerSuite writes might be annoying. ^Top PowerSuite Program History Doc 402207. sometimes when more than one might be confusing. and when PowerSuite 2. .4 When running PowerSuite with MS Windows Vista.3 generates the Smartpack configuration XLM file. and is working manually (F5) . to correct the issue.

2. among others: Programmers & Architects: Tonny Mastad Hanne Cathrine Enger Sherry Zhang Asbjørn Skjereng Bjørn Marthinsen Bjarte Håkon Hovden Bjarne Stavnes Ty Heaven Manuel Fernández Ole Morten Lunden Håkon Andersen Tonny Mastad Hanne Cathrine Enger Testers: Product Manager: Help and Installation system: Contributors Thanks to all for a great job! ^Top PowerSuite Program History Doc 402207. Pub. 2009-September. Issue 3.The PowerSuite Team Many in Eltek Valere have contributed to create the PowerSuite application.063.eltekvalere. 2009-09-21 14(14) .

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