Age does not protect you from love but love to some extent protects you from age.

Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.

Choose the one who loves you, and not whom you love.

Don't forget to love yourself.

Everyone admits that love is wonderful and necessary, yet no one agrees on just what it is.

For one human being to love another: that is perhaps the most difficult of our tasks; the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.

Gravitation can not be held responsible for people falling in love.

He who loves 50 people has 50 woes; he who loves no

one has no woes.

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

Just three words, "I Love You" , but they mean world to everybody.

Kindness is love in disguise.

Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.

Mature love says: "I need you because I love you." Immature love says: "I love you because I need you."

Nothing can be as beautiful as falling in Love.

Offerings of love should be made without any expectations.

Precious possessions that a man can ever have, is a woman's heart.

Quotes are peoples way to express their experience of love.

Rose is the symbol of love.

Set me as a seal upon thy heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death.

There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved.

Usually a man in love cannot be harsh.

Victory of a heart is the most priced possession.

Within you, I lose myself; Without you, I find myself, searching to be lost again.

X-ray can not reveal a love struck heart.

Yes, is the ultimate word for love.

Zodiac signs are insignificant when it comes to love.

Ho gayi galti humse, click jo ho gaya mouse Duniya ki parwaah chhodo, ban jaao meri spouse!

Tumse mila main kal to, mere dil mein hua ek sound, Lekin aaj tum mili to kehti ho: Your file not found!

Ab aur kaho na tum, "but" ya "if" Tum ho meri zindagi ki animated gift.

Aisa bhi nahin hai ke, I don't like your face Par dil ke computer mein, nahin hai enough disk space

Ghar se nikalti ho tum jab, pehen ke evening gown Too many requests se, ho jaata hai server down

Tumhaare liye pyaar ki application, create main karoonga Tum usse debug karna, wait main karoonga

Tumhaara intezaar karte karte, main so gaya Yeh dekho mera connection, time out ho gaya

Kya chaal hai tumhaari, jaise chalti hai koi cat What is your ICQ number, aao karein chat

Tum jabse meri zindagi mein, aayi ho banke female Yaad raha na ab kuch, na postman , na e-Mail

Main tumhein pyaar kyun karoon, tum nahi ho Ash, Phir bhi tumhe dekh kar mera, system hota hai crash!

Have a look at these 'Shers'..they are funny!!!
> >kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai > >kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai . > >ke kyon kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai?? > >========================================== > >Tum aa gaye ho ; Noor aa gaya hai > >Tum aa gaye ho ; Noor aa gaya hai > >chalo teeno picture chalen..... > >========================================== > >Mein tere pyar mein paagal hua chhaliye > >Mein tere pyar mein paagal hua chhaliye, > >Iodex maliye kaam pe chaliye > >========================================== > >Tum har raat mere khwabon mein aao, > >Tum har raat mujhe yuunhi satao, > >Melody khao khud jaan jao........ > >========================================== > >Dharti so rahi hai, Aasman so raha hai > >Dharti so rahi hai,Aasman so raha hai > >Nonsense! yeh sab kya ho raha hai?

> >========================================== > >Aasmaan mein ud raha hai kabootar > >Aasmaan mein ud raha hai kabootar > >Flutter Flutter, Flutter Flutter > >========================================== > >Voh Sadak Ke Us Paar Thi > >Hum Sadak Ke Is Paar The > >Kuch Hum Aage Badhe, Kuch Voh Aage Badhi > >Hum Kuch Aur Aage Badhe, Voh Bhi Kuch Aur Aage Badhi > >Hum Kuch Aur Aage Badhe, Voh Bhi Kuch Aur Aage Badhi > >Ab Hum Sadak Ke Us Paar The, Aur Voh Sadak Ke Is Paar > >========================================== > >Door se dekha to Baarish ho rahi thi > >Door se dekha... to Baarish ho rahi thi > >Paas ja kar dekha to Bheeg gaya > >========================================== > >Aaj aasmaan mein taare aise chamak rahe hain > >Aaj aasmaan mein taare aise chamak rahe hain.... > >Bilkul jaise kal chamak rahe the !!! > >========================================== > >Yeh aankhen hai ya neeli jheel? > >Yeh aankhen hai ya neeli jheel? > >So? What's the big deal? > >========================================== > >Dharti, taarey, pahaad, pathar

> >Dharti, taarey, pahaad, pathar...... > >Ekhathar, bahathar, chauhathar ! > >( trihathar is on >leave ) > >========================================== > >Khud ko kar buland itnaa.. > >Ke' Himaalay ki choti pe jaa pahunche.. > >aur khuda tumse puche.. > >'Abe gadhe... ab utrega kaise ' > >========================================== > >Badi der se jinki zulfon pe nazren jamaye baithe the > >Paas jakar dekha to sardarji nahaye baithe the. > >========================================== > >Dharti se aasmaa tak, aasmaa se dharti tak > >Dharti se aasmaa tak, aasmaa se dharti tak > >Dharti se aasmaa tak, aasmaa se dharti tak > >Dharti se aasmaa tak, aasmaa se dharti tak > >Hawa hi hawa hai. > >========================================== > >jise dil diya woh dilli chali gayi.. > >jise pyar kiya woh italy chali gayi... > >dil ne kaha khud kushi(suicide) kar le zalim... > >bijali ko haath lagaya to bijali chali gayi... > >========================================== > >Aur bhi bahut si cheezain lut chuki hai dil ke saath > >Ye bataya dooston ne ishq farmaane ke baad

> >Is liye kamray ki ek ek cheez "check" karta hoon main > >"Ek tere aane se pehle, ek tere jaa-ne ke baad" > >========================================== > >hum hain yahan tum ho wahan > >hum hain yahan tum ho wahan > >tandurusti hai wahan lifebuoy hai jahan > >========================================== > >aasmaan mein udti chidiya jab mera sir ganda karti hai > >shukr manata hoon main ki gai nahin uda karti hai > >========================================== > >maine tujhse pyaar kiya tere baap ne mujhe peeta > >man ki shakti tan ki shakti bournvita > >========================================== > >tumne mere tan se khela > >tumne mere mann se khela > >tumne mere dhan se khela > >well played...well played...well played.... > >========================================== > >mat pi ghalib sharaab masjid mein baithkar > >ek hi botal hai kahin khuda na maang le > >========================================== > >apni kabra khud mat khod ghalib > >apni kabra khud mat khod ghalib > >laa phaavda mujhe de > >====================================

Modern Ramayana
LAN, LAN ago, in the SYSTEM of I/O-dhya, there ruled a PROCESSOR named DOS-rat.

Once he EXECUTED a great sacrifice PROGRAM after which his queens gave an OUTPUT of four SUNs - RAM, LSIman, BUG-rat and SED-rughana.RAM the eldest was a MICROCHIP with excellent MEMORY . His brothers, however, were only PERIPHERAL ICs. Once when RAM was only 16MB, he married princess 'C'ta. 12 years passed and DOS-rat decided to INSTAL RAM as his successor. However, Queen CIE/CAE (Kayegayee), who was once offered a boon by DOS-rat for a life saving HELP COMMAND ,took this opportunity at the instigation of her BIOSed maid (a real plotter) , and insisted that her son Bug-rat be INSTALLED and that RAM be BOOTED to the forest for 14 years. At this cruel and unexpected demand, a SURGE passed thru DOS-rat and he collapsed, power-less. RAM agreed to LOG INTO forest and 'C'ta insisted to LOGIN with him. LSI-man was

also resolved on LOGGING IN with his brother. The forest was the dwelling of SPARC-nakha, the TRANSISTOR of RAW-van, PROCESSOR of LAN-ka. Attracted by

RAM's stature, she proposed that he marry her. RAM, politely declined. Perceiving 'C'ta to be the SOURSE CODE of her distress, she hastened to kill her. Weeping, SPARC-nakha fled to LAN-ka, where RAW-van, moved by TRANSISTOR's plight,approached his uncle MAR-icha. MAR-icha REPROGRAMED himself into the

form of a golden stag and drew RAM deep into the forest. Finally, tired of chase, RAM shot the deer, who,with his last breath,cried out desperately for LSI-man in RAM's voice. Fooled by this VIRTUAL RAM SOUND,'C'ta urged LSI-man to his brother's aid. Catching the opportunity,RAW-van DELINKED 'C'ta from her LIBRARY and changed her ROOT DIRECTORY to LAN-ka. RAM and LSI-man started SEARCHING for the missing 'C'ta all over the forest. They made friendship with the forest SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR SU-greev and his powerful co-processor Ha-NEUMAN. SU-greev agreed to help RAM. SU-greev ordered his PROGRAMMERS to use powerful SEARCH' techniques to FIND the missing 'C'ta. His PROGRAMMERS SEARCHED all around the INTER-NETworked forests. Many tried to 'EXCITE' the birds and animals not to forget the 'WEB CRAWLERS'( Insects) and tried to 'INFO SEEK' something about 'C'ta. Some of them even shouted 'YAA-HOO' but they all ended up with 'NOT FOUND' MESSAGES.Several other SEARCH techniques proved useless. Ha-NEUMAN devised a RISKy TECHNOLOGY and used it to cross the seas at an astonishing CLOCK SPEED. Soon Ha-NEUMAN DOWNLOADED himself into LAN-ka. After doing some local SEARCH, Ha-NEUMAN found 'C'ta weeping under a TREE STRUCTURE. Ha-NEUMAN used a LOGIN ID (ring) to identify himself to 'C'ta. After DECRYPTING THE KEY, 'C'ta believed in him and asked him to send a STATUS_OK MESSAGE to RAM. Meanwhile all the raakshasa BUGS around 'C'ta captured Ha-NEUMAN and tried to DELETE him using pyro-techniques. But Ha-NEUMAN managed to spread chaos by spreading the VIRUS 'Fire'. Ha-NEUMAN happily pressed ESCAPE from LAN-ka and conveyed all the STATUS MESSAGES to RAM and SU-greev. RAW-wan decided to take the all powerful RAM head-on and prepared for the battle

.One of the RAW-wan's SUN (son) almost DELETED RAM & LSI-man with a powerful brahma-astra. But Ha-NEUMAN resorted to some ACTIVE-X gradients and REBOOTED RAM and LSI-man. RAM used the SOURCE CODE secrets of RAW-wan and once for all wiped out RAW-wan's presense on earth. After the battle, RAM got INSTALLED in I/O-dhya and spreaded his MICRO SOFT WORKS and other USER FRIENDLY PROGRAMS to all USERS and every one lived happily everafter. Jai Shree Ram. Jai Shree Ram. Jai Shree Ram. Bolo Pawan Putra Hanuman ki .... JAI :::::::::::::::::::::