Skill: Bag Technique Action in Testing for Sugar and Albumin in Urine

1. Preparation Assemble equipment:
Paper Lining Extra paper for making waste bag / Kidney Basin Plastic/ linen lining Apron Hand Towel Soap in soap dish Cotton balls (1) pair of sterile gloves Alcohol Lamp (2) 10 mL test tube Dropper Test tube holder Urine Specimen Benedict’s qualitative reagent Acetic Acid






Procedure 2.
Upon arrival at the patient’s home, place the bag on the table lined with a clean paper. The clean side must be out and the folded part, touching the table. Rationale: To protect the bag from getting contaminated. Ask for a basin of water or a glass of drinking water if tap water is not available. Rationale: To be used for handwashing Open the bag and take out the towel and soap. Rationale: To prepare for handwashing Wash hands using soap and water. Wipe to dry. Rationale: To prevent infection from the care provider to the client. Take out the apron from the bag and put it on with the right side out. Rationale: To protect the nurse’s uniform. Put out all the necessary articles needed for the specific care. ( sugar and albumin testing) Rationale: To have them readily accessible. Close the bag and put it in one corner of the working area. Rationale: To prevent contamination. Proceed in performing the necessary


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nursing care and treatment. TEST FOR SUGAR Explain to the client what you doing, why 1 0. it is necessary and provide client privacy. Instruct the client to: 1) Wash her perineum with soap and water. 2) Collect fresh midstream urine into small clean bottle. 3) Wipe the specimen bottle before handling it back to you. 4) Label the bottle with complete name of client.

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Place about 6-8 drops of urine in a 10 ml test tube. Add 3-5 ml of Benedict’s qualitative reagent. Light the alcohol lamp. Using the test tube holder, hold the mixture over the flame, noting the mouth of the test tube is away from you. Bring to boil. Remove from flame, and then put out the flame. Let stand for 1 minute. Interpret result and record.

TEST FOR ALBUMIN (Using heat and acetic acid) Fill the test tube about 2/3 full of clear 1 9. urine. Heat the upper portion of the test tube 2 0. until it boils. Add 5 drops of 10% acetic acid, 1 drop at 2 1. a time. Interpret result and record. 2

AFTER CARE After giving the treatment, clean and put 2 3. back all things that were used and perform handwashing. Rationale: To protect the caregiver and prevent infection.

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Open the bag and return all things that were used in their proper places after cleaning them. Remove apron, folding it away from the

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person, the soiled side in and the clean side out. Place it in the bag. Fold the lining, place it inside the bag and close the bag. Take the record and have a talk with the client. Write down all the necessary data that were gathered, observations, nursing care and treatment rendered. Give instructions for care of patients in the absence of the nurse. Rationale: For reference in the next visit. Make appointment for the next visit (either home or clinic) taking note of the date and time. Rationale: For follow-up care.

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