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Shaving foam -:
Shaving foam is a substance that is applied on the face or wherever else hair grows , to provide lubrication and avoid razor burn during shaving . Shaving foam is always bought in a spray can. Foam that are in can are commonly used with hand to produce a rich lather (most often used in wet shaving).

The foam itself commonly consists of a mixture of oil, soaps, surfactants, and water or alcohol, manufactured under carefully controlled conditions to ensure proper pH and consistency

Major companies producing foam-:

The Gillette Company -:

“”The Best a man can get””

The Gillette Company, a leading global supplier of products under various brands, which was acquired by P&G in 2005. Gillette shaving foam gives Skin balanced with moisturizers. Dermo Gillette respect. Extra rich lather with moisturizers and more aloe. Helps protect extra sensitive skin. Extra protection with moisturizers. it prevents after shave burns and keeps skin intact. Gillette Series Shave Foam Moisturizing, Personal Care & Beauty, Shaving ... Use with any razor to make the best Gillette shave better and also try Gillette ...

Product range -:

Promotions -:
Gillette has a long history of promotions for its products, especially towards young men. Current promotions include shipping their then-flagship product (currently

the Fusion) to males in the United States around the time of their 18th birthday. Also, Gillette provides muchpromotional Foam to campuses of universities.

Nivea company -:
Nivea is a global skin- and body-care brand, owned by the German company Beiersdorf. The company began in 1911 when Beiersdorf developed water-in-oil emulsifier as a skin cream with Eucerit, the first stable emulsion of its kind. The company's owner, Oskar Troplowitz, named it Nivea, from the Latin word niveus/nivea/niveum (meaning snow-white). The trademark "Nivea" was expropriated in many countries following World War II. Ultra rich foam with additional Beard Softeners and Moisturizers helps prevent dry and tight skin and ensures a thorough shave with even the toughest whiskers.

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product range-:

Old spice company -:
Old Spice is an American brand of male grooming products. It is manufactured by Procter & Gamble, which acquired the brand in 1990 from the Shulton Company. The first Old Spice product, a fragrance called Early American Old Spice for women, was introduced in 1937, closely followed by Old Spice for men in 1938.

Old Spice shave foam has rich lather for a close, comfortable shave with the cool, crisp and clean scent of old spice. It is specially formulated to help product against nicks, cuts and shaving irritation.

Product range -:

Introduction of Shaving Gel -:
Shaving gel is a lubricating product designed to be applied before shaving in order to soften the hair being shaved, along with moisturizing the skin and preventing

the razor from dragging along the skin, potentially creating razor burn. It comes in tubs as well as cans, and is usually designed to foam into a thick, dense lather. Most companies which manufacture conventional shaving cream also make As compared to shaving cream, shaving gel tends to be more efficient, because

only a small amount is needed for each shave. This is because the consumer lathers the gel before or while he or she is applying it, rather than dispensing an already lathered product, as is the case with shaving cream. Shaving gel is also available in tubs into which the shaver can dip a hand or shaving brush
Apply shaving gel as directed on the packaging, and use a very sharp razor to gently skim the skin, cutting the hairs, rather than pulling them out. Most disposable razors do not provide a high quality shave, and will also tend to irritate the skin; if possible, use a double edged safety razor to glide over the skin, rather than pressing in. If a razor is used correctly, the shave will be smooth and close, but will not cause nicks or razor burn.

Major player’s-: Gillette shaving gel(Brand)-:
Gillette Moisture rich shave gel with silk gives you a close, smooth shave.This special skin protection formula contain calming Chamomile and smoothing cucumber to help protect skin protection and moisturationis. Its blend of four special lubricants make it the ideal preparation for the most comfortable and effective shaves. For that soft clean aftershave feeling, that's sure to get even the most sensitive of skins noticed.

Product range -:

Dettol -:
DETTOL is a brand of Reckitt Benckiser and has stood for “trusted protection” in India since 1933. The brand is endorsed by the Indian Medical Association and has consistently been voted as one of India’s Most Trusted Brands (ORG Marg Brand Equity Survey).

Dettol, the iconic brand from Reckitt Benckiser and the brand that we have all grown-up with is celebrating its platinum jubilee in 2008 - Dettol completes 75 years of protecting families from illness causing germs. Since its launch in 1933, Dettol has gained the trust of millions of Indians and has been consistently voted as one of the “Most trusted brands” of India. At this momentous occasion, Mr. Chander Mohan Sethi, Chairman and Managing Director Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd., said “ The success of Dettol and its various product offerings lies in the fact that we have continuously stood by our commitment and offered the best in germ protection. And, it makes us immensely proud of the fact that Dettol is truly one of the most trusted brands amongst Indian households. We are confident that with this support, Dettol will only continue in its growth path and continue in its endeavor to protect Indian families for many more glorious 75 years.” Introduced in 1933, initially used for cuts and wounds, Dettol soon took a life of its own in every Indian home. Families used it in myriad ways of – wherever they felt the need for disinfection. Interestingly this multi-usage of Dettol Antiseptic Liquid paved the way for the next generation of Dettol. And so, Dettol Soaps was born in 1984, giving consumers the same trusted protection for a “100% bath”. Soon followed Dettol Shaving Cream for protection during shaving and Dettol Plasters. Dettol Liquid hand wash came in 1994 for protection in every hand wash and recently in 2007 Dettol Body Wash was introduced – offering the protection of bathing in a modern, convenient format. Over the years of the original Dettol Antiseptic Liquid, even as Dettol’s product bouquet has grown, the trusted protection has remained the same. With its distinct smell, color and sting, it evokes an emotional bond in millions of hearts – it’s Dettol, its working!

Promotion -:
Dettol advertising starting in 1960s has centered on educating consumers on the need for protection from germs, while offering solutions to manage the problem of germs wherever and whenever they may occur. Starting then and till now Dettol advertising has celebrated the role of a mother in protecting her family. Because ‘If she doesn’t take care of them who will?’ Dettol has been voted, one of India’s Top Most trusted brands, year after year, inspiring Dettol to do even more, each day, each year. Through its consumer touch program Dettol Surakshit Parivar and it association with Indian Medical Association, Dettol endeavors to spread awareness about health and hygiene through the country. Since last year 2007, Dettol has also brought the Global Hygiene Council to India and shared its learning’s with media and consumers alike.

75 years is a long time, and yet it’s just the beginning - of another long spirited journey for Dettol. For Dettol it’s 75 years of protecting families, 75 years of health and hygiene, 75 years of trust.

Product -:

Shaving Brush -:
The term shave brush or shaving brush refers to a small brush with a handle parallel to the bristles used to apply shaving soap or shaving cream to the face when shaving. They are often decorative; the handle is sometimes made from fine materials such as ivory or even gold,

though the bristle load may be composed of any number of natural or synthetic materials. The shave brush is utilized most often today by "wet shavers" in tandem with a double-edged safety razor or a straight razor.

Ranges in shaving brush -:
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