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o.I betinal r. the Indian Medt€l councilAcl.1956 without anynolce& he/she shallbe hed respons breroranyaction underrhe taw.o.. e .4edieCouncits..'oootairoovso-atrp-na1e. o b e d ..aF.n to takeadmisson na oesubpcr lo lhejurisdicrion oJ enitrehimlo aiy rch| whalsoever (il .. o aDoea.zer.ee". ' o ' dr" o beer o.section (4A)of secliod13 o. 'e .sredoy E " enddale bemg found io be in@4ecl or tatse dunng suchjivesrsatonor al aiy subsequent $aqe.aduare Medretcourse a Foreign Medicalnslituton The candidat€ mustpbdue lhis Etsrbriiy Cediii(aressuedby the ]VlC at lje iihe of apptyinglor appeern9In ihe s. na ar. + s .p o.L.reenins Tesi TheE islbrityCenii.nrof India or Slate[. he/sbe sha haveb passa screening test(.d ed .. . s o> .s pefsc€enh9 Tesi Regulalon 2002)to be hetd in India subled ro the conditions presdrjbed in the screenino. n e€ j u . TheMedica Counc] of Indiasha/l be freeid investilate on its owninro the @(edn€ssor info.ar quatiflcalron which is conli.A{o-.the Council maycancelhe Etigibi ityCeniicate issued . rr r ..bf"rveoG.o.o F I w d I d m o e .hed bythe ndiarEffbassy coicerned. r< .eq.4.mar on turn6hedby lhe candtdate rn his/her applcaloi and/o.r. I oE andpoe>es< @d. caI for anvlunher rbma o6 c-ddr.Errq bitity R€qui€ment ror taktnq Admission rn an und€q.d Ove.ale ssu€d other rh.. ro be rcmgnized Frenrcrmsl as m€ni€ pracllioner in thecounty n which thetnsrtution awarding lhe said Hdshe hed oblained Eligbilry ceftificate rrom lhe (ledicatcouncil rnoE as per lhe .r€ma8.test Pe9-rd!o-6l00.The decsbnoflhecounciltn thisrcqartsh.. r.o !r J.nd rhecandtdate shati srand debarcdfrofrappeadng rn lhe scr€eninq Tesrpresdnb€d n Llls 12 and strb."s .rabidhiTJA. Ths eligibillty celrticates issuedexcustvety on the bass ot ntomalon/documents anddecaEtion turnished by the appli@ilaong w(h his/her apptcalron tornr pendmg suthenlcalion by rheaulhoriies { rlisbroughlrorhenoiceofihecanddalelharafrerhe/sh€obtainsthe"fore!nmed€ qs uatrfc (a perroreiqn mediet Resutalion 2002).t@grra.c .

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