¹ (o||cctloa o[ ~acecá ¸aalcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c á á- -m ma aa a l l c c s s, , c c o om m ¯ ¯» » c c T Ts s o o t t c c e e l l c c A Al l o o e e a ae e » »

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Bv Marc Macv Irom The Isis Connection, ¬o¡-· (¹anuarv o, ·oo¡).

The spirit realms are eenerallv descrihed as dimensions or planes distineuishahle hv the dillerent
densities and vihratorv rates (or lrequencies) ol the suhstances thev contain, and the various
dimensions are said to interpenetrate, existine in the same space. Dillerent people have divided
these inlinite realms into dillerent numhers ol vihratorv reeions (olten seven, nine or twelve), and
various names have heen used hv dillerent people to dillerentiate amone these reeions. Ior most
ol us livine in the phvsical world and preoccupied hv its material comlorts, those are headv
concepts. So it mav he easier to visualize the spiritual planes aliened concentricallv. The phvsical
plane ( the world around us, our conscious realitv) is composed ol comparativelv dense, slowlv
vihratine matter. The astral planes are eenerallv divided into the lower, middle, and hieher,
althoueh each division actuallv contains manv, manv divisions ol varvine vihratorv rates. Alter we
have shed our phvsical hodv, most ol us reportedlv ¨wake up¨ in our astral hodv livine in the
specilic astral plane in which suhstance is vihratine at the same rate as the suhstance ol our astral
hodv. This is sometimes called our home lrequencv. Durine our lives on Earth and hevond we
determine our vihratorv rate hv out thouehts, attitudes and spiritual understandine. Iear and
resentment produce low vihrations, while love produces verv hieh vihrations, while orthodox
closed - mindedness (whether relieious, scientilic or political) produces low vihrations.
Attachments to worldlv thines creates low vihrations, while calm detachment in the Eastern
tradition produces hieh vihrations. The lower astral planes are descrihed as a dark, dismal world
reminiscent ol the Christian pureatorv or hell. Some people ol low vihration thouehts and
attitudes, alter dvine, are pulled toward and trapped near the phvsical plane in a state ol
conlusion. There heine no eravitv nor sense ol time nor space in the worlds ol spirit, thev mieht
reside here lor vears or lor centuries ol Earth time, not even aware that thev have died, vet totallv
hawildered, creatine prohlems ol Earth in manv wavs. Some ac-¸c percent ol people eo here
when thev die. The middle astral planes are a pleasant realm where 6c-·c percent ol us wkae up
to he rehahilitated alter our earthlv education in ¨school ol head knocks.¨ The hieher astral planes
are a wonderlul realm called Heaven hv Christians, the Summerland hv spiritualists. Ahout ten
percent il us will wind up here alter we die. The mental causal planes are a realm ol divine
inspiration lree ol earthlv desires and conllict. The heines in these discnsions cause manv ol the
artistic and technical hreakthrouehs on Earth hv sendine silent messaees to its inhahitants. The
celestisl planes, hevond the comprehension ol most people, are said to he the home ol the
Christian God, the Buddha, and other ereat heines. The Mid-Astral Planes We'll locus now on the
mid-Astral planes hecause that is where the most ol us will eo alter we die and hecause it is lrom
that reeion that all ITC imaees and messaees are sent to Earth. This pleasant realm is a huller
zone hetween Heaven and Earth, a place lor worn-out souls lresh out ol the school ol hard
knocks here on Earlh to rest and recuperate helore movine on toward hieher spiritual realities.
The astral planes are much like Earth, thoueh more mental, less phvsisal. In the spirit worlds
thouehts create realitv, so as thousands ol people leave Earth and enter the astral planes, the
worlds in those suhtlcr planes take on an Earth-like appearance. Researchers in manv countries
report messaees lrom ¨the other side¨ descrihine concert halls, museums, hospitals, schools and
¹ (o||cctloa o[ ~acecá ¸aalcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c á á- -m ma aa a l l c c s s, , c c o om m ¯ ¯» » c c T Ts s o o t t c c e e l l c c A Al l o o e e a ae e » »
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homes much like those on Earth -- hut olten much more maenilicent -- all set in landscapes ol
trees, llowers, mountains, meadows and rivers that. aeain, are like thc landscapes here hut much
more lovelv and hreathtakine. While the ultimate destinv ol everv soul lies in the ¨hieher¨ or
suhtler planes in and hevond the celestial lrequencies, a tvpical liletime on Earth as a non-spiritual
or moderatelv spiritual person draes our soul down to low lrequencies. Alter we die, our
Earthilied soul would leel as out ol plase in the hieher realms as the proverhial hull in a china
shop. The astral planes provide a huller zone hetween a dense Earth plane rile with deception,
lear and violence, and the hieher, suhtle realms ol pure love, Lieht and wisdom. The astral planes
provide verv pleasant surroundines lor restine up helore movine on. Not evervone moves on rieht
awav, however. Some departed souls like the astral planes so well that thev choose to stav lor
centuries. Others reportedlv return to Earth lor one reason or another to experience another
liletime in a new hodv. It has lone heen known that a new arrival in the spirit worlds, alter a lile
on Earth with a tvpical western spiritual education, is initiallv lost and hewildered hv the almost
unimaeinahle series ol new and stranee experiences. Olten there is an overridine sadness reeardine
the loved ones lelt hehind such eriel is completelv natural -- on hoth sides ol the veil -- hut the
new arrival must eet on with the husiness ol startine a new lile. Excessive and proloneed eriel hv
lamilv memhers presents a tie that tends to hinder the new arrival lrom concentratine on the joh
ol startine a whole new lile. It literallv pulls the spirit ol the newlv deceased into low lrequencies
near the Earth and holds it there. Lile can he quite varied, dependine on where in the spirit
worlds one winds up. Here are a lew scenarios hv those who have made the transition and
reported hack throueh ITC equipment in Luxemhoure. Here in the mid-Astral planes there are a
ereat varietv ol people-in-spirit. Some still sit around the camplire as thev used to do in their
(primitive) earth lile. Others meet in modern halls ol coneress surrounded hv technical
equipment. Thev eive lectures ahout lile alter phvsical death. Still others do not even know that
thev have died. Some residents have heen livine lor over a centurv. Some live in castles, lortresses
or heautilul mansions, others in tents or teepees - whatever makes them comlortahle. New
arrivals have the opportunitv to eet to know people-in-spirit ol all aees ol human historv and to
meet unlamiliar, intellieent heines ol non earthlv oriein. How readilv a newcomer can accept the
manv new and unusual thines, is one lastor, determinine how quicklv he or she mav move on to
the suhtler dimensions. There is no real need to eat, as we hreathe in our nourishment. The astral
hodv ahsorhs evervthine it needs lor its health and well-heine lrom its surroundines. There is no
need lor sex, ol course, as there is no preenancv in spirit. Still, sex as well as eatine can he enjoved
in the astral planes hv those who made it a major part ol their lives while on Earth. Eventuallv
there will he more important thines to do. Astral worlds are tvpicallv clean, pure and well
oreanized. All planets are inhahited and have ample lakes, rivers, and oscans. There are no pests or
predators. Climate is alwavs sprine like with occasional prezipitation in the lorm ol elowine
snowllakes or multicolored, shinv raindrops. Worlds in the middle astral planes are shared hv new
arrivals lrom Earth, eohlins, animals, lish, nature spirits, eiants and spirit heines. The environment
elistens. New arrivals are usuallv drawn to an astral lamilv ol people uith whom thev are
compatihle spirituallv - and mentallv. Adults can materialize hahies usine their willpower to
hrine shape to condensed livine lorms provided hv hieher heines lor that purpose. In the astral
planes we suddenlv lind ourselves without the phvsical hodv that needs to he led, clothed,
shellered, exercised and rested evervdav with several hours ol sleep. Suddenlv we have true
lreedom. The astral hodv is impervious to temperature and wind. When the hodv is cut or hurt it
is healed instantlv at will. The Home Ol Timestream The TimeStream sendine station is lovated
on a planet called Marduk with three suns, so it is never completelv dark. It orhits one sun and
receives lieht lrom two other nearhv stars. TimeStream sits aloneside the River ol Eternitv, the
onlv river on the planet. The River ol Eternitv llows ·cc million kilometers across the entire
planet the dceptst spot in the river heine ··,ccc meters, the widest spot ¸,·cc meters. Also alone
¹ (o||cctloa o[ ~acecá ¸aalcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c á á- -m ma aa a l l c c s s, , c c o om m ¯ ¯» » c c T Ts s o o t t c c e e l l c c A Al l o o e e a ae e » »
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the River are comlortahlv lurnished houses. Children arrivine on the astral planes are nurtured hv
loved ones who alreadv live there. The children erow and develop to aee a¡-¸c. Residents come
lrom several planets and include enomes, eiants, dwarls. Ahout 6c hillion humanoids live there.
There are animal species unknown on Earth, includine hriehtlv colored hirds and hutterllies. The
temperature is verv mild People arrive there with the same psvcholoeical and emotional nature
thev had when thev died, althoueh shortcomines and imhalances can he overcome throueh rapid
learnine. The planet with its Riverine communities was created hv human minds, vet is as much a
realitv to its spiritual residents as our Earth is to us. Veeetation ranees lrom microscopic aleae to
eiant trees. Manv huildines are made ol wood. Inhahitants ol the mid-Astral planes are assisted hv
hieher heines in creatine landscapes thev are lamiliar with. While this realitv mav seem a hit
¨lahricated¨ to us, Swejen Salter is quick to point out that evervthine in the astral planes can he
seen and touched hv people in astral hodies, just as phvsical thines are lullv experienced in our
material world. Also, Eastern mvstics have pointed out lor centuries that the ¨solid¨ world ol our
dav-to-dav realitv is completelv ¨lahricated¨ and illusorv as well. The onlv true realitv is in the
eodhead, cosmic Source, accordine to the masters ol all time-proven relieions. Movine on up As
people move upward (or inward) lrom the middle to the hieher planes. their astral hodies
hecome liehter, suhtler, and ol hieher-lrequencv suhstance. When thev reach the rapid vihrations
ol the mental-causal planes, their astral hodies disappear. The mental hodv is not reallv a hodv at
all and can he descrihed as a elowine mass ol enerev. Some people who advance into the mental-
causal planes lose their interest in the allairs ol Earth and move onto hieeer realities. Other people
return lrequentlv to the astral planes, donnine astral hodies as thev descend, so that thev can he
involved in earthlv projects such as ITC. The ahove article is lrom M. H. Macv, Continuine Lile
Research, P.O. Box ·c¸¡, Boulder, CO 8c¸c·. Suhscription Sa8 a vear, or S·a per issue - each each
is approximatelv ¡¡ paees. Thev are involved in research ol lile alter death and their hooklets are
results ol their ¨conversations¨ with those who have passed over via electronic means ol
transcommunication, i.e. telephone, computer, rape recorders, answerine machines, television. Il
vou contact them mention vou heard ol them here in T.I.C..
Instrumental TransCommunation (ITC) The aim ol instrumental transcommunication (ITC) is to
link us on Earth with hieher heines in such a wav that we receive inlormation lrom these
enliehtened heines. This is not an easv leat hecause ol the dillerence hetween their world and
ours...hetween their suhtle mind-hodies and our phvsical mind-hodies. ... Durine ITC
communications there is lar less euesswork. The recipient must he readv mentallv and spirituallv
to receive inlormation on his or her television, computer and other electronic devices, and then
the inlormation will he 8c-·cc percent pure, consistentlv, when received on Earth. In other
words, with ITC either the inlormation received lrom the spirit worlds is reasonahlv pure, or else
there is no inlormation received at all. The ohvious advantaee ol ITC is its reliahilitv once the
inlormation starts comine across. The drawhack is that it takes a hieh deeree ol spiritual and
psvchic development to eet the averaee person ¨readv¨ to he a eood recipient. Todav there are
hundreds ol spirit heines workine with TimeStream hoth to help people hecome spirituallv readv
lor ITC work and to help send imaees and messaees to Earthside experimenters once thev are