Malaysia is a country that has far more natural blessings than many other countries in the developing world

but bad leadership especially by Dr Mahathir and the current PM, Abdullah Badawi has turned the nation into a sort of hell on earth. Racial polarisation, corruption, bribery and crime, particularly violent crime, have all brought untold nightmares for the longsuffering citizens who have to put up with unimaginable levels of stress whether while travelling to work outside or while they were inside their homes. Below are 3 articles which would help clarify just how hellish the situation has become. Even the jails themselves are a living nightmare. 2,571 detainees died in past 9 years -----------------------------------A total of 2,571 detainees died of various diseases while being held in the country's prisons and detention centres between 1999 and 2008. A total of 153 detainees died while in police custody during the same period. - extract from the Star paper 24 March 2009 pg N22 14 houses evacuated as cops hunt robbery-rape suspects -----------------------------------------------------Five men believed to be involved in several robbery and rapes in three states were finally nabbed after police conducted a thorough search of 14 homes in Taman Muhibah, Kluang. - extract from the Star paper 24 March 2009 pg N14 Rape victim's body found hanged from durian tree -----------------------------------------------The body of a woman, believed to be a rape victim, was found hanged from a durian tree in Sungei Choh. She was clad only in her underwear. The body was found by passers-by at 7.50am. The woman had a rope tied round her neck and the other end tied to a branch of the tree. Her legs were tied and her feet were touching the ground. There were strangulation marks on her neck and bruises on her body. - extract from the Star paper 24 March 2009 pg N26 The national papers normally report only the tip of the crime iceberg and the situation is much worse than one could gather from the reports. It is normal for dead bodies to appear after daybreak in this country, indicating how dangerous it is to be caught unawares by the two-legged beasts that prowl the streets and lanes along the breadth and length of the land after nightfall. One is not even safe inside one's home as the criminals in Malaysia are world-class experts in housebreaking. Women have been physically assaulted while still inside their cars, never mind houses that are hopelesssly vulnerable to crime gangs. Sometimes the victims are set on fire together with their vehicles, and it is quite possible that some of the victims were burnt while still alive and breathing.

Crime was not so bad in Malaysia until Dr Mahathir, the father of racism and corruption took power in 1981. It then was downhill all the way and the present PM, Abdullah was a hopeless case. He was the partying and travelling PM while the ordinary folks suffered. Worse, the political right-wing extremists were allowed to have a free hand in running the country and some of them definitely had ties with motorcycle criminal gangs which were responsible for many wayside robberies and assaults. The police meanwhile regarded the fight against crime as a diversionary sideshow because protecting the ruling politicians was their main task. The ruling class and their interests took top priority and the police could only go after violent criminals when their revolvers were fully loaded and not before. As for the crime victims, they are just merely insignificant statistics; no compensation has ever being considered for their suffering in this supposedly 'civilised' and 'model' nation. A truly civilised nation would at least compensate those who the state had failed to protect from wrongdoers. But here, it is as if these victims of crime fully deserved to suffer. Bribery is so fashionable and cool in Malaysia, that even many senior politicians dabbled in it, and the result is crime and political power are highly intertwined in the country. Many criminals often are let off early from their jail time or sentences are greatly reduced. It helps explain why many criminals with multiple crime records are able to roam so freely in Malaysia & to harvest the vast opportunities that await them here and there, and these people are often the ones who inflict maximum harm on their victims. Little wonder Malaysia is so like hell on earth.