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The MIRACLE HERB Gynura procumbens is a medicinal herb better known via its Chinese name ‘jian feng wei’ ( 尖凤 尾, which translates into ‘pointed phoenix tail’), Longevity Spinach in Thailand and Leaves of Gods. In Singapore, Gynura procumbens is believed by the Chinese to be one that possesses the ability to lower blood pressure and sugar levels. Singaporean doctors recommend eating three to seven leaves daily in the raw form. The leaves have a mild raw taste which makes them quite easy to consume. A Singapore study that used diabetic rat models showed that an alcoholic extract of Gynura procumbens was able to reduce elevated blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels while another by a Korean group of researchers reported that this herb possessed anti-hypertensive properties in a rat model. Besides the above medicinal properties, according to the Plant Resources of South East Asia (PROSEA), this plant is also used in Africa, where the boiled leaves are applied externally to relieve general body pains and raw leaves for rheumatic pains. Dried and pounded leaves are mixed with oil and applied as a poultice to treat skin complaints. It is also used for the treatment of kidney problems and dysentery. It is said that Gynura procumbens : • Lowers blood sugar (diabetes), cholesterol (lipid, serum, triglyceride levels). • Topical inflammation, rheumatism, viral ailments, diarrhea, dysentery, febrifuges, hypertension, urinary tract infection, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic. • Anti-cancer: Inhibition effect on growth of cancer cells. • Contains Asparaginase, kind of enzyme to inhibit protein syntheses by hydrolyzing asparagines (amino acid which is very essentially, needed by cancer/tumor cells) into aspartic acid and ammonia, so the cancer cells/tumor cells will stop growing and die. • Poultice: relieves rheumatic and general body-pains. Gynura procumbens is generally regarded to be a relatively harmless herb to consume. In fact, in Java, the young shoots of this plant are eaten raw as a vegetable. Singaporeans may find it more palatable if the leaves have been blanched in hot water before consumption. This plant grows easily from stem-cuttings. Seeds are not available. It is best grown in welldrained, fertile soil that is kept moist at all times. Semi-shade is preferred by this plant although

In shade.2478/v10133-010-0072-9 (5) Evaluation of Nutritional Value and Antioxidative Properties of The Medicinal Plant Gynura procumbens Extract / D Puangpronpitag.587. Song Y et al / Plant Foods for Human Nutrition.3923/ajps. Sometimes. Vol 41(1): (4) THE IDENTIFICATION OF HIGH ABUNDANT PROTEINS IN THE LEAVES OF GYNURA PROCUMBENS / C S Hew. 24/2010/4 / DOi: 10. eq.. Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels in Normal and Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats / XF Zhang. the plants have green leaf undersides although there are plants with purple undersides. 9(4): can be slowly adapted to grow in full sun. provided the plant does not dry out at the roots. The shape of leaves can vary depending on the growing conditions and they can range from roundish to ovate in shape but are all shallowly toothed at the margins. The fleshy leaves are bright green that are rather smooth to touch. (3) Effects of an Ethanolic Extract of Gynura procumbens on Serum Glucose. 9008-9023.9. Mum Fei Yam et al /Jour of Ethnopharmacology.151 (6) Gynura procumbens medical toothpaste / Xie Ping / (7) Anti-ulcerogenic activity of Gynura procumbens leaf extract against experimentally-induced gastric lesions in rats / A. A. / DOI: 10.2006. Vol 123. Mahmood. doi:10.146. The stems can be totally purple or have patches/specks of purple. 2010 (8) Antidiabetic Properties and Mechanism of Action of Gynura procumbens Water Extract in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats / Zurina Hassan. Call or text us for details/meet ups.3390/molecules15129008 (9) Toxicology evaluation of standardized methanol extract of Gynura procumbens / Rosidah. Seedlings for sale at P100 each. 18 April. Plant Sci. Gynura procumbens grows as a scrambling perennial plant with stems that can extend to six meters long if left to grow. No 2. one can observe that Gynura procumbens can be highly variable. Gynura procumbens clearly is the newest medicine to treat many serious health conditions. 15.2010. Growth should resume once the plant has acclimatised to its new growing conditions. Pp 244-249 / . Hee Jae Lee et al / Journal of Medicinal Food. Initial planting under direct sunshine will result in burnt leaves and stunting in growth. the two sides of each leaf may develop a slight V shape along the mid-rib and take on a lighter green colour. pp. 22 June 2009. From the said description. doi:10. they are darker green and appear rather flat but under direct sun. L H Gam / Biotechnol. Winter 2006. 2002. 685-691. 9: 146-151. S Chalchanadee et al / Asian J. (2) Antihypertensive Effects of Gynura procumbens Extract in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats / Mi-Ja Kim. Adbalbasit A et al / Journal of Medicinal Plants Research Vol. BKH Tan / Singapore Med J 2000. & Biotechnol. Mun Fei Yam et al / Molecules 2010. 57(3-4):233-244. 4(8).1089/jmf. Additional Sources and Suggested Readings (1) Antiinflammatory screening of the medicinal plant Gynura procumbens / Iskander MN.

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