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Date: ______________ Class________

Objective: To diagnose studentss knowledge about English. To diagnose students reading and listening comprehension

1. He's doctor of law. A an B the C a D one 2. ..she like chocolates? A Does B Has C Is D Do 3. The student papers. A writing B writes C write D is writes 4. .bag is that? A What B Who's C Whose D Which 5. ..tell her professor next time. A She does B She C She'll D She's 6. He .to see his mother yesterday. A went B goes C has gone D has been 7. He.very hard now. A works B has been working C is working D work 8. They have.. beautiful books. A any B all C some D lots 9. She .for fifteen years and still likes the job. A works B is working C has been working D worked 10. .up! or we'll be late. A You hurry B Be hurrying C Hurry D Hurry you 11. Their grades are ..than ours. A more good B most good C better gooder 12. Do you smoke? No, I.. A doesn't B don't smoke C don't smoking D

D am not

Read the

article . Complete the chart. What problems are these things good for? ADVICE Hot chicken soup/ Rubbing oil on your chest A warm bath/ warm milk Garlic/ meat tenderizer An ice pack putting your hands in hot water Cold water/ aloe Vera gel Honey/ warm liquids PROBLEM

Multiple choice activity .1- Insomnia is when: a) Your head aches cannot sleep b) You cannot stand up from your bed c) You

.2- When you have a stomachache you should:

a) Drink as much water as possible house

b) Have a light diet

c) Clean your

.3- It is a good idea to have hot chicken soup when: a) You have a headache backache b) You have a cold c) You have a

II- Match the word to its definition a) Sore muscle head b) A cold c) Headache muscles d) A stomach ache e) A backache very bad cold, weakness f) A cough noisily through you have a cold g) The flu temperature; than the human body h) Insomnia to sleep ___ the condition of being unable ___ having a lower than usual having a temperature lower ___ to force out air suddenly and your throat, for example when ___ a continuous pain in the ___ a continuous pain in the back ___ a continuous pain in the ___ pain in or near your stomach ___an infectious disease like a that causes fever, pains and


Listen to Katie talking about her best friend , Mandy. And then answer the questions.

1. True or false item Are these sentences true (T) or False (F)? Example: Mandy works in a private clinic . __F___ a) She always has to work on the weekend. b) She doesnt always have to go to the hospital when shes on call ______ c) She lives near the hospital. ______ d) She never gets any time off. ______ e) She doesnt like sports . ______ f) She really enjoys going out. ______ Multiple choice item 1.Where does Mandy work? a. In a kindergarten b) In the Childrens ward c) at the Police station

2. If there is an emergengy, the______________ calls her , and then she has to go to the hospital: a. her husband b. The hospital c. The nurses

3. What does Mandy do during her free time? a. she goes to the beach b. She goes out to dance and meet new people. C. Nothing 4. Which four adjectives from the box best describe Mandy.

Artistic- athletic- easygoing- pessimisticshy- sociable Hard-working energetic - impatient