Advanced Algebra

pal Intended for the undergraduate students of mathematics, this student-friendly text provides a complete coverage of all topics of Linear, Abstract and Boolean Algebra. The text explains the theory and concepts step-by-step to aid the students' learning process, supported by a large number of illustrations and 600 worked-out examples that help students understand the concepts in a clear way. Besides, MCQs and practice exercises are also provided at the end of the each chapter with answers to enhance their problem-solving skill.

Power System Dynamics and Simulation
chakrabArti The aim of this book is to present a comprehensive treatise in order to study the dynamics and simulation of the power networks. After going through the complete text, the students will be able to understand fundamental dynamic behaviour, controls of power systems and to perform basic stability analysis. The topics substantiated by suitable illustrations and computer programs describe analytical aspects of operation and characteristics of power system from the view point of steady state and dynamic condition. This text serves as a well-knit introduction to Power System Dynamics and is suitable for a one-semester course for the seniorlevel undergraduate students of electrical engineering and postgraduate students specializing in Power Systems.
` 550.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4673-4

` 495.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4737-3

Elements of Mechanical Engineering
manglik This book is a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental principles of mechanical engineering. It is designed for the first year students of all branches of engineering. It discusses the fundamental mechanical elements as well as the laws of thermodynamics, the principles of conversion of heat into energy, and how thermodynamics is applied in engineering practice. The book also discusses the principles of mechanical design and those of materials science. The role of lubrication in reducing the wear and tear of mechanical parts, is also explained. Plenty of solved examples and MCQs provided in the book, give an analytical insight into the subject.
` 425.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4629-1

Power System Analysis
Ramar & Kuruseelan Designed as a textbook for undergraduate students pursuing courses in electrical and electronics engineering, the book provides a comprehensive treatment of the major electrical engineering problems associated with the design and operation of electric power systems. Besides fundamentals of power systems and basic components, the readers can learn about modelling of generator, transformer, transmission line and loads including power flow analysis, fault analysis and power system stability. This book is also fortified with a large number of solved numerical problems and review questions to reinforce the students' understanding of the concepts.
` 250.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4733-5

Women's Writings in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Short Stories
abraham This compact book on Women's Writings in English provides deep insights into the issues agitating the minds of the women writers of the period through their four short stories. Reinforced by a comprehensive introduction and three critical essays, this book should serve not only as an excellent text for undergraduate students in English, but any scholar of English who wishes to study in greater depth women's writings for the particular period and to know about the sensitivity and feminist frame of mind that moulded these stories.
` 250.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4736-6

Current English Grammar and Usage
gupta The book discusses grammatical categories, processes and principles of sentence construction in a simple manner. It deals with the problem areas of tenses, modal verbs, articles, determiners, prepositions, passive constructions and direct and indirect narration in a very innovative way. The book includes a very useful presentation of letter-writing, precise-writing, report writing, reading comprehension and, above all, the use of vocabulary. It will prove very useful for undergraduate students, business professionals and the students preparing for competitive examinations.
` 350.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4743-4

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Fundamentals of Plant Pathology
ravichandra This book is of special importance to undergraduate students of agricultural and horticultural universities, as it is based on the syllabus prescribed by ICAR. The text presents all fundamental aspects of plant pathology viz. scope, objectives, history and importance of plant pathology, theoretical concepts, causes and symptoms of plant diseases, and characteristics, classification, reproduction and dispersal of plant pathogens supported with illustrations and diagrams.

Optimization Methods for Engineers
RAJU Primarily designed as a text for the postgraduate students of mechanical engineering and allied branches, it provides an excellent introduction to optimization methods—its overview, the history, and the development. It is equally suitable for the undergraduate students for their electives. It discusses the formulation of problems, graphical solutions, analytical methods of nonlinear optimization, classical optimization techniques, single variable (one-dimensional) unconstrained optimization, multidimensional problems, constrained optimization, and equality and inequality constraints.
` 375.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4744-1

` 495.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4703-8

Write Your First Program
Saha Write Your First Program has a simple purpose: teach you to write your first computer program. This book will teach you to write your first program and progress on to concepts such as working with data, decision making, persistent data storage and implementing mathematical operations. It stresses on a hands-on style to programming. This book is written for anyone who is interested in programming even if he/she does not intend to take up programming as a career or study computer science. The intention is to present programming to you so that you learn enough to write programs to solve problems in your computer science, finance, mathematics or physics class.
` 250.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4741-0

Chemical Process Technology and Simulation
koyikkal This book is designed to apprise the students of chemical engineering with a variety of different processes of chemical technologies. It is richly illustrated and covers the essential information with the help of flow diagrams, enabling the students to gain a full understanding of both the fundamental concepts and chemical reactions involved in process technologies. Newer technologies have been dealt with and some technologies which have lost their relevance have been omitted. Computer simulation methods have been described for many important technologies. In short, the book considers computer design tools and design software, in a manner that integrates this knowledge smoothly into the main subject.
` 395.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4709-0


Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, 3rd ed.
Mittal, et al. This thoroughly revised book, now in its third edition, continues to provide a comprehensive introduction to this increasingly important area of nuclear and particle physics. It combines coverage of basic concepts, principles and applications, along with the latest developments. Besides updating and revising the existing text, the new edition amplifies several sections across the book for easy understanding of the topics discussed. The text is designed for the students of B.Sc. (Physics), though it can also serve as introductory review material for M.Sc. (Physics) students.
` 425.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4738-0

Wastewater Treatment: Concepts and Design Approach, 2nd ed.
Karia & christian This throughly revised edition presents a comprehensive account of the principles of operation and design of wastewater treatment plants. Besides additional examples and exercises, this edition also includes a new chapter on Disinfection of Wastewater. The book is intended for undergraduate students of civil and Environmental Engineering. It will also be helpful to practising professionals involved in the design of wastewater treatment plants.

` 425.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4735-9

Maintenance and Spare Parts Management, 2nd ed.
Gopalakrishnan and Banerji Based on readers' feedback, this well-received text has been revised and updated in its second edition. The book has been reorganised and restructured into six sections for easy comprehension. It deals with all core concepts of maintenance and spares and related auxiliary functions with cohesive approach. Students of MBA, B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering/Industrial and Production Engineering) and M.Tech (Industrial Engineering and Management) are benefitted with the text.
` 325.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4739-7

Administrative Theories and Management Thought, 3rd ed.
sapru The Third Edition of this well-received text encompasses the manifold administrative theories and management thought propounded and enunciated by administrative and management thinkers over the past several decades. In this edition, five new chapters have been added to enlarge the scope of the book. Undergraduate and postgraduate students of public administration, political science, and management should find this fully revised text to be of immense value.
` 525.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4734-2

PHI Learning

Design Methods and Analysis of Algorithms, 2nd ed.
basu This revised edition focuses on the standard algorithm design methods, and presents an elementary analysis of time complexities for each algorithm. In this edition, a few new sections, problems and altogether a new chapter on Bioinformatics Algorithms have been added. Intended for B.Tech students of computer science and engineering, and undergraduate and postgraduate students of computer science and computer applications [B.Sc. (CS), M.Sc. (CS), B.C.A. and M.C.A.].

An Introduction to High Voltage Engineering, 2nd ed.
Ray The text, now in its Second Edition, acquaints students with the physical phenomena and technical problems associated with high voltages in power systems. In the Second Edition, a new chapter on electric field estimation and an appendix on partial discharge have been added to update the contents. Solved problems provided in each chapter help students develop a critical appreciation of the concepts discussed. This book is intended for undergraduate students of electrical engineering offering a course in high voltage engineering.
` 275.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4740-3

` 350.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4746-5

A Textbook of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, 2nd ed.
Narayanan Designed as an undergraduate-level textbook in Chemical Engineering, this student-friendly, thoroughly class-room tested book, now in its second edition, continues to provide an in-depth analysis of chemical engineering thermodynamics. This edition now adds more Example Problems and Exercise Questions in each chapter. The section on Vapour—Liquid Equilibrium in Chapter 8 has been modified to highlight the significance of equations of state approach. It also includes GATE Questions up to 2012 with answers. The book will also be a useful text for students pursuing courses in chemical engineeringrelated branches such as polymer engineering, petroleum engineering, and safety and environmental engineering.
` 375.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4747-2

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, 3rd ed.
Nandan The new edition of this compact text continues to serve as an essential guide to students and entrepreneurs for establishing a new venture. The book shows the reader, in an easy to understanding style, how to mobilize resources, how to tap market opportunities, how to conduct feasibility studies, and how to promote new ventures. NEW TO THIS EDITION: • One exclusive chapter (Chapter 10) on Business Location and its importance. • New sections added in Chapter 1.
` 250.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4750-2

Basic Electronic Devices and Circuits
Patil This book provides detailed fundamental treatment of the underlying physics and operational characteristics of most commonly used semiconductor devices, covering diodes and bipolar transistors, optoelectronic devices, junction field-effect transistors, and MOS transistors. It includes a number of well-designed Solved Examples and Review Questions. The book is designed for a first course on semiconductor devices and basic electronic circuits for the undergraduate students of electrical and electronics engineering as well as for the students of related branches such as electronics and communication, electronics and instrumentation, computer science and engineering, and information technology.
` 325.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4729-8

Business Law
mohana rao This text on Business Law discusses in detail different laws and Acts relating to business, commerce, trade and industry. It covers The Indian Contract Act, 1872; The Sale of Goods Act, 1930; The Indian Partnership Act, 1932; The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881, etc. The book cites case laws wherever necessary to make the concepts clear and supplements text with many pedagogical features such as bird's eye view. The book is intended as a text for the undergraduate students of commerce and postgraduate students of management.
` 350.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4708-3

computer science
Developing Web Applications Using ASP.NET and Oracle, 2nd ed.
das gupta & mondal This thoroughly revised second edition provides an in-depth information for designing and developing dynamic and interactive web applications using ASP. NET, HTML and Oracle. It also discusses two real-life case studies and one project on corporate messaging system. Besides undergraduate and postgraduate students of computer science, computer applications and information technology, the book would also be useful to IT professionals.
` 525.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4732-8

Introduction to Information Technology, 2nd ed.
rajaraman This widely used book, now in its second edition, has been revised and updated to include recent advances in information technology. It focuses on fundamentals of information technology, describes a number of applications of computers, explains acquisition, storage, organization, processing and dissemination of multimedia data and presents a discussion of social networks and social impacts of information technology. Primarily intended for undergraduate students, the book will also benefit students preparing for various competitive examinations.
` 295.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4731-1

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computer science
Embedded System Design, 2nd ed.
chattopadhyay Designed as a textbook for the undergraduate students of electronics and communication engineering, electronics and instrumentation engineering, computer science and engineering, information communication technology and postgraduate students of computer applications, the text acquaints the students with the alternatives and intricacies of embedded system design, hardware–software co-design. In the second edition, the book has been extensively revised and updated. Almost all the chapters have been modified and enriched including detailed discussion on hardware platforms—ARM, DSP and FPGA. The chapter on "Interfacing standards" also incorporates latest developments. Besides students, the new edition will be immensely useful to the practitioners and advanced readers.
` 225.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4730-4



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