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Multi storage car parking system for Dhaka city

     Company: Auto Bank Car Parking Business type: Service Location: Banani TAG: You are not a hustler Goal: Reduce the unsystematic car parking in order to restore the free space of Dhaka city

Present Parking situation
    Cars parked in front of high-rise buildings and commercial establishments. Commercial establishments with no parking facilities or limited facilities. Parking spaces are being used for commercial purpose Traffic jam due to unsystematic car parking

Sadeque Hossain Khoka :-"If the Dhaka City Corporation sets up some car parking centers in some commercial areas across the city, it will definitely help ease traffic congestions.“

Statement of the Problems

  

A Developing county and its capital city Scarcity of parking space Lack of parking security

Scope The scope of this study needs to be defined in two horizons. Objectives of the Study    To know the level of awareness among the traffic situation To know how new parking facility would help the people How rapidly growing Smartphone user can be mass for online booking of parking space Methodology of the Study It would be an exploratory.  Most of the information is paper based so it’s pretty hard to combine those and prepare something. .  Ensuring the traffic law Demand for the systematic car parking Scope and Delimitation of the Study  There is not enough secondary information regarding the pattern of mobile phone users  Most of the information is collected from face to face interview or from survey. qualitative and quantitative research and we will use both the quantitative and qualitative approach to analyze data and find out the association/ relationship between stress and the factors affecting. there is a chance that information provided here may reflect some biasness. So.

BDT 400 -BDT 600 . The responses to the structured close-ended questions will be rated and presented through graphs. Geographic: The scope of this research would be limited to only the banks of Bangladesh. Data Collection and Analysis Survey would be conducted with the help of questionnaire in order to collect required data. pens . Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Sampling method: the sampling method will be probability sampling that is based on random selection of employees Sampling plan: The employees would be contacted through Questionnaires and if necessary interviews will also be conducted. We have planned to interview 100 people living in different areas of Dhaka city randomly which will require some kind of transportation cost as well as stationary cost like cost of papers.  Time horizon: This study will take about duration of 2 months.) . Sampling    Sample size: A total of 30 employees out of which 5 employees will be from top management. printing etc.BDT 1000 2. both the techniques would be used to analyze. Stationary Cost 3. Budget For conducting the study the necessary budget which comprises sampling budget as well as opportunity cost is estimated to be 2000 taka. interpret and represent the data. The questions will be Structured and close-ended type and respondents will be asked to mark the appropriate box matching the correct answer. Transportation Cost. charts etc. 15 employees will be selected from middle management and 10 employees will be selected from lower level. Budget for the study can be shown as follows1. Other Cost(Misc. MS Excel & SPSS will also be used in the research.

Time Frame: As this study is an assignment given to us we are asked to submit this within the stipulated time. So the timeframe will not exceed three(3) months. 2013 week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4 week 5 week 6 week 7 week 8 week 9 week 10 Preparation of business plan Consult with bank Land selection Starting of the Project Controlling IT development . Starts from 1 March. For the research proposal we are given with two (2) weeks.

Transfer the work to the professionals End of My Role .

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