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Our Target Audience

Film rating 12, We decided on this age rating as a group because when looking at the British Board of Film classification it stated that 12 rated films allow Dark unsettling or disturbing tones. Our film could be unsettling when time has been stopped the whispers, ticking of the clock and loud noises are purposely used to make the audience feel uncomfortable to put them into the position of the main character (Luke Gregory). Whereas it would be unlikely for this to be a 12A as it clearly states, "very dark or unsettling tone which could disturb the audience would be less likely to be passed 12A." This is the main reason we gave the film a 12 rating. Strong Language but isn't to be used frequently. Our film doesn't have any strong language so this doesn't affect our film. Sexual References but as our film is set in a school and the main focus is the time stopping this also doesn't affect out film. Violence but cannot dwell on it. We have no extreme violence but it is definitely implied through out the film.

Target Age Bracket- 12-25 We have chosen this as we have found out through Pearl and Dean's website that the majority of people watching Thrillers are aged 15-24 Gender majority male (Same reason as above) Ethnicity white male A B C1 C2 D E Top management, bankers, lawyers, doctors and other highly salaried professionals Middle management, teachers, many 'creatives' e.g. graphic designers etc Office supervisors, junior managers, nurses, specialist clerical staff etc Skilled workers, tradespersons (white collar) Semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers (blue collar) Unemployed, students, pensioners, casual workers Class E/D Education Public school (Student) Taste in film genres Thriller/crime/psychological/action as our film incorporates each of these in it.

Considering technology convergence, suggest the platform that they would most likely view your film shorts festival/art house cinema/possibly You Tube Where in the media (including Web 2.0) might they find out about your film / access your marketing strategy social networking/television/posters

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Example Target Audience

This is Sam; he is a 19-year-old white male. He enjoys films such as Casino Royale, Inception, Donnie Darko and Taken. He has currently applied to Leeds University to do a media course. He lives in his family home and spends most of his time playing Skyrim. He has accounts on both Face book and Twitter in which he uses on a regular basis. He loves going to film festivals with friends. His preferred music taste is Indie. Thriller's Target Audiences

This is an action thriller that has a similar target audience to ours, as you can see most of the viewers are male and are aged between 15-24.

This is also a similar movie with our target audience, it is action, thriller and crime and once again the main viewers are males aged 15-24. However our target audience slightly differentiates in comparison to these thrillers as we have discussed and considered our class to be of D/E origin whereas theirs has seemed to be most popular with people of class C1