62, Monthly Newsletter - September 2012
A Joint Effort of the Department of Strategy and Donor Coordination and the Donor Technical Secretariat

n 25 September 2012, government level talks between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Government of Albania were finalized with the conclusion of a Co-operation Protocol for the period 2012-2013. The signatories were the Ministry for Economic Co-operation (BMZ) for the German Government and the Ministry of Finance and the Department of Strategy and Donor Coordination for the Albanian government.The talks focused on settlement of various issues related to implementation of actual projects or preparation of future projects. This high-level meeting was also meant to renew the sustainable financial commitment under the bilateral cooperation between Albania and the Federal Republic of Germany. In the next two years, cooperation will be materialized through technical assistance and infrastructure investments projects in priority cooperation areas such as Environment; Water Supply and Sewerage; Energy; Business Development; Vocational Education and Training; and Tourism Development. 2012-2013 programming will support projects amounting to 8.1 million Euros, mainly in consolidation of reforms concerning the water sector, VET enhancement, fostering rural competitiveness focused on Mountainous/Rural Tourism and Biodiversity Preservation.  In addition to quality technical expertise, the Albanian government pledged soft loans for infrastructure investments. The Albanian side welcomed the German proposal to finance the 4th phase of Communal


  Photo: Dr. Leo Kreuz, Head of Department for South East Europe and South Caucasus, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Deputy Minister of Finance, Nezir Haldeda, signing the Development Co-operation Protocol between Albania and Germany

 Development Cooperation Protocol between Albania and Germany
Infrastructure project amounting to 22 million Euros. As with previous phases, this project will be in line with the conclusions of the Water Supply and Sewerage Master-Plan and will generate significant impact in improving water supply and sewerage at national level. Next talks are scheduled in 2014, whereas bilateral co-operation outcomes are discussed on a yearly basis in the form of technical consultations.

September | 2 In this issue • • Development Cooperation Protocol between Albania and Germany Climate Change Conference on: “Regional Approach to climate change challenges” Albania hosts Regional Forum for Europe on “Broadband: A Pillar of Social and Economic Development” Voicing concerns and finding solutions through new media European Mobility Week 16-22 September 2012 EU-funded project supports awareness raising on personal data protection Albanian Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination organizes open Days against Discrimination UN Women to support Women`s Economic Empowerment in Albania Albanian State Policewomen attend the 2012 International Association of Women Police Training Conference in Canada Strengthening Ministry of Integration Capacities in view of the Process of translating the Acquis Establishment of Flood Early Warning System for lower Drin River A local biodiversity action planning network for Communes of North Albania USAID Signs Agreement with Local Banks to Encourage Agriculture Lending USAID supports 8th Annual National Olive Oil Day USAID Program supports Tourism Businesses in Albania USAID presents Hospital Quality Improvement Initiatives Italian – Albanian Program for the development of SMEs: Visit to Albanian SMEs ECDL Certificate Ceremony 7th International Human Rights Film Festival in Albania • • • •  Photo: Ministers at the international Climate Change Conference on 21 September 2012 •   Climate Change Conference on: “Regional Approach to climate change challenges” On 21 September 2012. The need to integrate adaptation and mitigation to climate changes into National Development Strategies was strongly emphasized. Mr. Fatmir Mediu. The conference was moderated by German Deputy Ambassador. was also present. also acknowledged the fact that Albania is lacking a national strategy on climate change adaptation. Erik Tintrup. Erik Tintrup. German deputy ambassador moderating the the international Climate Change Conference   . The Albanian Minister of Environment. They noted that historic climate variations and recent extreme weather events demonstrate the vulnerability of the entire climatic and environmental system with severe effects for social and economic life. Turkey. A joint declaration on the Regional Approach to Climate Change Challenges was made at the end of the conference. Ambassador Ettore Sequi. All ministers acknowledged that ad- • • • • • dressing climate change challenges in the region is a matter of high urgency. including Kosovo. the German Development Cooperation. participated in the conference. He requested the donor community to support his Ministry to formulate the necessary strategy soon. funded and contributed to the international Climate Change Conference. Czech Republic and Albania. Delegations with senior environment ministers from six countries of the region. Montenegro. The Head of the EU Delegation to Albania. Macedonia. GIZ. hosted and organised by the Ministry of Environment Forest and Water Administration (MoEFWA). The ministers noted to continue the re- • • • • • •  Photo: Mr.

i. The ministers evaluated the need to develop a strategic approach to climate change adaptation The GIZ supported program on climate change adaptation in the river Drin basin will co-operate with the conference stakeholders in order to implement this regional declaration. influential minds and passionate activists came together to discuss on how the . security and workforce/economic development. etc. Mrs. Genc Pollo and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) with the support of UNDP. UNDP Resident Representative a.” By reviewing the most current developments related to the broadband ecosystem in the region. Nairobi and Beijing where the most innovative technologists. but also in the confidence they help build between citizens and state in the efforts to combat corruption and to promote transparency.i.   Voicing concerns and finding solutions through new media On 24 September 2012. High-speed Internet access has developed rapidly in the last decade and is increasingly viewed as essential infrastructure for our global information economy. Yesim Oruc during her speech at the regional forum noted that ICT is integrated already into the Albanian public sector and public service delivery as    Photo: Regional Forum for Europe on “Broadband: A Pillar of Social and Economic Development”. It requires joint efforts at global. statistics and indicators. The Regional Forum represented a good opportunity for high level dialogue between the stakeholders on strategies and policies directed towards broadband development in the region. highlighted: “The national electronic procurement system. regional and local levels based on the principle of sustainable development. UNDP Resident Representative a. The ministers noted also that threats from climate change cannot be ‘managed’ separately/individually. Regarding e-governance and e-service practices. education. Mrs. only in part with UNDP support. organized on 6 September 2012 a critical tool. Oruc mentioned some notable successes. It has been widely established that accelerating broadband deployment provides a constructive platform for addressing a variety of public challenges in- cluding healthcare. Prime Minister Sali Berisha during his speech highlighted that the Digital Albania dream is a reality and he confirmed that the government will strongly continue to build the digital infrastructure throughout the country. such as the much lauded e-schools and the e-Albania government portal as they are symbols of the centrality of ICT in Albania. strategies and measures. business registration and licensing platforms are significant not only for the efficiencies they create in business processes. ehealth. the citizens of Elbasan joined 100 countries around the world in the largest global conversation ever about technology and new media.   Albania hosts Regional Forum for Europe on “Broadband: A Pillar of Social and Economic Development” Broadband for all was the main theme of the Regional Forum for Europe organized on 6 September 2012 by the Minister for Innovation and ICT. The goal of the global conversation was to hear the voices and the ideas of people on how the power of new media and technology can be used to improve the life of our communities. e-government.September | 3 gional cooperation and to exchange information in the frame of different programs for climate change aiming at exchange of methodologies and sharing experience in macroeconomic and dynamic systems modelling. and ICT managers from Europe and the region present at the forum discussed the challenges and opportunities offered via high speed networks and e-services provided over the modern infrastructure. the Forum explored ways to maximize the economic and social benefits and provided new ideas on how to foster demand for broadband and e-services. The discussion was part of the Social Good Summit that took place 22 – 24 September 2012 in New York. including e-learning. Several cabinet Ministers working in the area of ICT. development of climate related policies. heads of regulatory authorities.

amongst others said: “Communication has expanded incredibly in today’s world. Continues on page 7  Photo: Commissioner Baraku (third from the left) addressing the participants at the Open Day against Discrimination organized in Durres in cooperation with the community centre “Sot për të ardhmen” [“Today for the Future”] . ery. through enhancing communication with citizens through requesting. media representatives. the citizens of Elbasan joined 100 countries around the world in the largest global conversation ever about technology and new media.  Albanian Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination organizes open days against Discrimination -Agreements to advance implementation of the Law on Protection from Discrimination signed with the Municipalities of Durrës and LezhaOn 24 and 25 September 2012. youth. through electronic discussions. etc. men. policy making. Manager of UNDP Albania Democratic Governance Cluster present at the event. This event in Elbasan. or for any other reasons. consultations. brought together students. forums. E-participation portals can be used by municipalities across the country. urban planning and quality of services. “Protection against discrimination is not simply an individual’s right. service deliv-  Photo: On 24 September 2012. budgeting. opinions and give feedback through social media so as to be part of the city’s development. Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination Irma Baraku explained to the participants the provisions of the Anti-discrimination Law by emphasizing that every woman or man. as well as Roma and Egyptian community representatives joined the activities. petitions. health and economy. Participants highlighted the impact of technology among youth in Elbasan and the contribution it might give in the area of education. etc. Participants discussed ways how technology and social media can be used for the benefit of development. women. Let’s use ‘eparticipation’ and take part in electronic consultations. receiving. NGOs representing different citizen groups that are discriminated because of gender. but it is an obligation of the state administration bodies and of all stakeholders in the country to actively contribute in the field of human rights protection”. information sharing. organized by UNDP project “Introducing ICT Applications and Enhancing Citizens’ Participation at local level” and Municipality of Elbasan. Baraku said in Durrës in an activity organized in cooperation with Durrës municipality and the community centre “Sot për të ardhmen” [“Today for the Future”] which assists local vulnerable communities. Arben Rama. E-portals have been established in 2 Municipalities with the aim of enhancing citizens’ involvement in the processes of administration. persons with disabilities. Citizens can now engage in consultation processes such as budgeting. have the right to make complaints to the Commissioner. But our role as a development organization is to make this communication more meaningful and effective. community members and civil society. They also discussed about the challenges they face in monitoring the use of social media among the young generation. electronic monitoring of public services. electronic complaining. Our ‘e-participation’ tool attached to municipalities gives all of us the needed means to join in the governance of our city and our country. local authorities. People all over the world joined this conversation while being part of different meetups organized in cities in more than half of the world. UNDP Albania has finalized this year an intervention in 2 Municipalities called ‘Introducing ICT Applications and Enhancing Citizens’ Participation at local level’. Citizens of diverse groups. decision making. and incorporating their feedback. Discussions also focused on ways how citizens can express their concerns.September | 4 technology can grow communities and improve life for all of us as we move toward being a networked society. One of the applications which is called ‘e-participation’ is expected to increase the transparency and accountability of municipalities. the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination supported by UNDP Albania hosted the Open Days against Discrimination in the cities of Durrës and Lezha. and all that”.

Ministry of Environment and Water Administration. The aim of the campaign was to encourage local authorities in Tirana. Ministry of Education and Science. Pictures were printed in big poster format and together with four Best Award Advertisements (ACT Responsible campaign) and 6 maps of urban transport lines of Tirana. experts from REA of Tirana and National Environmental Agency. The workshop was opened and facilitated by Dritan Shutina. Taulant Bino. Tirana Municipality. Red Cross and the community of environmental NGOs. Universities. The aim of the campaign is to encourage European local authorities to introduce and promote sustainable transport measures and to invite their citizens to try out alternatives to car use. and students asked to discuss the causes of air pollution in their city and which are the ways for living in a healthier city. Shkodra and Vlora to develop and promote sustainable urban mobility plans and to promote the use of alternative transport means to cars among citizens so to reduce air pollution in urban areas. a chance to a safer and less polluted city. director of Co-plan. In Shkodra activities were facilitated by Aarhus Information Centre and in Tirana were facilitated by SELEA team. T   European Mobility Week 16-22 September 2012 The European Mobility Week is the most widespread campaign on sustainable mobility in the world.My Mobility City en pictures from students of age 10-15 years old were selected from previous collection (competition) organized under the EUfunded INPAEL project. continued in Shkodra on 19-20 September and ended up in Tirana on 21-22 September 2012. Ecovolis. the EU Info Centre in Shkodra. at Polis University was organized a workshop on Mobility. It takes place every year from 16 to 22 September. staff of the University and Co-plan team were present. Ministry of Interior Affairs. special open hours were organized in some schools of Tirana and Shkodra. The movie “AIR” was broadcasted. Vlora and Tirana aimed to raise awareness on the need to increase the pedestrian and cycle areas. Shkodra and Vlora (future plans) were placed at the movable exhibition organised at premises of EU Info Centres. and to the integration process of Albania to EU.September | 5 he European Mobility Week is the most widespread campaign on sustainable mobility in the world. This campaign was made possible by the shared efforts of the EU-funded project SELEA. rom 17 to 21 September 2012. Many students. The scope of this exhibition was to send information to the citizens and local authorities. who are challenging traffic difficulties on daily basis T Open discussion at POLIS University O n 20 September 2012. Shkodra and Vlora” Continues on page 6 . Exhibition started in Vlora on 17-18 September 2012.  Exhibition . EU Info Centres (EUIC). More than 500 students of 9-year schools from Tirana and Shkodra participated in the event. Deputy Minister of Environment. It takes place every year from 16 to 22 September to make an effort and find the right balance of their transport needs by giving so. the Ministry of Environment Forest and Water Administration with the technical support of SELEA EU financed Project in collaboration with the Municipality of Tirana undertook an educational and awareness raising activity from 16-22 September 2012. and Regional Education Directory. as well as to improve the public transport. Forest and Water Administration. Environmental Education and Awareness Open hours at 9-year school F  Photo: “The movable exhibition My Mobility City organised at premises of EU Info Centres in Tirana. In the frame of this campaign. Through this exposition.

publications and materials developed by them on mobility issues. which should be promoted and facilitated further. and embassies representatives and staff participated on a “STAR RIDE” starting from different neighbourhoods of Ring Road of Tirana on bikes. urban planning. Avignon concluded his speech mentioning the very nice tradition biking in Shkodra. etc. Antoine Avignon. environment monitoring. He listed all projects and measures MoEFWA has undertaken to address air pollution reduction. The EU Programme Manager. Bike and STAR RIDE A bike ride was organized on 21 September 2012 in Vlora and Shkodra with students and NGOs of respective cities. donors. Vogue. Mr.      Photo: Deputy Minister Taulant Bino thanking the participants for joining the European Mobility Week’s activities . They presented activities. in the future. Grand at Sheraton Hotel. scooters or walk which ended up at Murat Toptani Street. in his speech provided a brief history how it started the Mobility Week in France and how has been widespread in Europe. Ambassador Ettore Sequi. organised in Tirana on 22 September 2012 Si n’shpi. introduced the main concepts of the European mobility week and of the initiative “City Without My Car”. Deputy Minister of MES Nora Malaj and Nerejda Hoxha from Directory of Transport and Mobility at Tirana Municipality also spoke at the event. Rio bar. and contributing to a healthy life style. He invited the NGO-s. More than 200 citizens.00 (Palma. He also listed the EU support to Albania on road construction. Shakes Beer. public and private organizations. rollers skates. which is becoming a tradition in Albania. Ambassador Sequi mentioned that hundreds of European towns and cities were participating in the 11th edition of European Mobility Civil society fair Broadcasting of movie “Air” in bars he movie “Air” was broadcasted in 10 bars in Tirana in between 19. who took part at this massive activity greeted the participants and invited everyone to support the alternative modes of transport. Charls. It aimed at demonstrating the importance of using alternative means of transport to prevent air pollution and protect environment. In order to get attention of pedestrians. he said. Week. shows that Albanians want to become part of Europe and deserve membership. railways. Movida. The Head of the EU Delegation to Albania. an NGO has prepared a figurative etude and another one a flash mob. He invited local authorities to consider a better urban planning for more sustainable transport.00 -20. Deputy Minister of MEFWA Taulant Bino thanked the participants for joining the European Mobility Week’s activities. as unique in Balkan and Eastern Europe. At the same time they posted their ideas for the future and shared them with each other and policy makers. Fox. public institutions and citizens to join actions which promote better urban planning in order to have alternative modes of transport by reducing so the use of personal vehicles for everyone to enjoy the benefits of good air quality.September | 6 Continues from page 5       Photo: STAR RIDE. Bino ended his speech by inviting students to take into consideration sustainable transport. while planning urban plans in the future and behave as responsible citizens. which. Mr. La Voglia). T       Photo: Some of the materials presented at the civil society fair More than 13 NGO-s had positively answered to the invitation of the MoEFWA to participate in a fair. Whisky bar. postcards of the event with STAR RIDE quick scan and brochure of the programme for the week. STAR RIDE was organized in Tirana on 22 September 2012. The above mentioned bars had a promotional corner with banner.

Igli Totozani. by supporting them to challenge discrimination and offers their services free of charge. Vlora and Tirana. The Open Days against Discrimination in the cities of Durrës and Lezha are supported by UNDP through its programmes and projects in the area of human rights and protection from discrimination: Gender Equality and Gender-Based Violence Programme that supports public oversight bodies in implementing appropriate policies with regard to human rights. advice was provided to the interested individuals and organizations by Commissioner Baraku and her staff. credit and training. land. highlighted the need to integrate women in all policies. with an independent status. Established in 2010. He also informed the participants that his Office has   UN Women to support Women`s Economic Empowerment in Albania   On 20 September 2012. stressed in her greeting speech. Elbasan. During these activities. Semia Solange Guermas De Tapia. the Gender Alliance for Development Centre (GADC) presented the project “Strengthening Civil Society to Advocate for Women’s Economic Empowerment and Rights” in the presence of civil society organizations. People’s Advocate. the Commissioner represents the interests of citizens. Totozani said. the People’s Advocate and the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner. Two important institutions in the field of human rights joined the initiative. the Project Promoting Disability Rights in Albania that works to strengthen national capacities to achieve social inclusion and to promote the rights of persons with disabilities. including Shkodra. technologies. who both underlined the importance of a close cooperation between the municipalities and the office of the Commissioner in the joint fight against discrimination. Mr. while emphasizing the fact that women were still “shareholders without power”. Mirela Arqimandriti. “There is a very strong link between women participation in decision-making and their economic empowerment”. Vlora and Shkodra.” The project aims to bring together civil society actors and public institutions in order to build a national platform that advocates for women’s economic rights and empowerment. namely: Tirana. media. The Office of the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination has launched a national tour of Open Days throughout the country with the aim of bringing the institution closer to the citizens.September | 7 Continues from page 4 Commissioner Baraku also met in separate meetings with the Mayor of Durrës Vangjush Dako and the Mayor of Lezha Viktor Tushaj. El- basan. Around 200 people are expected to benefit in 4 regions. public institutions.  Photo: Mayor of Lezhe Viktor Tusha (left) and Commissioner Irma Baraku (right) signing a Memorandum of Understanding to advance implementation of the Law ‘On Protection from Discrimination from several regions. “We are supporting the Government. “Women have limited access to job markets. ”Economic empowerment of women is among UN Women’s priorities. syndicates. markets. Empowering Vulnerable Local Communities Programme that works to improve the socioeconomic opportunities and civic rights for Roma and Egyptians in Albania . Executive Director of GADC. Memoranda of Understanding were signed by Commissioner Baraku and the mayors. This project is supported by UN Women in the framework of the efforts undertaken to promote women’s rights in Albania. information. Expressing his full support for the project. said. Participants came  Photo: Kick-off event of the Project on Women Economic Empowerment .” UN Women Representative. To change this situation we need coordinated efforts by all actors and this project is a first step in that direction”. women entrepreneurs and CSOs to empower women to get full access to economic resources and. gender equality and against gender-based and domestic violence.

Awareness-raising event on Cloud Computing and Personal Data Protection A seminar on Cloud Computing Phenomenon and Personal Data Protection took place on 7 June 2012 at the premises of the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection. Fieri. 28 June 2012       Photo: Awareness-raising activities on personal data protection activities in Vlora. Shkodra. an outdoor awarenessraising activity took place in Durres. It was moderated by Dr. With the assistance of IPA 2009 project. The event in Vlora took place in an open place. next to “Riviera” trade centre. Another similar activity was organised in Shkodra. such as Think before you click. 23 July 2012       Photo: Awareness-raising activities on personal data protection activities in Fieri. project organized thematic promotion and awareness-raising events during June-September intended to enhance awareness and knowledge of the large public and controllers of personal data protection. a prominent Polish short-term expert second- . etc. notebooks and many other promoting materials with messages for citizens. the Commissioner organized two other activities on 23-24 June in Vlora and Fieri with the focus placed on citizens and their rights under the personal data protection law. Respect my privacy. Vlora and Peshkopia. Do you know how to measure your privacy. pens. in a public place near “Grand Europa” Hotel on 12 September 2012. as well as by representatives of respective Municipalities and Prefectures of these cities. lapel pins. Similar awareness-raising campaigns aimed at enhancing citizens’ knowledge of personal data protection will continue in the future. The winners were given symbolic presents provided by IPA 2009 assistance.   EU-funded project supports visibility and awarenessraising seminars on Personal Data Protection The Office for Personal Data Protection. On 28 June 2012.September | 8       Photo: Awareness-raising activities on personal data protection activities in Durrës. The citizens became familiar with their personal data protection rights and completed a brief test about their knowledge acquired during the activities. Stefan Szyszko. They were distributed awareness-raising materials such as leaflets. The citizens showed great interest and came in numbers in the stands of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection to get extensive information on their personal data protection rights. and intended to enhance public knowledge of personal data protection. whereas that in Fieri was organized inside “Univers” trade centre. supported by IPA 2009. who communicated key messages to citizens in terms of privacy and personal data protection. 12 September 2012   EU-funded project supports awareness-raising on personal data protection The Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection with the support of IPA 2009 Project “Strengthening of the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection in Albania” organised a series of awarenessraising activities between June and September.  These events were attended by representatives of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection and IPA 2009 Project. involving the citizens of the cities of Durrës. 24 July 2012       Photo: Awareness-raising activities on personal data protection activities in Shkodra.

The event was the outcome of close cooperation between the Commissioner and the Regional Education Directorate of Peshkopia and other local institutions. Dorota Skolimowska and the representative of CPDP Office. Commissioner against Discrimination.       Photo: Seminar on Drafting Legislation on Personal Data Protection. HIIDA. This seminar aimed at enhancing awareness       Photo: Seminar on Protection of Privacy and the Right of Access to Official Documents       Photo: Seminar on Cloud Computing and Personal Data Protection among citizens and controllers over cloud computing and personal data protection. “Controller’s legal obligation to notify CPDP” as well as other topics on the security of information and privacy while navigating on the internet. “Introduction to Personal Data Protection Law”. AlfaBank. The seminar focused on how representatives of controllers ought to compile the notification form as well as the rights the subjects providing personal data are entitled to. such as Mr. former Commissioner of the Council of Europe and former Austrian Commissioner for Data Protection. Seminar on Protection of Privacy and the Right of Access to Official Documents international-level experts in the field of personal data protection and legal drafting techniques. Anola Shala. project manager of IPA 2009 Project. Key notes were provided by the team leader of IPA 2009 project and the representatives of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection. EU Delegation. The seminar brought together representatives from legal departments of all line ministries and their agencies. Mr. deputy Commissioner of the Spanish Authority for Personal Data a legal obligation . Awareness-raising event with representatives of public controllers in Kruja   A seminar entitled Protection of Privacy and the Right of Access to Official Documents: two conflicting rights? was organized on 21 June 2012. Vodafone. Visibility and awareness-raising event with public controllers and education officials in Dibra Seminar on Drafting Legislation on Personal Data Protection      Photo: Awareness-raising event with representatives of public controllers in Kruja A thematic seminar Personal Data Protection and controllers’ obligation to notify the Commissioner took place in Kruja. Participating in this even open to the public were representatives from the Council of Ministers. Director of Legal Procedural Matters and Foreign Relations at the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection. The objective of this event was to raise awareness among legal drafters to mainstream personal data protection and to include the Commissioner . The event ignited a debate among participants over the right to information and the right to privacy. Participants in this event included representatives of the IT Sector at the General Directorate of Civil Registry. Lecturers included Mrs.      Photo: Visibility and awareness-raising event with public controllers and education officials in Dibra On 28 September 2012. The event was opened by Flora Çabej (Pogaçe). Prosecutor General Office. participants were given files with leaflets published by CPDP in order to enhance their awareness on personal data protection. with the moderation of the distinguished British expert. During the event. BKT and Procredit Bank. Directorate General of Civil Registry and Directorate General of State Police. About 70 participants attending the seminar were given a set of leaflets published by the Commissioner. National Agency of Information Technology. Secretary General of the Council of Ministers and by Dorota Skolimowska. During the seminar. on 15 June 2012. organised on 20 September 2012 The seminar on the topic Drafting Legislation on Personal Data Protection was organized on 20 September the preliminary consultation of legislative initiatives prior to submission of proposed legislation to the Council of Ministers and the Assembly. There were discussions about specific issues like the legal obligation to notify on personal data processing and other issues pertaining to the enforcement of the Personal Data Protection Law. The event started with the welcoming noted by the team leader. a guide on the personal protection law. with the participation of representatives of central and local government and representatives of the education system of Kruja region. EURALIUS. who contributed in drafting the Albanian law on personal data protection.September | 9 ed at the Office in the framework of IPA 200 project. Graham Sutton. It was moderated by . the representatives of the Commissioner presented topics such as “Presentation of CPDP supervisory board”. with questions and experience sharing. a notebook and pens with CPDP logo. Waltraut Kotschy. Commissioner for Personal Data Protection. the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection organized an awareness-raising seminar in Peshkopia intended to assist representatives of controllers to comply with the notification as a legal obligation and to enhance their understanding of the scope of personal data protection. Gjergj Lezha. Jose Lopez Calvo. HCJ. as well as Mr.

at MEI . forensic investigative tools. syndicates and media.     Photo: IAWP Awards luncheon with ICITAP Albania. Chambers of Commerce. The project is expected to end in December 2012 and foresees. SMEI 3 technical assistance project targets a series of issues. pointed out that women’s economic empowerment is a challenge for the Albanian society and that media can play a key role by writing more and better on these issues in order to bring them into public debate and policymakers’ agenda. at the 2012 International Association of Women Police Training Conference. SMEI 3) is     Photo: ToT training for use of the translation software SDL TRADOS. and more specifically by providing technical assistance on the unification and consolidation of the terminology. Iris Luarasi. brought concrete examples of complaints in the labour field. Three Albanian State Policewomen joined 700 delegates from 54 nations. and diversifying and mainstreaming female police officers. The conference featured an international parade of nations. human trafficking. organized by the EU-funded SMEI 3 Project. Irma Baraku. honour killings.September | 10 made a recommendation to implement the 30 percent quota in all administrative positions not only in candidates’ lists. Canada. and the establishment of web-based   Strengthening Ministry of Integration capacities in view of the process of translating the Acquis Support to the European Union Integration Process (phase III. including ICITAP-hosted female police officers from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Labrador. for the Directorate of the Translation of the Acquis. capacity building via trainings and improvement of institutional and inter-in- stitutional management of European integration demands. among which strengthening of legal approximation. Labrador. Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo on 12 September 2012   Albanian State Policewomen attend the 2012 International Association of Women Police Training Conference in Canada ICITAP and UN Women collaborated for the second year to sponsor attendance of Albanian State Policewomen to the 2012 International Association of Women Police Training Conference.   Photo: IAWP Albanian State Police and ICITAP Advisor. Saint John’s. One of the objectives of the SMEI III project is to support MEI in view of the process of translating the Acquis. including sessions addressing serial homicide investigation. drug cartels and organized crime. among others. child pornography investigations. a series of trainings and public debates on women’s economic rights with civil society organizations. international police deployments. ritual murder. Kosovo and the Philippines. The Anti-discrimination Commissioner. media expert. and more than 53 workshops and panels of international law enforcement interest. calling for more attention to women’s rights in labour relations. Canada a technical assistance project of the EU dealing with the horizontal management issues of European integration in Albania. Ms. developing law enforcement leaders. hate crimes. Saint John’s. Martha Findlay.

Hydro meteorogical services eaffirmed the cooperation and data sharing agreed on earlier among the states in order to reduce disaster risks as well as declared preparedness to collaborate closely to improve hydro met data collection and sharing. Forest and Water Administration. Macedonia and Albania were actively engaged in the discussion of Flood Early Warning System and its importance for our join the EFAS( European Flood Awareness System). Fatmir Mediu. Plumm. the “Drin Cascade”. was represented by Task leader of European Flood Awareness System. This kick-off activity aligns to the first component of the regional GIZ program on “Climate Change Adaptation in the River Drin Basin”. The SDL TRADOS system is a useful tool for managing the terminology. Foreign experts from the DG Joint Research centre. Today. “This project is a novelty both due to the way it is designed as well being regional project. To accommodate the complex nature of Drini basin. The main objective of this event was to enhance the MEI’s role as coordinator of the translation process with regard to managing the translation process and ensuring the quality of translations from English to Albanian and vice-versa. at MEI. pursuing the establishment of a regional flood early warning system for the lower Drin area. contributing thus the cross border co-operation so strongly promoted from the EU. It was hosted and opened by the Albanian Minister of Environment. It also offers possibilities for project management. Hermann J. World Meteorological Organisation and German hydro power companies were also invited in the roundtable. She did a presentation of European Flood Warning System and how all invited countries could profit from this EU system. the ministries of interior of Albania. and invited the four Hydrometeorology Services . Herbert Polczyk. Around 40 rep- resentatives of key partner institutions from Montenegro. Challenge remaining establishment of a regional warning system. Kosovo. the GIZ regional coordinator for water and climate change.2011. In this framework. Due to the nature of a warning system in the frame of disaster risk reduction. This kind of enhanced dam management would require i. The dams in the lower Drin river.standardization of terminology. The delivery of ToT training provided a positive impact on one of key issues in translation process . Jutta Thielen del Pozo.   Photo: Regional round table Establishment of Flood Early Warning System for lower Drin River. it would be necessary to merge two different objectives: maximize electricity generation and prevent floods. and I’m extremely happy that my ministry is en- gaged in this project” said Minister Fatmir Mediu. The system has been designed to address specific translation issues and problems that come up when translating Albanian legislation into English to ensure full accuracy and clarity at all stages of acquis translation. Ing. and experts from other state administration bodies tasked with translating Albanian Legislative text into English. financed by the . It provides for translation memory by leveraging existing translations.Gusht | 11 translation databases. With the support of EU technical assistance MEI has already installed IT support (TRADOS and its components) valuable for getting standardized translation and harmonized terminology. visualised the vulnerability of lower Drin area in regard to floods. especially in the view of the disasters of 2010 . could play a pivotal role in flood prevention. It was co-chaired by the Montenegrin Deputy Minister of Interior. Zoran Begovic. The EU DG Joint Research Centre (JRC). organized by GIZ on 10-11 September 2012   Regional round table Establishment of Flood Early Warning System for lower Drin River On 10 and 11 September 2012.   A local biodiversity action planning network for Communes of North Albania On September 2012. thus increasing the quality and consistency of translations. Montenegro and Kosova were intensively involved. In his presentation. core stakeholders and GIZ organized the regional round table conference. cost and resources involved in translation projects. The round table than continued with an open discussion from all four Hydro meteorological institutions and representatives of interior ministries to come up with a joint road map and roles of actors involved to make the establishment of flood early warning system for lower Drin a reality. improved hydro-meteorological data availability. thus reducing time. Albania in cooperation with ECNC. from 18 to 20 September 2012 a Training of Trainers for use of the translation software SDL TRADOS was organized for the Directorate of the Translation of the Acquis. Therefore. thus reducing project lead times and increasing the visibility of translation projects. a real case example of how early warning system is operated by private companies managing dams in Germany was shared by Dipl. it is the time that environmental issues should be addressed in a regional context. based in Italy. The Regional Environmental Centre (REC).a.Korrik September . Translating in TRADOS can provide a good basis for the development and on-going maintenance of (online) terminology databases.

Jim Barnhart. and the Spokesperson of Management Board with ProCredit Albania. Food. packaging and marketing. Phase 2 of the project will be carried out in Communes of Margegaj and Bujan in Torpoja as part of eight selected municipalities in six Western Balkan Countries. local communities and relevant stakeholders (i.e. 56 hotels have become paying members of the ATA. Pro-Credit Bank. and BKT partner to lower credit barriers in order to give farmers and agro-business access to capital. The project focuses on integrating biodiversity and ecosystem services for beneficiary municipalities. and bronze Authentic Albania Quality Mark Awards to the seven tourism businesses participating in the USG-funded program – Albania’s first initiative to rate accommodation facilities.  Access to finance is one of the main concerns for companies. Chief Executive Officer of BKT. Their experiences (results. NGOs working with municipalities specifically for nature conservation) to learn and be able to carry out crosssectoral and participatory biodiversity action planning (LBAP) processes and to implement actions.     Photo: Commune of Bujan. USAID. Jim Barnhart and Deputy Minister of Agriculture. Since the program began in 2011. and been awarded the Quality Mark. and in particular the situation of Greece. requested an assessment of their businesses. loans will be issued to agricultural enterprises in areas such as dairy. More about the project can be found at: www. The first phase lasted for three years and was carried out in ten municipalities in SouthEastern Europe with the aim of integrating biodiversity and ecosystem services into local sustainable development policy and actions.seebap.  In fact. in light of the Eurozone Crisis. The agreement. By this support the relevant departments of the partner municipalities. USAID Mission Director. livestock. FluturaVeipi   Photo: Embassy’s Rose Garden hosts the ceremony in which USAID. lessons learned) will be made publicly available and used in preparing proposals for developing municipal planning and in the decisionmaking process in the partner countries. USAID/Albania signed a $15 million Development Credit Authority loan guarantee agreement to support Albania’s agriculture sector. with the close and active involvement of local administrations. best practices. and Consumer Protection. an-     Photo: Signatories to the agreement included USAID/Albania’s new Mission Director. in turn. started the second phase of the project “Biodiversity and ecosystem services for local sustainable development in the Western Balkans (SEE-BAP)”. Culture. Youth and Sports. and fresh and processed fruits and vegetables – including olives and herbs and spices – to support investments in new technologies.ProCredit and Banka Kombetare Tregtare (BKT) .September | 12 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. national and international policy priorities and eventually bring better living conditions for the community through income and job creation in the region. Ndoc Fasllia. signed between USAID and two local banks . overall lending is down and the percentage of loans categorized as “non-performing” among banks in Albania now exceeds The program helps entrepreneurs set quality hotel standards that.will allow Albanian farmers and small and medium agricultural enterprises (SMEs) to access credit more easily. only approximately 2% of private loans go to the agriculture sector. Through the USAID program. local businesses and civil society. to reflect local. further build the credibility of Albania’s tourism businesses. one of eight selected municipalities in six Western Balkan Countries for the project “Biodiversity and ecosystem services for local sustainable development in the Western Balkans”   Photo: Commune of Margegaj one of eight selected municipalities in six Western Balkan Countries for the project “Biodiversity and ecosystem services for local sustainable development in the Western Balkans”   USAID signs Agreement with local banks to encourage agriculture lending On 17 September 2012.   USAID supports 8th annual National Olive Oil Day On 21 September 2012. The project runs from April 2012 to October 2013 and is expected to deliver plans and priority investments for the selected communes. the Ministry of Tourism.  Furthermore. Seyhan Pencapligil. and the Albanian Tourism Association (ATA) awarded gold. silver. . USAID Programme supports tourism businesses in Albania In September.

k. Nazmi Maja. The Ministry of Agriculture selected the three leaders of the panel. a company that operates in the field of processing and trading of marble and granite in Lushnje. especially to SME.p. a visitor control program to manage the flow of visitors. in collaboration with the USAID’s Enabling Equitable Health Reforms project. marketing. medium enterprises. Jim Barnhart. the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy. Trade and Energy. Minister of Tourism. and “Picari sh. and the Tirana University Hospital on Gynaecol- ogy and Obstetrics “Queen Geraldine. whose development is a priority for the Government of Albania as major contribution to the economy. by improving their access to banking credit and facilitating their productive investments. the Ministry of Health. Mr. USAID/Albania Mission Director.September | 13 nounced the winners of the 2012 olive oil tasting competition supported by USAID. Since February 2012. SMEs are of critical importance to the Albanian economy: in 2011. chairman of the Group. The programme gives an important support to these enterprises. This is a significant step for Albania and the olive oil industry to improve the quality.” – a shoe factory in Patos.   Italian – Albanian Program for the development of SMEs: Visit to Albanian SMEs On 25 September 2012. and the USAID Mission Director.p. Jim Barnhart. Mr. These companies benefitted from the loans provided trough the 25 million Euro Credit Line of the Italian – Albanian Program for the development of SMEs in Albania.”. USAID is helping to equip the center with furniture and supplies.2 percent and 3. paid a visit to the “Marble and Granite Processing sh. in the framework of the Italian – Albanian Program for the development of small. and incident reporting mechanisms--all standard features in public hospitals in other countries. Representatives from three “pilot” hospitals presented to their colleagues the Improvement Initiatives that are being implemented in their hospitals and discussed opportunities and challenges ahead.   Photo: Following the awards ceremony. Andrea Senatori. visited olive oil processors and tasted Albanian olive oil   USAID presents successful Hospital Quality Improvement Initiatives On 27 September 2012.k. and the Director of the Italian Development Cooperation Office in Tirana. Edmond Haxhinasto. the Ambassador of Italy in Albania Massimo Gaiani.   Photo: USAID Mission Director. delivered remarks at the opening of the meeting. The ceremony was also an opportunity to announce the formation of Albania’s 1st official National Olive Oil Tasting Panel.    Minister of Health. with the assistance of the International Olive Council. Hotel Kruja. The program gives an important aid to the Albanian domestic economy.” to introduce improvements such as employee evaluation and new employee orientation programs in human resource departments. micro-enterprises and small enterprises accounted for 95. the Silver Authentic Albania Quality Mark Award . Jim Barnhart. organized a round table with the Health Reform Implementation Support Group to present successful hospital management improvement initiatives implemented in three pilot hospitals in Albania. USAID has worked with the Regional Hospitals of Lezha and Korça.  A set of recommendations will be drafted at the end of the meeting for the Ministry of Health. and international recognition of Albania’s olive oil. Aldo Bumçi.7 percent of the total number of active enterprises respectively. It is providing space and resources to operate Tasting Panel Rooms within the “Institute of Food Safety and Veterinary” which will begin operations in October. that include measures to be taken by the Ministry to support these initiatives in these and other hospitals of the country. presented Mr. made possible by six years of USAID-supported training in sensory testing. Vangjel Tavo.

thanks to the additional 15 million Euro committed to replenish the Credit Line and the Guarantee Fund and to provide targeted assistance to Albanian SMEs. Delegation of the European Union in Albania. the Municipality of Tirana. underlined that students are the final project objective: training teachers is seen as a propaedeutic element for the education of students and the introduction into schools of a certification system according to the community recommendations for this sector. in the framework of the project “Learning ICT in a European dimension”. Giovanni Polliani. and many others. the Head of Delegation of European Union. VODAFONE. with participants from all generations. Andrea Senatori.said the Albanian Deputy Minister of Education. UNICEF Representative and chair of the IHRFFA board.   7th International Human Rights Film Festival in Albania The 7th edition of the International Human Rights Film Festival of Albania (IHRFFA) took place from 24 to 29 September 2012.   Photo: Visit to Albanian SMEs financed by the Italian – Albanian Program for the development of SMEs   ECDL Certificate Ceremony On 28 September 2012. Many evenings saw a full house. over the years. the training of Albanian experts in Italy and the strengthening of the Albanian IT standards delivered by the project have been a great support to this process . UNICEF. Florian Raunig. such as the support of university and schooling education offers. A proper education on information systems is fundamental for the modernization of the Albanian education system and alignment with the education and teaching standards required by the European Union. Addressing the teachers. Halit Shamata. Mr. The Director of the Italian Cooperation highlighted the activities that the Italian Cooperation is implementing in Albania in the education sector. As in previous years. Lulzim Basha.September | 14 During the visit.000 Euro from the Italian Development Cooperation. including the Austrian Development Agency. the Head of the OSCE Presence in Albania. and the President of the Italian NGO CESES. financed by a grant of 734. and the Honorary President of the IHRFFA. and especially in the educational system. In this context. education is a key sector for the development of the Country. It has grown in popularity. During the Festival 32 films from 10 countries were shown. the Director of the Italian Development Cooperation Office in Tirana. Ambassador Gaiani said that the Italian Government will continue to support this sector even in the future. The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science. a fixture among the cultural events in Tirana. The audience was also addressed by the Director of Academy of Film and Multimedia “Marubi”. He emphasized how the project “Teaching ICT in a European dimension” improved the modernization of the school system and actively reduced the digital divide. Giovanni Polliani. One focus of this year’s festival was the destruction and protection of the environment. and the public dialogue about Human Rights. the president of CESES. This year’s event was opened by the Mayor of Tirana. special forums were held. mostly with young peo-   Photo: Certificate ceremony organized in the framework of the project “Learning ICT in a European dimension” funded by the Italian Development Cooperation . the Ministry of Education and Science and the Italian NGO CESES organized the certificate ceremony for the 42 teachers who attended the ECDL (European Computer Driving License) courses and successfully passed the examination. Edmond Haxhinasto thanked the Italian government and the representatives of the Italian Development Cooperation in Albania for the financial support provided. In the framework of the support provided by the Italian Cooperation to the Albanian EU integration process. Since several years the Albanian government is trying to encourage the in- troduction of new technologies and internet in the Public Administration. Eugen Wolfarth. Detlef Palm. Ambassador Ettore Sequi. Mr. He also confirmed that Italy is committed to assist Albania in the development of a vibrant and innovative private sector sharing its longstanding and successful experience of small and medium entrepreneurship. the Austrian Ambassador. Ted Orlin. the German Embassy. Kujtim Çashku. The IHRFFA has become. as also witnessed by the continuing large number of domestic and international donors. Many directors and producers discussed their films – and the human rights issues – with the audience.

As of 1 January until 31 December 2012. and supporting disbursement-link indicators for the project. send your text to the Donor Technical Secretariat (DTS) Office (nevila. the latest developments with the program and further steps required towards its successful launch in Albania. and (c) the role of government role in raising public awareness of natural disasters and promoting the role of insurance in mitigating their impacts on society. National Accounting Council. took place on 18 September 2012. as well as other project management aspects. and Public Oversight Board.como@aidharmonisation. The purpose of the mission was to discuss with the Government counterparts the progress made to date in the development of the Catastrophe Insurance Program. Frequency Each edition will be sent to you on the 15th of every month.September | 15 and based on these discussions with all key stakeholder come to a basis for an agreement with the Government and time-bound action plan.   At the IHRFFA: Panel discussion following a special screening on environmental issues for young people In-country Missions World Bank Albania Power Sector Mission visited Albania from 27 September to 2 October 2012. An ideal word count for submissions is around 100 words. such as IEKA. outcomes. The Mission meet with the Government Working Group established by the Prime Minister’s Order no. and progress of procurement under component 4. as well as expert teams that are working on ongoing activities (tentative list of meetings attached). The Films not only entertained and enlightened. The aim of the mission was to meet with key staff from Ministry of or the Department of Strategy and Donor Coordination (DSDC) (koordinimi@km. following the request from the Minister of Finance. and several governmental agencies to discuss the status of technical work. to provide more space for interaction with experts or the authors of the ) The Government-Donor Dialogue Newsletter is supported by the OSCE Presence in Albania . as well as other relevant stakeholders. Bank of Albania. All comments regarding Government-Donor Dialogue are warmly welcomed! Want to contribute? If you would like to contribute. and preparation arrangements for supply of power imports in particular. The main objectives of the mission was to assess the current situation in the energy sector. 2011 for the implementation of the SEEC CRIF program. on August 22. Implementation Support Mission on the Implementation of Project Component 4 (SEEC CRIF). (b) adoption of agriculture insurance practices from other countries participating in the program. the EU Delegation is the Chair of the Donor Technical Secretariat. and (ii) update the country counterparts on the latest regional activities of REPARIS program to ensure these continue to meet their needs and allow counterparts to plan for their Disaster Risk Mitigation and Adaption Project. Here the International Human Rights Film Festival made its contribution. the mission discussed with the government: (a) the proposal from the Albanian insurance industry on how to reduce the impact of natural disasters on the government budget and homeowners. The mission will meet and work closely with the Reform Implementation Group (RIG) and Central Finance and Contracting Unit (CFCU) within the Ministry of Finance. opened up questions. Corporate Financial Reporting Enhancement Project (CFREP) and The Road to Europe: Program of Accounting Reform and Institutional Strengthening (REPARIS) took place from 17 to 21 September 2012. but also provoked by the 5th of every month. Financial Stability and Modernization Loan. The objectives of the mission are to: (i) review the sta- tus of implementation and results of the project activities. Identification Mission. Indifference to many pressing development or human rights issues is not an option. 2 and 3. and tried answers. took place from 24 September to 5 October 2012. and others to agree on the main components and the overarching objectives. 77.como@aidharmonisation. Who are the donors in Albania? To find out who are the donors operating in Albania please click here. including implementation of activities under Components 1. To unsubscribe: Please send an e-mail to Nevila Çomo (nevila. The team members specializing in debt market use the visit to advise on 2025 bond withdrawal.