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Take a dive!

8th of May 2013

kisova trnica is the largest outdoors student event in Slovenia, which attracts over 18,000 visitors each year. The event was for many years divided into six islets, representing Slovenian regions - recently another islet joined, the 7th part of the event is International Ocean, which represents the international dimension and wants to promote intercultural dialogue among young people. International part of the event is called International Ocean: Take a dive!, which in one place brings together young people from 20 European Union Member from States. and In addition to these, representatives Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Jordan, China and

Albania, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Switzerland, USA, Russia, Brazil, South Korea, India are also present. Who is the organizer? International Board of Zveza KIS Where? Ljubljana, telovadie Ilirija(Tivoli) When? 8th of May 2013 Why International Ocean? The aim is to promote intercultural dialogue, active citizenship and social democracy among youth. We want to emphasize diversity, the importance of integration, social responsibility and solidarity. We brought new wave of energy and ideas to kisova trnica, and with the help of the partners from abroad carried our idea beyond our borders into the world.

The aim is to connect the Slovenian and foreign clubs and organizations, because in the creation of International Ocean over 150 participants from various organisations are involved. They introduce themselves to the visitors with cultural specialties, culinary specialties and crafts. We would also like to show the importance of volunteering and non-formal learning for young people in Slovenia and explain the various options that are possible in the international area. We wish to emphasize work and the impact of non-governmental and non-profit sector, in which young people play a very important role. Why the ocean? Because the ocean reflects infinity, the magnitude and diversity - a multitude of different visions, desires, perspectives, cultures, specialties that co-exist in one ecosystem. And this ecosystem unites them as a whole - despite the cruelty of nature and ultimately, human egoism organisms are living in harmony, because that is the only way to survive. And when you apply this concept to the European continent, the reflection is very similar - the 27 Member States of the European Union, the EU region, which consists of the partner countries and countries that are approaching or already joining the Union. And even broader, state powers that are associated with the EU through economic, political and cultural ties - a set of national characteristics, cultural characteristics and customs. At the micro level, all this is reflected through - of course, the stomach. Therefore, we at Zveza KIS International board have decided that the world on a small scale will be presented at the event in the capital of Slovenia through international cuisine and culinary.

How? International Island is actually an atoll - a closed circle of stands where 150 delegates represent their

countries' cuisine. In the middle there is a place for socializing of the representatives. During the day the event is visited by over 18,000 visitors. The International Ocean gives them a chance to try the typical, traditional meals and soft drinks, to see the crafts, traditional costumes of the participants and enables them to get to know traditions of the participating countries. On a special stand representatives of the International Board of Zveza KIS will also prepare material of the European Union and various international organizations on opportunities abroad - the opportunity to study, practice, student exchanges, scholarships, international trainings and courses.

International Ocean program: - 12.00: Official opening of kisova trnica (Statements by the President of Zveza KIS, kisova trnica organizer and distinguished guests) and Meeting of young people from EU countries, EU partner countries, young people from countries that are joining the EU and representatives of the Slovenian minority communities in Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. - 12.30: Presentation of traditional culinary specialties (food and nonalcoholic handcrafts, folk and traditions. - 14.00: Presentation of the International ocean on the main stage . - 14.15: Continuing of the program on the International Ocean stands beverages), costumes

Who? International brings together of representatives youth Participants with Ocean 150 non-

governmental, non-profit, organizations. are aged and in

between 18 and 27 years, students being volunteers

majority. Few of the representatives are also high school students. Most of them (3/4) arrive in Slovenia to participate in the International Ocean-u. Erasmus students in Slovenia, volunteers of the European Voluntary

Service (EVS) and the participants of practices and internships in Slovenia also attend the event.

Does the project have a green vision? We have not forgotten about the environment. For decorative material we will use recycled materials (newspaper paper, waste plastic and waterbased paints). The whole kisova trnica also has a concept of a strict separation of waste, which earned the event the title of an Eco event. What were the results of the project last year? International Ocean brought foreign cultures closer to participants of kisova trnica and International Island. The participants were mostly students; some of the participants are high school students and the older population. They made contact with the organizations, got to know the foreign cuisine, traditions and customs of the countries that have been represented. At the special stand they learned about opportunities abroad, through which they have the opportunity to travel abroad, study there, participate in the non- formal education, to volunteer or to be employed. Organizers have been especially surprised by the exceptional importance of the International Ocean for connecting students' informal contacts with

organizations from abroad. The participants exchanged experiences and opinions, while new friendships were made.
What you? we expect from

Given the fact that you will represent your country you have to provide of your culinary country for specialties will need;

(send us list of ingridients you ingridients culinary specialties will be

supplied by us). We also cooperate with your embassy so if you need any help regarding food and promo materials, please let us know and we will help you with that. Also it is not allowed to bring any alcohol due to the fact that International Ocean is presented as cultural event. All food and soft drink have to be delivered one day before the event because next day that will not be possible. We will prepare you the fair and a table with name of your country and you have to take it before the event (on 8th May, between 8 12 we'll have preparations for official opening).

If you have some more questions call me on my phone number +386 40 744 660 or send me an e-mail to We look forward to working with you!