A  living -­‐ l ab   for   g erontechnology  
LUSAGE   is   a   living-­‐lab,   located   in   Paris   (France),  
specialized   in   the   design,   development,   and   assessment   of   technology-­‐based   products   and   services  for  older  adults.   Our   main   objective   is   to   promote   the   use   of   effective   and   ethical   technology-­‐based   solutions   aimed  at  improving  the  autonomy  and  quality  of  life   of   older   adults,   particularly   those   living   with   cognitive   impairment   (Alzheimer’s   disease   and   related  diseases),  and  to  support  their  informal  and   formal  caregivers.   As   a   living-­‐lab   we   encourage   user-­‐centered   design   approaches   and   experimentation   in   real-­‐life   environments.   We   firmly   believe   that   effective   solutions  to  support  healthcare  and  social  inclusion   in   the   context   of   an   aging   population   can   only   be   created   in   the   collaboration   with   end-­‐users   and   all   other  stakeholders.    


• • Assistance-­‐Publique-­‐Hôpitaux   de   Paris   (APHP),   Hospital  Group  “Cochin-­‐Broca-­‐Hôtel-­‐Dieu”   University   Paris   Descartes,   Research   Unit   EA   4468.  

-­‐   Gerontechnology   and   assistive   technologies   for   older   adults   (e.g.   remote   health   monitoring   systems,   context-­‐aware   applications,   social   assistive   robotics).     -­‐   User-­‐research:   We   have   adapted   the   traditional   methods   of   human-­‐computer   interaction   research   to   work   effectively   with   elderly   with   cognitive   impairment.     -­‐   User-­‐centered   design:   In   our   projects   end-­‐users   are   involved   throughout   the   entire   product   development  lifecycle.   -­‐   Clinical  expertise  in  the  fields  of  aging,  frailty,  and   cognition.   -­‐   Social  expertise  in  technology  acceptance  by  older   adults.     -­‐   Ethical   analysis   of   the   questions   surrounding   the   use   of   assistive   technologies   to   support   older   adults   with  cognitive  impairment  and  their  caregivers.        

User-­‐test  with  Kompaï  the  robot  (Robosoft)  


End-­‐users  groups  
• Healthy  older  adults     • Individuals   living   with   chronic   diseases   or   neurodegenerative   conditions   (e.g.,   Alzheimer’s   disease  and  related  dementias),     • Informal  caregivers   • Healthcare  professionals.  

• Ethical  analysis   • Follow-­‐up  studies  in  the  field  after  the  release  of   the  product.  

National   level:   Agence   Nationale   de   le   Recherche   (ANR),   CNSA,   Programme   Hospitalier   de   la   Recherche   Clinique   (regional   et   national),   Foundation   Plan   Alzheimer,   France   Alzheimer   Association,   Foundation   Médéric   Alzheimer,   Foundation  de  France,  Région  Ile  de  France.   International  level:  European  Commission  (Seventh   Framework   Program   (FP7),   Ambient   Assisted   living   Joint  Program  (AAL).  

Focus-­‐group  with  end-­‐users    

Facilities  and  infrastructure  
Physical  environment:  Our  laboratory  has  a  flexible   and   modular   architecture   that   can   be   easily   adapted   to   each   project’s   objectives,   to   recreate   a   home-­‐like  or  a  formal  healthcare  setting.   Convenient   location:   LUSAGE   is   located   in   the   center  of  Paris  and  can  be  easily  reached  by  public   transportation  (metro,  bus,  and  car).    

We  have  the  expertise  and  resources  to  participate   as   partner   or   coordinator   of   national   and   international   collaborative   projects   focused   on   prototyping,   co-­‐creation   and   validation   of   innovative  healthcare  solutions.     Our  activities  cover  the  entire  product  development   lifecycle  including:     • End-­‐users   recruitment:   The   number   of   older   adults   consulting   in   our   health   and   social   care   network   is   more   than   8000   per   year,   making   of   LUSAGE  an  attractive  partner  for  companies  that   develop   healthcare   technological   applications   and  services.   • Users’  needs  assessment   • Usability   testing   at   the   lab   or   in   real-­‐world   settings  (hospital,  home,  public  places)  

LUSAGE,  Hôpital  Broca    54-­‐56  rue   Pascal,  75013,  Paris,  France,  Tel  +33  1   44  08  33  60  

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