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The Sanctuary offers a space with tools and guidance to help guests heal themselves from any dis-ease. Colon cleansing is part of The Sanctuary Protocol. Visit for more information about Holistic Healing and The Sanctuary. --------------------------------------------------------------Raw Foods and Colon Cleansing are a Portal to the Spiritual - by Matt Monarch Over the last decade I have learned that there are numerous pathways to the “spiritual” realm. The pathway that I personally took was through d!et and detox (colon cleansing). Not only does this particular pathway ”magically” heal the human body, but it also has the potential to help awaken a person. This is why many “enlightened” masters recommend a raw food d!et and cleansing the colon with water. Before I jumped into this lifestyle, the “spiritual” realm was nonexistent to me. When I leaped into choosing a 100% Raw Food D!et and cleansing my colon on a periodic basis (3 – 5 times a month), I had no g0al to be awakened to the spiritual realm. It just happened automatically and I felt so blessed and took it from there. After enjoying a 100% Raw Food D!et for a year straight and cleansing my colon on a periodic basis, I did Bernard Jensen’s intense 7-day psyllium and bentonite cleanse, where you take his psyllium and bentonite drink five times a day and you do an extremely thorough colon cleanse with water two times a day to keep the psyllium and bentonite moving through you. It was the day that I finished this cleanse that my ‘third eye’ opened completed. Over the last fourteen years, my third eye continues to vibrate stronger and stronger, as the days go by. When this vibration started to occur, my desire then appeared to learn about the spiritual realm and not the other way around. It was at this point when I got heavily into focus, meditation, and prayer. I have seen and experienced things that might be unfathomable to the minds of most men. My understanding of the spirit realm continues to grow daily. Please understand that I am not claiming to be a “guru” of any sort here, or claiming to be “spiritually enlightened”. I am just stating that my understanding of the spiritual realm now, compared to before making these lifestyle changes is exponentially more expanded. The reason I wanted to write to you about this today is to share with you about this possible pathway to the spiritual. It is my mission to help “awaken” as many people as possible and I feel that this is one of the most powerful ways to get there, amongst many others. Many of you may feel really inspired to attempt a 100% Raw Food D!et now, in order to experience this kind of spiritual opening. However, I feel that the emphasis has to come not so much on the Raw Food D!et and actually rather on cleansing the colon with water, often. The reason why this pathway helps with spiritual attunement has nothing to do with nourishing the body, in my opinion, rather it’s all about getting the toxic crap out of your body. It is the cleanliness of the body that can open a person up to the “spiritual” world, not nutrients. So a 100% Raw Food D!et can easily help the body to get cleaner and my guess is that very small amounts of whole foods may work too. The combination together of a cleaner d!et along with colon cleansing with

water can be extremely powerful. The clean d!et eliminates the addition of toxins into your body and it also enables your body to detox the decades of junk that we have built up in our bodies on a cellular level. Again, I feel that the main emphasis is best placed on cleansing the colon with water. If you just do a 100% Raw Food D!et alone, it can result in you feeling more “toxic” as you deal with the withdrawals from all of the non-raw foods you’ve been eating for decades on end. Almost inevitably it seems, a person who does a raw food d!et without colon cleansing comes to the conclusion that this type of d!et is “no good” for the human body. However, when colon cleansing is practised often, in combination with a 100% Raw Food Diet, the whole situation becomes much easier. It is the withdrawals from the toxic foods that bring cravings and emotional issues. Cleansing the colon often with water removes this junk from your system consistently and makes it feel much easier to eat a 100% Raw Food D!et. To save our customer service department from receiving hundreds of emails, I will now tell you all about the 7-day Bernard Jensen Cleanse that I mentioned above. On our website, you can order the same Bernard Jensen Cleanse that I did with the accompanying book that tells you how to do it all. The book is many pages long, but all you need are the few pages in the middle that explain the 7day cleanse part. The actual cleanse is 30 days, but if you are smart and eat a clean d!et like I did with periodic colon cleansing to prepare yourself for many months beforehand, the intense 7-day portion where you do the Psyllium and Bentonite five times a day will be sufficient.

If the colon cleansing two times a day is not done during this cleanse, the effects won’t have nearly as big of an impact. Additionally, you run the risk of not getting all of the contents out of your intestines. I also feel it is ideal to practice periodic colon cleansing with water and a healthy d!et for many months before attempting this. This “extreme” cleanse will take your cellular cleanliness to a new level and toxic foods that you currently eat will become even more damaging to your cleaner body. I feel it is best to be adapted to a healthy d!et before taking your cleanliness to the next level like this. Additionally, the detoxification might just be too much for you to jump into this kind of cleanse overnight if you don’t do some preparation beforehand. There are two reasons I endlessly promote colon cleansing with water. The first reason is that it heals the phys!cal human body more effectively than anything else available to man today. It’s so interesting, because certain issues that people have just go away when cleansing the colon. For example, I convinced a friend of mine to do enemas for 14 days straight and his old back pa!n !njury went right away after just a few days. There have been many reports of injuries like this clearing up as they are the result of gas and toxicity, which travel to the places of least resistance in the body. People’s joints feel better, persistent headaches go away and people miraculously see diseases reversed when doing colon cleansing in combination with a healthy d!et. The second reason I promote colon cleansing immensely is because, as I said, I believe that it is a doorway to the “spiritual realm”. Please understand that by no means do I feel that this is

the only pathway to awakening to the spiritual realm. I have friends who used awareness, prayer, meditation, yoga, body work and much more to get to the same place. It’s interesting because these friends of mine automatically found colon cleansing and a healthy d!et afterwards. Similarly, I found meditation, bodywork, yoga, etc, after I improved my d!et and practiced colon cleansing. Again, I wasn’t trying to find my way to a more spiritual way of life, I simply ate a 100% Raw Food D!et and practiced periodic colon cleansing, and the spiritual realm just introduced itself to me. Matt Monarch - The Raw Food World. ----------------------This article was uploaded by Pete Adams from The Sanctuary Holistic Healing Retreat Center in Mexico. The Sanctuary offers a space with tools and guidance to help guests heal themselves from any dis-ease. Colon cleansing is part of The Sanctuary Protocol. Visit for more information about Holistic Healing and The Sanctuary.

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