IELTS Useful links

International House Net Languages Test – some sample exercises to practice all 4 skills ADWC IELTS Test Preparation – some practice tests including excellent explanations of different ways to describe graphs Holmesglen IELTS Preparation site – Good explanations of the different types of questions etc. in the exam IELTS Help Now - Useful tips for all 4 areas of the exam Longman IELTS Practice - some useful practice material. Parapal Online English Exercises – practice of writing academic essays Writefix – some good speaking and writing practice as well as IELTS tips IELTS Preparation hints - useful tips for the exam - no practice questions Exam English – some practice questions Go4English – offers different IELTS tasks. Go to Vocab & Grammar then IELTS Taster Aiming High – IELTS study tips

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