My comments for 2013.EX30.

1 on April 15, 2013 Executive Committee

To the Chair of the Exec Committee: I am unable to be present (the morning session) today to speak due to personal matters. I have chosen to submit my suggestions to the Exec. Committee; ONE: The idea of having a mega entertainment center in conjunction with a Casino isn't a bad idea , it will bring revenue and needed jobs for Toronto. I am not against a Toronto Casino. Toronto needs Revenue Tools to meet a growing population that relay in services of the City of Toronto no doubt about that. Could a Casino be part of the discussion for needed Revenue Tools? Well lets ask the voters in the next Municipal Election is my recommendation to all of you dear members of the Executive Committee. TWO: I feel that the location may just be a rushed idea as proposed by MGM international. Most of these individuals aren't local residents and not in touch with reality of our streets who have enough number of people suffering with Mental Illnesses and Addictions. Our Health and Social Service Case Management has limits and won't be sufficient to deal with new cases in the downtown core. THREE: Woodbine has been successfully at running a small casino but with the absence of a major entertainment and hotel business. This is my preferably choice location and they have plenty of open land available to build a Mega Tourist and Entertainment Center thus I support a Toronto Casino Plan in Ward 1. FOUR: The Woodbine location is close to the Airport and mayor highways. this is a mayor factor for consideration. The nearby York and Peel regions could easily benefit from the proximity of a Casino and those arriving at our International Airport. FIVE: The other regions which have been selected by the O.L.G to host a Casino would have a similar or equal negative reception. It is more likely those residents to support a Toronto Casino and not on their proximity to their "backyards". In addition, the above regions lack support and social programs to deal with new clients who may be victims of acute casino gambling or addictions. SIX: Since Casinos offer a diverse menu of activities for the visitor, it is important to remind everyone,. Casinos are for adults who "voluntary" want to be active participants.

SEVEN: Etobicoke North Residents of Ward 1 would be the direct beneficiaries of new jobs opportunities for the community residents and that is important fact, since the area lacks quality jobs. Most good jobs have moved to the nearby regions or elsewhere because of high commercial taxes imposed by bad decisions at the City. IN CONCLUSION, this is a matter that is doomed to fail in Downtown. City Council is divided The opposition to the Casino has been strong and large no matter how sophisticated plans are presented by the host companies and the City Manager. Woodbine is by far the best choice location and In addition new health and social services who provide counseling on gambling or addictions could very well add new good jobs paid by the Minister of Health. Ironically this is the direct result of a Casino Lifestyle. Another recommendation let's spend time seeking new revenue tools. and continue pressuring the Federal and Provincial Governments for more share of the revenue. This is a "Rich City" with an infrastructure system in decay due to past mismanagement administrations. We should have a great influx of funding to make Toronto a better livable city. Here is a plan that will unify members of City Council. We deserve a better Toronto. I will be dropping by later this afternoon and tomorrow to check out the progress of the Casino Debate.

Sincerely Always Yours,

Miguel Avila City Hall Monitor

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