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P.O. Box 1400 Downers Grove, IL 60515-1426 Phone 630.734.4000 Fax 630.734.4200

author of bestselling apprentice series

Hidden in Christ
Living as God’s Beloved

5" x 7" 220 pages hardcover, $17.00 978-0-8308-3575-1 WEZ July 2013 Spiritual Formation, Christian Living, Devotional BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth

James Bryan Smith

James Bryan Smith Author of The Good and Beautiful God

Market/Audience • Devotional readers • Small group leaders • Spiritual directors Related Titles

Ch r i s t
Living as God’s Beloved
In this unique introduction to the hidden life in Christ, James Bryan Smith walks readers through a thirty-day immersion in Colossians 3:1-17. Each of the thirty short chapters hones in on a single word or phrase from this life-changing passage, followed by a simple daily practice, a prompt for reflection and small group followup questions. • By the bestselling author of The Good and Beautiful God • Includes a five-session group discussion guide • Works as a thirty-day devotional Author Information James Bryan Smith (M.Div., Yale University Divinity School; D.Min., Fuller Seminary) is a theology professor and director of the Aprentis Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas. A founding member of Richard J. Foster’s spiritual renewal ministry, Renovaré, Smith is the editor of Devotional Classics (with Richard Foster) and author of The Good and Beautiful God.

H i dd en in

978-0-8308-3531-7 978-0-8308-3555-3

Sampling from the 30 chapters
Raised Hidden Revealed Walk Once All Chosen Teach Whatever Name


James Bryan Smith’s Apprentice Series is a spiritual
formation curriculum that has already brought transformation to numerous individuals and congregations. The books aim at a total revitalization of discipleship among believers by coming to terms with who God is, what it means to live as a Christian and what it means to live in community.

Meet James Bryan Smith at ICRS 2013!
June 23-26, St. Louis, Missouri
The Good and Beautiful God The Good and Beautiful Life

978-0-8308-3531-7, $23.00

T h e A p p re n t i c e S e r i e s
A Curriculum in Christlikeness

978-0-8308-3532-4, $23.00

The Good and Beautiful Community

978-0-8308-3533-1, $23.00

“The best practice I have seen in Christian spiritual formation.”
—Dallas Willard, author of The Divine Conspiracy

“Leading others through the Apprentice Series is the best thing that I do in ministry. I have never used any other tool that is as helpful to people in different stages of their maturity.”
—Daniel Harris, pastor of discipleship, First United Methodist Church, Midland, TX


The Jesus Prayer
A Cry for Mercy, a Path of Renewal

5" x 7" 144 pages hardcover, $16.00 978-0-8308-3577-5 W September 2013 Prayer, Spiritual Formation BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / Prayer

John Michael Talbot

Market/Audience • Fans of the author • General readers Related Titles


Jesus Prayer
A C r y f o r M e r C y, A PAth of renewAl
978-0-8308-3528-7 978-0-8308-3529-4

John Michael talbot

In this new book by John Michael Talbot readers are invited to meditate on the twelve simple words that lie at the heart of the Christian East. Complete with historical context and exercises for self-reflection, this book shows how a single prayer could sustain the spiritual life of a civilization. • Makes an ideal personal devotion • Provides theological and historical background on the Jesus Prayer • Includes prayer exercises with each chapter • Written by a bestselling musician and author of numerous books Author Information John Michael Talbot is an award-winning Christian musician, writer, motivational speaker and itinerant minister to churches and parishes around the world. He is the author of numerous books bringing the Christian monastic tradition to contemporary life. His most recent book is Blessings of St. Benedict.

Contents Introduction 1.  Lord 2.  Jesus 3.  Christ 4.  Son of God Part I 5.  Son of God Part II 6.  Son of God Part III 7.  Have Mercy 8.  On Me 9.  A Sinner 10.  Conclusion Appendix: The Roots of the Jesus Prayer


now in paperback!

Celtic Devotions
A Guide to Morning and Evening Prayer

5" x 7" 131 pages paperback, $15.00 978-0-8308-3576-8 W available now! Devotional BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / Devotional

Calvin Miller

Market/Audience • Devotional readers • Fans of the author • People interested in spiritual formation




G And e ve



Related Titles






Celtic Devotions



978-0-8308-3511-9 978-0-8308-3574-4

Ca lv in Miller

Sunrise and sunset. Morning and evening. Waking and resting. The time between your rising and sleeping is new each day. Calvin Miller presents a morning and evening devotional with quotes from the Celts and personal reflections. Each day also uses a quote from Psalm 119, which was often read and quoted by the Celts. • Provides a thirty-day morning and evening devotional • Includes quotations from classic Celtic works • Uses daily excerpts from Psalm 119 Author Information Calvin Miller (1936-2012) was the beloved author of more than forty books, including The Singer. Miller was also well known as a poet, artist, novelist and speaker. He summed up his rule of life in four words: “Time is a gift.” His book The Path of Celtic Prayer is also available from InterVarsity Press.

“So what you get for your money is a gentle introduction both to Celtic spirituality and to a basic liturgical cycle. This book is as unassuming as the humongous Liturgy of the Hours is imposing, so it’s clearly the more welcoming way to begin a daily prayer discipline. And indeed, this is a book for beginners, and for what it does, I think it does it charmingly well. Celtic Devotions is meant to be a threshold marker: in grand Celtic style, it offers hospitality to those who are crossing the door into the worlds of Celtic prayer—or daily liturgy—for the first time.” —Carl McColman, The Website of Unknowing, March 28, 2008

“Miller’s book has a fresh, down-to-earth quality that contemporary readers will find appealing.” —Beverly M. Bixler, Congregational Libraries Today, second issue 2009


Playing God
Redeeming the Gift of Power

6" x 9" 304 pages hardcover, $25.00 978-0-8308-3765-6 W november 2013 Cultural Analysis BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / General

Andy Crouch

And y C ro uC h
A u t h o r o f C u lt u r e M A k i n g

Market/Audience • Church leaders • Community and government leaders • Culture-watchers • Fans of the author Related Titles

Playing god
Redeeming the gift of PoweR

978-0-8308-3414-3 978-0-8308-2738-1

With Playing God, Andy Crouch opens the subject of power, elucidating its subtle activity in our relationships and institutions. He gives us much more than a warning against abuse, though. Turning the notion of “playing God” on its head, Crouch celebrates power as the gift by which we join in God’s creative, redeeming work in the world. • Provides fresh readings of key passages like the creation account • Profiles constructive uses of power in academic, corporate and non-profit worlds • Considers practical, biblical disciplines for our use of power Author Information Andy Crouch is executive editor at Christianity Today, where he is also executive producer of This Is Our City, a multiyear project featuring documentary video, reporting, and essays about Christians seeking the flourishing of their cities. He is the author of Culture Making, winner of Christianity Today’s 2009 Book Award for Christianity and Culture.

Contents Introduction 1.  The Discovery of Power Part I: The Gift of Power: In the Beginning It Was Not So Genesis 1–2: Original Power 2.  Power Is a Gift 3.  Idolatry 4.  Injustice 5.  Evangelism and Justice John 2: The Wedding Wine Part II: The Grip of Power: It Shall Not Be So Among You Exodus: The Ten Words 6.  The Hiddenness of Power 7.  Risk, Rent, Privilege and Status 8.  Creation, Coercion and Violence John 13: Jesus, Power and Privilege Part III: Institutions and Creative Power: From Generation to Generation Acts: Paul’s Journey to Rome 9.  The Gift of Institutions 10.  Principalities, Powers and Broken Institutions 11.  Becoming Trustees Philemon: The Peculiar Institution Part IV 12.  The End of Power Luke 15: Prodigal Power Acknowledgments


now in paperback!

Culture Making
Recovering Our Creative Calling

6" x 9" 285 pages paperback, $20.00 978-0-8308-3755-7 W October 2013 Cultural Analysis BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / Social Issues

Andy Crouch

Andy CrouCh


Market/Audience • Culture-watchers • Fans of the author • Missional church planters • Students Related Titles

C u lt u r e M a k i n g
r ecov eri n g o u r Cre at i v e Ca l l i n g

978-0-8308-3653-6 978-0-8308-3809-7

“One of the few books taking the discussion about Christianity and culture to a new level. . . . I highly recommend it.” —Tim Keller

“I am hard-pressed to think of something that twenty-first-century American Christians need to read more.” —Lauren F. Winner, author of Girl Meets God

The only way to change culture is to create more of it. Andy Crouch unleashes a stirring manifesto calling Christians to the preeminent apologetic task of culture making. He unpacks the complexities of how culture works and gives us tools for cultivating and creating culture in partnership with God’s own making and transforming of culture. • Presents biblical support for evangelical participation in culture • Delivers critical insights into the dynamics of creativity and culture • Written by an established journalist and social commentator Author Information Andy Crouch is executive editor at Christianity Today, where he is also executive producer of This Is Our City, a multiyear project featuring documentary video, reporting, and essays about Christians seeking the flourishing of their cities. He is the author of Culture Making, winner of Christianity Today’s 2009 Book Award for Christianity and Culture.

“American evangelicals in the last hundred years have found it easy to condemn culture, critique culture, copy culture and consume culture. It has been much harder for them to actively and imaginatively create culture. Andy Crouch is out to change that. . . . Here is a voice worth taking very seriously.” —Christian Smith, professor of sociology, University of Notre Dame

“One of the few books taking the discussion about Christianity and culture to a new level.” —Tim Keller, pastor, author of The Reason for God


In Search of Deep Faith
A Pilgrimage into the Beauty, Goodness and Heart of Christianity

6" x 9" 288 pages paperback, $17.00 978-0-8308-3774-8 W October 2013 Discipleship, Church History BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / General

Jim Belcher

JIm Belcher
Author of Deep Church

Market/Audience • Book clubs and book club readers • Christians traveling internationally • General readers Related Title

In Search Deep f aIth
a pilgrimage into the Beauty, Goodness and heart of christianity



Follow pastor Jim Belcher and his family as they take a pilgrimage through Europe, seeking substance for their faith in Christianity’s historic, civilizational home. In places like Lewis’s Oxford and Bonhoeffer’s Germany, they find glimpses of another kind of faith—one with power to cut through centuries and pierce our hearts today. • Recounts a yearlong journey into the depth, beauty and truth of Christian faith • Explores the lives and thought of key Christian figures like C. S. Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Corrie ten Boom, William Wilberforce and more • Evokes a deeper type of faith and models how we can pass it on to others Author Information Jim Belcher (Ph.D., Georgetown; M.Div., Fuller) is associate professor of practical theology at Knox Theological Seminary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He previously served as the founding church planter and lead pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, California. He cofounded the Restoring Community Conference and is the author of the award-winning Deep Church.

Contents Part I: Rediscovering Our Roots 1.  Oxford: The City of Spires, Pilgrims and Martyrs 2.  Igniting Desire 3.  The Struggle Within 4.  The Weight of Glory 5.  The Call: Two Conversations that Changed History Intermission Part II: Life as Journey and the Need for Maps 6.  Broken Beauty: Searching for Vincent 7.  Goodness Happened There 8.  God’s Goodness: The Case of Corrie ten Boom Part III: Seeing Our Destination 9.  Confident Hope 10.  The Sound of Comfort 11.  Conclusion: Wired for Story Epilogue Acknowledgments Notes


The Global Public Square
Religious Freedom and the Making of a World Safe for Diversity

5.5" x 8.25" 240 pages paperback, $16.00 978-0-8308-3767-0 WPD September 2013 Cultural Analysis, Current Issues, Politics and Government, Public Life BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / Social Issues

Os Guinness

Os Guinness
Author of A Free People’s Suicide

Market/Audience • General readers • Policy makers • Readers of Os Guinness Related Title


G lObal Pub l ic Square
R e l ig io u s F r e edom a n d t h e M a k ing of a Wor l d S a f e for Divers it y


Recognizing that tyranny takes on secular as well as traditional guises, Os Guinness seeks a return to the first principles of religious and political freedom. Hearkening back to the “soul liberty” of English Puritan Roger Williams, Guinness argues that a society’s greatest bulwark against abuse lies in its people’s freedom of conscience. • Attempts to chart a course for the future of free societies • Addresses current issues like religious groups on secular campuses and government interaction with religious organizations Author Information Os Guinness (D.Phil., Oxford) is the author or editor of more than twenty-five books, including Time for Truth, The Case for Civility and A Free People’s Suicide. A frequent speaker and prominent social critic, he was the founder of the Trinity Forum and has been a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution and a guest scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Studies. He lives near Washington, D.C.

Contents 1.  The Golden Key 2.  For All the World 3.  A War of Spirits 4.  First Freedom First 5.  Death by a Thousand Cuts 6.  Dueling Visions 7.  Looking in the Wrong Place 8.  A Civil and Cosmopolitan Public Square 9.  Last Chance? The Global Charter of Conscience

“This is a closely reasoned and eloquent defense of religious freedom (Guinness calls it “soul freedom,” because it refers to the rights of secularists as well as people of faith). This is not just one right among many, but a fundamental right rooted in the dignity of every human being. But it is also a right essential to the maintenance of a public space in which people with widely diverse worldviews can live together with civility. This is a book that should be read by everyone concerned with freedom of conscience, not only in the face of murderous persecution as still exists in many places, but also with the more subtle threats by political orthodoxies in Western democracies.” —Peter L. Berger, professor emeritus, Boston University


Living the Christ-Centered Life in an Either-Or World

5.5" x 8.25" 272 pages paperback, $16.00 978-0-8308-3766-3 WPD October 2013 Christian Living, Discipleship BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth

Rich Nathan With Insoo Kim

Market/Audience • Vineyard church attenders • Campus ministry leaders • Small group leaders Related Title


Rich Nathan and Insoo Kim have got some good news for an either-or world. Walking you through seven impasses in the journey of faith—progress or orthodoxy? unity or diversity? justice or mercy?—the authors show why the life centered in Christ (the God-man) is life in the liberating reality of the Both-And. • Provides a holistic model for living out the Christian life • Written by pastors of the largest Vineyard church in the world Author Information Rich Nathan is senior pastor of Vineyard Columbus and has served on the Vineyard’s national board for nearly two decades. A popular national and international conference speaker, Rich also wrote Who is My Enemy? Welcoming People the Church Rejects. Insoo Kim serves as the pastor of ministry strategies at Vineyard Columbus. He is also the director of the Church Planting Residency Program, which exists to launch new church plants from Vineyard Columbus.

Contents Introduction: The Both-And Christian What Is Our Identity? 1.  Evangelical 2.  and Charismatic What Is Our Community? 3.  Unity 4.  and Diversity What Is Our Concern? 5.  Mercy 6.  and Justice What Is Our Method? 7.  Proclamation 8.  and Demonstration What Is Our Ethic? 9.  Social 10.  and Personal What Is Our Expectation? 11.  Already 12.  and Not Yet What Is Our Calling? 13.  Relevant Practice 14.  and Orthodox Doctrine Epilogue: Follow Me!

Thinking Christianly About Style, Media and Entertainment

5.5" x 8.25" 256 pages paperback, $17.00 978-0-8308-3768-7 WPD July 2013 Arts/Creativity, Cultural Analysis, Worldviews BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / Social Issues

Steve Turner

Market/Audience • General readers • Pastors Related Titles

Thinking Christianly About Style, Media and Entertainment

978-0-8308-3713-7 978-0-8308-2291-1

Steve turner
Author of Imagine and The Gospel According to the Beatles

Drawing on his storied career as a pop-culture wallflower, Steve Turner provides an all-access pass to the pervasive cultures of style, media and celebrity. Passing on his uniquely Christian way of viewing these cultures, Turner opens our eyes to a world of ideas lying just beneath the hype. • Explores culture from film to fashion, advertising to technology • Helps Christians have a more biblical approach to culture • Written by a veteran journalist Author Information Steve Turner is a journalist, writer and poet living in London, England, where he regularly contributes to newspapers such as The Mail on Sunday and The Times. His many books include Conversations with Eric Clapton, U2: Rattle and Hum, Van Morrison: Too Late to Stop Now and Imagine: A Vision for Christians in the Arts.

Contents Introduction: We’ve Been Popcultured 1.  Leisure Pursuits: Why We Should Care 2.  Popular Culture: Defining the Term 3.  Working It Out: Some Biblical Parameters 4.  Cinematic Art: The Story of Stories 5.  Journalism: Reading Between the Lines 6.  Celebrity Culture: The Game of the Fame 7.  Fashion: The Language of Clothes 8.  Ever-Greater Thrills: The Search for Sensation 9.  Comedy: Laughs, Lies and Truth 10.  Advertising: The Hidden Persuader 11.  Technology: Rewiring Our World 12.  Photography: The Opening of the Eye 13.  TV and Movies: The Image of the Faith 14.  What Should I Do? Consuming, Critiquing, Creating

“Steve Turner has proved himself one of the most accessible writers on the interaction of faith and culture. Popcultured is a welcome and lively exploration of what is fast becoming a crucial field.” —Jeremy Begbie, Duke University, author of Resounding Truth: Christian Wisdom in the World of Music


The Blessing Life
A Journey to Unexpected Joy

5.5" x 8.25" 220 pages paperback, $16.00 978-0-8308-3751-9 W September 2013 Christian Living BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth

Gerrit Dawson

Market/Audience • Church leaders • Book clubs and book club readers • Small group leaders

40 Days of Scripture and Prayer

Pastor Gerrit Dawson reminds us in The Blessing Life that blessing comes when we are visited by the love of God: “specific, intense, free, passionate, delighted love! Love fitted to each one of us in our uniquely created being.” This book and fortyday companion prayer guide, A Guide to the Blessing Life, will lead you to the wellspring of blessing in life for the sake of the world—the triumph of this love in you. • Book includes interior art to illustrate chapter themes • Companion prayer guide facilitates forty days of focused reading and prayer • Field-tested in an all-church-member program in author’s 1000+ congregation Author Information Gerrit Dawson is pastor of First Presbyterian Church (EPC), Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and holds a D.Min. from Reformed Theological Seminary and an M.Div. from Princeton Seminary. He is the author of eight books, including Jesus Ascended: The Meaning of Christ’s Continuing Incarnation (T & T Clark, 2004).

A Guide to the Blessing Life 40 Days of Scripture and Prayer Gerrit Dawson 5.5" x 8.25" 112 pages paperback, $8.00 978-0-8308-3752-6 W september 2013 Christian Living, Devotional BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth Market/Audience • Devotional readers • Church leaders • Small group leaders


Miracle Work
A Down-to-Earth Guide to Supernatural Ministries

5.5" x 8.25" 240 pages paperback, $17.00 978-0-8308-3764-9 W August 2013 Healing, Holy Spirit BISAC RELIGION / Christianity / Pentecostal & Charismatic

Jordan Seng

M i ra cle W o r k
A Down-to-EArth GuiDE to SupErnAturAl MiniStriES

Market/Audience • Vineyard church attenders • Charismatic and Pentecostal Christians • Prayer ministers Related Titles

Miracle Work

978-0-8308-1222-6 978-0-8308-3414-3

J o r d a n

S e n g

In Miracle Work Jordan Seng tells remarkable stories of physical healings and prophetic messages. His reflections explore the possibilities and limitations of contemporary ministry pursued in dependence on God’s power, and help us train and prepare ourselves for the manifestation of power in our work with others. • Provides a comprehensive survey of miraculous works occuring in supernatural ministries today • Addresses the questions of skeptics and veteran practitioners alike Author Information Jordan Seng is pastor of Bluewater Mission, a Vineyard church in Hawaii, and a sought-after speaker on issues related to healing and prophetic ministry, church planting and missions, worship and small groups.

Contents A Note About Reading This Book 1.  This Is What Miracles Are Like 2.  Supernatural People 3. Normal Weirdness 4.  You Do It 5.  Miracle Work 6.  Some Idea How 7.  The Power Equation 8.  Each Step 9.  The Ministry of Healing 10.  So Much Loving Me 11.  The Ministry of Deliverance 12.  Special Delivery 13.  The Ministry of Prophecy 14.  Crazy Connection 15.  The Ministry of Intercession 16.  The Spirit, Baby 17.  The Baptism of the Holy Spirit 18.  Interaction Appendix: Tips for Pastors Questions for Discussion “If you or your church are in a moment where you need some guidance on catching and riding a wave of the Spirit, you will find in Jordan Seng’s Miracle Work enthusiastic, but gentle and experienced, guidance.” —Bishop Todd Hunter, The Anglican Church, author of Christianity Beyond Belief


Open Hearts in Bethlehem
A Christmas Drama

5.5" x 8.25" 96 pages paperback, $10.00 978-0-8308-3757-1 WPD July 2013 Drama BISAC RELIGION / Holidays / Christmas & Advent

Kenneth E. Bailey

Open Hearts in Bethlehem
A C h r i s t m A s D r A m A

Market/Audience • Church leaders • Drama team participants and leaders • Fans of the author Previous Titles

Kenne t h e. BA i l e y

978-0-8308-2568-4 978-0-8308-3934-6

“The new and important Christmas play many of us have been longing and waiting for. It reflects Dr. Bailey’s lifelong immersion in Middle Eastern culture.” —The Venerable Mark Stevenson, academic dean, Trinity School for Ministry

Here is an exciting Christmas drama informed by Kenneth Bailey’s career as a renowned biblical scholar and his years of living in the Middle East. The drama (featuring 30 minutes without music or 50 minutes with music) is biblically accurate, heartwarming and perfectly suited for church performance. • Stages a biblically and historically accurate rendition of the birth of Jesus • Calls for a twelve-member cast (ten adults and two children) plus extras • Musical score available for sale separately in PDF download Author Information Kenneth E. Bailey is an author and lecturer in Middle Eastern New Testament studies. An ordained Presbyterian minister, he also serves as Canon Theologian of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh. He spent forty years living and teaching in Egypt, Lebanon, Jerusalem and Cyprus. Bailey has written many books in English and in Arabic, including Jacob & the Prodigal and Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes.

“Ken Bailey retells the Christmas story not only with biblical integrity but with great warmth, wit and wisdom. . . . This imaginative, dramatic script can revitalize the Christmas season in any size congregation.” —Susan Andrews, former moderator of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

“Christmas in church has been offered a new and authentic setting—what a gift, what a legacy!” —Fr. Tim Murphy PP, Blessington, Ireland


Open Hearts in Bethlehem CD
Music for a Christmas Drama

1 music CD 12 tracks, $15.00 978-0-8308-3759-5 WPD July 2013 Drama, Music BISAC RELIGION / Holidays / Christmas & Advent

David Bailey and Lois Hopkins

Market/Audience • Worship team participants and leaders • Drama team participants and leaders • Pastors Related Titles

Open Hearts in Bethlehem
Music for a christMas DraMa

978-0-8308-3801-1 978-0-8308-3771-7

Music by David Bailey & Lois hopkins Words by David Bailey & Daniel thambyrajah Niles

Five contemporary folk songs for guitar and one (SATB) choral anthem make up this heartwarming soundtrack written for Kenneth E. Bailey’s new, biblically and historically rich Christmas drama Open Hearts in Bethlehem. Perfectly suited for church performance, this CD features vocal and instrumental versions of each song. • Features five original contemporary folk songs • Features the Westminster College Chamber Choir (under the direction of Robin Lind and accompanied by Ashley Rexrode) performing the anthem “On a Day” • Open Hearts in Bethlehem: Musical Score is for sale separately as a PDF Author Information David Bailey (1966-2010), a self-described Presbyterian hippie-folksinger, was a Christian composer and touring musician who grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. Lois Hopkins is a composer and music educator living in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.

Contents 1.  Welcome to Our Little Town 2.  Everything Is Ready 3.  Some Quiet Night 4.  Lullaby 5.  Welcome to Our Little Child 6.  On a Day 7.  Welcome to Our Little Town (accompaniment only) 8.  Everything Is Ready (accompaniment only) 9.  Some Quiet Night (accompaniment only) 10.  Lullaby (accompaniment only) 11.  Welcome to Our Little Child (accompaniment only) 12.  On a Day (accompaniment only)

“The new and important Christmas play many of us have been longing and waiting for. It reflects Dr. Bailey’s lifelong immersion in Middle Eastern culture and his brilliant grasp of theological scholarship. Add to that the beautiful, original musical score and the result is a fresh and original approach to the Christmas story. As an actor-director and former professor of theatre I highly recommend this production.” —The Venerable Mark Stevenson, academic dean, Trinity School for Ministry


Making Neighborhoods Whole
A Handbook for Christian Community Development

5.5" x 8.25" 208 pages paperback, $16.00 978-0-8308-3756-4 WPD October 2013 Urban Ministry BISAC RELIGION / Christian Ministry / General

Wayne Gordon, John M. Perkins

Market/Audience • Urban ministry leaders • CCDA participants • Christian activists

Gordon & Perkins

ds o g o n orh i k a M ig h b n e ol e Wh
tian hris ent C r m o kf op b o o e ve l and y D A H munit Co m

Related Titles

978-0-8308-3870-7 978-0-8308-3453-2

Wayne Gordon & John M. Perkins
Civil rights leader John Perkins and CCDA president Wayne Gordon revisit the founding principles of the Christian Community Development Association, seeking terms for a new discussion around the emerging priorities of Christian community development today. Includes profiles of thriving urban ministries. • Gleans new insights from the CCDA’s eight commitments • Sets a new agenda for urban ministry and Christian community development Author Information Wayne Gordon (D.Min., Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is founding pastor of Lawndale Community Church and chairman/president of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA). John Perkins is the son of a sharecropper, growing up in Mississippi amid dire poverty and rampant racism. A civil rights leader since the 1960s, Perkins is the founder of the CCDA. His books include Let Justice Roll Down and Linking Arms, Linking Lives.

Contents Introduction 1.  A Tale of Two Activists: Roots of Christian Community Development 2.  Christian Community Development Comes Together: CCDA’s Early Years 3.  The State of Christian Community Development: Recent Past to Next Horizon 4.  Relocation 5.  Reconciliation 6. Redistribution 7.  Leadership Development 8.  Listening to the Community 9.  Church-Based 10.  Wholistic Approach 11.  Empowerment Conclusion: Responding to God’s Call Appendix: CCDA Annual Conferences


The IVP Concise Atlas of Bible History
Paul Lawrence Edited by Richard Johnson

6.25" x 8.75" 192 pages paperback, $20.00 978-0-8308-2928-6 USM September 2013 Reference BISAC RELIGION / Biblical Reference / General

P A u l l Aw r e n C e
edIted By rIChArd


Market/Audience • History readers • Pastors • Seminary students and professors • Sunday school teachers Related Titles

the IVP ConCIse AtlAs of BIBle hIstory
978-0-8308-2452-6 978-0-8308-1439-8

Like its large-format predecessor, Paul Lawrence’s IVP Concise Atlas of Bible History uses full-color maps, time charts, diagrams and photographs to expose readers to the ancient biblical world uncovered by modern historians, geographers and archaeologists. • Lavishly illustrated with full-color maps, panoramic reconstructions, site plans and photographs • Spans the whole of biblical history and geography • Breaks down thousands of years into easy-to-digest portions • Relies on fresh research and analysis by historians and archaeologists Author Information Paul Lawrence (Ph.D., University of Liverpool) is research assistant to honorary senior fellow K. A. Kitchen in the School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology at the University of Liverpool.

Sample Articles Mesopotamia Archaeological Evidence for the Patriarchs The Date of the Exodus The Geography of Canaan The Hebrew Prophets The Trade of Tyre Antiochus Epiphanes and the Maccabean Wars The Jews in the Second and First Centuries BC Herod the Great Rebuilds the Temple The Ministry of Jesus: First Year Jerusalem in New Testament Times The Birth of the Church Paul’s Second Journey: Philippi and Thessalonica Rome The Spread of Christianity


Holy Is the Day
Living in the Gift of the Present

5.5" x 8.25" 220 pages paperback, $15.00 978-0-8308-4307-7 W October 2013 Memoir, Spiritual Formation BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth

Carolyn A. Weber

Market/Audience • Women • Book clubs and book club readers • Memoir readers Related Titles

h o ly i s t h e d ay

holy is the day
Living in the Gift of the Present
978-0-8308-4303-9 978-0-8308-3517-1

C A ro ly n W e b e r
Author of

Surprised by Oxford

English professor and mother Carolyn Weber tells how her wish to control the events of her life came into contact with God’s wish to give her each day as a gift from himself. Join her on a winding path through literature, history and daily life— leading finally to the still, quiet place of the present moment. • Provides elegant testimony of spiritual development from a professor and mother • Appeals to professional women and stay-at-home mothers • By the author of Surprised by Oxford Author Information Carolyn Weber (Ph.D., University of Oxford) is an author, speaker and teacher. Her recent academic positions include associate professor of English literature at Seattle University and visiting associate professor of English literature at Westmont College, Santa Barbara, California. She is the author of Surprised by Oxford: An Unlikely Journey of Spiritual Discovery.

Contents Preface 1.  Four in the Furnace 2.  The Widow’s Offering 3.  Refined like Silver 4.  U-Turn Friends 5.  Even Jesus Went Out in a Boat 6.  Carpe Deum 7.  Exclamation Marks in the Sky! 8.  At the Threshold 9.  The Dear Hunt 10.  Grumble and Trust 11.  Living in the Presence Epilogue

“Carolyn Weber lives gracefully and writes elegantly. Her poetic eyes search beneath the surface, unearthing delightful insights missed by those in a hurry. Holy Is the Day is a call to see God and latch onto him, so he takes us through the day as he envisions it. This is a beautiful book that spoke to my heart and changed my day.” —Randy Alcorn, author of If God Is Good and Deception

When Coming Apart Puts You Back Together

5.5" x 8.25" 224 pages paperback, $15.00 978-0-8308-4306-0 W August 2013 Self-Help, Spirituality BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / Personal Growth

Laura Sumner Truax

Market/Audience • Women • Book clubs and book club readers • Spiritual directors Related Titles


When Comi n g ApArt p u t s You BAC k to g e t h e r

LAurA sumner truAx

978-0-8308-3245-3 978-0-8308-3333-7

Drawing from her experience as a teaching pastor in Chicago, Laura Truax counsels men and women in the art of coming undone. While no one wishes for the harrowing moment when life’s fabric unravels, there is hope when it happens. Undone is a guide to letting yourself go so you might then be found by God—whole again in the great story of his salvation. • Provides concrete guidance for those in crisis • Helps readers discover what God intends for them Author Information Laura Sumner Truax is senior pastor of LaSalle Street Church in Chicago, Illinois. She holds degrees in divinity, pastoral studies and spirituality from Loyola University Divinity School and serves as a teaching pastor for World Vision and for the University of Chicago Divinity School. She and her family live in Chicago.

“I was surprised at how much I was gripped by the ways in which Laura Truax shared descriptions of how she struggled to become another entire person. What she wrote is filled with reflections on how God’s grace can provide a ‘lifting up’ for any of us who feel ‘undone’ by life’s circumstances and are ready to walk away from God. She knows what she writes about.” —Tony Campolo, Eastern University

“If I could bequeath a grand title like ‘America’s Pastor’ on a single individual, it would be Laura Truax. This, her first book, is both beautiful and accessible, distinctively Christian and broadly spiritual, and as wise as it is down-to-earth. And at every turn, in the best sense of the word, it is truly pastoral.” —Brian D. McLaren, author and speaker (


Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most

5.5" x 8.25" 192 pages paperback, $16.00 978-0-8308-3649-9 WPD August 2013 Discipleship, Stewardship BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / Stewardship & Giving

Mark Scandrette With Lisa Scandrette Foreword by Richard Rohr
Includes access to video curriculum!
0000 0000 0000

Market/Audience • Newlyweds and young married couples • Christian activists • Pastors Related Titles

0000 0000

0000 0000

Spending Yo

uR Ti M

e And


hAT W n Yo
978-0-8308-3634-5 978-0-8308-3817-2



Mark Scandrette
Lisa Scandrette

Richard Rohr

Foreword by

Mark Scandrette, author of Soul Graffiti, joins his wife, Lisa, to share the secrets of how they bought a home and raised a family debt-free in the most expensive city in the United States. Their immensely practical book is for everyone who believes that financial peace should begin with the shalom of God. • Applies the ideas of Dallas Willard, Tony Campolo, Shane Claiborne and others to financial and time-management issues • Includes access to an eight-part video curriculum featuring insights from Mark and stories from people who are using Free Author Information Mark A. Scandrette is the founding director of ReImagine, a spiritual formation center based in San Francisco. He has been a minister, writer and spiritual teacher for twenty years. He is the author of Soul Graffiti. Lisa Scandrette is an artist, soapmaker and homeschooling mother of three living in San Francisco, California.

Contents Foreword Why We Wrote This Book How to Use This Book A Prayer of Abundance Introduction: Making Space for Life to Grow 1.  Name What Matters Most to You 2.  Value and Align Your Time 3.  Practice Gratitude and Trust 4.  Believe You Have Enough 5.  Create a Spending Plan 6.  Maximize Your Resources 7.  Live Generously and Spend Wisely Conclusion Acknowledgments Learning Contract Group Study Guide Resources About the Authors

0000 0000


The Unkingdom of God
Embracing the Subversive Power of Repentance

5.5" x 8.25" 224 pages paperback, $16.00 978-0-8308-3655-0 WPD September 2013 Christian Community, Cultural Analysis, Justice/Peace BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / Social Issues

Mark Van Steenwyk Foreword by David Fitch

Mark Van Steenwyk
foreword by

David fitch

the UNkingdom of
Van Steenwyk
Embracing thE SubvErSivE PowEr of rEPEntancE

Market/Audience • Missional church planters • New Monastics • Campus ministry leaders • Readers of Stanley Hauerwas & John Howard Yoder Related Titles

978-0-8308-3622-2 978-0-8308-3621-5

Mark Van Steenwyk explores the various ways we the Christian community have failed our mission by embracing the ways of the world and advancing our own agendas. He shows us that the starting place of authentic Christian witness is repentance, and that while Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world, it remains the only hope of the world. • Provides a critical look at contemporary and historical Christian movements • Explores repentance as a personal and communal discipline Author Information Mark Van Steenwyk is cofounder of Missio Dei, an intentional Christian community in Minneapolis affiliated with the Mennonite Church USA. Mark is an editor at and the producer and co-host of the Iconocast podcast.

Contents Foreword Introduction: Waking from the American Dream 1.  The Gospel According to the Empire 2.  The Powers 3.  The Gospel of Plastic Jesus 4.  Repenting of Christianity 5.  On the Mysticism of Children 6.  Jesus and the Unkingdom 7.  Encountering the Feral God 8.  Walking with the Compassionate Christ 9.  Discerning the Subversive Spirit 10.  Jesus and the Jubilee 11.  Jesus and the Revolutionary Table Conclusion: When Repentance Becomes Revolution Notes

“Sometimes I look around at the church and think its biggest need is a revolutionary manual, a manual for undoing the myths that enslave us, for revealing the ideologies that blind us, . . . Mark Van Steenwyk’s book could just be that manual.” —David E. Fitch, from the foreword


When where you’re from becomes where you’re sent
F o r g e G u i d e s f o r M i s s i o n a l C o n v e r s at i o n Series foreword by Alan Hirsch

Passing on the ideas that have inspired missional communities across the United States through the Forge Mission Training Network, these guides invite congregations and small groups to the great, apostolic adventure lying right outside their doors.

Starting with a key theme of missional living and a core passage from Scripture, each guide helps groups make direct connections between the needs of the community they live in and the redeeming purposes of God.


new—forge guides for missional conversation!

Forge Guides for Missional Conversation
Scott Nelson
living For the purposes oF god

5.5" x 8.25" 80 pages paperback, $8.00 WPD October 2013 Biblical Studies—Topical, Christian Community BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / General

living in the plaCes oF god

living by the spirit oF god

Mission Living for the Purposes of God 978-0-8308-1044-4 Culture Living in the Places of God 978-0-8308-1045-1
Scott Nelson
Foreword by

Scott Nelson
Foreword by

Scott Nelson
Foreword by

Alan Hirsch

Alan Hirsch

Alan Hirsch

Power Living by the Spirit of God 978-0-8308-1046-8 Vision Living Under the Promises of God 978-0-8308-1047-5 Community Living as the People of God 978-0-8308-1048-2

F o r g e g u i d e s F o r M i s s i o n a l C o n v e r s at i o n

F o r g e g u i d e s F o r M i s s i o n a l C o n v e r s at i o n

F o r g e g u i d e s F o r M i s s i o n a l C o n v e r s at i o n

living under the proMises oF god

living as the people oF god

Market/Audience • Missional church planters • Small group leaders • Fans of Alan Hirsch and Mike Frost
Scott Nelson
Foreword by

Scott Nelson
Foreword by

Alan Hirsch

Alan Hirsch

Related Titles

F o r g e g u i d e s F o r M i s s i o n a l C o n v e r s at i o n

F o r g e g u i d e s F o r M i s s i o n a l C o n v e r s at i o n

The mission of God has a church. So the church needs to be in sync with the mission of God. This is the guiding philosophy of the Forge Missions Training Network, which has helped church leaders and laypeople alike all over the world to reach their neighbors, their neighborhoods and their communities with the gospel. In these guides you and your friends will be equipped to be missionaries where you are—which is why God has a church in the first place. • Each guide introduces a key concept in the missional conversation • Helps groups move into more redemptive action in their worlds • Perfect for community conversation Author Information Scott Nelson is the theological director for Forge America, part of an international missions training network. Prior to his work with Forge Scott was a pastor of adult discipleship and small groups. He is currently a doctoral candidate at Luther Seminary.

978-0-8308-3653-6 978-0-8308-3632-1


see page 47 for a listing of our bestselling bible studies!

Distorted Images of Self
Restoring Our Vision

5.5" x 8.25" 64 pages paperback, $8.00 978-0-8308-3149-4 WEU July 2013 Study Guides—Topical BISAC RELIGION / Biblical Studies / Bible Study Guides

Dale Ryan, Juanita Ryan

Over 10 Million LifeGuides Sold

diStOrted iMaGeS Of SeLf
Restoring Our Vision
8 studies for individuals or g roups

Market/Audience • Small group leaders • Adult Sunday school teachers Related Titles

dale & Juanita ryan

978-0-8308-3145-6 978-0-8308-3002-2

A L i f eG u i d e


B i b l e S t u d y

The way we think and feel about ourselves affects our peace of mind, our creativity and our ability to engage meaningfully in the world. Not least, it impacts our relationships with God and others. These eight studies by Dale and Juanita Ryan help you take a look at some key aspects of your self-image under the clear reflection of God’s love. • More than 110 titles available! • Field-tested by individuals and groups prior to publication Author Information Dale Ryan is CEO of Christian Recovery International. He is also an assistant professor of recovery ministry and director of the Fuller Institute for Recovery Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary. Juanita Ryan is a clinical nurse specialist with an M.S.N. in psychiatric mental health nursing. She is currently a therapist in private practice at Brea Family Counseling Center in Brea, California.

Contents 1.  Unlovable Versus Loved Ephesians 3:14-21 2.  Worthless Versus Valued Luke 15:1-2, 8-10 3.  Self-reliant Versus God-reliant Isaiah 30:14-21 4.  Condemned Versus Forgiven 1 John 1:8—2:11 5.  Irreparable Versus Repairable Psalm 30 6.  Forgotten Versus Remembered Genesis 16 7.  Insignificant Versus Significant Matthew 5:1-10, 14-16 8.  Disconnected Versus Bonded in Love 1 John 4:7-21

About the Series Since 1985, LifeGuide® Bible Studies have provided solid biblical content and raised thought-provoking issues—making for a one-of-a-kind Bible study experience for individuals and groups. Now with over 110 titles on Old and New Testament books, character studies and topical studies.

new title in the understanding the books of the bible series!

Prophets Before the Exile
Christopher R. Smith

6" x 9" 144 pages paperback, $10.00 978-0-8308-5814-9 W August 2013 Bible Studies—Old Testament BISAC RELIGION / Biblical Studies / Bible Study Guides

Market/Audience • Campus ministry leaders • Small group leaders • Pastors Previous Titles in the Series

The latest installment in Christopher R. Smith’s innovative Understanding the Books of the Bible series brings you and your group into a direct encounter with the words of the poets and outcasts who were entrusted with God’s message of reproof for a community spiraling toward exile. • Dramatizes Israel’s story by grouping the pre-exilic prophetic books • Helps groups grasp the original outlines and flow of books of Scripture and the Bible as a whole • Includes engaging discussion questions Author Information The Rev. Dr. Christopher R. Smith is an author and biblical scholar who lives in East Lansing, Michigan. He is a volunteer campus staff member with Graduate InterVarsity at Michigan State University. A consulting editor to the International Bible Society’s (now Biblica) successful The Books of the Bible, Smith was also a translator for the Bible paraphrase The Voice.

prophets before the exile
understanding the books of the bible

978-0-8308-5803-3 978-0-8308-5811-8

Contents For Leaders How These Study Guides Are Different Map of Israel and Judah in the Eighth   Century BC Timeline of the Prophets Amos: SESSION 1-5 Hosea: SESSION 6-11 Micah: SESSION 12-15 Zephaniah: SESSION 16-17 Nahum: SESSION 18-19 Habakkuk: SESSION 20-21

About the Series Instead of following artificial chapter and verse divisions, the Understanding the Books of the Bible study guides lead groups through whole books following their natural outlines, and pose engaging questions for discussion and personal application along the way. Quite often, recognizing whether a passage is poetry, proverb or history and discerning the structure of each book of the Bible as a whole will unlock its meaning for today’s reader.


The Missional Quest
Becoming a Church of the Long Run

5.5" x 8.25" 240 pages paperback, $17.00 978-0-8308-4105-9 WPD October 2013 Church, Ministry Resources, New Church Movements BISAC RELIGION / Christian Ministry / General

Lance Ford, Brad Brisco

Lance Ford & Brad Brisco

Market/Audience • Pastors • Missional church planters • Fans of Alan Hirsch and Mike Frost Related Titles

The Missional Quest
Becoming a church of the Long run

978-0-8308-3653-6 978-0-8308-3955-1

Lance Ford and Brad Brisco walk leaders through the major shifts involved in converting consumer-model churches into congregations on a quest for the kingdom of God. Addressing everything from sowing the first seeds of incarnational thinking to stepping out in the local community, The Missional Quest has everything you need for the long journey ahead. • Offers a systematic approach to leading a church through a missional transition Author Information Lance Ford is a missional church leader in Kansas City, Missouri, and cofounder and director of the Sentralized Conference. He is also author of Unleader, Right Here, Right Now (with Alan Hirsch) and Missional Essentials (with Brad Brisco). Brad Brisco is a missional church leader in Kansas City, Missouri, and cofounder and director of the Sentralized Conference. Coauthor of Missional Essentials with Lance Ford, Brisco runs the influentiel Missional Church Network website.

Contents Introduction: Before the First Step Part I: Fostering a Missional Mindset 1.  The Starting Line Part II: Fostering a Missional Posture 2.  Stop and Go 3.  AD 30 All Over Again 4.  Won’t You Be My Neighbor 5.  Home, Work and God’s Mission 6.  Where Everybody Knows Your Name 7.  Launching Pads 8.  Follow the Follower 9.  Have a Great Trip Appendix Endnotes


Youth Ministry from the Outside In
How Relationships and Stories Shape Identity

6" x 9" 256 pages paperback, $20.00 978-0-8308-4106-6 WPD October 2013 Youth Ministry BISAC RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Youth

Brandon K. McKoy Foreword by Chap Clark Afterword by Kenneth J. Gergen

Market/Audience • Seminary students and professors • Youth pastors • Church leaders Related Titles

978-0-8308-3361-0 978-0-8308-3825-7

In this pioneering proposal for the future of youth ministry, Brandon McKoy mines social construction theory to redirect our focus from forming and protecting the private faith-lives of students to cultivating the awareness that Christ is found “in our midst”—in the overlapping stories and relationships that make us who we are. • Mines insights from social construction theory to pioneer a new approach to relational youth ministry • Includes real-life illustrations and practical implications Author Information Brandon K. McKoy is the youth pastor at NHBC Gastonia, adjunct faculty at the department of religious studies and philosophy at Gardner-Webb University, and an associate at the Taos Institute.

Contents Foreword by Chap Clark Introduction Part I: Beyond Self and Individual Identity 1.  The Way We See It: Social Constructionism and Practical Theology 2.  The Inadequacies of Individualism 3.  Relational Beings 4.  The Reality and Not so Reality of Life Stories Part II: Coordinating a Life Story: Relational Narrative Development 5.  Life Story 6.  Childhood Foundational Elements for Adolescence 7.  Relational Narrative Development in Early Adolescence 8.  Relational Narrative Development in Midadolescence Part III: God’s Story 9.  Reading the Bible 10.  Movements in Youth Ministry Practices 11.  Life Story in Christ 12.  Relational Responsibility Conclusion Afterword by Kenneth J. Gergen


The First Thanksgiving
What the Real Story Tells Us About Loving God and Learning from History

5.5" x 8.25" 208 pages paperback, $18.00 978-0-8308-2574-5 WPD September 2013

Robert Tracy McKenzie

Cultural Analysis, History BISAC RELIGION / Christianity / History

The . Fi r s t , Thank s g iv ing
What the Real Story Tells Us About Loving God and Learning from History

Market/Audience • Students and professors at Christian colleges • History enthusiasts Related Titles


Robert Tracy McKenzie
978-0-8308-3891-2 978-0-8308-2582-0

Veteran historian Robert Tracy McKenzie sets aside centuries of legend and political stylization to present the mixed blessing that was the first Thanksgiving. Like good narrative history, McKenzie’s critical account of our Pilgrim ancestors confronts us with our own unresolved issues of national and spiritual identity. • Provides a masterful retelling of a defining moment in American history • Draws lessons from history for spiritual understanding today • Makes an excellent supplemental text for undergraduate courses in American history Author Information Robert Tracy McKenzie (Ph.D., Vanderbilt University) is professor and chair of the department of history at Wheaton College. McKenzie is the author of two award-winning monographs: One South or Many? Plantation Belt and Upcountry in Civil-War Era Tennessee (Cambridge, 1994) and Lincolnites and Rebels: A Divided Town in the American Civil War (Oxford, 2009).

Contents Introduction 1.  Looking Underneath the House 2.  Remembering Odbody’s Axiom 3.  Pursuing Authentic Education 4.  Finding Heroes, Not Idols 5.  Seeing Rhinos, Not Unicorns 6.  Discarding False Memories 7.  Understanding Revisionism 8.  Receiving Gifts from the Past Suggested Reading Notes

“Tracy McKenzie’s clearly written and thoughtfully accessible book should be read with appreciation by a wide audience. It combines solid historical treatment of early American Thanksgivings with a perceptive understanding of historical method in general, and it does so by underscoring the profound Christian stake in history. It is one of those rare books that is perfectly suited for young readers, but also of real value to those of us who have been around for a long time.” —Mark A. Noll, Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History, University of Notre Dame, and author of America’s God: From Jonathan Edwards to Abraham Lincoln


Reading the Christian Spiritual Classics
A Guide for Evangelicals

6" x 9" 340 pages paperback, $24.00 978-0-8308-3997-1 W July 2013 Spiritual Formation BISAC RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth

Edited by Jamin Goggin, Kyle Strobel

Market/Audiencer • Pastors and seminarians • Students of spiritual formation

Reading the Christian Spiritual Classics
A Guide for e vA n G e l i c A l s

Related Titles

978-0-8308-3591-1 978-0-8308-3592-8
Edited by and

Jamin Goggin

Kyle strobel

This new collection of essays edited by Kyle Strobel and Jamin Goggin offers an evangelical hermeneutic for reading the Christian spiritual classics. Addressing the why, what and how of reading these texts, the essays collected here challenge us to find our own spiritual questions deepened by the church’s long history of reflection. • Features contributions from James Houston, Timothy George and Gerald Sittser • Addresses hermeneutical differences across Christian traditions Editor Information Jamin Goggin (M.A., Talbot School of Theology) is the director and cofounder of Metamorpha Ministries and youth pastor at Aliso Viejo Church of the Cross in California.

Kyle Strobel (Ph.D., University of Aberdeen) is professor of theology at Grand Canyon University and research associate at the University of Free State (Bloemfontein). Strobel previously published Jonathan Edwards’ Theology: A Reinterpretation.

Contents Part I: Approaching Spiritual Classics Steve L. Porter, Why Should We Read Spiritual Classics? John H. Coe, Temptations in Reading Spiritual Classics Betsy Barber, The Value of Spiritual Classics in Soul Care Part II: The Spiritual Classics Tradition Evan B. Howard, The Schools of Christian Spirituality Greg Peters, Spiritual Theology: A Historic Overview James M. Houston, Engaging Classic Literature: Genre, Use, Value Part III: Reading Evangelically Bruce Demarest, Reading Catholic Spirituality James R. Payton Jr., Reading Orthodox Spirituality Fred Sanders, Reading Spiritual Classics as Evangelical Protestants Part IV: How to Read the Spiritual Classics Michael Glerup, The Church Fathers and Mothers Gerald L. Sittser, The Desert Fathers Greg Peters, The Medieval Traditions Timothy George, The Reformation Traditions Tom Schwanda, The Puritan and Pietistic Traditions


Transformative Encounters
The Intervention of God in Christian Counseling and Pastoral Care

6" x 9" 370 pages paperback, $26.00 978-0-8308-2822-7 W august 2013 Counseling, Healing BISAC RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Counseling & Recovery

Edited by David W. Appleby, George Ohlschlager Foreword by Eric L. Johnson

T r a n s formative E n co u n ters
The Intervention of God in Christian Counseling and Pastoral Care

Market/Audience • Seminary students and professors • Counselors and therapists • Pastors Related Titles

T r a n s f o r m a t i ve Encounters
A p p l e by Ohlschlager

978-0-8308-2852-4 978-0-8308-2813-5

E di ted by

Davi d W. Apple by and G eor ge Ohls chlage r

This new collection builds on Gary Collins’s classic work The Rebuilding of Psychology to explore the ramifications of setting divine action at the center of Christian counseling practice. Benefitting from recent advances in cognitive behavioral therapy, the essays pursue new explanations in cases of emotional renewal and cured addiction. • Features essays from leaders of the American Association of Christian Counselors Editor Information David W. Appleby (Ph.D., University of Delaware; Ph.D., University of Northern Colorado) is a minister, counselor and founding president of Spiritual Interventions, Inc. He is the author of It’s Only a Demon: A Model for Christian Deliverance. George Ohlschlager (J.D., M.S.W., University of Iowa) is a psychotherapist, ethicist and certified Christian counselor with the International Board of Christian Counselors and the American Association of Christian Counselors. He is coeditor of Caring for People God’s Way (with Timothy Clinton and Archibald D. Hart).

Contents Preface Foreword Part I: Transformative Encounters Done in Church Part II: Transformative Paradigms for Church or Clinic Part III: Transformative Interventions for Clinical Practice Part IV: Toward Universal Transformational Practice Appendix Contributors

Law and the Bible
Justice, Mercy and Legal Institutions

6" x 9" 254 pages paperback, $24.00 978-0-8308-2573-8 WPD October 2013 Biblical Studies—Topical, Politics and Government BISAC RELIGION / Religion, Politics & State

Edited by Robert F. Cochran Jr., David VanDrunen Foreword by John Witte Jr.

L aw
a nd the

Market/Audience • Law students and legal professionals • Pastors and seminarians • Missionary organizations

L aw a n d t h e Bi BL e

Related Titles

Bi BL e
Cochran and VanDrunen
Religion / general / general

Justice, Mercy and Legal Institutions

978-0-8308-3979-7 978-0-8308-2599-8



Edited by Robert F. Cochran and David VanDrunen

This collection brings together legal professionals and theologians to assess the significance and function of civil law in the Bible. Rich in close readings of Scripture, Law and the Bible gives Christian law students and legal practitioners the tools to develop a biblically informed, critical perspective to their practice of civil law. • Pairs a legal professional and a theologian for each essay Editor Information Robert F. Cochran Jr. (J.D., University of Virginia) is Louis D. Brandeis Professor of Law at Pepperdine University and founder of Pepperdine’s Union Rescue Mission Legal Clinic. He is the author of Faith and Law: How Religious Traditions from Calvinism to Islam View American Law. David VanDrunen (Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago; J.D., Northwestern University) is a minister, attorney and Robert B. Strimple Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics at Westminster Seminary California. He is the author of Natural Law and the Two Kingdoms: A Study in the Development of Reformed Social Thought.

Contents Foreword Introduction 1.  Randy Beck and David VanDrunen, The Biblical Foundations of Law: Creation, Fall and the Patriarchs 2.  William S. Brewbaker III and V. Philips Long, Law and Political Order: Israel’s Constitutional History 3.  David Skeel and Tremper Longman III, Civil Law in the Torah: The Mosaic Law in Christian Perspective 4.  Roger P. Alford and Leslie M. Alford, The Law of Life: Law in the Wisdom Literature 5.  Barbara Armacost and Peter Enns, Crying Out for Justice: Civil Law and the Prophets 6.  Robert F. Cochran Jr. and Dallas Willard, The Kingdom of God, Law and the Heart: Jesus and the Civil Law 7.  Joel A. Nichols and James W. McCarty III, Civil Law and Civil Disobedience: The Early Church and the Law 8.  David M. Smolin & Kar Yong Lim, Living as Christians Under Civil Law: The New Testament Letters, Law and Politics 9.  John Copeland Nagle and Keith A. Mathison, Expectation and Consummation: Law in Eschatological Perspective


Paul and Judaism Revisited
A Study of Divine and Human Agency in Salvation

6" x 9" 260 pages paperback, $24.00 978-0-8308-2709-1 W September 2013 Biblical Studies, Paul BISAC RELIGION / Biblical Studies / Paul’s Letters

Preston M. Sprinkle

Market/Audience • Seminary students and professors • Pastors • Readers of N.T. Wright Related Titles

Pau l & Ju dai s m R e v i s i ted
a study of divine and Human agency in salvation

Pre ston m. s p rink le
978-0-8308-3863-9 978-0-8308-3944-5

How far did Paul stray from the view of salvation handed down to him in the Jewish tradition? Following a hunch from E. P. Sanders’s seminal book Paul and Palestinian Judaism, Preston Sprinkle finds buried in the Old Testament’s Deuteronomic and prophetic perspectives a key that starts to turn the rusted lock on Paul’s critique of Judaism. • Engages with E. P. Sanders’s seminal book Paul and Palestinian Judaism • Attempts to bridge the divide between old and new perspectives on Paul Author Information Preston M. Sprinkle (Ph.D., New Testament, University of Aberdeen) is associate professor of biblical studies at Eternity Bible College in Simi Valley, California. He was previously assistant professor of biblical studies at Cedarville University.

Contents Preface 1.  Paul and Judaism Revisited 2.  Deuteronomic and Prophetic Restoration 3.  Restoration from the Curse of the Law 4.  The Eschatological Spirit 5.  Anthropological Pessimism in Paul and Qumran 6.   Justification in Paul and Qumran 7.  Judgment According to Works 8.  Divine and Human Agency in Early Judaism: A Survey 9.  Paul and Judaism: Soteriology Revisited

“We might be tempted to think that there is nothing more to say about Paul’s soteriology and that the ground has been thoroughly plowed since the new perspective. Sprinkle opens new windows by comparing the soteriology of Qumran with Paul, particularly by emphasizing Paul’s distinctive slant on divine agency. Scholars and students will profit from this careful reappraisal of Paul’s soteriology which is rooted in robust exegesis.” —Thomas Schreiner, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


Minds, Brains, Souls and Gods
A Conversation on Faith, Psychology and Neuroscience

6" x 9" 220 pages paperback, $20.00 978-0-8308-3998-8 WPD September 2013 Psychology, Science and Faith BISAC RELIGION / Religion & Science

Malcolm Jeeves

Minds, Brains, Souls and Gods

Market/Audience • Students and professors at Christian colleges • Christian educators • Church leaders Related Titles
A Conversation on Faith, Psychology and Neuroscience

978-0-8308-3882-0 978-0-8308-3416-7

Malcolm Jeeves

In this hypothetical correspondence, Malcolm Jeeves urges Christian students to enter the brave new world of neuroscience ready to have their faith examined and their experiences of God put to the test. When we do this, he argues, being mindful of oversimplifications as we go, the integration of Christianity and psychology becomes possible. • Written by one of the leading experts in the field of neuropsychology • Discusses the latest research in the field of neuropsychology Author Information Malcolm Jeeves (CBE, Hon DSc, FPRSE) is emeritus professor of psychology at the University of St. Andrews, where he established the department of psychology in 1969. He was formerly president of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and editor-in-chief of the journal Neuropsychologia. He is the author of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Religion: Illusions, Delusions, and Realities about Human Nature (with Warren S. Brown).

“In this capstone to his distinguished career, Malcolm Jeeves—a pioneering cognitive neuroscientist and our wisest thinker about the interplay of psychological science and faith—helps a student wrestle with big questions. The student is fictional, but the issues are real, and these insightful ‘letters from Malcolm’ speak to the heart of Christian students’ engagement with today’s science.” —David G. Myers, Hope College, author of Psychology, 10th Edition


A H i s to ry o f E va n g e l i c a l i s m
People, Movements and Ideas in the English-Speaking World

The volumes in the History of Evangelicalism series tell an international story that reaches back three hundred years, encompasses the people, movements and ideas rising out of the revivals of the eighteenth century and makes its way to the global stage of the twenty-first century.

Winner of a Christianity Today 2005 Book Award!

The Rise of Evangelicalism The Age of Edwards, Whitefield and the Wesleys Mark A. Noll
330 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3891-2, $24.00

The Expansion of Evangelicalism The Age of Wilberforce, More, Chalmers and Finney John Wolffe
280 pages, hardcover, 978-0-8308-2582-0, $25.00

The Dominance of Evangelicalism The Age of Spurgeon and Moody David W. Bebbington Honored in 2006 as a “Year’s Best Book for Preachers” by Preaching magazine.
288 pages, hardcover, 978-0-8308-2583-7, $25.00

The Global Diffusion of Evangelicalism Brian Stanley
288 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2585-1, $24.00

“There is to date no more succinct or accessible an introduction to the far-flung networks of friendships and rivalries that inspired these transforming cultural movements.”
—The Journal of Religion

“A superb social history of the evangelical movement in the English-speaking world from 1790 to 1850.”
—Douglas A. Sweeney, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“Meticulously well researched.”
—Pneuma Review

Final title in the series forthcoming: The Disruption of Evangelicalism The Age of Mott, Machen and McPherson
Geoff Treloar


new title in the history of evangelicalism series!

The Global Diffusion of Evangelicalism
Brian Stanley
a h i s to ry o f e va n g e l i c a l i s m
People, Movements and Ideas in the English-Speaking World

6" x 9" 288 pages paperback, $24.00 978-0-8308-2585-1 WIV june 2013 Church History, Evangelicalism, Global Christianity, History BISAC RELIGION / Christianity / History

The Global Diffusion of evangelicalism

Market/Audience • History enthusiasts • Pastors • Seminary students and professors Related Titles

The Glob al Diffusion of e vanGelic alism sTanle y

978-0-8308-2583-7 978-0-8308-3891-2

b r i a n s ta n l e y

In this fifth volume in the History of Evangelicalism series, Brian Stanley offers an authoritative survey of worldwide evangelicalism from the 1940s to the 1990s. He makes extensive use of primary sources and covers a range of key topics, issues, trends and events, along with prominent and lesser-known figures from the era. • Offers a multinational perspective • Written by an accomplished historian of world Christianity Author Information Brian Stanley (Ph.D.) is professor of world Christianity and director of the Centre for the Study of World Christianity at the University of Edinburgh School of Divinity. He is the author of The World Missionary Conference: Edinburgh 1910 and editor (with Sheridan Gilley) of volume 8 of The Cambridge History of Christianity, World Christianities, c. 1815–c. 1914.

Contents Acknowledgments Abbreviations 1.  Evangelical Christianity in Global Perspective 2.  “Evangelicals,” “Conservative Evangelicals” and “Fundamentalists” 3.  Mission, Evangelism and Revival: The Globalization of Evangelical Networks 4.  Scholarship, the Bible and Preaching 5.  Defending the Faith in a Changing Cultural Climate 6.  Christian Mission and Social Justice: Lausanne 1974 and the Challenge from the Majority World 7.  The Ferment of the Spirit: New Charismatic and Pentecostal Movements 8.  Hermeneutics, Gender and Sexual Ethics 9.  Evangelicalism: Diffusion or Disintegration? Select Bibliography Index

About the Series The History of Evangelicalism Series tells an international story that reaches back three hundred years and encompasses the people, movements and ideas rising out of the revivals of the eighteenth century.


new title in the reformation commentary on scripture series!

Edited by Esther Chung-Kim
In the latest Reformation Commentary on Scripture, we watch as the diverse theological streams of the Reformation converge on the book of Acts. As we return with the Reformers to this vision of Spirit-filled community, we are given a lesson in the nature of biblical reform from those who bore it out for the first time. Editor Information Esther Chung-Kim (Ph.D., Duke University) is assistant professor of religious studies at Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, California.

5.5" x 8.25" 7” x 10” 400 pages hardcover, $50.00 978-0-8308-2969-9 W february 2014 Commentaries BISAC RELIGION / Biblical Commentary / New Testament


New Testament



edited by

Esther Chung-Kim

general editor

About the Series Projected to be a twenty-eight-volume biblical commentary, the Reformation Commentary on Scripture series puts the words of the Reformers directly into the hands of the contemporary church.

Timothy George
associate general editor

Scott M. Manetsch

new title in the ancient christian texts series!

Commentary on Isaiah
Eusebius of Caesarea Translated by Jonathan J. Armstrong, Edited by Joel C. Elowsky
The latest addition to the Ancient Christian Texts series offers a first-ever English translation of Eusebius’s Commentary on Isaiah. Expertly rendered with notes and an introduction by Jonathan Armstrong, this volume exposes contemporary readers to the earliest Christian commentary on the prophecy of Isaiah. Translator Information Jonathan J. Armstrong is assistant professor of Bible and theology at Moody Bible Institute. Editor Information The Rev. Dr. Joel C. Elowsky is associate professor of theology at Concordia University Wisconsin.

7” x 10” 300 pages hardcover, $60.00 978-0-8308-2913-2 W September 2013 Biblical Studies—New Testament BISAC RELIGION / Biblical Studies / Old Testament

christian texts
Commentary on


Eusebius of Caesarea

About the Series Extending the legacy of the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, the Ancient Christian Texts series provides today’s readers with full-length primary sources from the ancient church.

translated by

Jonathan J. Armstrong
edited by

Joel C. Elowsky
series editors and

Thomas C. Oden Gerald L. Bray


new title in the bible speaks today series!

The Message of Malachi
Peter Adam
In the latest addition to the Bible Speaks Today Old Testament commentary series, Peter Adam offers a readable and reliable exposition of the book of Malachi for pastors and lay commentary readers. Author Information Peter Adam is principal of Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia. He was formerly vicar of St. Jude’s in nearby Carlton. His other books include Speaking God’s Words: A Practical Theology of Preaching.

5.5" x 8.25" 128 pages paperback, $16.00 978-0-8308-2437-3 WIV (IVP/UK) june 2013 Commentaries—Old Testament BISAC RELIGION / Biblical Commentary / Old Testament

Peter AdAm
The BiBle SpeakS Today

t He m eSSAGe oF


J. A. motyer

About the Series Each commentary in the Bible Speaks Today series reflects a threefold commitment to accuracy, relevance and readability.

new title in the bible speaks today series!

The Message of Daniel
Dale Ralph Davis
A replacement volume in the Bible Speaks Today Old Testament commentary series, Dale Ralph Davis’s The Message of Daniel offers a reliable exposition of the visionary book of Daniel for pastors and lay commentary readers. Author Information Dale Ralph Davis is former pastor of Woodland Presbyterian Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson. He now lives in rural Tennessee and is the author of many books, including The Word Became Fresh: How to Preach from Old Testament Narrative Texts.

5.5" x 8.25" 192 pages paperback, $18.00 978-0-8308-2438-0 WIV (IVP/UK) September 2013 Commentaries—Old Testament BISAC RELIGION / Biblical Studies / Old Testament

t he M essaGe oF

The BiBle SpeakS Today

Dale Ralph Davis


J. a. MotyeR

About the Series Each commentary in the Bible Speaks Today series reflects a threefold commitment to accuracy, relevance and readability.


new title in the new studies in biblical theology series!

The God Who Became Human
A Biblical Theology of Incarnation

5.5" x 8.5" 208 pages paperback, $22.00 978-0-8308-2631-5 WIV (IVP/UK) August 2013

Graham A. Cole
New StudieS

B iBlical t heology

The God who became Human
A biblical theology of incarnation

Seeking an answer to Anselm’s timeless question, “Why did God become man?” Graham Cole makes connections between Old Testament themes of preparation, theophany and messianic hope and the New Testament witness to the divinely foretold event. He concludes with a consideration of the theological and existential implications of the incarnation of God. Author Information Graham A. Cole is Anglican Professor of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School, Birmingham, Alabama. He is the author of God the Peacemaker (NSBT), Engaging with the Holy Spirit and He Who Gives Life.

Biblical Studies—Topical, Biblical Theology BISAC RELIGION / Christian Theology / Christology

The God who became Human
Graham A. Cole

Graham A. Cole
Series Editor:

About the Series New Studies in Biblical Theology is a series of original works in biblical theology written from a confessional evangelical perspective. Each volume aims simultaneously to instruct and to edify, to interact with current scholarship and to point the way forward for the discipline.

D. A. Carson

new title in the new studies in biblical theology series!

Paul and the Law
Brian S. Rosner
New StudieS

5.5" x 8.5" 240 pages paperback, $24.00 978-0-8308-2632-2 WIV (IVP/UK) September 2013

B iBlical t heology

Series design: FOUR NINE ZERO Image: © Photodisc Inc.

Paul and the Law

Minister and professor Brian S. Rosner seeks to build bridges between old and new perspectives on Paul with this constructive, biblical-theological account of the apostle’s complex relationship with Jewish law. Author Information Brian S. Rosner is senior lecturer in New Testament and ethics at Moore Theological College in Australia. He is the author of Paul, Scripture and Ethics: A Study of 1 Corinthians 5–7.

Biblical Theology, Paul BISAC RELIGION / Christian Theology / Soteriology

Paul and the Law Brian S. Rosner

Brian S. Rosner
Series Editor:

About the Series New Studies in Biblical Theology is a series of original works in biblical theology written from a confessional evangelical perspective. Each volume aims simultaneously to instruct and to edify, to interact with current scholarship and to point the way forward for the discipline.

D. A. Carson



Recent Releases
Bonhoeffer, Christ and Culture
The 2012 Wheaton Theology Conference was convened around the legacy of Lutheran pastor, theologian and anti-Nazi resistant Dietrich Bonhoeffer. This collection, focusing on the man’s views of Christ, the church and culture, contributes to a recent awakening of interest in Bonhoeffer among evangelicals. 216 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2716-9, $20.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

A Deeper Look at James
Building on the trusted LifeGuide® Bible study model, A Deeper Look at James prepares groups for the next level of engagement with the text. As you delve into cultural backgrounds, make connections across books and engage in group exercises, you’ll find James’ concept of faith becoming your own. 160 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3101-2, $16.00 / IVP CONNECT

Breaking Old Rhythms
Invoking the creative practices of music, dance, poetry and painting, spoken word poet Amena Brown explores the nature of rhythm and what it takes to push through obstacles to spiritual growth. Get in step with the love that carries us beyond worn-out rhythms into the ever-new life of the Spirit. 144 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4301-5, $15.00 / IVP Crescendo

A Deeper Look at the Fruit of the Spirit
If you’re looking for a truly in-depth study of the Christian virtues, look no further than A Deeper Look at the Fruit of the Spirit. In this enhanced LifeGuide®, you will delve into each passage through cultural background material, “Connect: Scripture to Scripture” sections and a wide variety of group exercises. 120 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3103-6, $16.00 / IVP CONNECT

Christian Counseling Ethics
Editor Randolph K. Sanders assembles a team of scholar-practitioners to forge a comprehensive ethical approach to Christian counseling. Thoroughly revised and updated throughout, this second edition acquaints readers with the many social, clinical and legal issues that have emerged since the 1997 edition. 553 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3994-0, $30.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

A Deeper Look at the Sermon on the Mount
This new guide takes your study of Jesus’ sermon to the next level, adding a new supply of resources to John Stott’s bestselling LifeGuide®. As you delve into cultural backgrounds, make connections across books and engage in group exercises, you’ll come to a deep grasp of Jesus’ vision for your life. 144 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3104-3, $16.00 / IVP CONNECT

The Dangerous Act of Worship
In this prophetic call to the contemporary church, Mark Labberton redefines Christian worship in the language of justice. He calls us away from individualized worship and into worshiping communities that give expression to righteousness and justice. 200 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3414-3, $15.00 / IVP BOOKS

Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels
Nearly all of the 175 articles in this dictionary have been reconceived and rewritten to reflect developments in the field since the 1992 edition. Showcasing the work of a new generation of scholars, this volume surveys scholarship and method in historical Jesus studies, New Testament textual criticism and more. 996 pages, hardcover, 978-0-8308-2456-4, $60.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

A Deeper Look at Daniel
Beginning with an inductive study from the celebrated LifeGuide® Bible Study series, A Deeper Look at Daniel takes your study to the next level with critical new tools for discovery and growth. As you delve into cultural backgrounds, make connections across books and engage in group exercises, Daniel’s story will take root in your heart. 144 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3102-9, $16.00 / IVP CONNECT

The Easy Burden of Pleasing God
Through personal stories and careful meditation on the Scriptures, Patty Kirk urges our uncertain and ever-burdened souls back into the awareness of our Lord’s gentle demands. Despite what we may have heard or told ourselves, the yoke we take on as we follow Jesus is easy, and the burden of a loving God is light. 208 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4303-9, $15.00 / IVP Crescendo


Recent Releases
Eat with Joy
Seeking an antidote to widespread anxiety over food ethics, obesity and more, Rachel Marie Stone reclaims the joy of grateful eating. She combines stories, recipes, tips and biblically based reflection to teach you and your community the fine art of taking your food from the hand of God. 208 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3658-1, $16.00 / LIKEWISE

God, Freedom and Human Dignity
Ron Highfield traces the genealogy of the modern self from Plato, Descartes and Locke to Charles Taylor’s landmark Sources of the Self. What emerges is a stark portrait of the modern ideal of self-governance and the crisis it provokes for a Christian view of human identity, freedom and dignity found in God. 229 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2711-4, $22.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

Entrepreneurial Leadership
Responding to what they see as an “entrepreneurial black hole” in the church today, Richard Goossen and R. Paul Stevens present a theologically robust vision of Christian entrepreneurship that seeks to enfranchise this strategic class of parishioners on behalf of their congregations. iv + 181 pages, paperback, 978-0-83083773-1, $18.00 / IVP BOOKS

The God-Shaped Brain
Psychiatrist Tim Jennings unveils how our brains and bodies thrive when we have a healthy understanding of God. Showing how different God concepts affect the brain differently, this book makes an exciting case study in the integration of science and Scripture. 256 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3416-7, $16.00 / IVP BOOKS

Evil and the Justice of God
N. T. Wright explores all aspects of evil and how it presents itself in society today. Fully grounded in the story of the Old and New Testaments, this presentation is provocative and hopeful; a fascinating analysis of and response to the fundamental question of evil and justice that faces believers. 176 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3415-0, $15.00 / IVP BOOKS

Holy War in the Bible
This innovative collection offers a constructive response to the question of “holy war” and Christian morality from an interdisciplinary perspective. By combining biblical, ethical, philosophical and theological insights, the contributors offer a composite image of ultimate redemption that takes the discussion to another level. 352 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3995-7, $26.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

Formed for the Glory of God
Kyle Strobel mines the work of Jonathan Edwards in search of the Puritan minister’s personal vision for spiritual development. “In Edwards,” Strobel writes, “we find a grasp of spiritual formation that tries to balance deep thought with deep passion . . . a life of love with the contemplation of divine things.” 192 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-5653-4, $16.00 / IVP BOOKS

Imitating God in Christ
At a time when the call to imitate Jesus comes loaded with moralistic overtones, Jason Hood offers a refreshing look at imitation on the Bible’s terms. Drawing our attention to the practice that Paul taught “everywhere in every church,” Hood’s study yields insight into Scripture, the church fathers and Christian culture. 240 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2710-7, $22.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

The God of the Gospel
Scott R. Swain provides what might be the definitive critical reading of Robert Jenson’s trinitarian theology from an evangelical perspective. Setting Jenson within the larger story of the twentieth-century trinitarian revival, Swain proposes constructive pathways back to a classical understanding of the Trinity. 258 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3904-9, $30.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
In this full-color guide, Dale Hanson Bourke explains the places, terms, history and current issues shaping the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. With an even-handed presentation of the most controversial issues, she provides a framework for American Christians who wish to understand why the conflict began, why it continues and what remains to be done. 144 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3763-2, $13.00 / IVP BOOKS


Recent Releases
Jeremiah and Lamentations
Lifting out the understated themes of love, grace, promise and renewal in Jeremiah and Lamentations, this commentary by Hetty Lalleman opens our eyes to an important chapter in salvation history. 373 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4283-4, $16.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

Matthew: The Gospel of Identity
In this third volume of the Biblical Imagination Series, Michael Card leads us to see the unique purpose of Matthew’s Gospel both in the lives of the early Christians and for us today. We see how Matthew’s language of fulfillment summons readers to see their former identity confirmed even as it is transformed in the dazzling image of Christ. 272 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3812-7, $18.00 / IVP BOOKS

Jesus Is Lord, Caesar Is Not
This volume brings together respected biblical scholars to evaluate the turn toward “empire criticism” in recent New Testament scholarship. While praising the movement for its deconstruction of Roman statecraft and ideology, the contributors also provide a salient critique of the anti-imperialist rhetoric pervading much of the current literature. 224 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3991-9, $22.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

Matthew: The Penultimate Question
In this all-new collection of songs inspired by the Gospel of Matthew, Michael Card explores the identity of Jesus—and his great question “Who do you say that I am?”—as God’s ultimate response to the “penultimate question” that has plagued humanity for ages—Who am I? Music CD, 978-0-8308-3803-5, $12.98 / IVP BOOKS

Jesus Is the Christ
Entering the fray of a hotly debated issue, Michael Bird argues that the title and role of “Messiah” ascribed to Jesus is not a late addition to the four Gospels but their structural and semantic foundation. Stressing that Christianity is itself a messianic movement, Bird argues that the messianic testimony is the “mother of all Christology.” xii + 207 pages, paperback, 978-0-83082823-4, $18.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

The Message of Women
Derek and Dianne Tidball defuse the polemics surrounding gender in Christian witness with a refreshing firsthand look at the role of women in the Bible. Beginning with a distinction between creation and new creation perspectives, the authors examine women under the old covenant, women under the new covenant and women in the early church. 288 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2436-6, $20.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

Just Spirituality
Mae Elise Cannon opens the annals of activist history to see if there is a correlation between great acts of compassion and advocacy and great depths of prayer. Looking at the lives of Mother Teresa, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther King Jr. and others, Cannon finds a depth of spiritual practice at the root of courageous social action. 208 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3775-5, $16.00 / IVP BOOKS

Ministry in the Digital Age
David Bourgeois offers a practical step-bystep guide for discerning and implementing a digital strategy for your ministry. Presenting Christianity itself as a grand communication event, he discusses how Christians can use technology and media wisely, with concrete ideas for churches and nonprofit organizations. 144 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-5661-9, $15.00 / IVP Praxis

The Gospel of Mark is a fast-paced narrative designed to push the reader into a dramatic confrontation with the person and power of Jesus. The individual sessions in this study guide by Christopher R. Smith follow the natural divisions of Mark’s text, giving you a direct encounter with this great apologetic masterpiece. viii + 119 pages, paperback, 978-0-83085813-2, $10.00 / IVP CONNECT

Motherhood is complicated. It can bring about feelings of deep love and joy, frustration, helplessness, tenderness, guilt, contentment and longing—all in an hour! In these studies on biblical motherhood, Patty Pell helps you discover the truth about who you are, who God is and how he sees you. 80 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3148-7, $8.00 / IVP CONNECT


Recent Releases
The New Shape of World Christianity
Adding complexity to older missiological arguments about American global influence, Mark Noll suggests that how Americans have come to practice the Christian faith is just as globally important as what the American church has done in the world. Now in paperback. 212 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3993-3, $20.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

Preaching the New Testament
Editors Ian Paul and David Wenham present this collection of scholarly reflections on preaching from the New Testament. With an impressive cast of senior and younger scholars, the book covers all the main texts and genres of the New Testament, adding key chapters on the infancy narratives, parables, miracles, archaeology, hermeneutics and more. 263 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3990-2, $26.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

Old Testament Theology
Robin Routledge provides a substantial overview of the central issues and themes in Old Testament theology. For readers who want to dine on the meat of Old Testament theology but do not have time to linger over hors d’oeuvres and dessert. Now in paperback! 384 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3992-6, $25.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

Refuse to Do Nothing
Responding to the sobering reality of modernday slavery, Shayne Moore and Kimberly McOwen Yim describe the power that we all have at our disposal (advocacy power, purchasing power, relationship power) to fight for the powerless and take our place among the great abolitionists of the past. 192 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4302-2, $16.00 / IVP Crescendo

One Bible, Many Versions
Dave Brunn has been an international Bible translator for many years. In this book, he gives us a window into the inner workings of translation practice to help us sort out the many competing claims for superiority among English Bible translations. His professional assessments and conclusions will be of great help to all who are seeking truth in translation. ii + 205 pages, paperback, 978-0-83082715-2, $16.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

The Relational Pastor
Practical theologian Andrew Root deconstructs relational ministry as we have come to understand it, calling for a new breed of “empathic minister” to take the helm in our churches. Bringing current practice in touch with incarnational theology, Root searches for a more robust understanding of the relationships that make up the body of Christ. 255 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4102-8, $18.00 / IVP Praxis

Philippians, Colossians
In the latest volume in the Reformation Commentary on Scripture, editor Graham Tomlin pulls together insights from all over the reforming world—humanists, high Calvinists and Puritans alike—to deliver a commentary on Philippians and Colossians that reveals the heat and light of biblical engagement in the age of reform. 400 pages, hardcover, 978-0-8308-2974-3, $50.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

Resilient Ministry
Why does one well-equipped, well-meaning ministry succeed while another fails? Bob Burns, Tasha Chapman and Donald Guthrie undertook a five-year intensive research project on the frontlines of pastoral ministry to answer that question. What they found was nothing less than the DNA of thriving ministry today. 314 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4103-5, $17.00 / IVP Praxis

Pocket Dictionary of the Reformed Tradition
The Pocket Dictionary of the Reformed Tradition offers brief and accurate definitions of approximately three hundred key people, movements and ideas that make up the Reformed tradition. Beginners will find here a friendly guide through the thicket of terms and ideas encountered in Reformed theology and history. 128 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2708-4, $8.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

Responding to HIV/AIDS
In this accessible full-color guide, Dale Hanson Bourke provides a straightforward tool for Christians who want the latest information on the growing AIDS pandemic. Jargon-free and propaganda-free, Bourke’s descriptions of the medical and political issues make it a great resource for personal information and group study. 128 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3761-8, $15.00 / IVP BOOKS


Recent Releases
Restoring the Shattered Self
Heather Davediuk Gingrich applies years of counseling experience to the sensitive task of treating complex traumatic stress disorder (CTSD). Writing for pastors and counselors who have not received training in complex trauma, Gingrich integrates current trauma therapy research with Christian priorities such as prayer and spiritual warfare. 237 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2712-1, $24.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

Troubled Minds
Amy Simpson calls the church to a renewed commitment to people who suffer from mental illness and to the families that suffer with them. Delving into her own family’s history of mental illness, Simpson provides a bracing look at the social and physical realities of mental illness and explores new possibilities for ministry to this stigmatized group. 222 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4304-6, $16.00 / IVP BOOKS

Sensible Shoes
Writing in a compelling style that gradually weaves together separate strands, Sharon Garlough Brown tells the story of four women as they reluctuantly arrive at a retreat center and are drawn into a soul-rousing journey of spiritual practice, mutual support and personal revelation. 349 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-4305-3, $18.00 / IVP Crescendo

An Unhurried Life
Spiritual director and “recovering speed addict” Alan Fadling leads readers in a disarming meditation on the unhurried life. Following the framework of Jesus’ earthly life, Fadling shows how the work of “unhurrying” ourselves is central to our spiritual development in such pivotal areas as resisting temptation, caring for others, praying and making disciples. 192 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3573-7, $15.00 / FORMATIO

Shaping a Digital World
Building on the work of Jacques Ellul and Neil Postman, Derek Schuurman provides a concise theology of technology that is rooted in the Reformed tradition and oriented around the grand themes of creation, fall, redemption and new creation. 144 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2713-8, $18.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

Virtuous Minds
Teacher-administrator Philip E. Dow explores the implications of setting intellectual character (rather than intellectual content) at the heart of our educational programs. With ample stories and practical suggestions, Dow shows how virtues like tenacity, carefulness and curiosity are teachable traits that can produce good lives. 208 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-2714-5, $16.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

Story-Shaped Worship
In Story-Shaped Worship, Robbie Castleman attempts nothing less than to uncover the fundamental shape of worship. Right worship, she argues, doesn’t require a traditionalist return to earlier forms of church so much as a fresh response to God in light of the revealed patterns of worship we find in the Bible and church history. 224 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3964-3, $20.00 / IVP ACADEMIC

The World Is Not Ours to Save
Daily news of systemic injustice has caused activist rhetoric to balloon. Tyler Wigg-Stevenson hopes to slow this trend, suggesting that our complex global situation is forcing us to see our limits as world-changers. He calls Christians to leave aside the heady pursuit of causes and take their rightful place as standard-bearers of God’s peace. 222 pages, paperback, 978-0-8308-3657-4, $16.00 / LIKEWISE


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978-0-8308-3361-0, $16.00, IVP PRAXIS

978-0-8308-2388-8, $15.00, ivp praxis






978-0-8308-3466-2, $18.00, ivp BOOKS

978-0-8308-3554-6, $17.00, IVP BOOKS

978-0-8308-3700-7, $16.00, ivp books

978-0-8308-3626-0, $15.00, likewise

978-0-8308-2302-4, $13.00, FORMATIO






978-0-8308-3564-5, $16.00, formatio

978-0-8308-3975-9, $8.00, IVP academic

978-0-8308-3962-9, $16.00, IVP academic

978-0-8308-3702-1, $17.00, ivp books

978-0-8308-3983-4, $15.00, ivp academic






978-0-8308-3782-3, $16.00, ivp books

978-0-8308-3394-8, $22.00, IVP BOOKS

978-0-8308-3731-1, $16.00, IVP crescendo

978-0-8308-3749-6, $15.00, IVP BOOKS

978-0-8308-3608-6, $15.00, ivp books






978-0-8308-2577-6, $24.00, ivp academic

978-0-8308-3320-7, $26.00, IVP BOOKS

978-0-8308-3653-6, $16.00, IVP PRAXIS

978-0-8308-3826-4, $15.00, IVP BOOKS

978-0-8308-3545-4, $18.00, formatio


Core Inventory/Reference
1 2 3

Call 800-843-9487 or ask your sales representative about the Core Inventory Special.



978-0-8308-1784-9, $60.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-1449-7, $8.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-1405-3, $35.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-87784-296-5, $18.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-1419-0, $35.00, IVP ACADEMIC






978-0-8308-2962-0, $50.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-5659-6, $40.00, BIBLICA BOOKS

978-0-8308-1442-8, $45.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-4215-5, $16.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-4236-0, $16.00, IVP ACADEMIC






978-0-8308-1783-2, $60.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-1438-1, $55.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-1777-1, $60.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-1781-8, $60.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-1439-8, $45.00, IVP ACADEMIC






978-0-8308-2701-5, $9.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-1778-8, $60.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-2705-3, $8.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-1593-7, $30.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-1782-5, $60.00, IVP ACADEMIC






978-0-8308-2702-2, $8.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-1451-0, $50.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-2910-1, $60.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-87784-927-8, $18.00, IVP ACADEMIC

978-0-8308-1489-3, $50.00, IVP ACADEMIC


Bestselling Bible Studies
1 2 3 4 5

978-0-8308-1087-1, $18.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-3036-7, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-3018-3, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-3058-9, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-2162-4, $8.00, IVP CONNECT






978-0-8308-3006-0, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-3037-4, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-3026-8, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-3008-4, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-3044-2, $8.00, IVP CONNECT






978-0-8308-3077-0, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-3007-7, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-2163-1, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-3031-2, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-2165-5, $8.00, IVP CONNECT






978-0-8308-3034-3, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-3089-3, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-2161-7, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-3013-8, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-3029-9, $8.00, IVP CONNECT






978-0-8308-3064-0, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-3127-2, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-3074-9, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-3017-6, $8.00, IVP CONNECT

978-0-8308-3012-1, $8.00, IVP CONNECT


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