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Effect of Advertisements on Children with special reference to confectionary products

Research Methodology
Statement of the Problem Through this report we want to find out how children are influenced by the advertisements especially of confectionary products. So the statement of this project would be Effect of Advertisements on Children with special reference to confectionary products The research process goes within the following confectionary products: Biscuits Chocolates Wafers Noodles Sauces Health Drinks

Objectives of the Study The subject matter for this Project is to study the effects of advertisement on children. Following are the main objectives of this report. To know the children's awareness about confectionary Products & their advertisements. To study the impact of advertisement of confectionary Products on children. To know whether is there any connection between TV watching habit of children and their medium of study or not.

Research Design Research design selected for this project is Descriptive.

Scope: The research will be done at Murshidabad city only.

Sampling Plan:-

Target Population

: - Target population for this research would be children with age of 8-15 and their parents.

Sample Unit

: - Sample unit for this research would be children with age of 8-15 and their parents of a selected area.

Sampling Technique

: - Stratified Random Sampling

Sample Size

: - 200 (100 children and 100 parents)

Sampling Methods: There are mainly two of sampling methods which are being used by the marketers: 1. Probability Sampling (Random Sampling) 2. Non probability Sampling Probability sampling is a method for drawing a sample from a population such that all possible samples have a known and specified probability of being drawn. Non probability sampling is a sampling procedure in which the selection of population elements is based in part on the judgment of the researcher or field interviewer. The sampling method for this report would be probability sampling because here each sample has equal chance of being selected and again it would be stratified random sampling

Data Collection Method: There are mainly two types of data collection methods which are as follows: Primary Data

Primary Data is the one that is being collected by the researcher itself and is being collected for the first time. Researcher has collected this data with a specific purpose of studying the problem.

Primary Data in the research process would be collected by filling up questionnaires from children and their parents.

Secondary Data

Secondary Data is the data that already exists and in ready to use format and gathered by somebody else. This data can be in the form of articles in magazines, journals, government reports or any other historical data. It might even be the different articles in newspaper and on the internet blogs. Secondary Data that would be used by researcher in the research process as supportive documents are from the various newspaper articles, magazines related to specific industry, books in the specific field of advertising and various different internet sites.

Instrument:The instrument selected for the primary data is structured questionnaire.

Tentative plan:The tentative plan for this research would be as following.

Research methodology Advertising Industry Indian Advertising Industry Children and Advertising Rules and Regulations of Advertising to Children Analysis of Primary Data Testing of Hypothesis Key Findings Suggestions Conclusion Bibliography Annexure

PART A (To be filled by Children)

Q1 How many hours a day do you watch TV? Less than 1 hour 2 3 hours 1 2 hours More than 3 hours

Q2 What do you like to watch on TV? Cartoons Reality shows Movies TV serials Song based programmes Others_________________ Q3 From the following confectionary products which is your favorite product/s? Biscuits Wafers Chocolates Sauces Noodles Health Drinks (i.e. Bournvita, Complain, Boost, etc.)

Q4 of which of the following confectionary products advertisement catches your attention most? Biscuits Wafers Chocolates etc) Sauces Noodles Health Drinks (i.e. Bournvita, Complain, Boost,

Q5 After watching ad of any confectionary products, have you ever tried to purchase that product? Yes Cant say No

Q6 If yes then which confectionary product you have tried to purchase? Biscuit Wafer Chocolate etc) Sauce Noodle Health Drink (i.e. Bournvita, Complain, Boost,

Q7 In which media you like the ad of confectionary products? TV Radio Magazine Newspaper Hoardings Any other identify Q8 You buy confectionary product because......... It gives free tattoo or any other thing Your friend has that product Your favorite cartoon character/favorite celebrity is associated with it You want to be like the character of that ad.
PART B (To be filled by Parents)

Q1 How often advertisements of confectionary products influence purchase decision of your children? Often Sometimes Rarely Not at all

Q2 How often does your child insist you to purchase any confectionary product after watching ad of the same? Often Sometimes Rarely Not at all

Q3 How do you react to your child when he/she insist you to buy any confectionary product after watching its ad? Mostly agree Agree Disagree Mostly disagree



: - _________________________________________________________

Mother/Father Name : - _________________________________________________________ Age Std. : - ________ : 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th

School Medium of Study

: -__________________________________________________________ : Bengali English