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22 Ways To Overclock Your Brain

'I iust found out that the brain is like a computer. If thats true. then there reallv arent anv
stupid people. Just people running DOS.`
- Anonymous
The brain is a three-pound supercomputer. It is the command and control center running your liIe. It is
involved in absolutely everything you do. Your brain determines how you think. how you Ieel. how you act.
and how well you get along with other people. Your brain even determines the kind oI person you are. It
determines how thoughtIul you are; how polite or how rude you are. It determines how well you think on
your Ieet. and it is involved with how well you do at work and with your Iamily. Your brain also inIluences
your emotional well being and how well you do with the opposite sex.
Your brain is more complicated than any computer we can imagine. Did you know that you have one
hundred billion nerve cells in your brain. and every nerve cell has many connections to other nerve cells? In
Iact. your brain has more connections in it than there are stars in the universe! Optimizing your brain`s
Iunction is essential to being the best you can be. whether at work. in leisure. or in your relationships.
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22 Ways To Overclock Your Brain at Ririan Proiect http://ririanproiect.com/2006/11/03/22-ways-to-overclok-your-brain/
2 oI 12 3/12/2006 10:36 PM
It`s simple. your brain is at the center oI everything you do. all you Ieel and think. and every nuance oI how
you relate to people. It`s both the supercomputer that runs your complex liIe and the tender organ that
houses your soul. And while you may run. liIt weights. or do yoga to keep your body in good condition.
chances are you ignore your brain and trust it to do its iob.
No matter what your age. mental exercise has a global. positive eIIect on the brain. So. here are 22 ways to
boost your brain power:
1. Run Up Your Brain Cells
Research suggests that people who get plenty oI physical exercise can wind up with better
brains. Scientists at the Salk Institute Ior Biological Studies in La Jolla. CaliI.. Iound that adult
mice who ran on an exercise wheel whenever they Ielt like it gained twice as many new cells in
the hippocampus. an area oI the brain involved in learning and memory. than mice who sat
around all day discussing Lord oI the Rings in Internet chat rooms. The researchers weren`t
sure why the more active rodents` brains reacted the way they did. but it`s possible that the
voluntary nature oI the exercise made it less stressIul and thereIore more beneIicial. Which
could mean that Iinding ways to enioy exercise. rather than iust Iorcing yourselI to do it. may
make you smarter - and happier. too.
So. play a sport. train Ior an event such as a marathon. triathlon or 'Iun run.¨ or work out with a
buddy to help keep things interesting.
2. Exercise Your Mind
It isn`t iust physical exercise that gets those brain cells iumping. Just like those head-pumped
cabbies and piano iockeys. you can build up various areas oI your brain by putting them to
work. Duke University neurobiology proIessor Lawrence C. Katz. Ph.D.. co-author oI Keep
Your Brain Alive. says that Iinding simple ways to use aspects oI your brain that may be
lagging could help maintain both nerve cells and dendrites. branches on the cells that receive
and process inIormation. Just as a new weightliIting exercise builds up underused muscles. Katz
says that novel ways oI thinking and viewing the world can improve the Iunctioning oI inactive
sections oI the brain.
Experience new tastes and smells; try to do things with your nondominant hand; Iind new ways
to drive to work; travel to new places; create art; read that Dostoyevsky novel; write a buddy
comedy Ior Ted Kennedy and Rush Limbaugh - basically. do anything you can to Iorce
yourselI out oI your mental ruts.
3. Ask Why
Our brains are wired to be curious. As we grow up and 'mature¨ many oI us stiIle or deny our
natural curiosity. Let yourselI be curious! Wonder to yourselI about why things are happening.
Ask someone in the know. The best way to exercise our curiosity is by asking 'Why?¨ Make it
a new habit to ask 'why?¨ at least 10 times a day. Your brain will be happier and you will be
amazed at how many opportunities and solutions will show up in your liIe and work.
4. Laugh
Scientists tell us that laughter is good Ior our health; that it releases endorphins and other
positively powerIul chemicals into our system. We don`t really need scientists to tell us that it
Ieels good to laugh. Laughing helps us reduce stress and break old patterns too. So laughter can
be like a 'quick-charge¨ Ior our brain`s batteries. Laugh more. and laugh harder.
5. Be A Fish Head
Omega-3 oils. Iound in walnuts. Ilaxseed and especially Iish. have long been touted as being
healthy Ior the heart. But recent research suggests they`re a brain booster as well. and not iust
22 Ways To Overclock Your Brain at Ririan Proiect http://ririanproiect.com/2006/11/03/22-ways-to-overclok-your-brain/
3 oI 12 3/12/2006 10:36 PM
because they help the circulation system that pumps oxygen to your head. They also seem to
improve the Iunction oI the membranes that surround brain cells. which may be why people
who consume a lot oI Iish are less likely to suIIer depression. dementia. even attention-deIicit
disorder. Scientists have noted that essential Iatty acids are necessary Ior proper brain
development in children. and they`re now being added to baby Iormulas. It`s possible that your
own mental state. and even your intelligence. can be enhanced by consuming enough oI these
Eating at least three servings a week oI Iish such as salmon. sardines. mackerel and tuna is a
good start.
6. Remember
Get out an old photo album or high school yearbook. Your brain is a memory machine. so give
it a chance to work! Spend time with your memories. Let your mind reIlect on them and your
mind will repay you in positive emotions and new connections Irom the memories to help you
with your current tasks and challenges.
7. Cut The Fat
Can 'bad¨ Iats make you dumb? When researchers at the University oI Toronto put rats on a
40-percent-Iat diet. the rats lost ground in several areas oI mental Iunction. including memory.
spatial awareness and rule learning. The problems became worse with a diet high in saturated
Iats. the kind that`s abundant in meat and dairy products. While you may never be called upon
to navigate a little maze in search oI a cheddar cube. these results could hold true Ior you as
well. Ior two reasons: Fat can reduce the Ilow oI oxygen-rich blood to your brain. and it may
also slow down the metabolism oI glucose. the Iorm oI sugar the brain utilizes as Iood.
You can still get up to 30 percent oI your daily calories in the Iorm oI Iat. but most oI it should
come Irom the aIorementioned Iish. olive oil. nuts and seeds. Whatever you do. stay away Irom
trans Iats. the hardened oils that are abundant in crackers and snack Ioods.
8. Do A Puzzle
Some oI us like iigsaw puzzles. some crossword puzzles. some logic puzzles - it really doesn`t
matter kind you choose to do. Doing puzzles in your Iree time is a great way to activate your
brain and keep it in good working condition. Do the puzzle Ior Iun. but do it knowing you are
exercising your brain.
9. The Mozart Effect
A decade ago Frances Rauscher. a psychologist now at the University oI Wisconsin at Oshkosh.
and her colleagues made waves with the discovery that listening to Mozart improved people`s
mathematical and spatial reasoning. Even rats ran mazes Iaster and more accurately aIter
hearing Mozart than aIter white noise or music by the minimalist composer Philip Glass. Last
year. Rauscher reported that. Ior rats at least. a Mozart piano sonata seems to stimulate activity
in three genes involved in nerve-cell signalling in the brain.
This sounds like the most harmonious way to tune up your mental Iaculties. But beIore you
grab the CDs. hear this note oI caution. Not everyone who has looked Ior the Mozart eIIect has
Iound it. What`s more. even its proponents tend to think that music boosts brain power simply
because it makes listeners Ieel better - relaxed and stimulated at the same time - and that a
comparable stimulus might do iust as well. In Iact. one study Iound that listening to a story gave
a similar perIormance boost.
10. Improve Your Skill At Things You Already Do
Some repetitive mental stimulation is ok as long as you look to expand your skills and
22 Ways To Overclock Your Brain at Ririan Proiect http://ririanproiect.com/2006/11/03/22-ways-to-overclok-your-brain/
4 oI 12 3/12/2006 10:36 PM
knowledge base. Common activities such as gardening. sewing. playing bridge. reading.
painting. and doing crossword puzzles have value. but push yourselI to do diIIerent gardening
techniques. more complex sewing patterns. play bridge against more talented players to increase
your skill. read new authors on varied subiects. learn a new painting technique. and work harder
crossword puzzles. Pushing your brain to new heights help to keep it healthy.
11. Be A Thinker. Not A Drinker
The idea that alcohol kills brain cells is an old one. but the reality is a bit more complicated. In
Iact. a study oI 3.500 Japanese men Iound that those who drank moderately (in this case. about
one drink per day) had better cognitive Iunctioning when they got older than those who didn`t
drink at all. UnIortunately. as soon as you get beyond that 'moderate¨ amount. your memory.
reaction time is all likely to decline. In the same study. men who had Iour or more drinks a day
Iared worst oI all.
Just as bad is the now common practice oI 'binge drinking.¨ otherwise known as getting
hammered on the weekend. Research on rats Iound that those who consumed large amounts oI
alcohol had Iewer new cells in their brains` hippocampus region immediately aIter the binge.
and virtually none a month later. This suggests that the alcohol not only damaged the rats`
brains. but kept them Irom repairing themselves later on - in human terms. that means you
shouldn`t expect to pass the Mensa entrance exam any time soon.
12. Play
Take time to play. Make time to play. Play cards. Play video games. Play board games. Play
Ring Around the Rosie. Play tug oI war. It doesn`t matter what you play. Just play! It is good
Ior your spirit and good Ior your brain. It gives your brain a chance to think strategically. and
keeps it working.
13. Sleep On It
Previewing key inIormation and then sleeping on it increases retention 20 to 30 percent. You
can leave that inIormation next to the bed Ior easy access. iI it is something that won`t keep you
awake. II you are kept awake by your thoughts. writing everything down sometimes gets it 'out
oI your mind.¨ allowing you to sleep (so keep a pen and paper nearby).
14. Concentration
Concentration can increase brainpower. Obvious. perhaps. but the thieves oI concentration are
not always so obvious. Learn to notice when you are distracted. OIten the cause is iust below
consciousness. II there is a phone call you need to make. Ior example. it might bother you all
morning. sapping your ability to think clearly. even while you are unaware oI what is bothering
Get in the habit oI stopping to ask 'What is on my mind right now¨. IdentiIy it and deal with it.
In the example given. you could make the phone call. or put it on tomorrow`s list. so your mind
is comIortable letting it go Ior now. This leaves you in a more relaxed state where you can think
more clearly. Use this technique to increase your brainpower now.
15. Make Love For Your Brain
In a series oI studies by WinniIred B. Cutler. PhD and colleagues at the University oI
Pennsylvania and later at StanIord University it was Iound that regular sexual contact had an
important impact on physical and emotional well being oI women. Sexual contact with a partner
at least once a week led to more Iertile. regular menstrual cycles. shorter menses. delayed
menopause. increased estrogen levels. and delayed aging. Brain imaging studies at UCLA have
shown that decreased estrogen levels are associated with overall decreased brain activity and
22 Ways To Overclock Your Brain at Ririan Proiect http://ririanproiect.com/2006/11/03/22-ways-to-overclok-your-brain/
5 oI 12 3/12/2006 10:36 PM
poor memory. Enhancing estrogen levels Ior women through regular sexual activity enhances
overall brain activity and improves memory.
In Dr. Cutler`s study the occurrence oI orgasm was not as important as the Iact that sex was
with another person. Intimacy and emotional bonding may be the most inIluential Iactors in the
positive aspects oI sex. As a psychiatrist I have seen many people withhold sex as a way to
show hurt. anger. or disappointment. Dr. Cutler`s research suggests that this is selI-deIeating
behavior. The more you withhold the worse it may be Ior you. Appropriate sex is one oI the
keys to the brain`s Iountain oI youth.
16. Play With Passion!
You can`t do great work without personal IulIillment. When people are growing through
learning and creativity. they are much more IulIilled and give 127° more to their work. Delight
yourselI and you delight the world. Remember what you loved to do as a child and bring the
essence oI that activity into your work. This is a clue to your genius; to your natural giIts and
talents. da Vinci. Edison. Einstein and Picasso all loved to play and they loved to explore.
17. Cycles Of Consciousness
Your consciousness waxes and wanes throughout the day . For most it seems to go through 90
minute cycles. with 30 minutes oI lower consciousness. Watch yourselI to recognize this cycle.
II you learn to recognize and track your mental state. you can concentrate on important mental
tasks when your mind is most 'awake¨. For creative insight into a problem. do the opposite.
Work on it when you are in a drowsy state. when your conscious mind has slowed down.
18. Learn Something New
This one might seem obvious. Yes. we capitalize on our brain`s great potential when we put it
to work learning new things. You may have a speciIic topic Ior work or leisure that you want to
learn more about. That`s great.
Go learn it. II you don`t have a subiect in mind right now. try learning a new word each day.
There is a strong correlation between working vocabulary and intelligence. When we have new
words in our vocabulary. our minds can think in new ways with greater nuances between ideas.
Put your mind to work learning. It is one oI the best ways to re-energize your brain.
19. Write To Be Read
I am a big proponent oI writing in a iournal to capture ideas and thoughts. There is certainly
great value in writing Ior yourselI. I continue to Iind that my brain is greatly stimulated by
writing to be read. The greatest beneIit oI writing is what it does to expand your brain`s
capacity. Find ways to write to be read by writing things Ior your Iriends to read. by capturing
the stories oI your childhood. starting your own blog or whatever iust write to be read.
20. Try Aroma Therapy To Activate Your Brain
One day. as I was Ialling asleep. while listening to endless speeches at a conIerence. my brain
suddenly perked up when I caught a whiII oI lemon Irom someone`s cologne. I immediately Ielt
alert and Iound it much easier to pay attention to the presenter. I discovered aroma therapy
really is useIul and I have used it ever since revitalize or to relax.
Energizers include peppermint. cypress and lemon. Relaxants: ylang ylang. geranium and rose.
A Iew drops oI essential oils in your bath or in a diIIuser will do the trick. You can also put a
drop or two in a cotton ball or hanky and inhale. One caveat Ior the workplace; make sure
no-one is allergic to the oils beIore you use them.
21. Drugs To Increase Brainpower
22 Ways To Overclock Your Brain at Ririan Proiect http://ririanproiect.com/2006/11/03/22-ways-to-overclok-your-brain/
6 oI 12 3/12/2006 10:36 PM
CoIIee and other drinks containing caIIeine help students consistently score higher on tests.
Since caIIeine restricts blood vessels in the brain. it isn`t clear what the longer-term eIIects may
be when it comes to your brainpower. So instead oI coIIee breaks try gingko biloba and gotu
kola herbal teas. Ginkgo biloba has been shown to increase blood Ilow to the brain. and
improve concentration.
22. Build A Brain Trust
Surround yourselI with inspiring people Irom a wide variety oI Iields who encourage you and
stimulate your creativity. Read magazines Irom a wide variety oI Iields. Make connections
between people. places and things. to discover new opportunities. and to Iind solutions to your
Remember that no matter what your age or your occupation; your brain needs to be constantly challenged to
be at its peak in terms oI perIormance. Whether it`s doing logic puzzles. memorizing lines Irom
Shakespeare. or learning a new skill. keep your brain busy. iI you don`t want it to rust away like a car in a

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36 Responses to ~22 Ways To Overclock Your Brain¨
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1 Brien T. on Nov 3rd. 2006 said:
I like it !
Try Hydergine 4MG three times a day too !
2 Ririan on Nov 3rd. 2006 said:
Read more about Hydergine here. Also be sure to seek a health proIessional`s advice beIore trying
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22 Ways To Overclock Your Brain at Ririan Proiect http://ririanproiect.com/2006/11/03/22-ways-to-overclok-your-brain/
7 oI 12 3/12/2006 10:36 PM
3 1ohn Bresnik on Nov 4th. 2006 said:
what does 'overclok¨ mean?
4 Ririan on Nov 4th. 2006 said:
I guess I`ve spelled 'overclocking¨ wrong in my headline. sorry guys
5 musicbyLen on Nov 25th. 2006 said:
Hello Ririan.
Great. inIormative site. I`ve iust bookmarked it and will mention to some Iriends as well.
As Ior John`s question. iI not already understood. The idea oI 'overclocking¨ your brain is simply the
attempt to get the most out oI it by any variety oI means. including many you`ve mentioned.
take care!
p.s. What is the pros and cons oI Hydergine as mentioned beIore.
p.p.s. I am a member at Dahn Yoga and one thing that makes them a little diIIerent is their approach
to Iinding your center. calming. meditation. etc. Some oI it is not Ior me. but have to admit that much
oI it is quite eIIective. even Ior those whose minds are not completely open to such things.
6 Ririan on Nov 27th. 2006 said:
Thank you Len.
and by the way I have a Iriend who is a member at Dahn Yoga also. and he had some big changes in
his liIe aIter ioining. but still you have to be open minded to Ieel the results.
As Ior the pros and cons oI Hydergine you can read about them here.
7 Isaac on Nov 29th. 2006 said:
Thank you Ior putting this up! I bookmarked this page so I can come here and take advice to make my
brain more useIul to me.
8 Peter Poortinga on Dec 2nd. 2006 said:
II I understand it well:
More sex. more games. some drugs. lots oI sleep. eat Iish and no Iat. Laugh a lotm less alcohol and
Iinaly ask yourselI why` you want this all. makes you brilliant? . I will start directly.
Regards Peter
9 Nigi on Dec 2nd. 2006 said:
A maior misconception is that brain is not a computer. Neural networks work in a completely
diIIerent way than computers. While computers deal very well with strictly logical/mathematical
problems. neural networks are Iar more eIIective at dealing with more abstract problems. Not really
much in common between the two.
Besides stating that brain aIIects every aspect oI our personality is iust a conception. not a Iact. Brain
is probably the least known thing in the universe. Saying what all it does or how it does it is mostly
iust guessing.
22 Ways To Overclock Your Brain at Ririan Proiect http://ririanproiect.com/2006/11/03/22-ways-to-overclok-your-brain/
8 oI 12 3/12/2006 10:36 PM
10 Ravi on Dec 2nd. 2006 said:
Go Ginkgo Biloba!
11 sindhu on Dec 2nd. 2006 said:
it`s pretty cool to do all this. i agree. but the asking WHY part? wouldnt that make me sound like a
n00b ? :-\
12 mmartinphd on Dec 2nd. 2006 said:
Don`t go Ginkgo Biloba! It does increase blood to your brain. but your brain already gets plenty oI
blood. Research shows it does nothing Ior memory or cognition and it might increase chance oI
13 Angela Randall on Dec 2nd. 2006 said:
Yup. Use it or lose it! Brains need to be worked!
14 frozenzombie on Dec 2nd. 2006 said:
Good suggestion..
Thank Ior sharing .
15 1acek on Dec 3rd. 2006 said:
Great article. Thanks
16 Daniel Fischer on Dec 3rd. 2006 said:
Very interesting site. I iust came across it today Irom a Iriend. I love the tips. Thanks! Keep it up.
17 Markus on Dec 3rd. 2006 said:
~Scientists at the Salk Institute Ior Biological Studies in La Jolla. CaliI.. Iound that adult mice who
ran on an exercise wheel whenever they Ielt like it gained twice as many new cells in the
hippocampus. an area oI the brain involved in learning and memory. than mice who sat around all day
discussing Lord oI the Rings in Internet chat rooms.
Hahaha. excellent. dude!
That`s what I call Iunny. hehe. And I`d say that laughing is probably good Ior your brain as well.
18 The Geek on Dec 3rd. 2006 said:
This is great. thanks!
19 neon on Dec 3rd. 2006 said:
Great article. I have Iound Irom my many years experience that proper diet and active liIestyle is
making my brain working Iully through the whole day. To be concrete. I am having perIect
experiences with macrobiotic diet - whole grains. vegetables. legumes and Iishes.
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22 Ways To Overclock Your Brain at Ririan Proiect http://ririanproiect.com/2006/11/03/22-ways-to-overclok-your-brain/
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