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INDEX: 1. The 2 apartments in the villa 2. The medieval village 3. The Outskirts (journey in the Tuscany and in the part north of Umbria) 4. Price and “special offers” A nice economic accommodation: • for long stay (3 weeks or more)special offer • 850 EURO 4 weeks in LOW SEASON 5. Climate 6. How to reach the house 7. Special events


The house

If you need someone clean your home or prepare food for you, You can ask the person that give the key of the apartment to you. She can do this for you (payment extra). We also can provide baby-sitting services.

Very easy. The country The village is one of the most beautiful village in Italy. . radio. on the ground floor: living room with TV. Montereggioni. restaurant 350 m. Certaldo. Garden (yards)160 m2. is free in that period. Milano and Rome and Venice. 1 double bedroom. it is possible to park one or two cars in the garden in front of house. 2 storys. 1 room with 2 beds. The cars can be parked in the public parking in front of the commercial center. (Guests of the first floor). Private Parking for one car and public parking at 150 m. if the apartment on the ground floor. If you arrive to Florence airport you will take the bus for Florence Sita Stop bus and in Florence Sita Stop bus you will take the bus that stop 70 m from my home. One little room where children can play and where it is possible to put a sofà bed to sleep. Kitchen. Very easy. The district of Barberino. Gas heating (extra). Laundry. Or along streets near the house. on a main road in the village of Barberino Val d’elsa. with its fascinating history and many legends. Poggibonsi. Prato. The Garden. Lucca. Pienza Montereggioni Montalcino Assisi and other. 2. It has in the living room a double divan bed. in front of the Commercial Center or. SanGimignano. Colle and also Pisa). My home has a bus stop 70 meter from the house! If you arrive to Pisa airport you will take the train for Florence and in Florence you will take (in front of the station) the bus that stop 70 m from my home. the summer residence of the Prince Corsini family. In the garden (behind the house) there is a little room where there is a washing machine for guests. Pistoia. 1 double bedroom. Outdoor paved area with furniture for eating outdoors. comfortable with nice furnishings: living room with TV. radio.Villa with 2 independent apartments. Bologna. Grocers 130 m. (Guests of the ground floor). Parking and transports. deep freezer). in the resort. It has in the living room also a sleeping chair (extra) and a sleeping sofa. tennis in the village. Kitchen (oven. The garden is entirely for the guests. By train from Florence you can reach Pisa. golf course 16 km. Siena. Box-room. Reserved car parking. Certosa del Galluzzo. 1 small room with 2 beds. 70 meter from my house the bus stop to reach these places. 1 room with 2 beds. Fiesole. it is possible to park more than one car in the garden. Swimming pool 8 km. along the streets near the house. There is one car spot in the garden but other cars can be parked in the public parking. lies right in the heart of Tuscany. When you are in my home you do not need to rent a car for whole period as you can see a lot of place without car (Firenze. You can need the car if you would like to see Volterra. is free in that period. Gas heating (extra). Some othere places by train from Poggibonsi. which has a major main line train station. renovated. (Apartment on the 1st floor) 4-room apartment 100 m2 on 1st floor. between Florence and Siena. However. It is a perfectly preserved Medieval hiltop town It is a perfect location for exploring Tuscany and UmbriaThere is a good bus service to the village from Florence (also to Siena). if the apartment of the first floor. (Apartment on the Ground Floor) 3-room apartment 80 m2. The private and equipped garden is behind the house. The many architectural testimonials scattered throughout the territory make it possible to trace its past history. bus stop 60 m. so it is possible to get there by public transport from any Italian airport including Pisa. For shared use: barbecue. riding stables 1 km. However. The apartment is not equipped for parking. railway station "a Poggibonsi" 8 km. in a sunny position. Shower/bidet/WC. Bath/bidet/WC.

soon eached the walls of Florence and brought about an angry and violent reaction. though the Florentine Gate is a modern copy. The Siena gate. with bread and “focacce” and pizza is very good . The two gates still exist. They are nice typical tuscany villages. The bakery. So when you came from Florence you can by food there. and it is just in front of your house. The ancient refrain “Florence make way for Semifonte. then a village. When you came from Siena you can buy food at COOP or Superal in Poggibonsi. You can see this when you come from Florence on your left.Appiano. To go to Barberino from Superal take the street to go to Linari and Sant'appiano. which proceeded to urround it with defensive walls and transformed it into a military garrison. Its dominating position on the ridge of the hill. near the street to go SANGIMIGNANO credit cards are accepted. This type of urban lay-out is fairly common among the walled towns of the Elsa Valley and has remained basically intact. astride the watershed between the Elsa and the Pesa alleys. in the little Commercial Center. In the Superal supermarket. After conquering the town. Barberino can be found a few kilometers (to the west) of the road that connects Florence with Siena. In Tavarnelle: In the main square (Piazza Matteotti) just in front of the bus stop for Florence. in the middle of the village. which is fast becoming a city”. under the bus stop after the shell petrol station. but five times smaller. often stopping overnight. Originally a castle. However the town really developed as a borough in the first decades of the 13th century after the Florentine destruction of Semifonte in 1202. while a small eighteenth-century brick belfry can be seen above the main walls. For one who has time. This explains the presence of the Pilgrim's Hospice close by the Florentine Gate. Two other streets run parallel with this main street and meet up with it again near the gates. although the town walls have suffered some mutilations here and there. Free for 30 minutes every day. it is important to visit the Outskirts described in the routes proposals. The Barberino Country was an important crossroads on border between the cities of Florence and Siena. The prices are good here. 2 km from the village. A main street cuts straight through the length of the town to connect the two entrances. between the valleys of the Elsa and the Pesa. 2 km from Tavernelle. Today an identical dome to the Brunelleschi cupola. it can be pleasant to visit also Vico d’Elsa.The town is still characterised by a historic medieval centre set out in an oblong or shaft-shaped form. It is very very scenic and I suggest you see Linari and Sant'Appiano. Interesting “reperti” of Etruscan and Roman age are in the small Museum of S. It is more expensive than bigger supermarkets but offers always fresh vegetables and fruit of good quality. In the public library in the center of Tavarnelle. In the office you can buy the tickets to visit the Uffizzi Gallery avoiding the kilometric line ! They are open from April until October. . is built in stone. rises up on top of what was presumably the hill of Semifonte and stands as a permanent reminder of the tragic event. It then became part of the lorentine Republic and a Podesta or Magistrate was installed as governor. commissioned by Taddeo di Cecco. The panorama that is enjoyed from some parts of the country comprises one of the beautiful valleys of hills of the Chianti. It boasts an elegant Gothic arch. For other periods you can utilize the office of Florence and Siena. as well as the defence towers overlooking the Drove river valley. In Barberino Val d’Elsa: Along the Cassia road. In 2006 a new supermarket opened in Tavarnelle alled COOP. Barberino can be found mentioned in a document of 1054 belonging to the Abbey of Passignano as a Fortress or Village situated in the Parish of San Pietro in Bossolo. encouraged the Florentines to fortify the castle against the feudal barons allied with the mpire. There is a very well supplied store just meters from your house. From historical part. The main road that now runs alongside the town to the east once went right through the centre so that merchants and ilgrims naturally had to pass this way. Open every working day. Open 2-3 times per week. Florence then proceeded to completely destroy it and forbade any rebuilding on the hill for enturies. the Siena-Rome Gate and the Florentine Gate. COOP in Poggibonsi is near the main road that goes to Siena but they do not accept credit card. The village provides of all you need for an enjoyable stay without moving from the area. Shop and Foods. It has 4000 people and it is situated 373 m above sea level. At the 2 butchers of the village you can buy the best meat of Tuscany. son of the poet and otary Francesco da Barberino in 1365. Alternatively it is possible to buy from two large Supermarket at Poggibonsi (COOP and Superal). Cortine. Tourism Office. Internet Point In the public library in the historic center of Barberino. By the following century the Barberino was under the rule of Florence. near the bakery store. A lot of concerts in the church and many others events. commonly known as “di sotto” (below). Pastine and Badia a Passignano. Barberino Val D' Elsa still retains its ancient walls. It will be possible to buy foods and supplies directly from the stores in the village.

Closed on monday. The park has also a campetto for skating and a bar with small tables out doors. It is in front of the bus stop. Tavarnelle. By car it take 30 minutes to arrive to Siena from my home. In the journeys describe below you can find a lot of interesting activities and places to see with children. in San Donato (on a little hill at the end of the country).balloonintuscany. But good coffee also in Barberino! Children. It is near the Ponte Vecchio between Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Pitti. (little attractive from a landscaped point of view). Certaldo. Colle val d’elsa. a beautiful locality to 3 Km from Tavarnelle. labor. In Florence. meat and excellent jambon (cheap prices). It will be very easy find free parking near Fortezza. There are a few beautiful golf courses within 45 minutes to an hour away (Ugolino in Florence and Castel Falfi near San Gimignano) In Tavarnelle Val di Pesa (Chiostrini locality). Certosa di Firenze. It is faster and in front of bus stop. It is a lovely park. It is approached by going up one ramp of stairs made with “cotto fiorentino”. In Poggibonsi (15 minutes by bus) there is train station. at the end of via Becattelli/Semifonte. 9r : it is a place where it is possible to eat cheaper and good: 6/9 . is open all year (not every day) and all day friday it’s possible to appreciate a very good menù (fish!!!) at good prices . In the evening it is possible to eat at restaurant LATINI in the historical centre to eat traditional food like “ribollita”. The bus it is not direct so the journey by bus can be more than 1 hour and (sometimes also 1hour and half hour). There are also two small parks for children near your house. etc.In Fattoria Morrocco near Tavarnelle is possible to buy very good wine.8071584). Poggibonsi. 055. “pappa con il pomodoro” (Via del Palchetti 6R. in Marcialla. but only for lunch. near the little commercial center. Restaurants. From Siena there are buses but you must change in Poggibonsi. Ther are also pubs. In the village (70 m from my home) there are buses that go every hour to Florence directly. Horses : Loc Novoli in Barberino or Near (2 Km) (San Filippo ) it is possible to rent horses (also to have lessons) (Agriturismo “IL PARETAIO”. I highly recommend to go there at least once. etc. In summer it will be possible to have supper outdoors with extremely good prices at numerous restaurant only open in summer and therefore have the low costs as not paying rents. (5 minute from house). Monteriggioni. Sport and Relax • • • • • • In Poggibonsi or San Casciano or Colle Val d’elsa or Sambuca (about 5 Km) you can find a very beautiful public swimming pool. In San Filippo locality (2 Km ). behind the little yellow houses. It is very scenic. Transport.055/215013) near Duomo in Florence. there is Trattoria BORDINO (055/213048) street: via stracciatella. It is necessary to book. There are also many other restaurants options in the little village of Tavarnelle. 500 m from the home in the village it is possible to rent bikes and mountain-bikes to see the beautiful Tuscany country. www. every day it is possible to leave for a trip in Mongolfiera and to admire the landscape of hills of the Chianti from the sky (phone 334 7232300). It is advised to book in advance.flyballoon. By bus you can see also many other place like Sangimignano. The recomended and attended restaurant are in Barberino (in pineta). Phone number: +39 55 21 0916) In Siena a very good restaurant is NONNA GINA .com/ www. 2 phone number: 0577-287247 BAR If you want to drink the best coffee in Florence. The other. you must go to the Robiglio on the street Tosinghi 11/R (tel. One just in front of the Cassia way. They are located in the historical center. In Barberino a park (Pineta) is available for children and it is equipped with several games. there is an other good ristorante/pizzeria. By car you take only half an hour to go to Florence.V. This restaurant. A lot of people (local and foreigners) use bikes Tennis near Pineta in Barberino Val d’elsa. By train (in Poggibonsi) it will be fast to go to Pisa. It takes 1 hour but the bus goes directly to the centre of Florence (150 from catedral (church) Santa Maria del Fiore). SanCasciano. in Sanbuca (near to the Sport Field ph. Better in Poggibonsi if you take the train. In Barberino there are two excellent ristorants/pizzerie that have a very good reputation. Pian dei Mantellini. (in the central public square).

Poneta. On bicycle or on foot or by car it is possible to visit: the ancient Pieve di Sant. Certaldo in the morning and Saint Gimignano in the afternoon. During the journey it is suggested to visit the little village of Montereggioni. Monsanto. San Filippo 2° day. It will be possible also to go back to the 5° day. 055 2388614) and Santa Maria del Carmine (CAPPELLA BRANCACCI). museum dell’urban work.mercantiacertaldo. Certosa of the Galluzzo that have the “fine chiostro d’Europe”. The terminus of bus is found near the church Santa Maria Novella and the Cathedral. Olena. Fortezza Medicea). Siena comfortably can be reached by car. Florence.Appiano (It is possible go indoor only in Sunday when there are the religious functions) and little village of Linari near S. ) In the area beyond you can admire the marvellous landscapes and it is possible to visit the well-known wine farm of the Chianti. A visit to the ancient village and some localities in the Outskirts is proposed. A visit of Siena (Cathedral. If the day allows it. landscaped and environmental point of view to Saint Vivaldo (Castelfalfi) there is also a great SPA with swimming pool and bar restaurant. Beyond being important from an historical.3. A trip in the Chianti (Heavy and Panzano. 7° day. Panzano. In the Certosa there it is also possible purchases in the the small shop tipical products . Radda (to visit if possible also the park of Cavriglia and the castle of Brolio which belonged to the Baron Ricasoli) and Castellina in Chianti. which leads towards the agriturismo the Volpaia Other very beautiful enjoyable walk in the little street near the street that go from San Donato to Castellina in Chianti. San Donato. Florence (Palace Pitti and the Garden of Boboli Tel. if it is desired. It is on the road (Via cassia) close to highway Florence/Certosa. It is recommended to have information for hours of visiting the Certosa of the Galluzzo before to go. Marcialla.Appiano. 4° day. And it is a lot simpler to park the car with respect to Florence. 3° day. A day spent in Saint Vivaldo. piazza del Campo.ancient mediaevale village. public palace and tower of Mangia. If you have time avoid to enter the expressway Florence Siena and travel the ancient Via Cassia. Pleasant and outside from the traffic the enjoyable walk that starts 5 minuten from the house for lunch. In the second half of July in Certaldo a very important art exsibition. Tavarnelle val di Pesa and Poggibonsi constitute the really historical villages of the territory of the Chianti. After Petrognano has been erected in scale 1/8 the reproduction of the church (cupola) of Saint Maria del Fiore In the Tavarnelle neighbor to visit the ancient Pieve near the country. the Castle of MonteFiridolfi. after to continue to Montaione and to ask for the locality of San Vivaldo. We suggest this trip. a city cited by Dante in the Divine Commedia. Tel. the ancient village of Petrognano where stands on the ruin (foundahors) of Semifonte. SantaMaria Novella and the basilica and the “quartiere of San Lorenzo” where there is also a market. you can undertake enjoyable walks to outside of the sold road. national art gallery. These little town and also Barberino val d’elsa. Lamole with the Villa di Vignomaggio. Florence can be reached comfortably also using the bus that stops near our house (information about times can be found at the bar near the Commune) or with the car go to Tavarnelle entering after the swift expressway Florence-Siena.uffizi. Montefioralle (were borned Amerigo Vespucci). Pieve di . Bus informations can be found at the Bar in the centre of Barberino. Other village to see: Vertine. admiring the landscape (It is the bus route). Pastine. 6° If it is preferred to go by car to the central Station it is possible to park the car very comfortable to reach (but that could be expensivy). Others village to see Tignano. Abbey to annexed Passignano with a charming church with the medieval village. Stops near house. Poppiano. which is a small village within the ancient walls and cited also in the Divine Comedy. house of Santa Caterina. THE OUTSKIRTS (the journey) The village of Barberino is ideally located in order to allow movements in the beautifulst tourist localities of Tuscany. The total duration of the travel will be of approximately 45 m but the day could be in part dedicated to the discovery of the historical remain (San Vivaldo) and in part dedicated to relaxing in the swimming pool and the restaurants of the place. see: http://www. It is necessary to go to Certaldo (approximately 10 km). To visit the Museum of the Uffizi we recommend you to save time waitin (possible after to have reserved some first days to reduce the time of wait in tail) and the historical center visiting the Cathedral and the Battistero. It is also possible to visit Siena by the bus. for reservations (Museum Uffizi) 055/294883 (save recent changes) http://www. Palace Piccolomini and San Domenico. or Gaiole. Cortine. 1° day. Also Castelnuovo Berardenga is very interesting.sistemamusealecertaldo.

The main square is made by water. ecc. Montalcino. Santa Maria della Spina. If you have time visit the Chianti in more days (almost 3 days). Montelupo. Abetone and little villages near Abetone. Fiesole is a small Tuscan town whose origins can be traced back to Etruscan times. A Roman colony. 19° day. To see: The Museum Leonardo da Vinci. . Amiata Pistoia and Lucca Amiata and little village near Monte Amiata. 14° day. High Tuscan Coast (Versilia) Park dell’Uccellina near Grosseto. Here is possible to taste the well-known wine Brunello of Montalcino). 18° day. The Roman Theatre. 22° day.san Lolino. the ruins of the Thermae. Rossellino. 24° day. Francis are just some of the sites worth visiting. Piazza Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio (055 – 2768325) and David of Michelangelo in the Accademia. Extraordinary in the church of san Francesco the cycle of affreschi of the “Leggenda della Vera Croce” of Piero della Francesca Near Arezzo there are other nice an old street from Italy to Europe. Florence (Church of santa Croce and the Museum of the Bargello Tel. the churches of St. Montepulciano and the sweet Crete di Siena and the Terme of Chianciano. Visit also Parco di San Rossore (beautifull) and SanMiniato. 13° day. at Poggibonsi and from there continue to 20° day.Lorenzo (XIII secolo). To visit: the National Museum of San Matteo. Giovanni Baptist (X century) in Sant’Ansano. Gubbio in the Umbria region.viafrancigena. Near there is the beautiful little village of Bagno Vignoni. Pienza. After 40 minutes from Volterra it is possible to arrive at the sea in the locality of Cecina sea. Verrazzano Caste (where was born Giovanni da Verrazzano). San Gusmè. Near Caprese where Michelange was born. See http://www. To see: S. a 15th century abbey built by Filippo Brunelleschi whose most famous construction is the Duomo’s cupola in nearby Florence 10° day. Fiesole is much appreciated by tourists for its breathtaking views of Florence afforded by its beautiful hillside position. Alexander and St. Lorenzo (XIII century). Other very attractive seaside villages. About 1 hour and 30 minutes of journey. San Miniato al Monte and Forte Belvedere. Cappelle 11° day. The Pieve of S. The birth house of Leonardo. the Praetorian Palace (XIV century). Lucignano wich is a typical villa of medieval Tuscany. To reach Arezzo enter the highway to Florence Certosa. The beautiful village of Sansepolcro where Piero della Francesca was born. Pitigliano and Capalbio. the Cemetery. Very important Abby of Camaldoli and The Verna where San Francesco lived. To have information about park visitation telephone to 0564 407098 to the Center Visits of Alberese. Villa Medicea Ambrogiana (XVI century).Ofetn there is an area where it is possible to use the termal water without paying 12° day. Perugia. Todi and Spoleto and the attractive countryside of Umbria 23° day. Villa Medicea Ambrogiana (XVI secolo). anfiteatro and “le balze”. Fucecchio (Indro Montanelli).. 0552388606) and Fiesole.. Castiglione of the Pescaia – where there is the ancient histoical site of “Roselle” After San Vincenzo there is a sea area with beach and pineta were free beach where is is possible to take a free shower and have picnic. 9° day. Badia a Coltibuono and the Mileto Castle. Piazzale Michelangelo (Remember to take photos!). the Dome (XI century). Vinci. Duomo. Pontormo. Arezzo. Empoli and the Museo (Lippi. the Field of the Miracles (campo dei miracoli). In Volterra visit the very important Etruscan museum. a seaside area with attractive pinete and a sandy beach. Enter the expressway Perugia going through the magnificent Siena country. Or by train. Very scenic. The nearest sea town is Cecina (85 km). Magliano. Volterra. 8° day. Medicee and Museo di San Marco and Cenacolo di Sant’Apollonia. noted also for gold factories. Montelupo. Per vedere: S.. On the outskirts of Fiesole lies the splendid Badia Fiesolana. It will be possible also go to San Giovanni d’Asso (well know and famous for TARTUFI). 21° day. Florence. Abbadia San Salvatore Piancastagnaio. are Follonica. one of the most ancient town of Tuscany. To the sea. 16° day. Near sea. Beautiful Nazionale Park of Monte 17° day.). Important to visit Sovana and Sorano. Pisa can be reach or by train from Poggibonsi or by car or by train from Florence. 15° day. Pisa.

Sergio (green number)-055. Villa Medicea di Poggio a Caiano p. near the little medieval village of Pari. Montecatini (to visit also the gracious country of high Montecatini).30-13. Ermenegildo Zegna. Day for children: Park Mediceo of Pratolino to the Periphery of Florence. the “MUSEUM of children in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. Emanuel Ungaro. Near Abbey San Galgano.htm) or Valdichiana Outlet Village. l'AICAV (Accademia Italiana Cavalieri d'Alto Volo) do some ancient play with birds . Barberino di Mugello (Big Outlet Near exit Barberino di Mugello Near autostrada del sole (near Florence). +39 055877012. Tuscania. Gucci. 28° day. 055-91901 33° day.25° day. it is it possible also. Piazza Duomo – Chiusi Visit also with giudes . 15-19 (close on monday) You can go to Colle by bus or train..055/2768224 (Some activities are in English) the museum of Preistoria at Cetona (0578/237632) (best from july 1 to 30 september) the Park of Pinocchio in Collodi and ZOO in Pistoia the “MUSEUM of children in Siena (“Bambimus” street dei Pispini 164). Vey interesting. tel. tel 167. 0578 226490 30° day. 8/A . And finally to the see. Unforgettable!. Foiano della Chiana AR (open in the 2005) Near sortie Valdichiana dell’Autostrada del Sole ) www.Tel. or Gambassi terme (near Certaldo). After I suggest to go to see the wonderful “Necropoli” of Populonia and Baratti near the sea. It is preferable to telephone to have information about the hours of visit. (the water is the same of the terme Petriolo…but free!)...2. On Tuesday morning it is possible to visit the famous market that accommodates interesting produced benches and discounted prices are offered. 29° or The Mall Outlet of Agnona. Aroud 40 minutes from Barberino. If desideed.. Reggello FI.30-13 .. We suggest you To visit Villa Demidoff.924135 Orari: 10. 3. Chiusi. Information: Aicav.. Montevarchi AR.Colle Val d’Elsa (Si) Telefono: 0577. Bottega Veneta. Then it is possible to visit the remarkable Basilica of Saint Lucchese and the restored and ancient .315. For children in Chiusi there is very interesting Museo della Cattedrale Labirinto etrusco. • • 32° day Some shops in the big Outlet: Mc Arthur Outlet Village. Catacombe. 4. The journey however is quiet long so you need to leave in the morning. You can see also “Museo dei Ragazzi in Firenze in Palazzo Vecchio. Abbey San Galgano is well knowd everybody as the church without a roof!. On the road to and in English http://www. Relax in the magnificent scene of Abbey to Passignano near Tavarnelle: visit to the famous Antinori wine cellars (on reservation tel. Please visit also Pieve di Morrocco near Tavarnelle 35° day. Near the lake Of Bilancino to have a rest (http://www. La Perla. (about 40 minute from home) it is possible to go free directly the thermal mud baths along the banks of the river …free admission for tourists. tel. località Leccio.bilancinolagoditoscana. Take relaxing walks in the forest. 31° Colle val d’Elsa to see the very nice old medieval village and also the museum of cristallo: Museo del Cristallo Via dei Fossi. 33 .valdichianaoutlet. 057746517 27° day.zza de' Medici. and fax 055/8071278) and bath in the small lake “Antinori”. Poggibonsi.. 14 oggio a Caiano . Salvatore You can visit also some farms “fabbriche di cristallo” . 15-19 Consorzio del Cristallo via del Castello. Cascate (Fallen down) delle Marmore. It is open from 10 to 20 from the friday to the sunday.920163 Open: 10. Tod's e Hogan Via Europa 8.bilancinolagoditoscana. Orvieto. to visit the well-known Terme of Saturnia. Once a year usually in september there is a vey interesting festival of “cristallo” in the old part of Colle.461.Colle Val d’Elsa phone 0577 924135 www. Not far from SanGalgano Abbey. Please visit the splendid Abbey. 34° day. A day to the thermes: Rapolano Terme (Terme of San Giovanni) (beautiful and close to Siena!). Some address: La Moleria via delle Romite.cristallo. Trip for children: 1. 26 . Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent. 055-8657775 Outlet della griffe Prada Località Levanella.PratoTel. Giorgio Armani. (0744423047) 26° day. 2. Loro Piana.Colle Val d’Elsa (Si) phone number: 0577. Città della Pieve.. Or if you want to go to Siena “Museo dei ragazzi a Siena “Bambimus” in via dei Pispini 164.732.

XVI. Trip Isle “Isola d’Elba”. Near Castello di Badia. Castelvecchio. For information:tel e fax 0577 665188. cellulare 3402478220 Comune of Trequanda 0577 662114 . Near Vicchio there is Barbiana where worked Don Lorenzo Milani. Firenze. Near the sea in the Bocca di Magra. By train 1 hour from Florence. A car is not necessary while on the isle. Nearby in the village of Carmignano there is Artimino with an important villa medicea (1594 Buontalenti).Vincenzo and Beautifull city of Massa Marittima and the little village of Suvereto.i del sec. It is possibile to visit the abbey only some days during the week. Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina. 41° day. 55° day. Near Scarperia there is a medieval Caste with ancient walls. Relaxing day at Lake Trasimeno.. Some SITA bus started from your home go there. 058862350 / 51). Massa Marittima. Certosa di Pontignano. Bologna (the trips take 2 hours one way by car). Visit also Luni. Visit also Santissima Annunziata and Ospedale degli Innocenti. Sovicille. 52° day. 39° To the sea S. 43° day. 50°. Beato Angelico and Giotto were bor in Vicchio. It is a long but beautiful trip. Excursion Casole d’Elsa. Do not forget Castello dell’imperatore (1237-48) Museo di Arte Contemporanea and Museo del Tessuto p. 48° day.zza del Comune. The beautiful city of Cortona near Arezzo. 0577/989001 fax 0577/989002 The House where was born in XIII sec. In this villa Niccolò Machiavelli stay the time when Florence obliged them to go out from Florence. A car is necessary for this long but beautiful trip. Assisi. The beautiful town of Urbino.Vincenzo and very Beautifull city of Massa Marittima and little village of Suvereto.giv. but it is necessary to arrive to the ferry. Pomarance and Montecerboli.. The strrets of the country are scattered with stores of apparel and articles for the house (also embroiderys by hand). Very interesting also for children. From Carrara it is possibile to go to the important “cave di marmo of Alpi Apuane”. Very interesting also for children. Visit also Fosdinovo whith the caste Malaspina. 64 To visit the home. 46° . Lake of Accesa. 37° day. Relax at Abbazia of Vallombrosa. Pieve di Ponte allo Spino. Castello del Belcaro. Around 190 km but inforgettable panorama and villages. Via Calzaiuoli and Piazza della Sant'Andrea in Percussina near SanCasciano Val di Pesa Via Scopeti. Near the village: Colonnata. 36° day. Trip Isle “Isola del Giglio”. 055/828471 Visit group: Lucia Migliorini tel. 56° day. 9 – Prato Tel. Very important. Codena. Do not forget Rocca Sillana (tel. Near Montereggioni and Badia a Isola. Near Siena in Trequanda there is a very interesting “Museo della Terracotta”. Visit alone: Claudio Landi tel. Castello delle quattro torri. Prato. San Leonardo al Lago. 20 minutes from Siena in Buonconvento there is a very interesting “Museo della Mezzadria”. 48° day. Palazzo Davanzati and Museo della casa fiorentina. South of Siena Basilica dell’osservanza. Relax at Monte San Michele (800 m slm) Very beautiful. 49° day. 53° day. 47° day. Underneath San Vincenzo some km of beach/pineta have free access to picnictables and showes 40° day. 44° . 54° day. 45° . 38° day. Near San Gimignano. Museo Archeologico.Medicea Fortress.House of MACHIAVELLI – Web site internet: www. The trip takes a lot of time but it is beautiful. +39 0574611503. Trip to “Cinque terre”. al Castello Strozzavolpe e alla Fonte delle Fate. The area of Mugello. House of Giotto it is in Vespignano where there is a museum. Lardarello and Museo of geotermia. family Machiavelli. 42° day. 51° day. Bedizzano. 39° To the sea S. Monteaperti.

Orgia near Sovicille phone 0577582323 . near Pisa. PRICE 2012 Very low special price for stay more than 3 weeks. Very good also for children. Venezia. close saturday afternoon and sunday) 57° day. By train from Florence 1. For children special guide very nice. Museo Etnografico del Bosco. Good for family. near the little medieval village of Pari..00 to 13.0577 342097. Pietro 29 Siena Tel 0577 281161 64° It is a very nice city. On the road to Grosseto. (the water is the same of the terme Petriolo…but free!). 59° day. Space and laboratory for children. Other walks from Castelnuovo Garfagnana. 63° day. and where it is possible to see a lot of birds. For foreigners that can not to come back to Italy in the near future: Roma. By train from Florence 2.For children there is a walk named Campo Catino. and near the sea there are Ciclilandia 4 KM only for bicycle for children. 4. For informations 0583 644242.Museum of football (street Aldo Palazzeschi 20. You can see information about the lake in the website: http://www. The children can learn the rules of street. Very good also for children. For informatioon about Park Archeologico Naturalistico Monte Cetona Loc.33573 62° day. Belvedere Cetona Tel 0578 227667 Better to visit from 1 july to the end of september. 58° day.00 to 18.40 h. tel 055 600526. .00. via S. Near the Parco archelogico – naturalistico di Belverde. 66° day. Highly recommended. The museum is in an old farm and there are also some walks in the wood where are show some old works.40 h Milan by train from Florence less than 2 h. 055 27521) in Marina di Pietrasanta. la Versiliana it is very beautiful and in July and August there are cultural meetings. Close on Monday. Ferrara. You can enjoy this lake and the sports and also go to the big Outlet (Mc Arthur Outlet Village) near the lake. Pinacoteca di Siena. (about 40 minute from home) it is possible to go free directly the thermal mud baths along the banks of the river …free admission for tourists.. Near the sea 60° day. where there is a city under the lake. across “Sentiero Ariosto”. Very good also for children. and reservation 050 .. In Florence there are one or 2 train a day that bring you directly to Ferrara in 1 hour.bilancinolagoditoscana. For information 61° day. Via Roma 37 Cetona Tel 0578 237611.htm 66° day. Relax at the Lake of Bilancino near Barberino di Mugello. In low season for 4 weeks you pay 850 euro for ground floor apartment In low season for 4 weeks you pay 1000 euro for first floor apartment. open all year from 9. Museo civico per la preistoria del MonteCetona. At Tirrenia. Open all year for children under 12 years. starts from Vegli (LU).00 and from 16. 67° day. (built in the ‘500). Very interesting also for children. Pinacoteca Nazionale Palazzo Buonsignori. It is one of the most important city of Renaissance. Highly recommended. Walking tour in the beatiful National Park of Alpi Apuane ( 1300 Kmq). It is wonderful to see it. Parco Museo Minerario Area Mineraria . Not far from SanGalgano Abbey. For “an evening whith the stars”. it is possible to book a visit to Osservatorio Astrofico di Arcetri (Largo Fermi 5 . tel .. and arrive to Castle Fortezza di Monte Alfonso.Abbadia San Salvatore phone 0577 778324 65° day.

In winter there are windy days. Arezzo.Smith and other bookshops) Some website to consult for special event: Galleria dell'Accademia Via Ricasoli 60 web: http://www. etc). To see Meteo have a kook to www. the famous show man of the Zelig transmission married in the village of Barberino and acquired one house in the little village of Tignano.sbas. Some video about Barberino and Chainti: http://www.H. and the Queen of Holland has a house with annexed lands in Tavarnelle and she cames every year.sbas.sbas. the English first minister. Climate.vetrina-toscana. Often during the summer evenings it is necessary to wear a pullover.sbas. Also some actorrs (italian television) are discovering these localities.The zone enjoys optimal climate.firenze. visits with friends every year in summer.firenze.firenze. The warm and dry climate of the locality and the sparsity of rains render the ideal locality for a summery stay that allows you to enjoy the beauties of the Tuscany cities ( Galleria degli Uffizi Piazzale degli Uffizi 055-23885 web: 5. Little rain and a lot of sunny days in summer. For last in the 2003 Galleria Palatina .firenze. Pisa. Some people stay here all year. Adviseable guides to bring or consult before you come: Eyewitness Florence & Tuscany published by DorlingKindersley Fodor’s Exploring Florence & Tuscany The Rough Guide Tuscany & Umbria The AA Essential Guide Tuscany & Florence by Tim Jepson Designer Bargains in Italy .it/commercio www. Illustrious people such as Some website to consult to see Museum in Florence: Galleria d'Arte Moderna Piazza Pitti 055-2388616 web: www. Ideal also for winter stays. You can find many English and German people with holiday houses in this Galleria del Costume Piazza Pitti web: Some website to consult to see Panorama Chianti area: www.the factory shop guide (outlets) (available W. Also in summer light breeze above all in the evening hours is often present.

operaduomo. the 6. Arriving in Pisa you can come from Europe with very low fares flight companies.casabuonarroti. Or you can take the train to Florence exchanging in Empoli and taking another to go in the Siena direction until Museo dell'Opera del Duomo Piazza Duomo 9 that is 80 Km far from Florence.ambientefi. and Easyjet The other airport is in the town of Florence (49 km). .beniculturali. There a bus will bring you to Barberino/Tavarnelle Museo Nazionale del Bargello Via Del Proconsolo 4 web: Pinacoteca della Certosa del Galluzzo Via della Buca di Certosa 2 055-2049226 Museo Richard-Ginori della Manifattura di Doccia web: Museo Casa Buonarroti Via Ghibellina 70 web: www. There a bus will bring you to Barberino/ Museo degli Argenti Piazza Pitti web: Museo di palazzo Vecchio Piazza Signoria Museo di San Marco Piazza San Marco 3 Museo dell'Opera di Santa Croce Piazza Santa Croce 16 mail: operasantacroce@tin. How to reach the house: BY PLANE: You can fly to the Museo "Villa Medicea La Petraia" Via della Petraia web : www. the Museo Opificio delle Pietre Dure Via degli Alfani 78 web: www.firenze.sbas.aeroporto.Piazza Pitti web: Museo delle porcellane Giardino Boboli Piazza Pitti web: Museo del Bigallo Piazza San Giovanni 1 web:www.sbas.firenze. From there a bus service can bring you to the Florence bus station (SITA and TRA-IN station) and from there you can take a bus who will bring you in Barberino few steps from the house. And then take the train to Florence.sbas.

To see the timetable of bus SITA you can see at http://www. cinema and handicraft November National Truffle Festival in S. BY BUS: From Florence you can reach Barberino by taking a bus from the bus station that is very close to the train station of Florence SMN (Santa Maria Novella train station)..mercantiacertaldo. When you take the highway take to the FIRENZE direction. 7. .bolognaairport. just outside the train station. You exit there and following the direction to To reach it from Siena take the superhighway to Florence.htm Alternatively you can take a train to the rail Station of in Bologna and Venezia.Giovanni June Historical Football in Florence 2nd July Palio of Seina Second Half of July Medieval Festival in Monteriggioni Second Half of July Medieval Buskers’ Festival in Certaldo http://www. Once on the highway you have about 30 Km to go before reaching the POGGIBONSI NORD exit on the map. There are also bus called TRA-IN (they are bus and not train . Pisa and Livorno). You will also be able to book tickets on line.sea-aeroportimilano. After about 20 Km exit at Tavarnelle and follow the signalization for Barberino. By CAR: Barberino Val d'Elsa is along the Cassia In July every Tuesday evening handicraft market in Tavarnelle 16th August Palio of Siena September Wine Festival in Impruneta and Greve September “Libera Coll’Arte” music.50 p.acvbus. BY TRAIN: To reach Barberino by train you can reach the rail train station in Florence (Firenze Santa Maria Novella -SMN-) or to the Poggibonsi train station.Other airports are the http://www. Both SITA and TRA-IN bus departing from the same SITA bus station in Florence. I can suggest the shortest route that allows you to avoid to go to Florence by exiting the highway at 2 exits after the Empoli town). The Pisa airport is very closed to the highway in Florence (called FI-PI-LI because it is the conjunction for in Roma.Miniato 13th December S. just between Florence and Siena. At the airport you can rent a car or use bus and/or train to reach the house. From there you can catch a bus. (to reach the highway from Siena follow the green signalization to "FIRENZE").it We remain in regular contact with many of the host families. For timetables of the bus visit the web pages linked below. www. You have to pass "Empoli" than "Montelupo" and exit at "Ginestra Fiorentina”. You can arrive both to the Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence or the Poggibonsi train in Milano . To reach it from Florence take the superhighway for Siena at the "Certosa" exit of the http://www.ferroviedellostato.) by which you can reach Barberino from Florence or Siena or Poggibonsi and also visit San Gimignano and Volterra and other villages along the main roads of communication.Lucia Festival in Tavarnelle first Sunday of each month Antique-dealing Market in Colle Val d’Elsa third Sunday of each month Antique-dealing Market in Tavarnelle You can contact the proprietor of the house writing to e-mail address: villettachianti@yahoo.mega.pdf.. Some special events February Famous Carnival of S. You can get all the information you need on timetable schedules and fares of trains in Italy by visiting http://www. http://www.m. To reach it from Pisa you need about 60 minutes to drive the 95 Km following my route. The last bus from Florence to my village start at 7.Gimignano Easter "Scoppio del carro" in Florence 24th of June

your comments will come to my personal attention. 3 HIGH .FEEDBACK We are delighted that you have chosen to stay with us. Thanks COMFORT OF THE HOUSE CLEANING OF THE HOUSE QUALITY OF BED LINEN Unsatisfied====>Satisfied 1 2 3 1 1 2 2 3 3 COMFORT OF THE GARDEN or PATIO QUALITY OF FURNISHINGS IN THE GARDEN or PATIO Are you satisfaied with your stay? 1 2 3 1 1 2 2 3 3 SUGGESTION_________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ _____________________________________ STAY IN THE HOUSE FROM ______________________ SURNAME OF THE FAMILY ________________________ SIGNATURE ___________________________________ If you want to have information about the house (like special offers) in the future you can write your address or e-mail: _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Legenda: 1 LOW. 2 MEDIUM. May we request your assistance in our effort to keep our level of hospitality? If you would like to leave this completed questionnaire.

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