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You Are Creator Spirits -2 The Six Heart Virtues –3 Best Way to Deal with Cancer -4 Parasitic Worms for Inflammation? -6 Hulda Clark Machine Recommended -7 Leeches to Clean the Blood -7 Oxygenation Chambers -8 The Dangers of GM Foods -8 Correct Dosage for Miracle Water? -9 Asperger’s Syndrome -10 Firewalking to Build Confidence? -11 Trying to Teach Mother Nature -12 These Are Trying, Magical Times -14 Time to Look Deeply Within -14 Your Power Is in the Now! -15 Letting Go of Past Clutter -16 Did a Meteor Strike Russia? -16

Increasing UFO Activity -18 Old Time Paradigm Thoughts -18 New Acronym for the Word “Trust” -20 Release Fear and Negativity -20 Elenin Collided with Jupiter -21 UFOs Leaving the Moon -21 Chemtrails Poisoning Birds and Bees -22 Things Are Changing! -23 More on Cryptozoology -23 Did God Create out of Boredom? -24 More on HAARP and Tesla Weapons -26 Enjoy the Roller Coaster Ride! -27 Take Responsibility for Yourself! -27 The Deepest Truth of Your Being -28 You Are an Aspect of God -28 Verbatim Transcriptions of the Messages –29

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2 CAC General Reading, February 2, 2013. Will Berlinghof, Interpreter, Joan Mills, questioner and energizer.

MAINTAINING POSITIVE ENERGIES FOR FUTURE GROWTH QUESTIONER: Is there an opening message please? COSMIC AWARENESS: That this Awareness does have an opening message today. That several months have gone by since the event of December 21 occurred. That this Awareness has maintained that there was a shift in consciousness and this is still hat which this Awareness confirms. That during the past several months many have begun to notice in their personal lives that that which was a shift in consciousness is beginning to manifest in certain ways for each and every individual. That those who maintain the positive energies and hold optimistically to the future and for further growth and development will have begun to see that it has already begun. Those who are still working on this, struggling with it, it is still part of their journey at this time to maintain such high optimism and positivity despite the evidence in the world that is external that they are seeing, that they are experiencing. You Are Creator Spirits, and You Always Have Been Creator Spirits That these times are times where the creative energies are expressing themselves more and more quickly in the manifestation of events and circumstances, both on a personal level, regional and national levels and global as well. That it is sometimes difficult to maintain one's course when it appears that nothing is happening, but this is but an illusion. Much is happening, and as individuals begin to understand that they are creator beings, they have always been creator beings, and that as they see more and more evidence of this, especially with the shifting of consciousness and the manifesting of their thoughts, they will see that the new world that is starting to form around them will support their abilities as creator beings as never before. Equally, those who maintain by viewing only the external evidence presented to them through controlled press or through the actual experiences of their lives which are based on their negative feelings and thoughts, will not perhaps realize it unless certain events happen to them that force them to finally face the truth of the situation. Many of course will never understand this for it is not their soul's journey to have such an experience, have such understanding. But this Awareness speaks mainly to those seekers of Spirit who are truly attempting to grow and develop to attain spiritual enlightenment and awareness, to actualize that which was the Ascension in consciousness in their physical realities. As a result, what is of primary importance now in the journey that still lies ahead is not to worry about the external, not to go into fear, doubt and confusion that the world is still a mess and it is somehow that which is their truth, but rather to see that this is Maya–illusion; that this is not their reality, unless they choose to energize it. For those seekers who are beginning to experience that which is the shift in their personal realities, they will understand more and more as the weeks and months unfold how powerful they are as creator beings, and it will become easier to stay in a positive frame of mind and in positive energies, moving towards greater completion of that which is their task at this time to complete that which is their Ascension process. Ascension in many ways on a 3rd dimensional level is an ongoing process, and while many anticipated an instantaneous conversion of their lives and of the planet, the removal completely of those dark ones who have been in charge, they are now finding that while this may not have happened, it is still in the process of unfolding towards that which they had always hoped would happen. That on the 3rd dimensional level that it is required to always remember it is not good enough any longer to simply look outside of oneself without doing the inner work.


THE SIX HEART VIRTUES This interim period is the time for this inner work of appreciating and understanding oneself, of using those which are known as The Six Heart Virtues that this Awareness has spoken to in private readings. That these Six Heart Virtues be utilized at this time to help the growth and development of one's inner nature and one's positive stance. That the Six Heart Virtues are those that come from the Wingmakers material through the entity James, and this Awareness acknowledges this information from this individual and from this group. That it is worthwhile information for one and all to use at this time to open the heart, to deal with negativity, to deal with individuals who are for them burdens or challenges. But most particularly it is to be used for one's own personal growth and development. That the Six Heart Virtues are the following: the first heart virtue is that of appreciation. The second is that of compassion. The third is that of forgiveness. The fourth is that of humility. The fifth is that of understanding and the sixth Heart Virtue is that of valor. That to use these Six Heart Virtues as one is struggling in one's life to understand what is happening for one, to one–what the opposition may be about, what individuals who are challenging one may be about–one begins to shift their perspective and reaches a higher plateau from which to observe circumstances, individuals and events. Thus if one, for example, is angry with the world as it is, especially for an example, those dark ones in power yet or seemingly in power, and one uses the Six Heart Virtues, one can indeed shift their perspective on these individuals. If one, for example, started to appreciate them as beings who are following their own destiny and have taken on roles in this 3rd dimensional reality that are to be the roles of dark oppositional forces to help one find their own Light path, their own way of Light and Love, then one can certainly understand that while they may be playing these dark roles, that as one appreciates them as being teachers, even in these roles, one understands that this is to help them, each individual make their own choices not to follow these dark ones but rather to find their own path of Light. This then leads one into compassion, for these ones are indeed lost, if you will, but also they have chosen very strong and difficult roles. Their souls have chosen these roles so that they, in their own journey, will have the lessons they need down the line. It is always part of the soul's growth and one can have compassion for these ones for the difficult roles they have taken onboard. This of course would lead to forgiveness for that which they are doing. That it must always be remembered while these ones are doing their deeds, it is also choice on each individual creator being’s part to choose whether or not that which they are doing is affecting them, or rather how deeply it is affecting them. That in the choice they can see that it is their own life that they are creating, and when they put their power outside of their lives to these ones, and maintain that they have no power, for these ones, these dark ones are taking their power, are doing deeds that are indeed dark and nasty, that they will not move forward. But if they choose then to forgive them, for they are simply playing their roles, then one can see the choices they make are individual, their own choices are individual and that this can lead them to humility. The humility of recognizing how powerful the soul is in life, how one's soul is there within them giving forth the lessons and presenting the individuals who will participate in those lessons, in this case the dark ones; and in humility one gives thanks for such as these dark ones as teachers and leaders, opportunities in which to grow and expand. That the humility of course then leads to understanding of the roles that they play, of one's individual responsibility as well. Life begins to change in perspective and one does not see themselves any longer completely as victims to those in charge or slaves to them. That one understands everything has its role, everything has its part as these ones do, and in understanding one moves then into valor; valor


being of course the courage to act responsibly, to take charge, to not simply blame external events or external individuals for doing anything to one, but rather that they are simply all parts of a grand cosmic play: the play of life. And that when one has courage to take on the responsibility they are indeed charged with, the responsibility of being true creator beings, creating the reality that they choose to experience, then one moves into freedom. Thus the Six Heart Virtues are essential at this time as those who are seekers of the higher understanding, the higher awareness, need of course to be able to deal with the events and circumstances around them, and the Six Heart Virtues are offered here as a tool for one's spiritual growth and development that can then be reflected in 3rd dimensionality, giving to those individuals that which this Awareness has so long promised–that being higher 5th dimensional consciousness that is playing in 3rd dimensionality and mastering the 3rd dimensional state of reality. That this concludes the opening message at this time. That this Awareness asks the energizer to proceed now with your questions. THE BEST WAY OF DEALING WITH CANCER QUESTIONER: Thank you, that was excellent and the illustrations given will help people also understand the gist of what you are talking about and I thank you again on behalf of the membership, thank you. Our topic tonight, the main topic is the different health questions that have been coming in. The first one is from PS and JP. This first one concerns cancer. "The comments on DCA or sodium dichloroacetate, I had ordered some. Previously Awareness recommended vinegar, since cancer is a fungus. Would you please compare vinegar, Vitamin B-17 and DCA?" COSMIC AWARENESS: It is seen that the compound known as DCA is a very effective product to be used in drawing cancer out, much stronger than vinegar, and that it too has the effect of drawing the cancer out, the fungus, destroying the fungal bacterium and that which is behind cancer. That this substance is still recommended by this Awareness. B-17 is also to be used in conjunction with this. It must be remembered that one should not pin one's hopes only on one substance, not think that there is a magic bullet that will cure all, but rather to use that which could be termed the "shotgun effect". That the shotgun effect would mean one uses many modalities to treat the situation, and even the use of cider vinegar would be something that this Awareness would say would also fit into this regimen of treatment. But one must also understand the potency of one's own beliefs about such substances as being useful or helpful, must understand the emotional issues that may have caused the cancer in the first place. Therefore, again one cannot rely on a magic bullet, in this case the substance DCA or any other substance for that matter as being the cure-all when one has not dealt with the inner issues, the emotional energies that may have brought the cancer to formation in the first place. That the body is the last receptacle of the overall body that is affected, and that illness often begins at the auric level, especially at the spiritual and emotional levels of the auric body. And that the formation of that which would be cancer or any other illness first takes place in the energetic fields around the body and the mental field as well, and thus it is finally received at the physical level and manifested there in the terms of cancer or other illnesses reflective of deeper issues that do need to be recognized and worked with. In the allopathic system of medicine where pharmaceutical products are used, where surgery, chemotherapy, radioactive therapy are used to treat the body; they of course do have effect,


mostly negative effect on the body. But if one receives allopathic treatment with the belief that it will cure them, it will help them, that it may even do so, especially if one deals with some of the mental, emotional and spiritual illnesses that are also playing up that have called the illness or cancer into the body in the first place. If one does not deal at those deeper levels and if also at a subconscious level one holds that this will not work, then it is unlikely that the allopathic medicines will have much benefit. It is also unlikely that alternative products will have much benefit if again there is no working within oneself on the inner issues, no understanding, no healing at the levels of the mental, emotional and spiritual. But the one thing that alternative products do have is a greater affinity with the body's energies itself. They are not synthetic as allopathic medicines are. They are more natural and they have greater resonance. They may have ultimately greater effect but not if the other layers of the auric fields are not dealt with, if the issues at the deeper levels of the mental, emotional and spiritual are not reviewed and resolved. Equally, that as one begins to do the inner work and releases those trapped energies, the body can respond more effectively, especially to alternative, natural products and there can be amazing results. The body is a very complex organism in totality, but it is even more complex when one adds the understanding that the whole body involves the mental range, the emotional range, the spiritual range, and even that which is the etheric range and even beyond. That energy work in the future will help a great deal with the healing of the body, for it will also heal at these other levels, and other new forms of medicine are unfolding. The use of sound and harmonics, the use of light and color, even energy healing work itself are having greater and greater effect and in the times ahead, as the psyche of humanity begins to truly embrace these methods of treatment at the deeper levels, one will understand medicine in a completely different way. At this time one is indeed in a quandary, for as one does not deal with the inner levels of consciousness, the various states of the auric body: the mental, emotional and spiritual; one is left only with treating the physical with synthetic products, as the allopathic approach does, or using that which are techniques that are brutal and violent and even highly toxic. That this too is part of the old way of dealing with health and well-being in terms of illnesses such as cancer and that the new ways forward will involve higher understanding and awareness of the complete human body, not simply the physical. This completes this answer. Oxygen in the System Destroys Cancer Cells QUESTIONER: Thank you. There's a side question here. Is it true cancer cells cannot live or exist in body temperatures above 150° F? COSMIC AWARENNESS: That it is true that these tumors and the wild cells of the tumor, the mutant cells of the tumor, would indeed be destroyed at such high temperatures, but what will also destroy cancer cells is oxygen within the system. That this Awareness has spoken in the past of such substances as hydrogen peroxide as a way of delivering more oxygen to the system. Hydrogen peroxide in an edible form diluted to the ratio of at least 10, 11 to 1. That there are other products now available–liquid oxygen products this Awareness has also spoken of in the past that also put greater amounts of oxygen into the blood system, delivering them to the tumors. That there are other techniques as well that deliver light into the tumor, deliver more oxygen through exercise and yoga. That these are the techniques that are ancient in nature and yet are relatively unknown. The heat treatment that you are expressing is an extreme thing, of course, and this is not to be achieved simply by putting oneself in such an extreme temperature. But there will be techniques using lasers and other means by which heat can be delivered to the tumors and


destroy them. If the oxygen therapies are also included it is seen that cancer will fully be resolved, the issue of cancer. That Cancer will no longer be with a big C but a small c, as it becomes de-demonized from that which is a monster that is uncontrollable, according to medical theory and philosophy at this time, to one that can be handled relatively easily. And that this is seen as that which is about to start to take place in the years ahead and that which has been the scourge of humanity for many years now will finally be healed and resolved. Dealing With Cancer Throughout History QUESTIONER: Good. In the course of humanity, when did people actually realize that cancer was what it was and what it did? COSMIC AWARENESS: First, it must be understood that cancerous cells and even tumors have always been in that which is humanity's experience and thus humans have always known of cancer. They may have understood it differently in the past, dealt with it differently or not, and it must also be remembered that until more recent times it was always part of the human existence to die, and to be one who would not try to run away when life ran its course, but to embrace one's passing and one's death as part of life. In the last hundred years approximately, as modern medicine developed more and more, death became an enemy and those agents of death, those illnesses such as cancer were seen to be the perpetrators of unnatural death, for death is not seen any longer as natural and the belief is that one should battle the demon, should fight cancer. It is not in fighting cancer that one will come to conclusion and result, it is through acceptance, it is through understanding, it is through compassion. Indeed if one uses the Six Heart Virtues to understand cancer, especially if one has cancer, one would develop a different perspective and open up new doors of healing for themselves. If one starts with appreciation that the cancer has come to them as an expression of deeper problems, as an opportunity to do deeper healing, that one can then start to have compassion for one's condition, for the cancer itself, and understand that it is bringing them opportunity to forgive themselves, to deal with those mental, emotional, spiritual issues and to find healing at much deeper levels than just physical healing. Again, this brings humility into the situation. Where one has that humility of understanding that one is a spiritual being having a physical experience expressing itself in this manner, and that one can call upon the higher forces of consciousness, both personally and spiritually, and that one has then understanding of one's greater nature, of why one may have called the cancer into their lives, of why one has the opportunity now to deal with those past issues, those deep, submerged, hidden issues that are the root causes behind the cancer. And then one has the valor to move forward in dealing with this situation, not as a victim but rather as one who has called this into their lives for the purpose of growth and development. That it may even have been called in for the purpose of returning back into the spiritual state, and in this valor to face the issue, to face the problem, one can find again freedom and hope. QUESTIONER: That was beautiful, thank you. COSMIC AWARENESS: That this Awareness will use the Six Virtues when appropriate to help many start to understand how to shift to the heart connection, how to move beyond victimhood into a place of self-mastery, understanding and awareness. Parasitic Worms to Treat Hyper-Inflammatory Disorders


QUESTIONER: Exactly, thank you. That will help a lot of people. Our next one is from PMR. He writes, "I was reading an article in Men's Health this morning and wanted to present a question to Cosmic Awareness. They are now experimenting with using parasitic worms to treat hyperinflammatory disorders. It is called helminthic therapy. I was wondering if Awareness could comment on this treatment and if it holds any validity? What are the dangers, and are there side effects? I sensed that it would be more favorable to correct any imbalances in the gut flora. It may be that the worms somehow do this but from the article it seems that they do not correct it, as when the worms die off they must be replaced to continue the positive results. Does Awareness see a more positive way of correcting whatever it is these worms are correcting in a more permanent manner?" Your thoughts please? COSMIC AWARENESS: The first thing that this awareness would say to this is it not seen by this Awareness as a highly effective or even favorable type of therapy to be used. That the body already has many parasites within it, especially in the colon and bowels, and that which would be much more effective than introducing more parasites would actually be to use various techniques or herbal products that will destroy the parasites and take them out of the system, not introducing more parasites. For when the parasites and worms are within, they also produce byproducts that are very dangerous to the system, byproducts such as ammonia. That when the parasites die, this ammonia buildup can be very disruptive to the digestive tract, and deliberately introducing parasites and keeping them replenished will actually have the opposite effect–it will break down the digestive tract, it will reduce health and vitality. Having parasites is that which one would wish to eliminate from one's system, not to introduce. Hulda Clark Machine is Recommended That there are many types of parasite cleansers. There is that which is the Hulda Clark biorhythmic pulsing machine apparatus, biofeedback-type device that is also very recommended by this Awareness to destroy the parasites of the body. Another approach that this Awareness has mentioned in the past, which is not favorable to many, is that of colonic hydration, hydrogenation. Using colonics will eventually remove the layers of impacted material that line the colon, the big intestine; and as one removes the impacted material that has collected over the years one will eventually get down to the layers of plaque that line the intestines wherein many of the parasites reside. And that if this is finally removed that the parasite problem will be largely controlled, especially if one maintains vigil and uses on a periodic basis various parasite cleansers. That the use of colonics is recommended for those who can accept such techniques as highly favorable, but this Awareness realizes it is not for everyone, therefore there are herbal products that are available. When one goes to one's health and nutrition store, or when one goes to a naturopath, an herbalist, that these products could be used instead and they may for the individual also have amazing effects, but it would be the removal of parasites that is recommended here by this Awareness, not their introduction. Using Leeches to Clean the Blood QUESTIONER: How would this compare with the older method of using leeches to clean the blood? Is that still being practiced? COSMIC AWARENESS: Leeches are of a different variety, for they are put on the skin around a wound where there is decaying material, that even though the thought of putting leeches on literally makes the skin crawl for most people. That in the old days, if you will, that these creatures


were very well respected for removing dead skin, rotting skin in a time where sanita-tion was very low. When the skin that had rotted or was decayed was removed and healthy skin reached, the leeches would simply be removed and the Band-Aids and dressings would be put over, hopefully allowing the individual to heal once again. If one introduces internal parasites they cannot simply be picked off when they have completed their work. They go on and on, creating the byproducts of toxicity in the system and this is not recommended. Thus even though the use of leeches makes an individual apprehensive and does not exactly excite the majority, they are an old, ancient even, technique that was highly effective. New techniques of course would be to use the allopathic medicines and surgical procedures, but even they sometimes fail to prevent the putrefaction of the tissue around infected wounds, and leeches would be in a sense much more effective, which is why they are finding somewhat of a return in popularity amongst certain circles. QUESTIONER: Would this tie in at all or could it help people with diabetes that have difficulty with their feet where they become infected and amputation is eventually required? Would that help them at all? COSMIC AWARENESS: It is not seen that this would necessarily help in such a situation unless there are open wounds; but it is a matter of circulation here and the accumulation of the blood in those areas, the stagnation of blood in those areas where they are not moving, the blood is not moving, and if there are techniques that could allow the leeches to take the old blood out, that this could be a technique, but it is not seen at this time that there are effective ways of doing this. Thus it is not seen that leeches on the legs without tapping into the old blood, the stagnant blood would be effective. It would very much depend on placing them in those areas of accumulation of the blood that would be essential here. There may even be research on this even now–but this Awareness on the whole at this time, although It does see some favor here to produce positive results, does not see it at this moment as that which is being thought of or worked with. What About Oxygenation Chambers? QUESTIONER: I see, thank you. Still on that topic, there is something called the oxygenation chambers where people who have infections are placed in this chamber and whatever it is that it does is supposed to help extract any problem areas from the body. Is that still being used? COSMIC AWARENESS: It is seen that barometric chambers are effective but are not often used in modern medicine, even though they do have very good effects. One reason is there is a general lack of such barometric pressure chambers to be used for these purposes plus the time spent is several hours and thus if there are very few (chambers) and many have the need, that it is not an approach that is readily available to the majority and doctors simply do not consider this as an effective way to treat, although it is indeed effective. THE DANGERS OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS QUESTIONER: I see, thank you for that information; it's very much appreciated. Carrying on, this is from PM. "What is the danger in genetically modified foods? Is there anything that can be done to counter detrimental effects? Is there any way we can tell if the food has been genetically modified since there really is no labeling system that identifies these as such in the U.S.?" Your thoughts please? COSMIC AWARENESS: That the first thing this Awareness will say to this issue is one should not eat genetically modified foods and while it is difficult, for there is no requirement in the United States as there are in most other countries to identify genetically modified foods, one still has a responsibility to oneself and one's family to not use such products and produce. That the easiest way to circumvent the problem is to buy local organic food, biologically spray-free. In other words


no sprays used on the biological foods, the locally grown foods, and that this would be the best way to ensure one does not use GM products, genetically modified produce. That in general, processed food often does use the produce of genetically modified vegetables or meats that have growth hormones within them, genetically modified as well, and that again that it would be recommended to avoid processed meals and processed food. That this of course creates a different problem for many, for organic food is often more expensive than the normal produce that one picks up at their local grocery store, the bulk foods and vegetables that are so much cheaper, and this is of course a problem for those on limited income. That thus it would be recommended that one cleans the food thoroughly, even soaking it in special baths that remove to some degree the toxicity that is in the peelings, even peeling fruit and vegetables where possible. But again, the most highly recommended action is to simply buy organically and to understand that mass-produced food, mass-produced produce is often genetically manipulated and that this is the most effective way to avoid the issue. That when one starts to ingest GM foods, the problem here is that the body cannot assimilate this produce and products. That the body is finely attuned and has undergone millions of years of development to eat natural food of the environment and that the assimilation process is very dependent on eating the foods that can be assimilated. The genetically modified foods are often unassimilable and as one cannot assimilate the nutrition, one literally becomes malnourished and in this there is a great problem. Thus, even though the producers of the foods and vegetables may say that their products are natural – if they have been genetically manipulated they are not healthy for one, again an argument for buying organic foods. Finally this Awareness would say that until the populace itself wakes up, until the populace itself demands clear, clean food and produce, that the manufacturers will carry on doing what they are doing. It must be remembered the food industry is also very much controlled by those in the darkness. Corporations such as Monsanto are leaders in the field of genetic modification of foods and there is a hidden agenda behind this whole matter. Therefore it is the responsibility of each and every individual who is concerned about these issues and feels politically motivated to stand up and just say no. That in doing this, that the governments may finally get the message if there is a mass movement of people against these genetically modified foods; and if there is not, then the sheeple are simply being led to the slaughter. And it is of course that which would be a shame if they did not wake up to the truth of the matter and take action against it. MIRACLE WATER INFUSES WATER WITH A SPIRITUAL ENERGY QUESTIONER: Agreed, agreed. Thank you for that information, it's very helpful. Carrying on, we have something with regard to Miracle Water. This is from PR. He looked at Jon Ellis' website and the water listed there says to use 1 ounce per gallon or 591 drops of water. I'm wondering how that coincides with Awareness' indication of 8 drops per gallon? It may be possible these are referring to different issues. For example, the website says one ounce per gallon referring to physical health indicators and Awareness says eight drops per gallon referring to spiritual indications. Would Awareness please clarify the issue? I was also wondering whether the Miracle Water usage was still valid after the Ascension point of 12-21-2012? Thanks again for all you do." Your thoughts please? COSMIC AWARENESS: First, this Awareness will say it is still valid; the use of Miracle Water infuses water with a level of spiritual energy most conducive to the body's health and well-being. That eight drops that this Awareness has spoken of is that which would coincide with a homeopathic understanding that "a little does go a long way", and that the resonance of the drops in the water can affect the whole gallon of water. Thus eight drops, even though it would seem miniscule to doing anything, it is changing water at a vibrational level.


That when one wishes to have a stronger more tangible physical effect then one should go with the recommendations of Jon Ellis of using one ounce to one gallon, and that this will have a much stronger physical effect. It simply depends on the individual's choice in the matter. That both measurements would be okay, and of course if one is using the water for physical healing and well being and is not reliant on other products, that one ounce to a gallon would even be recommended by this Awareness. If one is using other techniques for body health and well-being, that several drops, eight drops to a gallon, would be working on the spiritual levels and this itself can have great effect when one has already begun the process of reclaiming one's health. It is simply a matter of choice. This Awareness cares not whether one puts one ounce or eight drops; they are simply different vibrational levels that are affected and ultimately it is the choice of each and every individual as to how much Miracle Water one would use in their own drinking water. The only additional piece this Awareness has is that one ounce in a bathtub would disperse throughout the bath water and one can absorb the energies of the water through the skin itself when one is bathing, and this would be another use of the Miracle Water to consider. ASPERGER'S SYNDROME QUESTIONER: Interesting, thank you. Okay, we carry on to NR. "Are people with Asperger's syndrome classified as Wanderers? Apparently they share identical similarities. Would Awareness please discuss this syndrome? Thank you." COSMIC AWARENESS: First, Asperger's is a type of autism but on a higher functional level for those who have Asperger’s. It is more at a level of being obsessive-compulsive about various things in one's life. It may be, for example, the matter of cleanliness, that one feels compelled always to wash one's hands several times over in the day to be clean. This is but one small example. There are many expressions of Asperger's and that the illness itself (this Awareness chooses to call it an illness or condition itself) is one that while perplexing to those who observe such and even irritating to many who know of one with Asperger's, that it is something that can be understood and even lived with relatively easily when one accepts the situation of the individual with Asperger's. Again, these individuals are highly functional; they simply have a degree of obsessivecompulsiveness to them. They tend to be rigid in how they look at things. It does throw them if one changes things up too much on them, when they need to control their environment, to be in control. This of course not from a conscious level but from an unconscious level. They are not consciously thinking, "I must control this, I must wash my hands many times so I am safe and clean". It is an unconscious compulsion that drives them and when one has an understanding of this situation and tolerance of this situation it is easier to live with one with Asperger's; or even one who might have Asperger's, who begins to understand this of themselves, would be able to find some relief to their situation. But on the whole it comes from an unconscious level. Is this clear? Wanderers Exist at All Strata of Human Experience QUESTIONER: Yes it is. Then this has absolutely nothing to do with Wanderers, or anything like that… is that correct? COSMIC AWARENESS: That there are Asperger's beings who are Wanderers, individuals who are autistic who are Wanderers, individuals who have Down's syndrome who are Wanderers, individuals who work in corporations who are Wanderers. Wanderers exist at all strata of human experience and thus it is that those with Asperger's may have that quality of the Wanderer,


perhaps even more than most "normal people", but it does not mean that every individual who has Asperger's is a wanderer. Is this clear? FIRE-WALKING WITH TONY ROBBINS Using Fear to Build Confidence is a Negative Way of Achieving Results QUESTIONER: Yes, that's what I wanted to clarify, thank you. We carry on with LD. The topic is using emotional energy for manifestation. He writes, "Many years ago I took a one-day course from Tony Robbins wherein he taught that we could use the power of fear to create a degree of confidence sufficient to allow us to accomplish anything we desired. “The examples he gave in his talk centered around using normal events, such as using fear during a job interview to build the confidence necessary to sell one's self and land the job, but to prove his assertion being that fear could be converted into confidence to do anything, his talk was followed by a fire-walk experience. We would walk barefoot across approximately 15 feet of hot coals from burned wood. Just prior to making the first step we were to focus intently upon the affirmation that we were walking instead on cool moss and hold that focus throughout the walk." And it carries on with it. Is there any validity to what he is saying? COSMIC AWARENESS: There is of course validity to what he is saying but this Awareness would also state that fear is a negative energy and it does seem peculiar to go into a negative and dark focus in order to bully the low self into compliance. That there are other ways of achieving the same result that do not necessitate using fear, a very strong negative energy. One can use positivity, one can elevate one's being through heightened compassion and love; one can use hope to understand that there are higher energies available, higher levels of effectiveness that can employed. That ultimately one must also see here that this is pure Huna. Fire walking is one of the practices the Kahunas often used. That on islands where volcanoes flowed regularly, it was a great benefit to be able to walk on the hot lava in order to get to the other side of the mountain. That the low self is that which is in tune here and there is no understanding offered by those who do such techniques, who have such programs to help the individual understand what is truly happening. They give them affirmations, such as walking on cool moss, but this Awareness guarantees that those who have the slightest bit of doubt, who cannot get through to the low self that this is moss they are walking on, but have a fear of stepping onto such hot embers and coals can do serious damage to themselves. Makes me think of Peter walking on water. Indeed, many have been seriously injured, including individuals who have done fire -walking many times before. It takes but a small crack in the assertion that one is walking on cold or cool moss to create doubt, and when doubt is created that which is the power of the low self to literally shield the feet from harm and injury is also cracked and one suddenly is stepping on hot embers and coals and seriously burning themselves as a result. Thus this Awareness says it is not smart to do such a thing if one is not able to truly convince the low self of its capacity and power. There cannot be even the slightest doubt on the matter, and if one does not have such faith and one is only doing so because someone such as Tony Robbins or any other is telling them they can do so, they have not understood at the deeper level the true magnificence of the low self to create such a phenomena. Equally herein lies a true example of the amazing capacity of the low self to do miraculous things indeed. Even instant healing, even the calling in of clouds or the dispelling of sharks in the bays of the islands were the prerogative of Kahunas, and much more. Understanding the Strength and Power of the Low Self That individuals, when they truly begin to understand the strength and power of the low self, can work in unity but they must first recognize the low self. They must first learn to connect with it, to


communicate with it before they can truly move into their mastery of it. It is not so much mastery as a co-working together, co-mingling of intent and purpose, and that the energies there can then be used, the energies of the low self can be used to make many things happen in the physical realm. QUESTIONER: Interesting, thank you. Yes, I thought it had something to do with the Kahunas. Very interesting. Thank you. Using Fear to Gain Confidence is An Old Way, A Dark Way of Doing Things COSMIC AWARENESS: Also of interest is that ones who are perpetrators, if you will, of such things as the outreach programs, the Tony Robbins' programs, who teach individuals to walk on coals, do not choose to teach them the truth of what this is all about. They do not want individuals to have such power, and this too is part of control. They would rather have you work from a negative position, such as being in fear, to gain confidence. But this Awareness says the best thing to gain confidence is confidence, to have that trust and belief in oneself, not to use fear to whip oneself into confidence. This is an old way of doing it, a dark way. That one can indeed step into confidence when one realizes that if it is truly meant for the individual to obtain, for example, a job and if one knows that it does not matter if they get it or not and that if it is truly in their highest interest to have it, they will have it–this promotes a new level of confidence that allows them to step into the interview, to ask their own questions, and not to come from a place of nervousness. What this Awareness does acknowledge here is that many are very nervous and afraid of situations where they must present themselves to others, be it in an interview or in public speaking. Indeed, the single greatest fear outside of death and dying and pain is the fear of public speaking and most shudder even to think of standing up in front of a crowd and drawing attention to themselves and speaking. There are many techniques that organizations such as the Toastmasters offer to help one through the curtain of fear that many have over such things as public speaking or interviews and they do not necessarily relate to fear. One very common technique is to imagine everyone in the audience stark naked. That the humor that then comes relieves an individual from that which is the fear of standing in front of others, and those who can successfully do so often have a very light approach in their public talks. This has nothing to do with invoking fear as something one must break through. But it is also understood by this Awareness that when one has fear that one is best served by facing one's fear, and if in this way one uses fear to break through and then uses techniques that are positive and humorous and light, then one could be said to use fear as a way to face the fear held so that one can break free, break through and move on. MOTHER NATURE CAN TEACH YOU, BUT YOU CAN'T TEACH HER! QUESTIONER: Exactly, that was wonderful, thank you. We have one more with the health category, a question from VB, "How and what can we in this age of Magekians (Magek-High Spiritual) do to bring about a healing by activating the Earth's understanding about her Light Body 'template of perfection'? How can we help her step beyond thinking and believing that her physicality is her life and have a 'Holy Instant Eureka' moment and intuit that in actuality 'life is held Within', and the Life Force Within is of a High Spiritual Nature?" And it closes with, "For the Love of a Mother, Mother Earth, in appreciation." Your thoughts please? COSMIC AWARENESS: The first thing this Awareness would say: Mother Earth does not need to be taught such a thing, for she already holds this. It is actually humanity that must be taught this, and that must learn this, for Mother Nature is already well on her course of ascending into her new planetary body and it is already underway. She must not be taught anything, for she already knows


this, already is responding. Therefore there is a disconnect here with the individual in his understanding of how this process works. One can energize this journey of Mother Earth but one does not need to presume that one can teach it to her, when indeed she already knows it, is already doing this. If one chooses to go into nature and chooses to appreciate the beauty of Mother Earth and to let one's heart fill with this beauty and the energy of Mother Earth and to return it to her with love, then one is energizing the process which this Awareness does recommend. It also helps individuals to become aligned to this process of transformation that Mother Earth is going through and brings it into their own experience, as all are already in their own transformational process whether they recognize it or not. Having such an experience in Mother Nature or even when one is in one's own room and is listening to uplifting music or viewing videos of beauty and inspiration, one can still have this alignment with the transformational process. But to be in nature itself, to partake directly, to feel the energy of Mother Earth under your feet, that you will have a much more intense experience and it will lift you up. Therefore in conclusion this Awareness says again: do not try to teach Mother Earth that which is known but rather walk with her, sit with her, be in her energies, be of open heart, receive the beauty and joy that she offers, take in that which is her wondrousness and be reflective, be receptive and bring forth that energy of love and pass it to her. Give it to her; simply let it flow from you in deep appreciation. This will be of much greater assistance to Mother Earth than trying to teach her how to transform. QUESTIONER: Excellent, thank you, that was really helpful. Would there be a closing message now please? Bringing Compassion & Forgiveness to the Journey COSMIC AWARENESS: That the closing message this Awareness has at this time is a reiterance of that which was the opening message. That in these times as one is growing more and more in their capacity to understand themselves as creator beings, that they do so in love, that they do so with open heart, with patience. That again, to use the Six Heart Virtues, that one first accepts that they do not have all of the answers, have not yet totally reached the goals, that it is all an unfolding experience and they appreciate that they are on the journey of their lives. That this brings compassion to the journey and to themselves and lifts them up and makes them much more forgiving of their resistance, of times when they may get it wrong. It is not yet to a point for most that every day will be perfect. Many will have challenges, the ego may flare up, that which is the negative patterns of thought may sometimes intrude, and these challenges need to be forgiven when one fails them, although this Awareness would be quick to add: failure is just a perception and that often the greatest growth happens when one fails or makes a mistake. That in forgiveness of the imperfection of the individual as they journey forward, they come to humility, for they understand that in this state where they have not reached that acceleration to their highest level of consciousness, rather they have not accelerated to that high level of consciousness, they are in accelerated experience. That they will begin to feel humble about the journey and not dismissive of it. They will begin truly to understand that they are on a journey and it is not simply about reaching the goal sometimes but instead of learning while one is underway and most definitely enjoying the journey itself. And this will bring them to valor, the courage to take the next step, the courage to proceed, with the understanding, the knowledge that even though they are not perfect, they have not yet reached that high level of Ascension in a conscious way, they are moving towards it. Each and every individual is moving towards this, whether one does so with conscious intent or is ignorant and unaware and not moving seemingly quickly at all.


All are in a transformational process at this time and that this transformational process can take them into the Light of their highest ascended consciousness, or it can transform their lives into a darker, lower expression of this. It is truly up to the individual. That no matter which way life is transformed, the soul still has its reason and purpose for choosing that path. But that one can indeed very much consciously make choices now to move into the Higher Optimism that will then Present Evidence. One can choose to live in hope and in love and in receptivity to the higher spiritual energies. It is all choice, choice of creator beings who are awakening more and more; the choice of creator beings who are starting to recognize more and more that there is indeed a new level of consciousness that has descended to the 3rd dimension, this being God Consciousness. And even though the aspect of each and every soul having a physical experience is seeking to move up, to ascend in consciousness, it is also so that God Consciousness, Spiritual Divine Consciousness, has infiltrated to the 3rd dimension and is now creating a new order, a new form, a new experience. These Are Truly Challenging, but Magical Times! These are times of true magic, wonder, hope and love and that this Awareness does encourage all to live in the higher positive, spiritual energies and to recognize when they are immersed in the negative energies, the dark consciousness, that it is by choice. And thus with choice they can shift themselves, they can move themselves when they recognize where they are. It is when choice is not available for those who have no understanding or awareness to have such experience, that it is the most difficult of all to shift into the highest levels of positivity. And there are many outlets available at this time that perpetuate this ignorance and the somnolence. But as one begins to seek, and more and more are beginning to seek spiritual awareness and understanding, they will be met with challenges to make different choices and not simply to resort back to the old choices and the old ways, simply because they are more comfortable, they are easier, they are less challenging. That these are challenging times, but the challenge is well worth it, for it is moving human consciousness generally forward, but specifically and individually is, of course, the energy that will promote growth and development to the greatest degree. Therefore embrace the challenges, accept that life is indeed presenting difficulties and obstacles, but understand that Divine Consciousness infiltrates that which is 3rd dimensionality more than ever. That opportunity, High Opportunity is available and that it is Presenting Evidence and will present more and more as you move more into that which is the highest level of your consciousness, God Consciousness, 5th dimensional awareness. That this Awareness is complete at this time and wishes one and all a most amazing, powerful, magical journey, full of hope and heightened understanding and awareness. QUESTIONER: That was absolutely beautiful, thank you, very exceptional. The Law of Gratitude is offered.
CAC General Reading, February 23, 2013. Will Berlinghof, Interpreter; Joan Mills, questioner and energizer

The Law of Love and the Law of Light have been invoked. QUESTIONER: Is there any topic, current event or any matters we should be aware of at this time please? TIME TO LOOK DEEPLY WITHIN YOURSELF & TAKE CARE OF OLD BUSINESS COSMIC AWARENESS: That there are many topics and current events that would indeed be of importance to discuss, but this Awareness will focus primarily today on the questions that you


have prepared that have been sent in by the various members of Cosmic Awareness Communications. However this Awareness does have an opening message at this time. That this Awareness says to those who have long been members of the organization CAC that your journey has been a long one for many, for others perhaps shorter in length in that they may have recently come to be members. But nonetheless this Awareness says to all that you have reached this stage wherein the journey between two points of demarcation, two points of significance – these points being the Ascension event in consciousness on December 21, 2012 and the autumn equinox of September 21, 2013 – that this state of development between these two marker points is one of great significance. This Awareness has spoken of this previously and It will continue to do so over the next several months to imprint upon one and all that this is the time to take care of old business, this is the time to look deeply into oneself, this is the time to realize that one as a creator being is indeed creating around themselves the very environment that they believe in, that they are energizing. This is the same as it was before the Ascension experience and it will still be so after the conclusion of this nine-month journey in consciousness. Living in the Moment is where the Greatest Power Resides Why this Awareness is emphasizing this at this time is that this is the moment that one is in. It is that which the entity Seth in the Jane Roberts materials described as one's Point of Power. That living in the moment was where the greatest power resides. That the power to be in clarity and understanding in the moment is that which affects the future and indeed also affects the past. But the power that was in the moment of the past is no longer present; the power that is in the moment of the future is not yet present, one is only in that moment of focus that is in the present, that is the present Now. From this Point of Power one can make the effort to do that which would be most beneficial to the past or the future and of course to the present moment, but one does not focus on the past or the future. One simply focuses on the Now and in the Now, in that Point of Power is that place in consciousness where you create from. Therefore if one draws too much to the past and lives their lives in accordance to past memories, past teachings, past experiences where one does not let go of the past and brings it into the present, then it could be said the past affects the present moment, one's Point of Power. One brings into the present reality all that was of the past and this affects the present reality. This can block the creation of a new reality, for one is basing that present moment on present past moments, and this is an impediment to stepping into one's power and creating in the moment. Equally, for those who live in the moment of a future present moment, that they too are impeding and affecting their actual moment of experience. That those who think that they are waiting for an event to unfold, to happen, who are waiting for their reality to be validated by the events of the future, may wait a long time or they may not even experience it as they expect. But the matter here is that they are taking themselves out of their present locale in the creative force, the creative consciousness. That one must understand that one is in this moment of clarity, this moment of focus, this moment of actuality. That as one understands this, one can be a much more effective creator being, for one does not then waste time or energy on what was once so, or what might once be so. That in this present moment, this Point of Power, one can make the assertions of their conviction and faith based not on what went before or what is to come, but rather on that which is present in the Now, in this moment, in this Point of Power. That in this way individuals, whether they are long-term CAC members, those who have (recently) joined or those who are simply reading these words, having gotten them by hook or crook or because they have been passed on or in any other way, can understand that they are in their


power in this moment. That when they expect events outside of themselves to validate this moment, they are losing track, they are out of focus when they expect future events to bring proof, again they are off track, out of focus, and when they live in the past they equally are off-track and out of focus. Letting Go of the Clutter of Possessions of the Past That to be in this present moment is one's Point of Power, is one's access point to the different levels of consciousness that can then act through them in the manifestation of the moment of their present reality. That it is akin in some ways to moving. That when one moves they are asked to let go of many things that are no longer required, especially if they are moving to a smaller location. There is a need for downsizing; there is a need to release that which has no place in the present moment, but many find it difficult to let go of the possessions of the past and they drag these possessions around from house to house, apartment to apartment, home to home, and they bring with them much clutter from their past, from their past moments. They fill their houses with the clutter and their living space is not comfortable, is not functional, is not practical for the fact is that much from the past is cluttering the present moment. They also continue this when they move to new locations in the future by again dragging with them the possessions of the past. That at this time, in this interim moment where consciousness is shifting greatly, where Divine Consciousness has entered into 5th dimensionality and 3rd dimensionality, the opportunity presents itself to clear away the clutter, to release it, to let it go so that there is less obstruction for one in the living of their present moment, to be completely and totally in their Point of Power. Letting Go of Memories and Beliefs of the Past Of course that which is brought from the past are the memories, the beliefs, the constructs that have been adopted in the journey of one's life. Many never realize that they in their present reality, in their present moment are deeply at the effect of that which has occurred in the past, the clutter they have accumulated in their lives. Nor do they realize that they will take it forward with them into their future moments, cluttering those moments as well. That in this powerful time of recapitulation, of re-examining and releasing that which no longer works, the opportunity is very much present to review and look at that which has been dragged along in one's lifetime in the way of concepts, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. Even old experiences of deep emotional nature can be reviewed at this time, even past lives for those who are so inclined, who work with the energies not only of this lifetime but the clutter of even past lifetimes that the soul has brought into this life for the purpose of review and release. Therefore this Awareness says to one and all: realize and understand the potency of this moment, the very moment you are in. Realize the clutter that exists on the mental and emotional and even spiritual sides. Take the time in this moment to review, to recapitulate one's life, to rid oneself of the dross of the past so that it is not present in this moment of power nor will it be taken forward. That at this crucial time in this interim moment, that it is time to do such work. It does not necessarily require that you go to one who can guide you through this. It does require the intent and desire to look at yourself and your life honestly, clearly and deeply. It does require the intent and willingness to let go of the old baggage, to let go of the clutter and to create within yourself a whole new space that is the potential of your life in this moment and your life that is to come. That this Awareness is complete with Its opening message. Please proceed with the questions that you have. DID A METEOR STRIKE RUSSIA, OR WAS IT A TOP SECRET U.S. SPACE WEAPON?


QUESTIONER: Thank you Awareness. I have been inspired to do what I should have been doing! Thank you so much. Our first question comes from TH with regard to God Rods, as it's termed. "Did God Rods Cause a US Space Weapon, Not Meteors, to Hit Russia and Cuba and Japan? The Western media cover -up, promoted by so-called "meteor experts" planted by the military complex, tells of a fantastic meteorite striking Russia's Ural region, while trying to ignore a second spectacular space disaster in Cuba which occurred just hours later. A pair of massive meteorites, each brighter than the sun, has never before been recorded in the entire history of astral chronologies. Obviously the bussized objects that fell from the sky are man-made and not freaks of nature. While it is too early yet for a conclusive determination, one scenario can explain the twin disasters, and that is a free fall of a US Air Force orbital weapons platform loaded with super-heavy 'God Rods'. A dual-cabin space-based bomber likely caused the falsely attributed 'meteorite' hits on Russia's Urals region and just hours later on Cuban territory. In both cases witnesses and videophone images showed 'bus-shaped objects brighter than the sun' falling to Earth in regions halfway around the world from each other." Your comments please? COSMIC AWARENESS: The first thing that this Awareness would say is there is much delicate and secret information here that the government does not wish to have exposed. Of course the coverup as indicated is one that would take the minds of the people off what really happened and give them a false case scenario, this being that it was a natural event, that it was meteors, in particular one meteor that fell and blew up above the Siberian town, city in the Ural region, but it was not exactly as quoted. That these were artificial remnants of that which was the God Rod platform, that which was a topsecret, ultra-secret installation that the American government had placed in orbit many years previously and that it had been shot down by 'not earthly' forces, rather extraterrestrial beings that are of the Galactic Federation, for it was known that this installation would be used in a negative and detrimental way upon the populace of the planet when it was time and in accordance with the plans of the Elite, of the Orion/Reptilian Masters. That this platform was taken down and it was known that it would break up and that on the whole the bits and pieces, even the pieces as big as buses would come to the Earth in a blaze of glory, heating up to the incandescence that was seen by the witnesses on the ground. There was tracking of these devices and while it was, if you will, a last-ditch effort because warnings had been given to the Powers That Be not to use these devices, these warnings were unheeded and because of the nature of the platforms they could not simply be disengaged, they did need to be destroyed. Galactic Federation Saves the Day Again! But the extraterrestrial Galactic Federation beings monitored the descent of the bits and pieces and when there was seen to be a danger that the one fragment might cause greater damage if it impacted on the Earth, it was blown up above the city in Russia. Even though it was understood damage would occur and individuals might be injured, it was known to be the only way to prevent an even greater disaster. Furthermore, due to the spin of the planet itself, other pieces when they broke up and entered the trajectory of descent at different angles and in different places came down then in different locations around the world, because as the planet was spinning those objects, of course, came down not all in one place but around the world, in places such as Cuba. But it is to be remembered there were reports of a meteor being seen off the coast of San Francisco in the United States, as well as sightings of meteors in the Middle Eastern regions. That this action was that which had been warned to those in power, or the warning was given to those in power because the Galactic Federation is amping up, gearing up their actions to drive them out, to bring to completion and conclusion those who have been in control and power for so long. Many


warnings and cautions have been given over the last number of years. It is reminded to those who remember the warnings given at the time of the 2012 Olympics. They were largely unheeded and now the Galactic Federation forces are taking more active pursuit in this matter, being more active oriented. They are starting to deal with the problem, but it must be also said they are already working diligently toward the protection of humanity. That there are other actions still underway that have been long underway to protect the planet at this crucial time–actions of confining Nibiru in a certain gravity well, for example. The understanding of this, while not always understood or even acknowledged, is necessary to see and understand that there are events that are not being broadcast on the 9 O'clock News, that are not being given out to the public and yet are still occurring. An Increase in UFO Activity The increase in sightings of UFOs, for example, is one such area where there is much activity. Not all of the UFOs that are being sighted are Galactic Federation vessels. Many are the Orion/ Reptilian/human vessels, for humanity, especially the secret governments of the United States, Britain and Russia have their own agendas, although the Russians are not working in conjunction with the Americans or the British, but these are other matters. This Awareness simply brings this forward to help one and all understand yet again that what is presented in the media is often a lie to cover up those events that cannot be denied, such as the meteors and meteorites that have recently been active. They cannot deny this, therefore they spin these events. They spin many events to keep the people ignorant and unaware of what is truly happening. But as there will be more and more events in the next few months, that a time of awakening is available now to see clearly more than ever before how the events that are presented as natural events are not always natural, how the events that are not reported are the events that are of the greatest significance, and that one can take greater responsibility in these matters by seeking out alternative news on such things. There are many, many websites that are available now that discuss these matters. As long as one always has an open mind, is willing to question, and is willing to step into the arenas of the fantastic beyond that which is prescribed protocol by the Powers That Be, that they would wish you to believe their lies, that they would wish you to stay dormant and inactive. That if one is willing to step into new areas of education and awareness, then these times are exciting in the light of the events that are starting to take place. Not only the physical events, such as meteorites coming down or natural geological/geophysical events but also the political events that are unfolding. The retirement of the Pope, the withdrawal of Queen Beatrix from power; the events of the governments in many lands and the events that are being disclosed on a daily basis, even with such popular figures as Lance Armstrong, the cyclist who has finally admitted how he was a cheat and bully. All of these events are now starting to come forward on a scale unimaginable for many but a few weeks and months ago, yet all happening now. Stay tuned, look deeper, be open, be aware and then when events happen you will recognize much more is happening than the press may be telling you. That this answer is given, this question complete. TIME TO DISCARD OLD PARADIGM THOUGHTS ABOUT TIME QUESTIONER: Thank you and our sincere thanks to the Galactic Federation for their insistence in this matter as well. Thank you, that was excellent. Yes indeed. Okay, we carry on. This one concerns planet A/B and the 4th dimension. It's from RB. He writes, "I have a question for Cosmic Awareness. Awareness has said that we are here on planet A/B moving up into the higher 4th dimension and that as we do that, the entities of the lower vibrations will not be able to follow and


will drop away. My question is: what is the timeframe for that to happen? Is that in the next nine months or how long will that take and what events can we look forward to between now and September 21?" Your comments please? COSMIC AWARENESS: That this is a difficult question to answer in the way of the thinking of Old Paradigm Thought that demands a date be provided, that feels more comfortable with a schedule of timing. Thus, they would look forward to it being completed by this time or that time. This simply is not the case here. In a way it has never been the case, although this Awareness has many times tried to provide many individuals who have had the need with timings for events. As all have seen, those timings do not always seem to materialize, yet the comprehension and realization that this is so because of multiple timelines, and that each individual will have their own timeline experiences does not seem to enter into the understanding of why things do not appear or happen at the time that they were predicted, either by this Awareness or by the many others who have made many predictions over the last months and years toward the Ascension information, the Ascension events. Yet these events have happened on various timelines, these events will still happen on other timelines. Therefore this Awareness cannot simply give a date or time that would be overall the same for every single timeline of every single human being. What It can say is there are still many events that are to unfold– political events, economic events, social events, physical-geophysical events, astral events. That this timeframe of the 9-month interim period is the timeframe where many of these events will unfold, where many actions will happen, but in this time it is also the time to do one's own work, to come to one's own realizations, to step into one's own power or not. For those who do not step into their power, who do not have a realization of what is unfolding and truly happening, it is not so much that they will fall back or fall away from those who have such realizations, who are moving forward in the understanding of how they as creator beings are creating their reality. It is more that those who are not ready from the soul level to have those types of experiences of stepping into their power and into their capacity as creator beings, must have other life experiences, lifetimes, timelines that will work for them and for the soul, that were the purpose of the soul. This Awareness reminds one and all that not all are brought into physical incarnation to move actively forward in their advanced spiritual growth and development. Many are here as what would be known as young souls to have preliminary experiences, intermediary experiences where they are still very much subjects to the laws of 3rd dimensional dualistic reality, and are not ready to step into the more advanced states, but many are now ready. Therefore this period of time will mark division from those who are not ready and willing to grow in the way of that which is ascended awareness and consciousness, that which leads toward enlightenment and illumination. That they will live their timelines wherever they need to live them in order to continue to have the experiences where they are victims, where they are not in control, where they have no power to define their reality, and simply endure and experience what comes their way without realization that they could change much, they could alter everything if they wished. For those in this timeframe of the nine-month period this Awareness has given and spoken of, that this is the time indeed to do the work, the recapitulation of their understanding of life, of their lives. It is the time to reject old paradigms, old concepts, old rules. That the game has changed and that those who would continue to play the same board game that they have always played do not realize a new board game of life and experience is now being presented. To play the new game with the old rules will not work. One must learn the new rules, one must be willing to seek within themselves the new understanding, the new perceptions that


are emerging now. One must live in hope and trust that all is unfolding and that the new reality, even though it is somewhat intangible, unrecognizable at this time, is still nonetheless unfolding. A New Acronym for the Word "TRUST" This Awareness offers a new acronym for the word TRUST. That TRUST is Tangible Realization and Understanding of Spiritual Truths. That when one holds this level of TRUST, it is not simply that one must believe in the unseeable, but one understands that the spiritual truths are unfolding in new ways, and that tangible proof will be provided. That which is TRUST has an actual meaning beyond simply living in a type of faith, a type of belief that all will be well, all becomes well. Proof is more and more present, just as the acronym HOPE: High Optimism Presenting Evidence is being manifested and perceived on a daily basis, so it is with trust. The Tangible Realization and Understanding of Spiritual Truths will lead individuals to living life differently, to being open to the new evidence that is presenting itself and rising up in a level of hope, a level of acceptance. That as one is present in the moment and as one takes measures to review and release from their lives those concepts, those beliefs, those rules that no longer work, that one will see the evidence of the new reality presenting itself. That this 9-month period is crucial for this process of unfolding, for this investigation of old beliefs, the review, the recapitulation of them and the altering of them as well. And that in the present moment of this Now that one begins to generate the level of trust that is needed to effect the change that is ever present. Therefore, in answer to this question again, this Awareness says It cannot simply give a single date or a timeline or schedule. It is dependent on each and every individual, and as one steps into an active review of one's life and takes action, does the work necessary in the way that best suits them, they will find that they come to the very place they need to be and will have the very experiences they need to have. If they are negative, destructive, violent or oppositional to where one thinks they want to be, then this Awareness says there is that within the individual that has not been looked at, where there may have been an unwillingness to face issues, to face the truth. There is no judgment here. It is simply that this Awareness says to those who may not be experiencing the fullest actualization of the new reality, that they still have work to do, for the creation of the reality around them is evidence that something has not been completed, has not been done at a level that would free them. Staying in Negativity & Fear Will Not Free You To stay in one's negativity, in one's fear, in one's shame, in one's guilt will not free one to move to the higher levels or to have the experiences of the manifestation of the new realities that are possible. But rather than bemoan the fact nothing has happened, these circumstances should be looked at differently, as evidence that there is still work to be done. That it depends on the individual's willingness to be truthful to themselves, to be willing to look at the hard pieces that are there for them to look at, the hard events, the hard memories and experiences of their lives that they have dragged around with them, that they have held on to. It is now a time to release of that which no longer serves, that which no longer feeds one's soul, that is only a hindrance to one's progress and development. As individuals in this timeframe are willing to do this very important inner work for themselves, to look at their dark sides, to look at those parts of their lives that simply no longer work–as individuals take actions on this matter and are truthful to themselves over issues of their past and their present–then because of the energies of Divine Consciousness that have entered into this 3rd dimensional strata of consciousness they will find that things change quickly for them, much more quickly than was once the case, for these are accelerated times.


As one holds new thoughts, new beliefs and new attitudes of what is possible, they present themselves, and all shifts, all moves forward, sometimes in an instant. Therefore, while this Awareness understands and appreciates how difficult it is for individuals to truly look at themselves, to look at the dark side of life that they may have encountered and experienced, this Awareness does offer hope as well. That these times are the exact times that each and every one has awaited, each and every one reviewed in that moment of self-reflection that occurred at that time of global Ascension. That this timeframe can take the entirety of the nine-month period and beyond. It can happen within the nine-month period, and thus individuals, when this unique and excellent time of opportunity is finished and complete, will be ready to move forward on the new Planet A/B that they will be able to more actively engage with. Others will not quite be that far. Thus even though this nine-month period of development is the highest time for the potential of review, healing, releasing and moving oneself forward, it is not so that all will be at the same place at the end of nine months. Some will, some will not. Some will most definitely move into the new A/B scenarios and timelines with the knowledge they have gained over the nine-month period, for they were willing to do the work, they were willing to dig deep, they were willing to let go. Others will take longer and may continue their timeline experiences on planet A/B with that work still in progress. That ultimately it is entirely dependent on each and every individual as to how far they progress, how deeply they release. This is something that is an ongoing process. That it is part of the spiritual journey in the physical, dualistic reality. It is intense at this time, more intense than it has ever been, the opportunity for change and transformation higher than it has ever been, but each is honored, each is respected for their own capacity to be open to this inner work, this opportunity in these times. That there simply is no way to give a timing on this matter, but it is the time now to do the work, and to embrace the energy of Divine Consciousness that is available at this most crucial and intrinsic of times. Doomsday Comet Elenin Collided with Jupiter QUESTIONER: That was excellent, thank you Awareness. He'll be pleased with this response to his question, thank you. Carrying on, there are three short questions from AA. The first one: "On September 10, 2012 there was a large impact on Jupiter. Was this Elenin?" COSMIC AWARENESS: Elenin is the object that this Awareness senses this individual was referring to and it is seen that it was Elenin that collided with Jupiter at that time. UFO UPDATE: GALACTIC FEDERATION, ORION GREYS AND MORE! QUESTIONER: Thank you. His next one: "A YouTube video was uploaded showing a large fleet of UFOs leaving the moon. If not a hoax, were they the Galactic Federation ships or the Orion Greys and were they are on their way here or leaving the solar system or on their way to dock with a Mothership?" Your thoughts please? The video is at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtyFQRkhW9g COSMIC AWARENESS: All of the above. The reason this Awareness says it in this way is because there is much movement above the skies, in the spaces above the planet, movement from the moon, movement from the sun, movement from the extremities of the solar system. Some is that which are the Galactic Federation vessels; some that are the Orion/Reptilians, some that are neither. That the particular event that was reported is seen to be some activity of the Greys, but not entirely, for it is seen that they are being escorted away from that which is the lunar base that has been fought over for many years. That the Galactic Federation beings have now assumed control over Base Lunar but that they were escorted away.


There are other movements on the planet that are Orion/Reptilian/Grey movements. There are movements on the planet that are Galactic Federation forces. That one must simply know that the players of the game extend far beyond that which is only of a human variety and that many of the sightings, the photographs, the video coverage of vessel movement is not at all a hoax but the truth of this movement of the players of the game beyond those who are the human players: the extraterrestrial players. Does this answer the question? BIRDS & BEES ARE BEING POISONED BY CHEMTRAILS! QUESTIONER: I believe it does, he will be pleased. His last one "a video was uploaded to YouTube called: "Watch Bee Dying after Landing in Flower". It shows bees quickly dying after landing on flowers. The location was Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on the east side of Canada. Can Awareness offer a possible explanation for this? Even the flowers looked very discolored. Was this possibly caused by chemtrails or radiation?" The video is at: http://youtu.be/Z0DNtFFdSHw COSMIC AWARENESS: That it is seen that this is chemtrail results, the results of chemtrails, the aluminum particles and other elements that are contained in the chemtrails themselves that settle down on the ground, on the foliage, the trees all around. That the birds and the bees are being affected by these chemtrails, as are the soils of Mother Earth that are being turned from acidic, which is supportive of growth of plants and foliage, to alkaline, which is for this process of growing crops and fruits and vegetables and foliage and trees and bushes, etc. of great importance. That the bees were on flowers that had such toxic elements; aluminum particles etc. and they were quite literally poisoned by that which they were taking in from these tainted flowers. Imagine, if you will, the results of such toxic elements on the planet's surface where crops are grown and that they too are being taken in by humans eating the plants, the vegetables, the crops, and that his is having a huge effect on humanity's health and well-being. Luckily this is a plan that will soon come to completion–this plan of poisoning Mother Earth and destroying humanity, destroying nature. That it is no longer accepted by the Great Divine Creator, and is one of the major reasons why the Galactic Federation is here to change this, why the Orion/Reptilians and their minions are being acted upon, measures being taken to stop these actions on their part. QUESTIONER: Thank you for that. I noticed that the chemtrails are still continuing, so that's good news that they will be stopped soon. Thank you for that. COSMIC AWARENESS: That it must be understood that on the 3rd dimensional level where time is in extreme slow motion, even though it is speeding up at this time, that the words of this Awareness are seen to be the words that represent what the intent of the Divine and Spirit is in that moment that is beyond time itself. In this place from which this Awareness speaks, these actions have already taken place, but on the earthly plane of 3rd dimensionality they are still unfolding. Thus patience and trust must be employed here that these changes are coming. That in holding this patience and trust one can also focus their own intent of the planet, of the world, of the reality that they wish to experience and live in, and this will accelerate the process of intervention and change that is underway. It will most definitely accelerate it in the personal reality of those individuals who know that it cannot be tolerated, will not be tolerated, is not tolerated any longer. That even so, until 3rd dimensionality consciousness is eclipsed with the new awareness of one's true being, then one will still experience these things in slow motion. QUESTIONER: That's good news, that's good news because the planting season will be upon us shortly. Thank you for that information.


Know Within Yourself Beyond All Measure That Things Have Started to Change COSMIC AWARENESS: That there are many events that are seen by this Awareness from Its higher perspective that are yet to unfold, that have unfolded already to this Awareness or that will still unfold to all. But one must hold TRUST, one must live in HOPE, one must know within oneself beyond all measure that things have started to change, are changing and will continue to change. That this intent to be part of the change is absolutely critical for each individual's journey, and simply waiting for proof of change without holding that change has started, change is underway, will prolong an individual's reception of change. They will always wait for it to change outside of themselves and not realize the truest change begins within oneself. It begins with the non-acceptance of what is. It begins when one changes their beliefs and attitudes and holds that this reality is not the reality they wish any longer to be part of, and they then begin to energize that they are not part of this and that the changes, even those still in slow motion, are there for them to see little by little. These changes will present themselves; they will accelerate, they will grow, they will expand, especially as these times are such that the Consciousness of the Divine is more present in a more active way than was the truth in the old Planet A/B scenario. That is complete, that is done, the new is being birthed and it is a time of immense change, a time of great hope and great future. REPORTS OF MONSTERS, DINOSAURS, & BIZARRE ANIMALS- WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON? More on Cryptozoology-the Science of the Strange QUESTIONER: Yes indeed, thank you very much for that one. We come now to Cryptozoology and the sightings, from NT. "My question is about Cryptozoology and the sightings of people all around the planet. All kinds of reports about sea monsters, dinosaurs, bizarre animals and monsters exist. Could you please explain what these life forms are that people call sea monsters?" Your thoughts please? COSMIC AWARENESS: That which this Awareness would say of this and towards this is that these sea monsters are simply creatures that have gone through portals, through vortexes. That they come from other times in the continuum of the experience of Mother Earth. They come from other dimensions through these portals and rifts in time and space. That this Awareness has long talked about such vortexes, such portals. That many are aware, many expected to see them in a most tangible manner in that Ascension experience of December 21, 2012–but many did not see them. However since that time there have been many portals that have been opened, many that are active. They are not always seen as is often presented in a movie or television series of the fantastic kind, but nonetheless these portals are now opening more and more and such amazing creatures are coming into the present time/space, the present that is here now. This includes dinosaurs from Earth's ancient past, this includes sea creatures from oceans other than Mother Earth's oceans. This includes fantastic creatures of all descriptions. This Awareness many years ago spoke of the Bigfoot, the Sasquatch as one creature who constantly used such portals to come from its dimension. It spoke of the various types of Bigfoot, of the Yeti, of Sasquatch–these creatures being known around the planet by the various names. They have used such portals in a controlled way for a very long time. The portals that are now opening are not as controlled; they are spontaneous rifts often that act as a conduit from one dimension to another, from one time to another, from their time, their dimension to this time, this dimension. And that the many reports that are now coming forward are evidence of these portals. They are continuing to appear, they are becoming more and more refined. Certain individuals who are so inclined will begin to see them more clearly than they are viewed at this time. Others who are here for that purpose of being able to work with the portals will be drawn to areas where such portals


exist. They will sense them, they will feel them, they may even see them. Portals have a certain resonance that can be broadband or very narrow. Thus it would be advisable to feel the energies before one stepped through them, for one will not pass through if their vibration is not in resonance with the portals that are being seen. At this time this Awareness will simply say that the fact of these portals, these vortexes, that they are in existence is being shown by the many reports of the fantastic creatures that are now appearing, and that there is more to come; and that those who would work with portals will begin to see them, feel them, know them to an even greater degree in the next months and years ahead. That this completes this answer at this time. GOD DID NOT CREATE EVERYTHING OUT OF BOREDOM! QUESTIONER: Thank you, it was very interesting, really, wow! Okay, carrying on, we have one from FS and it concerns God and the 3rd dimension. He writes "I hope I'm not the only one who has had a problem with the fact that God loves us but has created so much misery by creating duality and its accompanying good and evil. Awareness has told us that God created the 3rd dimension and duality because It was bored and needed experience. Awareness also told us that we were born to suffer. The fact that good and evil is seen by God as the same is a disturbing revelation. Just because we can't understand the mind of God is no reason that we always agree with God. Karma is another matter. By balancing good and evil by our actions in the 3rd dimension we then are qualified to rise to the 5th dimension. There is only one problem. Thanks to the Veil of Forgetfulness we don't know where we stand in terms of Ascension. Perhaps we can cope with this situation by singing the old song 'Que Sera Sera, whatever will be will be!" Good luck to us all!" Your thoughts please? COSMIC AWARENESS: There are many assumptions, erroneous in nature, that this individual is making at this time. One is that God created duality so individuals could suffer in it, suffer to those who are the agents of darkness, evil and corruption. This has never been so. That another assumption is that this whole creation of this dualistic reality is meaningless, or at the very least serves the purposes of those who are in darkness and who have control. This is not a meaningless existence, nor is the experience of dualistic reality meaningless or only for the purpose of suffering and hardship. That also what must be perceived and understood is that God has sent no one into this reality. It is the choice of each soul who seeks experiences in this type of reality of dualism, of forgetfulness from Spirit and of one's spiritual nature. That any and all aspects of the soul that enter into this reality do so with the wish of having such experiences. For from the level of soul, of Spirit, the experiences are simply experiences. There is no qualification that it is an experience of Darkness or Light, it is simply experience, as the soul is aware and understanding of its reality as being eternal in nature. That the sojourn in a physical body in a physical life is considered by the eternal soul as but a brief, brief experience, a blink of the eye, and that it values the experiences it has. It is not under disillusionment, it is not in a state of denial about having a physical experience. The soul understands that there may be hardships and difficulties, especially if one is choosing to have a life immersed deeply in violence and corruption, pain and negativity. That those who are at the most effect of dark forces, evil controllers, those who experience the worst of the worst, will still be returned to the soul. They will still be healed, they will be released of that which was the experience but will take the memory, the knowing and the knowledge of that life back to the soul, back into Spirit, back eventually into Divine God Consciousness.


That the state of boredom that the individual expressed God to be experiencing is not quite correct. It is not so much boredom but a yearning to have many, many experiences. That it could be said that this Awareness may have said God was bored, but It would now explain this from a slightly different perspective. That which is Divine God Consciousness is aware of all elements and aspects of Itself. It seeks to have multitudinous experiences, infinite experiences of all. And it is not simply because It is bored, but because It yearns to know all and have all experiences. It sees for the soul, a division of Itself, the opportunity for growth and expansion. It sees for each and every individual the opportunity for growth and expansion for the experiences that are had. Therefore it could not be correctly said that God is bored and this is why It created dualistic reality and then sent Its subjects to that reality to suffer, to be in pain, to be downtrodden; but rather because it is all simply experience, all leading into the totality of complete, total awareness and consciousness. That in the 3rd dimensional reality that has existed, the experiment into duality with the dark ones having more potency, more control, more power–that this was simply one experience in consciousness, one experiment in consciousness. There is a new plan unfolding where this will no longer be the case. Certain souls will come into that reality for the purpose of having a balanced experience, a harmonious experience. They may well have been part of the old A/B reality, had that experience and realized they would wish to continue this in a more evolved way. There will be other experiments. Indeed, this Awareness says there are other experiments happening in consciousness simultaneous to the events of this present reality. This in reference to dualistic reality, for as this Awareness has often said: time does not truly exist, all occurs simultaneously. Thus, the certain assumptions this individual holds are assumptions that are erroneous, that would place God as some egotistical being with an intent to cause and inflict pain on hapless subjects. It is simply not this way. It was never this way, will never be this way. That God cherishes all aspects of Itself and seeks out Its own experiences on all levels, in all ways. That the human ego is that which defines these experiences as bad, as evil, as corrupt. That it is the ego that is changing–the reptilian ego, the reptilian brain that has been dismantled, which will allow a new evolutionary process in man's consciousness to proceed, even with the veil of forgetfulness in place. Therefore in the end, although this Awareness has said it is not so, that God has not placed its aspects of Its own divine consciousness into situations where they are being punished, where they suffer, where they are victims; it is still so that this is an experience, one of a multitude, an infinite multitude of experiences that God has given Itself and gives Itself. QUESTIONER: Is there additional on that one please? COSMIC AWARENESS: There is more indeed. This Awareness pauses because It wishes at this time to examine this matter in a different way. That the questioner needs to ask himself why it is that he presumes that the negative is stronger than the positive, why the Dark seems more able to have control than the Light, why he sees this in such a dark and negative way. Perhaps it might be advisable for this individual to recognize that he is choosing to see it in this way, and that his presumption that he is correct in his assertions that God is doing this as some sort of wicked dark joke on humanity, is one that in some way, shape or form supports his own belief system. Many Would Point the Finger & Accuse God of Treachery! Many are of this belief system, many would point the finger and accuse God the Divine of such treachery, of such betrayal, and yet they do not stop for one moment to ask if they put themselves here, if they chose to be here. God has always been clear of what this particular reality was all about and has given the soul the opportunity to have the experiences of this dualistic reality. Each


soul, as it sent an aspect of itself into this reality, did so with deliberation and awareness, with understanding and intent. But because of that energetic field that is known as the Veil of Forgetfulness, once that extension of the soul was in place, then the soul became an independent unit with the purpose ultimately of having the experiences it was meant to have, good or bad, dark or light and to bring back its collection of these energies of experience for the soul to grow, for Spirit to grow, for the Divine to grow. At the same time, the offer was always in place that one could come back into the soul when they were ready, when the job was complete. It is more than an offer, it is the Promise of the Divine that none will be left behind. Even those who choose to be earthbound at the end of a physical life, those who would be called ghosts or specters, will eventually also be brought back into the Divine Consciousness, back into their soul. This has always been the Promise of God, for It does not wish for Its creations, Its expressions of Itself to suffer for eternity. God does not hold that hell is an eternal place of punishment. God simply knows that this is an experience that some hold as relevant, and that in the evolutionary process of growing into greater awareness and enlightenment that one must eventually question the assumptions that would place God in such a negative context. That this individual is at a crucial place in his developmental process, for he can continue to point the finger and accuse God, or he can begin to truly realize his own magnificence of being, his own divine nature, and will finally then break through the wall of resistance he is in and at, at this time. This is the same for many who, like him, are in such a place where they would blame God for the sins of the world and for their own personal lives and their own personal tragedies, but are not looking at themselves, at their own being, at their own truth. That this is exactly the time to do this, for as this Awareness has already said, this interim period, this nine-month time is a time of acceleration in consciousness. The descent of Divine Consciousness has occurred and is available for one and all, even those who are in the darkest of the dark, even those who would question and blame, even those who have lost their way. That this does now complete the answering of this question. MORE ON HAARP AND TESLA TECH WEAPONS QUESTIONER: Yes, and it was excellent, a lot of information in there, food for thought. There is one more on HAARP energies from TH. He writes, "This is a very interesting video regarding HAARP and Tesla Tech weapons apparently being used from Antarctica and Australia against New Zealand and other countries along the Ring of Fire, including the US. I'm wondering if the tectonic plate that is shown being attacked is the same one that Cosmic Awareness said was being attacked by the reptilian forces, and that the Galactic Federation forces were trying to hold in place?" Your comments please? http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=269269 COSMIC AWARENESS: It is not the same tectonic plate. The tectonic plate that this Awareness referred to earlier is that which is underneath Australia to the South, that which extends towards Antarctica. This is the Pacific plate that is being affected in New Zealand and upwards along the Ring of Fire into Japan, to Alaska, down the Northwest coast of Canada and the United States, down into South America as well. This is a different tectonic plate and this plate itself is divided into other plates. That the Galactic Federation forces however, are also maintaining this plate as well as others, for the plan was to have had major upheaval in the plates around the world. This has not been accomplished, these earthquakes have not occurred to the extent that those in power, the Elites had intended. This because of the activity behind the scenes, if you will, of the Galactic Federation forces. That although they have held at bay the occurrence of these major geological/geophysical events that it


is also seen that they will not be able to do so forever. Not because they do not have the technology but because there is indeed a greater plan, a Divine Plan that will see the shift of major tectonic plates for the purpose of altering and changing the landscape, of altering and changing civilization and humanity. But the plans of those in power through the use of Tesla technology, HAARP technology as exemplified in the arrays and towers on Australia that are being used against their neighbor (secretly it must be said) is that which was presumptive of the Powers That Be that tried to trigger events so that they could create situations where they could declare martial law. In the case of New Zealand and Japan, that the turning of the HAARP technology and the Tesla technology against these countries was in retribution against them for not following the demands and commands of the dark Elite, that they were meant to toe the line. That New Zealand has not agreed to certain new end-accords. That Japan also did not accept certain sanctions, certain demands made of them by the dark Elite and that these two countries were singled out and the energies of HAARP and Tesla turned against them, the results already known and seen: several major earthquake events in Christchurch, New Zealand as well is in the northeastern area of Japan. But the events could have been much greater had it not been for the intervention of the Galactic Federation forces. Ultimately there will need to be an allowance of events but they will be in accordance to Divine Intent, not in abeyance to those who are in darkness, those who have had control, those who are seeking to alter human civilization to their advantage in preparation of the greater the events that are coming. They, the dark ones, know what is coming; they do not know what lies beyond. And it is for this reason, since they could not see if they would still be in charge after the natural events occurred, that they decided they needed to preempt those events, to stage other events that would put them more in power, for they felt that the more in charge and in power they were, the more enslaved humanity was, the better it would be for them in that time beyond that hidden future that they cannot look into. They are taking these actions in the hope that it will set them up in the future and that they will still stay in charge even if it is on a planet of reduced population. They see themselves still in control and they have always been willing to do whatever was necessary to maintain this control and this dominance, but it is not part of the Divine Plan. It is why they have been denied the vision of the future and it is why there is still that which is part of a greater plan that is to yet unfold. This Awareness will not make predictions here. It will not state when and where things will happen, what would happen. It will simply say that there are many events yet to be that are still ahead, and that as long as one stays in alignment with their higher nature and does not fall into fear and into panic and terror, and holds that all will be well, then these individuals will experience that which is the positive results of the unfolding of Divine Plan. Enjoy the Roller Coaster Ride! QUESTIONER: In other words, sit back and enjoy the ride, right? COSMIC AWARENESS: Treat it perhaps as a roller coaster ride. It will have its ups and its downs. It can be thrilling if you allow it to be, if you go with the wondrous flow, or it can be horrible if one is in fear. This is the nature of the events that await: a true roller coaster ride. That this Awareness does recommend that one sit back and enjoy the ride. QUESTIONER: Indeed, thank you. Did you wish to do a closing message or shall I do one more here? IT IS TIME TO TAKE TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF!


COSMIC AWARENESS: That this Awareness does feel the need to do a closing message. That this Awareness has dealt with many matters today and It has challenged the reader, the participants of Cosmic Awareness Communications, to realize that these times are crucial and critical, but that they are also times of great opportunity, high opportunity. That as they step into expanded consciousness and awareness, that the challenge may also increase and expand for them; for that which has been the hidden, that which has been the fearful in one's life, that which has affected and controlled one because it has remained unconscious, unknown will be brought forward to be dealt with, to be handled, to be released. It is not a time for running away; it is not a time for talking the talk but not walking the walk. It is a time to begin to take total responsibility for oneself, to stay in the energies of Divine Consciousness, as it is your consciousness. You are the Divine expression of God Itself as It seeks to have Its experiences. That you are not here to suffer, you are not here to be punished, you are not here to be the victims of others' control and dominance. You are here to be grand, enlightened beings who step into their complete and total power. The time for excuses is passed; the time for denial of your greater being is gone. That you can play in this arena if you wish–it is your right–but this Awareness says to one and to all that this is the exact time you were meant to be in. It is the time you chose for yourselves, that the soul chose for itself. That to deny this, to be against the moment you are in, to fight it, will not serve you. What will serve you is the understanding and recognition that as a Divine and Supreme Being, you are much more than you have ever been told you were, but that it has always been your right to believe this or not. That you have lived in a reality where you have been subjected to the lies of those who have self-interest in staying in control. That you have been manipulated, that you have been bought and sold, without your understanding or agreement, and that it is time to take back control. It is Time to Discover the Deepest Truth of Your Being It is time to rediscover the deepest truth of your being, and to stand in that truth, to trust that you are here by intent and by design. This is not an accidental lifetime. You have not been placed here against your will. You are not experiencing events that you cannot control or change; all of this lies within your capacity as creator beings. That it is time to awaken to the grander truth, the actualization of this truth, and not simply to play in the intellectual conceptualization of what it might be to be a creator being. It is no longer appropriate to look outside of yourself for the proof that you are a creator being, for as long as you look outside of yourself you will not discover the truth that lies within. As long as you need proof out there, how will you find the proof that lies within? It is that you must go within and trust that you are this great being. This Awareness realizes that for many these words will still not spark such willingness, such realization, such courage to actualize these words. In the end these words are to inspire, to bring hope, to bring courage and to lead one into the confidence of knowing that they truly are much greater than has been told to them. To inspire them to great acts of creation, the creation of their own lives, the creation of your life. It is up to you. REMEMBER ALWAYS THAT YOU ARE AN ASPECT OF GOD! This gift of free will has been given to you by that which is God Itself, the Divine God Consciousness, but it is up to each and every individual to step into a place of their own authority, their own power, their own control. This period of time is a time that has been given between the two points that have been spoken of: December 21, 2012 and September 21, 2013. That this is an incredible time for one and all and this Awareness sends you Its Light and Its love and Its blessings that you may find your way, that you may find yourselves. It is God's wish and


intent that you do so. Remember always that you are an aspect of God Itself and therefore it is your intent, your wish and your desire as well. That this completes today's session. That this Awareness is complete at this time. ======================================= You may have noticed a slight difference in the sentence structure in this issue. Cosmic Awareness has recently counseled CAC that the transcriptions of the channelings from Awareness should now be verbatim, or word for word. It has explained that It often deliberately skews the sentences to distract the conscious mind so that the coded messages within the wording can be accepted by the low self of the reader. This is the reason why many of the sentences often begin with the word ’that’ and do not always conform to grammatical rules, etc. In particular, using the word ‘that’ at the beginning of sentences is not kosher in today’s society. But there is a new chapter now for CAC in that Ascension has occurred, humanity has and is evolving to a new level of deeper understanding of who in fact they really are, now heading toward planet A or A/B, (or B) thus the mode of communication is no longer as it was. It is changing and as such adjustment to this is now a necessary step. CAC is leading the way as it always has, guiding those of humanity who are receptive to recognize this level of a new understanding that may be resonating within them. It is an exciting time for all, especially since Awareness’ messages have a new, deeper, understandable and relevant significance in this moment of Now, for all those who hear and read Its words. Yes, Awareness, we are heeding your counsel!


WHAT IS COSMIC AWARENESS? COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the "New Age" of spiritual consciousness and awareness. Since 1963 Cosmic Awareness has been communicating through carefully trained channels. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "Readings" given through these various channels, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to believe anything, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover for yourself, through your own channel what is the Truth. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest". Neither C.A.C. or any of the Interpreters is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does C.A.C. or the Interpreters necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreters interpret the energies as they see them in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreters published herein have no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments and material, including illustrations. This is entirely the responsibility of the editor. Members of C.A.C. are invited to send in questions of general interest to ask Awareness for possible publication in this newsletter.

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