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POPULAR WEEKEND HABITS OF OUM STUDENTS INTRODUCTION This research is basically about how students of OUM spend their

time during weekend. The research was done to evaluate and to get some data on general activities that mostly students did as to use their time wisely. The survey had been done on 20 students of OUM by giving some questionnaires about what are the activities they like to do and why they are doing that. METHODOLOGY Subject: I have done research on 20 students of OUM which include both gender female and male. I have started the interview by asking questions like the date of birth, marital status, major of study, year of study and proceed with the main question of what are the three things they like to do during the weekend. Instrument: The basic instrument that I used to done the interview is the recorder and some questionnaires paper. The recorder is more useful to recollect if there is any data that I have missed during the interview session. Procedure: The interview session have been done on free time mostly after class hour. It is done by face to face method by asking direct question and record the answer that was given. The subject is given opportunity to express any thought about how they want to answer the questions and any extra input they want to give.

RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Gender Distribution Based On Major Subject Taken No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Major subject Social Science Mathematics Malay studies Islamic studies Preschool Information of technology Special education studies Living skills Health education Total Male 3 1 4 1 0 1 0 0 1 11 Female 1 0 2 1 1 2 1 1 0 9

Popular weekend Habits Of OUM Students




10 Numbers


0 Family Activity Surfing Ineternet Studying Discussion And with Reading Friends Sports Shopping Household Watching Gardening Activity Television Fishing Business And Tuition

Comparison Between Male and Female Activities On Weekend



0 Family Activity Male Female 6 3 Surfing Ineternet 2 2

Studying And Reading 5 6

Discussion with Friends 2 1

Sports 3 0

Shopping 0 3

Household Watching Gardening Activity Television 4 11 1 1 3 1

Fishing 2 1

Business And Tuition 2 1

No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Activities Family Activity Surfing Internet Studying And Reading Discussion With Friends Sports Shopping Household Activity Watching Television Gardening Fishing Business And Tution

Male 6 2 5 2 3 0 4 1 3 2 2

Female 3 2 6 1 0 3 11 1 1 1 1

From the charts and table given above, we can see some pattern of activities that OUM students like to do during weekend. Based on the first chart shown, 15 responded said that they like to do household work at home. This can be most probably due to lack

of time during weekdays where most of the OUM students are working and having classes at the campus. Most students take free time on weekend to do all the unsettled work left at home like do the cleaning, cooking, washing car and decorating home. The weekend also offer ore time for the student to spend more time with the family by doing Family activities such as go for picnic, sight seeing, visiting the relatives or just staying at home with all the family members. Nonetheless, some students take chances to revise and study the course they took. These students prefer to read as they believe that will help them to gain knowledge and be more prepared for the examination. While some students prefer to do activities which can built up their stamina and indirectly maintain their health by doing such activities like gardening, cycling and fishing. However, there are some students that do some extra work to get extra money for the family and themselves. Some of the students also take a chance to surf internet to look for more updated news while updating them with the newest information to finish up their assignment and to gather more information on MyLMS modules. Based on the second chart provided, we can see the difference on gender basic. More female prefer to do household works which maybe cant be done on weekdays. On the other hand, more male prefer to do family activities such as relaxing and spending more time with family members at home. This will not only strengthens the family bond but also will release the tension after a hard work for the whole week. Male students also are more interested in discussing topics and current issues just to updating themselves with current issues and news in and outside the country.

CONCLUSION As the conclusion, most of the OUM students spend their time wisely on weekend with some of them grab the chance to make more profit while others prefer to have a good relaxing time at home with the family. There is not much difference between male and female students in term of habits except for activities like sports and shopping which clearly more prominent on one gender only. Since most of OUM students are working students, they like to do all the desired activities on weekend which more time are available for them. Based on the research done also, almost all the students are married

with child, hence they prefer to do activities which involved all the family members as weekend is the only time they have to gather around and do things together.