march 1 2013 when i think of space i feel only significance that i am alive to continually misunderstand the laws of theoretical

physics that i am here while the international space station flies overhead daily that i exist on a day where somewhere 275 million stars are dying how could i not look at the sky and be grateful i am surrounded by nothingness? march 2 2013 my parents never introduced me to that song 'whoop there it is' march 3 2013 it is with strictly restrained knuckles that i demonstrate my work ethic on the lukewarm shower water pooling around my feet march 4 2013 how do i find myself walking down this street with two onions in my pockets? this is an attempt to alleviate pains i have had since last december what you need to understand is that it is a big deal that i would rather throw these than eat them to fully become me you must bust the window of your future bedroom at 9pm on an overcast monday ! evening march 5 2013 there are too many american flags in this country when i was a cub scout i learned the correct procedure for burning old flags two years later my troop leader was arrested for fucking his miniature poodle what kind of message does this send to the sixth graders of america? if you are buried in america when you die i promise i will think negative thoughts re: you my cremated remains will make a well-informed vote for the candidate most likely to fuck america

march 6 2013 i have been using the same free phone from the at&t store for ~5 years i once almost broke it in the pouring rain on the oaks park kiddie coaster the camera works intermittently, a reminder that e.d. affects 30 million men in the united states alone the fatigue of a digital lens is, in retrospect, comparable to my vocal cords in the minutes directly ! preceding any unforeseen thunderstorm march 7 2013 this list of potential desktop backgrounds is endless there are no limits to what i will shout in a crowded mall if offered >$10 i have yet to find a reasonable estimate for the last day i will forcibly remind myself of sisyphus if i get sent to jail i hope i receive a lifetime sentence think of all the friends i will make march 8 2013 i have underlined my least-favorite passages in your favorite book the pages are dog-eared and marked with the 40 ugly bookmarks from the bottom of my desk in a methodological manner i have begun memorizing these sentences not for recitation or analysis or multiple rounds of japanese to english translation no, in order to truly understand the people you love, you must always remember to be critical of possible shared positivities march 9 2013 when i was 14 my favorite song was "disenchanted" by my chemical romance tonight i am humming it as i skateboard off half-eroded curbs in the rain it made sophomore me feel like i had a large, impressive vocabulary it makes sophomore me feel more in touch with the layers of skin i have misplaced on the sidewalks ! in front of girls' houses march 10 2013 it is fitting that the most recent pictures of us are off-center forgive me for writing 365 poems about the days i waste not in a corner with you

march 11 2013 i know myself like the million little scratches on the back of a dvd, like socrates' liquor cabinet water me down and wipe me off with the back of your shirt sleeve in the autopsy they will find my blood is hemlock and ethanol it is with near-grecian idealism that i revere the inversion that is my self-image march 12 2013 this is the 21st century manifest destiny: screen to shining screen i do not want to be in movies, but i want to inspire one when i die i will sell the film rights of my <20 years to literally the first bidder who approaches me it is my strong belief that every human being is morally in charge of their online presence i will never outsource my seo; i was made for google march 13 2013 where were you when the pope was announced? this is a question i see arising once or twice in my near future the answer, like the scars on the backs of my hands, is complicated march 14 2013 the sky above the west hills is always red like the chips of nail polish i find in my hair after you're gone and i am falling asleep listening to your voicemail message it is on repeat in my itunes it is my most played track oh my god i still have the pillows set out the way that you like them march 15 2013 her voice reminds me of listening to sigur rós on a mile-long driveway on a rainy july midnight what i mean is that it makes me cry and i quickly evaporate due to the heat of the dashboard thank god i am collected as condensation on the windshield take your finger: write in me the adjective that best describes the year we avoided each other

march 16 2013 in the 1800s having tuberculosis was considered beautiful, even erotic those infected with TB were thin, pale, ghostlike in their delicacy the most beautiful corpses of the 19th century spat blood into their handkerchiefs at times i find i must remind myself to not recoil from your breath in my speakerphone march 17 2013 in sixth grade i learned how to both breakdance and bellydance thought you should know this about me march 18 2013 on cnn i read a report saying near death experiences are reported to feel significantly more real than ! objective reality my father and his best high school friend got pulled into the ocean on a school field trip the waves killed the other boy; my father must have briefly experienced a reality unimaginably vivid if the rip tide were to take me away, do not search for me i am somewhere amongst the soon to be driftwood this is where i belong march 19 2013 every day henry sends me links to news articles about north korea the trajectory of this news in my head is jarring like the occasional edges of hurriedly cut fingernails rub them against your keyboard as you obsessively check news aggregators for reminds of mortality that is what i do, and it only takes two hands to count the number of hospitals i have printed directions ! to in the past week march 20 2013 at this moment i can hear 20 police cars outside my window it is a commonality of the human experience to be afraid of sirens my quick analysis of this cultural phenomenon might be more personally revealing than you think we are scared because we confuse reality with an inordinately large game of cops and robber this, of course, is a game i have never won this, of course, is why i am afraid of the police

march 21 2013 subject lines of various spam emails i have received: A Complimentary Rich Dad Education Workshop is coming to you Area this is a spam email ten Inches long… And growing. $1.8/pill. safe. fun, Anonymous THIS MAIL IS FOR YOU. IF NOT YOU, DO NOT READ news BREAKING: our babysitter turned out to be a creep You suck at guitar. STOP IGNORING ME: THIS IS BUSINESS Never Be Alone Again and Make any Woman Want You: forthcoming poetry collection by me from ! spam folder press march 22 2013 in the rain i am skating behind a truck with a port-a-potty on the back i skate through mud, think "this could be crap water" i softly remember sharing a skateboard with you in a church parking lot i will never have the drive to learn how to kickflip if you keep facebook messaging me pictures of your ! cats and your wet hair in the morning march 23 2013 i create you like a character in the sims and i am the man in the denim jacket next door we meet in the pet store and get married 3 days later it is an almost shakespearian tragedy when the house burns down and thereafter the lot remains empty save for our gravestones in a doorless, windowless home march 24 2013 it has been raining for three days and all my shoes are damp i half fill my lungs with memories of the second time i ever kissed someone i soak my respiratory system with songs in C#minor written about second time i ever kissed you the persistent muddiness of my feet is an urgent reminder of the loneliness of outdoor mall escalators

march 25 2013 this could be the last week i will ever spend in my childhood home i am aware that it is a cliche to talk about the house you grew up in i am also aware that i have negative feelings towards anything reliant upon nostalgia for these reasons i will be brief: the most interesting thing about this house is that nobody has ever smoked inside it march 26 2013 tonight i turned off my car headlights while driving in the country normally this renders me functionally blind, like i am piloting a ship through the blackness of space it is bright tonight, the full moon illuminating the fields in front of me, the pavement below me so i drove like this for 30 minutes: headlights off, music silent, windows down i did not make a list of the animals i saw, so i cannot include it here: what i mean to say is that it is foolish to imagine flying through space instead, please, think of all the animals that will not be startled if you stay silent instead, please, think of the way things look more fleeting on a midnight in march instead, please, think of driving down every country driveway until your gas light comes on then flip your lights back on and drive away again march 27 2013 it is true that we only listen to the dreams of people that we love this is because we want to hear about ourselves in these stories i have played the role of 'asshole' in the dreams of 2 long-term girlfriends either this is a ploy to trick me into trying harder to be a better boyfriend or deep within their subconscious everyone knows me with the odd objectivity of a recurrently ! forgotten dream march 28 2013 how can you tell the difference between the tears on the inside of your glasses and the water droplets from the spray of splash mountain on the outside?

march 29 2013 the attic door, backside soft with insulation, lies against the wall in my sister's old bedroom now empty, the space where it used to be feels remarkably like my aorta the half-painted door frame creaks as it swells from the heat seeping through the attic i am somewhere there, contracting and expanding like the old wood of my great-aunt's house as i leave the room, i see a spider crawling through the doorway, a virus in my bloodstream he is welcome in this room; i'll be gone in the morning march 30 2013 i can hardly bring myself to exercise under the direct threat of nuclear war from the ventricles directly beside my clavicle march 31 2013 I HAVE NEVER BEFORE BEEN STRUCK BY THE EMOTIONS RECUMBENT IN THE SLOW ! EVAPORATION OF MY SELF ESTEEM as seen written in the shards of a broken bathroom mirror pieced together like the half-finished puzzle on the nursery home nightstand of your recently! deceased grandmother

thank you so much for reading.
march, 2013 is a collection of poems i wrote every day in the month of march. the poems were inspired by snapshots of images or memories i had on each of those days; i wrote them to help me remember what i might otherwise forget. march, 2013 is the third release in a longer project, in which i am releasing similar collections of poetry at the end of every month in 2013. the reasons are twofold: to keep a strong, specific motivation for poetry writing and to provide a space to improve the quality of my writing outside the traditional academic workshop setting. so please, feel free to critique, comment, suggest, attack, admire, or anything else which i should consider for future works.

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