On February 15, 2013 this community journalist was charged with a misdemeanor of operating with an expired license.

Earlier this month the charge was dropped. I’ve already written about this event, http://www.scribd.com/doc/134246953/BarrePolice-Corrupt-to-the-Core . What I haven’t written about is the existence of a private log, what this log included and the Rutland Regional Emergency Communication Center’s (RRECC) role in this matter. On April 10th I would contact the RRECC and speak with Meghan Kellaher the Center’s Director. She explained how there apparently exists two logs: a private one and a public one. And the information about my incident likely included personnel information which likely caused the print-out gaffe. I told her there should be nothing of the sort concerning such a mundane matter. She then referenced the possibility of a software glitch and that she’d be meeting with her vendor from Tritech Software on the 11th to hopefully resolve the matter since for some inexplicable reason my incident did not appear on the “public” log.

Ms. Kelleher asked me if I’d like a copy of the report and I replied in the affirmative. So on the 11th I went to Rutland to get it only to learn Ms. Kelleher did not provide the full log just the single event. When I asked for the log from February 15th Ms. Kelleher returned with Sgt. Ronald Friberg. The Sergeant stated “this is all we have”. I repeated my request and got a similar reply. It was like déjà vu all over again. Later that morning Ms. Kelleher would call to inform me she had met with the vendor and supposedly learned that because of the particular call action, in my case it was “Criminal Complaint”, my incident was not printed in the “public” log. She blamed her predecessor for the erroneous presets. So now I’m awaiting a certain records request: From: craig shibley [mailto:shibley@charter.net] Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2013 11:14 AM To: mkellaher@rrecc.us Subject: RECORDS REQUEST: BARRE LOGS

Ms. Kellaher: Consider the following a request pursuant to the Commonwealth’s Public Records Law. I would like copies of the following: 1. The complete Barre Police Log from Thursday November 29, 2012; 2. The complete Barre Police Log from Friday February 15 2013; For you and a member of the Rutland Police Department to deny me this request this morning is a blatant violation of the law governing such documents. For this officer to claim “this is all we have” is nothing short of a bold-faced lie. You stated to me yesterday there exists a “public” and “private” log – so provide me this private log within 10 days.

Additionally, I would like to view the RRECC’s Inter-municipal Agreement with the Town of Barre as well as the Center’s rules and regulations for its operational governance. Regards, Craig Shibley

In the meantime I have the incident.

So here’s what’s interesting (in no particular order): • The offense took place at 8:42 a.m. yet according to the citation Officer William Recos gave me it happened at 8:45 a.m.;

• •

At 8:42 a.m. Chief Eric Demetropoulos was simultaneously dispatched, :38 seconds later he was en route and he’d finally arrive nearly six minutes later; 8:46 a.m. records show Recos requested “a hook” which would concur with the Dave’s Tow & Transport;

8:47 a.m. it’s recorded how a Quabbin Auto unavailable – Dave’s E/R. No Quabbin Auto exists in Wonderland nor is such a business registered with the SoC so perhaps Quabbin Auto is like the Barre EMS and the Barre Ambulance Service – an illegal dba?; According to Recos’ report “at approximately 0842 hours, I was assigned to uniformed patrol” yet he was already patrolling because by 8:34 a.m. he initiated a motor vehicle stop on West St. (Rt. 122). Recos reportedly saw me drive by and “requested dispatch perform a check of <my> license status”.

The log does not reflect this initial communication – perhaps because such a random request would be illegal? Nor does the narrative memorialize the “Great Two Mile Trap” set-up on Rt. 122; According to Recos’ report the Chief arrived after he “again confirmed <my> license as expired” and “requested a tow for the vehicle … At this point, Chief Erik J. Demetropoulos arrived on scene to assist.” “Prior to closing the door I handed him his criminal citation and advised he would receive a summons for the offense”. The call action was defined as Criminal Complaint and not Citation Issued; I was provided a “courtesy” ride one mile down the road to my home at approximately 8:57 a.m. The Chief was cleared from the scene at 9:03:31 which would have given him almost six minutes “to conduct the inventory, per department policy” of my car;

According to Recos’ report the Chief would “wait for the arrival of the tow” as he transported me back home. Just one last minor detail – good ‘ol Dave’s Towing was already on scene as I was patted down and led away on my courtesy drive...

This would mark the 8th criminal charge the police department has slapped me with in the past year. Eight. Wow! No wonder the Board of Selectmen hide in executive session citing Exemption #4 to discuss the deployment of or strategy regarding security personnel or devices to address yours truly! A story for another day . . . PS There’s no such thing as a private log; all records of this nature are public by law and should certain facts need to be withheld then the custodian redacts select information only, such as the name of a minor or an individual’s Social Security number. But all events must be included in a police log – even in Wonderland.

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