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It’s the perfect opportunity - my Christmas wish - to extract myself from this never-ending show that my life is, conducted by stiff social rules and restraints and become the master of it. Oscar Wilde once said “Life imitates art more than art imitates life”. So, here I am, taking pains in transforming the spectator I am into the main actor who presents herself in order to achieve more. Who am I? At the first glance, just the average, dreamy 10th grader, struggling to find her calling through an intricate web of choices that life is. I came to the world on 25th of December, 1996, in a family of young, hardworking doctors, in Balti, Republic of Moldova. Striving for a better existence, we moved to Romania in the 2000s, and were thrilled to be greeted by the welcoming community of the closely-knit town Viseu de Sus, in the hilly north of the country. During my stay there, I attended skiing/snowboarding lessons, and also first discovered my unyielding passion for reading. Hardly had I turned 10, when I was told by my parents we would move to Zalau, a slightly bigger city, for financial reasons. Having the typical juvenile mindset, I took it as a grim tragedy, even though now I perceive it as one of the most important chapters that shaped me into an open-minded, mature character. Despite somewhat petite, I am easily noticeable because of my very bubbly and enthusiastic character and my general optimistic attitude. My most obvious personality trait remains my initiative and ambitious spirit. During group projects, I would naturally assume a leading role, assigning and allocating errands efficiently. Moreover, ever since I was a child, I have been taught that honesty is one of the most important moral values, and, as I grew older, I turned out to be a very blatant liar. My straightforward attitude has also caused me both pleasant reactions and burdens, as sometimes blunt honesty isn’t acceptable. In terms of ambition, I would say that comes from my complete apprehension that you can only succeed through assiduous work, as well as from the caring yet strict foster I have received over the years from my parents and boyfriend. Usually, when I set a goal, I summon all my intellectual wealth in order I achieve it,while juggling my other tasks in the meantime. Albeit enjoying the company of other people and bonding with the ones surrounding me, I must admit I sometimes recoil for a moment of solitude. I could say that I have grown impressively mature over the latter years, as I have been challanged with quite numerous problems in both my educational and personal life. On the other hand, I have been incredibly blessed to have a trully heartfelt and genuine individual by my side, who over the past 3 years has made me feel accomplished and serene, as if we would be able to surpass any arising obstacle together. He has honestly been my head pillar and cornerstone, and I am delighted to say that I would have never reached the point I am currently at without his tremendous support. I find it impossible to write down everything about myself, since I am still in the stage where I Continuously explore my strengths and weaknesses. While writing is my cup of tea - as is Drawing, despite I am not particularly skilled in the latter-, reading is my biggest passion. I have often found myself glued to a book for days, breathing it in, suffering and rejoicing with its

or have a heated debate about something with an intimate friend. My accomplishments only concern my studies. Moreover. than sneak out and be rebellious. I am currently volunteering for the International Committee of The Red Cross. afterwards. I could go on one instant or stop the next – it is not a deadlock but the quest of an individual who has an entire spectacular life ahead. and History. I could say I have witnessed a testimony of British life. I either feel I wrote too much or too little about myself. Dan Brown and some works of Oscar Wilde are definetely my favorites. I have participated in many contests held at the county level. Stephen King. culture and principles. most of them in Romanian and English. Therefore. as well as understanding the national heritage and intercultural background. I find myself forced to put full-stop – I thank you for taking up your valuable time and assess this essay. I have collaborated with NGO’s about intending to attend a higher education abroad. makes this scholarship an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My current intentions are either on Human Resources or Law. . At the moment. clutching to a lukewarm cup of tea. The possibility of first-handedly experiencing their exquisite manners. Having seen the fantastic opening ceremony of the latest Olympics. and feeling empty and deserted upon reaching its end. I am and I would eventually become. I must say I would much rather be engrossed in a novel. and previously staying in Britain for 2 weeks. which I will be taking in June.characters. and the Center for Anti-drug Prevention. I am forever grateful – whether I am called for interview or not – that I had the chance to reflect upon the person I was. Evaluation and Counseling. Although I am aware that it’s bound to be a bumpy ride. and my Certificate of Advanced English. I am studying for my First Certificate of English exam. Although I have never had any problems with making friends. so far.

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