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Is it fair to blame “Global Warming” on mankind?

By Rex A. Crouch

Copyrighted © by Rex A. Crouch 2008

I frequently see the last 10,000 years of Earth’s we acknowledge that global warming probably
climate history based on core data from one took place at least five time before humans
lake, or a glacier, or some other source. Given ever walked the earth. This implies to me that
this 10,000 year dataset we are shown that global warming in a natural process that will
mankind is causing global warming. occur whether humans are here on not. Said
otherwise, humans are not the cause of
I cringe every time I see a 10,000 year dataset
climate change.
for global warming but have diligently kept my
mouth shut. I focus on exploration geology The belief that global warming is manmade
and subsequently I try to stay away from the has nearly become a religion in itself, wherein
subject of global warming because it is so the church of global warming is ready to
politically charged. Despite the volatile nature torture the heretics. Heretics of the church of
of the subject I am violating my own personal global warming are hatefully called “Deniers.”
rule on global warming to ask a question. Is it Please don’t burn me at the stake, but I accept
fair to blame “Global Warming” on mankind? the full scientific explanation including the
Earth’s entire history—not the data cherry
The 10,000 year data set is just a scratch on
the skin of the Cenozoic. Yes, this is the
timeframe in which humans populated the As long as Earth is a living planet, it will be a
earth; but the earth is much older than 10,000 dynamic planet. The city of New Orleans was
years. built on silt, subsequently, the city is sinking at
a rate of 2.5 centimeters per years, and there
I personally cannot ignore the whole picture.
is nothing we can do to stop it. Volcanoes are
The Sauk Sequence shows us that global sea
forming new islands in the South Pacific, and
levels have changed dramatically six times
there is nothing we can do to stop. It is
since the Proterozoic, with drastic
arrogant to believe that humans can control
transgressions, and regressions. In addition to
these global changes in sea level, there are
corresponding mass extinction events. It is fair In lieu of plans, summits, agreements, and
to associate global sea level changes with other political activities that focus on stopping
global temperature changes. a natural process, I think we should simply be
better stewards of the planet we use, as we
Life on our planet lives in a system of
discuss how to live with global warming, or
differential equations. It is also fair to believe
global cooling, or whatever climate change we
that our climate is a system of differential
are dealt, and avoid becoming another mass
equation with peaks of global warming and
extinction statistic.
global cooling that exceeds the 10,000 year
dataset. This is not a denial that the
development of human infrastructures have
impacted the climate, but rather a request that