Jim Marquez Satisfies Independent Publishing Crave w/“East L.A. Collage” @
Los Angeles, CA—October 20, 2006—Jim Marquez exposes readers to the various facets of the Latino culture with a new book of stories about his corner of East L.A. and its surrounding communities. This in conjunction with Lulu (, the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.

East L.A. Collage is true life. 21st century. These are heart-on-your-sleeve tales of a
young woman caught in a bad marriage, deaths in the family, racism in the work place, “homeboys” squaring off for a throw-down, community tragedies, and the rise of a city’s son to international stardom from a multicultural city that is Los Angeles. This book features an exclusive interview with Chicano superstar artist GRONK! There are 12 selections in all.

Jim Marquez wrote East L.A. Collage for his mother initially. Jim’s other books,
also available through LuLu, cover the city of Los Angeles in a harsher light. After dark to be precise. One day his mother said, “Why don’t you write something I can read?” Without all that R-rated stuff!” HA, that was brilliant Jim thought. And so was born “East L.A. Collage”. His mother very much approves. “Self-Publishing is the way to go,” Jim Marquez says. “Waiting a year for a standard rejection slip from an anonymous assistant editor is not what writing’s about. Believing in your material, putting it together the best you can, and then rejoicing when others actually want it is the greatest feeling in the world.” Publication: Contact: ABOUT AUTHOR Jim Marquez has published 7 books through LuLu. He has also published dozens of stories in national magazines such as “Tu Ciudad”, “Hispanic”, “Flux”, “Soma”, “The Arts District Citizen”, “Gallery”, “Gadfly”, “LA Weekly”, “Modern Drunkard Magazine”. He has taught ESL classes for the past 10 years, and travels throughout Europe extensively. His latest trek had Jim romping across Germany for the 2006 World Cup. Jim has triumphed with “East L.A. Collage” by placing it in major book stores throughout the west such as “City Lights” (San Francisco), “Tia Chucha’s” (Sylmar), “Perihelion Gallery” (Phoenix), “Libreria Martinez (Lynwood), “Under the Bridge Books” (San Pedro), “Dutton’s” (Brentwood), “Tower Records” (San Gabriel Valley), “Latino Factory” (Montebello), “Olverita’s’ Village “ (Olvera Street), et al. This past year Jim has participated in over 60 book signings, public readings, and festivals in support of his work.