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Valve Adjustment Steps for Kymco Xciting 500ri 2009

Enclose are the personal steps (from memory) for a valve job on the Kymco Xciting 500ri 2009. This is by no means a mechanical reference guide and I take no responsibilities on what may or may not work here, but I hope that it will help others. Do let me know if you see errors, corrections or omissions and I’ll be happy to add them to the document. Prior to the valve job, make sure engine is cold. First time around the process took me 5 hours from beginning. Should take 1 -2 hours with the enclosed diagrams and understanding the required steps. The time for this work is mostly spent in removing plastic layers. The valve adjustment only takes a few minutes.


The storage area will come up as a single unit. 2 .Remove the bolts holding the storage area and seat. Disconnect light and 12 volt charger connectors located under the seat area. surprisingly it does not need to be empty of personal “stuff” to remove.

Repeat for other side.Remove the bolts holding the plastic cover. I put a ellipse on top of it to highlight. Plastic Snaps 3 . Disconnect + battery terminal. It is best to press down on the snaps to release them otherwise it may break the plastic snaps. There is no need to remove the sparkplug cover as I did. Take note that the cover uses plastic snaps.

4 . Repeat for other side.Remove floor board by pushing up on the ends. The floor boards have rubber snaps which will “pop” as release.

unscrew at least two screws on the upper left side (yellow arrows). Remove the plastic engine cover Plastic Snaps 5 .Remove bolts/screws in the floor board area. In order to have enough play to remove the plastic snaps.

The cover is two plastic parts which are easy to remove. If all you have is a simple wrench.Remove transmission plastic cover. The photo shows one of transmission covers. You do not need to remove the aluminum cover if you have a socket wrench that is large enough for the bolt which will be used to turn the engine. 6 . you may need to remove the aluminum cover to allow enough torque to rotate the engine.

) 7 .Remove sparkplug (scooter comes with a sparkplug remover tool.

Remove switch and water pipes to give clearance to the engine head. 8 .

Alternatively you could remove both shock mounts. By removing single bolt. 9 . pushing down will be a much easier process.Remove single shock mount – this will make it easier to push down on the back of the scooter to give enough clearance to the engine head to slide out.

Its located on the other side of the scooter (by the oil dip stick).Remove Top of Cylinder marker cover (“T” Mark). 10 .

There is not enough space for the head to slide out. 11 . then remove the 4 bolts. so you’ll have to push down (compress) on the back side of the scooter to provide enough clearance to slide out the head. Then pop up on the cylinder head – this is a rubber gasket so be cautions not to break or nick the gasket.Remove cylinder head – remove the rubber hose on top of the cylinder. The head should open easily.

Setting the Top of Cylinder is done by rotating the engine clockwise on the transmission side and then making sure that the “T” mark is center on the hole AND the cam-shaft nudge is also on top. 12 .

The valve spacing are all set to 0.Valve adjusting – There are 4 valves in the scooter.1mm (0.004 in) so it does not matter which one is exhaust or intake 13 .

004in spacer to do a final check and make minor adjustments as required. Turn bolt clockwise to tighten Hold with pliers or tool 14 . This is a very tight area and will require some creative finger positioning.005in spacer in the valve gap. Repeat for all 4 valves. I will place a 0. When I begin to tighten the bolt. I remove the spacer and tighten to the final firm setting. Then I insert the 0. but if you don’t…pliers can be used as a poor man substitute (you will need extra patience).Ideally you’ll have the Kymco tool that can hold the top of the valve while tightening the valve nut. When the screw is almost fully tight. Usually this process will work the first time. Without the too a 2nd person is needed to hold the top of the valve with the pliers while tightening the bolt.Valve adjusting.

cylinder house. connect battery and do a test-start. 15 . “T” mark opening. insert spark plug.Engine Test – After setting the valves begin backwards steps to close back components to allow for an engine test. Close: cylinder head. Given that the scooter turned on and worked as normal. Scooter should come alive within a few cranks. continue closing other components in the reverse order. electrical switch.