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International Students: Work Experience Ideas

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Introduction ................................................................................................... How to Improve Your Employability................................................................ Finding Part-time work & Extra-Curricular Activities ....................................... Speculative Applications ................................................................................ Graduate Job & Internship Recruitment Process ........................................... Facing Work Experience Challenges ............................................................ General Work Etiquette in the UK ................................................................. Work Experience Outside the UK .................................................................. Top Tips for International Job Search ........................................................... Appendices ................................................................................................... 1. 2. 3. International Students UK Employment Destinations ....................... International Students Overseas Employment Destinations ............. China Job Hunting Tips – A Guide for Students ............................... 1 4 7 8 8 10 12 13 17 19 19 28 37

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Do you want to add value to your UK study experience? Are you looking for work experience ideas to enhance your job prospects? In this booklet you will see what constitutes work experience in the UK. A wide range of activities undertaken during and after your studies can enhance your employability or readiness for the job market in the UK or overseas. This booklet will also provide basic information about the nature of the UK jobs and work experience market. Your work experience strategy coupled with an understanding of the job market will enable you to identify and take advantages of the opportunities on offer. Be proactive and intentional and make sure that your UK experience provides you with the best investment in your career. In order to make sense of all the potential options, make the University Careers & Employability an essential part of your work experience and career planning strategy. As an International student from a non-EU country, Careers & Employability can be of assistance to you in addressing issues related to work experience and choice of career path and you are certainly welcome to make use of all our facilities while you are here. Nevertheless, understanding the nature of Careers & Employability and the limits of the help we provide will enable you to make the most of what’s on offer. Your home country may have career or job placement services but they will probably differ significantly from UK university careers services. What we CAN Provide • • • Confidential and independent careers advice from professionally qualified staff. Careers-related information including a well resourced Careers & Employability Centre and website at Online jobs pages with vacancy details for permanent and temporary jobs, postgraduate study, work placements and voluntary work in the UK and abroad, and across all industry sectors. Includes a section on overseas opportunities. Opportunities to identify and develop employability skills. Opportunities to meet with Student and Graduate Recruiters through a comprehensive programme of careers events.

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What we CANNOT Provide • • • We are not an express placement service, slotting graduates into jobs regardless of ambitions or needs. We do not hold full job market information on every country in the world. We do not issue a list of employers who will accept applications from international students and graduates but we do provide advice on possible ways of identifying and approaching such employers.


ac. • To book an appointment. There are tips from Cardiff International Alumni and advice on how to identify and approach employers. go to: www. Copies of the workshop booklets on Getting Work Experience and Identifying Employers are available in the Careers & Employability Centre and can be downloaded from our website. Advice on job hunting strategy and most effective use of language in Work Experience Ideas for International Students This workshop explores the main ways in which you can gain work experience as a student and as a graduate in order to give yourself the competitive edge in the jobs market. International Students: CV Writing 2 .• • We aim to help all students with application techniques but we are not an English-language service. International Career Consultant offers 30 min International Queries at the Careers & Employability Centre (50 Park Place) on Thursdays (semester time) and on selected dates during vacations and provides: • • Advice on how to identify and approach UK employers. We provide general information on work permits but we are not authorised to give advice on students’ individual circumstances.cardiff. Bookings are made on-line at: http://cardiff. International Students: Employment Regulations This workshop gives an honest and up-to-date overview of the main work visa routes most relevant to working in the UK after finishing your studies here. The International Student Support Team in the Student Support Centre (50 Park Place) is able to give advice on a case by case basis. you are welcome to attend any event in our Careers Specific Careers Workshops for International Students As International students. A copy of the workshop booklet is available in the Careers & Employability Centre and can be downloaded from our website. HOW TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE INTERNATIONAL CAREER CONSULTANT Aled Williams. but remember to book a place on the following term-time workshops. job applications and Information on the work permit category most relevant to working in UK after your studies.

It focuses on where to identify opportunities. there is a Consultant with specialist knowledge of typical career choices and opportunities in your subject area. For each academic school. To book a Career Consultation. register on our on-line Booking System: www. These will be bookable online at: A copy of the workshop booklet is available in the Careers & Employability Centre and can be downloaded from our website. HOW TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR SUBJECT-BASED CAREER CONSULTANT We have a team of professionally qualified and experienced Career Consultants & Advisers and each one has a caseload of Academic Schools. through advertised employer schemes or with placement providers. and produce a personal employability action plan. The Advisers all currently run work experience programmes within Careers & Work Experience Support at Careers & Employability A Work Experience Adviser will work alongside the Career Consultants in each academic school to offer support specifically for work experience Work Experience Workshops available as part of the Career Management Skills programme. There may be an opportunity to get individual feedback on your own CV at the end of this session if time permits. 3 . Quick Enquiry or any event in our Careers Programme. Preparing for your Year Out Aimed at students who have opted to spend a year in industry. So whatever subject you are studying. Students will understand why employability is important and what employability skills are. It will cover aspects of commercial awareness and business etiquette. Titles available: Planning Your Employability This is a generic workshop aimed at first year students.cardiff. the application process and when to apply. How to get a Placement / Internship This workshop is aimed at 2nd year students hoping to secure placements or either by making speculative applications.This workshop provides practical tips on how to use effective language and grammar in a CV that is right for the UK job market. They will consider their own skill set. Advisers can offer: Group appointments in Schools. Either free-form or themed events which enable Advisers to work with groups of students. think about how to develop skills. this workshop will help students to understand what to expect and how to make the most of the experience.

volunteering or other extracurricular projects. internships. Are you Employable? This workshop helps students to articulate the employability skills they have gained from activities such as work experience. HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR EMPLOYABILITY What is Employability? In a nutshell. self-starting. readiness to improve own performance based on feedback / reflective Your Examples? 4 . appropriate assertiveness. Offered either as a stand-alone event or alongside a fair or School-based activity such as a ‘careers week’. flexibility. Work Experience Helpzones . If your academic School has a particular need.pop-up advice available in prominent locations around the campus. positions of responsibility as well as any paid employment gained in a relevant field – as UK employers are interested in a wide range of experiences. Can you demonstrate that you have these by completing the third column in the following table? Try to do that now. hobbies. What Do UK Employers Want? The list below covers the skills and attributes that Cardiff University considers important in the development of an employable graduate. resilience. volunteering. Skill & Attribute Self Management What does it mean? readiness to accept responsibility. paid work. It enables students to realise the value of such activities in producing a CV. completing application forms and preparing for interviews. It is a lifelong process and does not end when you secure that job. There is limited scope to accommodate bespoke workshop requests. work experience. travel. time management. well as reflection and self-assessment. Practical considerations such accommodation. and appropriate per-missions are included. it is all about developing and articulating the right skills and experiences to get the job you want. Use a broad range of examples – academic. they need to discuss this with the nominated Work Experience Adviser within Careers & Employability. sport.

general mathematical awareness and its application in practical contexts (e. weighing. including familiarity with word processing. structured written work and oral literacy – including listening and questioning manipulation of numbers. and awareness of interdependence with others Basic understanding of the key drivers for business success – including the importance of innovation and taking calculated risks – and the need to provide customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty analysing facts and situations and applying creative thinking to develop appropriate solutions Business and Customer Awareness Problem Solving Communication and literacy application of literacy. spreadsheets. use of internet search engines and knowledge of any specialist software packages Application of numeracy Application of information technology 5 . cooperating. file management. negotiating / persuading.g. estimation and applying formulae) Basic IT skills. ability to produce clear. measuring. contributing to discussions.learning Team Working respecting others.

what particular strengths and attributes could you offer a UK employer over and above a UK student? Consider the following list of typical strengths offered by an international applicant. It covers a range of structured and flexible activities which may be arranged by you or by an employer. Insight events are offered by an increasing number of organisations to give students a taste of a particular company or industry while allowing the organisation to identify potential future recruits. book an appointment with a Career Consultant to discuss suitable examples of skills. Voluntary Work can include a range of community. If in doubt. This will help your preparation for completing applications and going for interviews. vacation schemes or summer internships. ethical or other projects. Work Shadowing where you would arrange to visit a workplace and observe an individual or individuals as they carry out their work. environmental. There are also graduate placements which may be shorter and offered across various work sectors for graduates from various degree disciplines Internships. year in industry. these are formal and structured programmes which typically last for 8-12 weeks over the summer but can sometimes last 1 or 2 weeks over Easter or at Christmas. social care. • • • • 6 . Also known as work experience schemes. UK employers are looking for students and graduates who can offer key transferable skills and attributes gained not only on their degree courses but from other areas of their lives as well. the following activities can all count as valid work experience: • Placements.Once you have noted your own examples. Internships are often used as a way of identifying future graduate recruits and introducing them to the company. consider what you could do to enhance these examples and experiences. you will need to consider how you can use this experience to develop your employability in order to successfully compete in the job market. What constitutes Work Experience? Work Experience comprises a wide range of activities that can shape and influence your career thinking and help position you for the career path(s) you will follow. In the UK. Typically. What evidence would you offer an employer that you possess these skills? • • • • • • Language skills Cross cultural awareness Work experience in a global market Overseas contacts and networks Technical and business skills Other strengths? So. whatever your reasons for coming to Cardiff University and wherever you are from. Also known as industrial placements. sandwich years. They are often structured programmes of 6 months or 12 months duration and typically offered as part of technical and scientific degrees. As an international student.

There are so many other activities that can count as valid work student society roles. • • • • • 7 .uk/ Live project with UK and overseas companies for MBA course Internship with the company of a Guest Speaker on the course Committee Members. Remember to register early in the academic year to catch the majority of vacancies Student Representative.aiesec. BUNAC for international students who have successfully completed their studies Certificated Employer Skills course. This satisfies the UK’s Criminal Record Bureau checks for volunteering projects with children and vulnerable adults. student representative. Indian Students Society Entrepreneurial activities. Cardiff AIESEC http://www. Careers & Employability and the Student Union typically provide a range of activities where a certificate of attendance or achievement may be provided automatically or upon request. Educational & Community projects. http://www.• • Part-time / Casual work where you would work within the 20 hour per week limit of your student visa in a role that is not permanent. Other activities include project work as part of a degree Competition for on-campus jobs is usually high and positions are filled quickly. student helper roles. internship in a specific field of Social Care.cardiffstudents. entrepreneurial ventures etc. Cardiff Law School Language Exchange with other students Intern in UK Frontrunner Leadership course for Chinese & UK students involving crosscultural communication. Cardiff Student Enterprise Attending employer events organised by Careers & Employability for an insight into graduate recruiters and the skills they demand from applicants. http://frontrunner. FINDING PART-TIME WORK & EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Opportunities for part-time work exist for students both on and off campus.cardiffstudents. Would you like to boost your CV or job application? Struggling to see what is on offer? Wondering whether you can afford the time? Here are a few activities successfully undertaken by previous international students: • • • • • • • • Part-time employment through Unistaff Job shop in the Student Union. Student Volunteering Cardiff. Finding a job relevant to your degree or career may also be quite difficult.bunac. Cardiff Student Development Unit www. International students may need a certificate of good conduct from their home country when registering. So it is not all about finding a paid.

You may have personal contacts that can put you in touch with recruiters. You can apply speculatively for work experience (with a CV and covering letter) to organisations. it is worth pointing out some elements that are important in the UK recruitment process. you will need to start applying in the beginning of the penultimate year of your course if you are an undergraduate. ‘International Students: CV Writing’. This means that if you are keen to apply to established internship schemes. In doing so you must ensure that: • • • • • You find out who is responsible for recruitment and send the application directly to them (you may need to make a phone call in the first instance to obtain this information). but may well exist. You research the organisation you are applying to and show evidence of this in your letter. You let them know of the dates you are available and provide your contact SPECULATIVE APPLICATIONS Applying speculatively means applying for work experience / jobs that are not advertised. It is up to you to find them. For detailed information on making speculative applications refer to the downloadable booklets. alternatively you can apply directly.To find out more. Application deadlines typically fall between November to January for graduate jobs and December to March for internships or vacation schemes. Your letter / CV is tailored to the experience you are hoping to gain. www. The National Association of Student Employment Services (NASES) has further information on part-time work and employment There are opportunities out there. Timescales for Applications Every year in the UK. summer internships.nases. You match your skills to those required by the company you are applying to. vacation schemes and graduate jobs with large companies are advertised on their websites and on recruitment portals from September / October. Careers Guides: ‘CVs and Covering Letters’ and ‘How to Get a Placement/Internship’ THE UK JOB & INTERNSHIP RECRUITMENT PROCESS Although there will be similarities between the internship and graduate job market in different countries. check out the above links or book an International Careers appointment and attend the Careers & Employability workshop on Work Experience Ideas for International Students. Many summer internships target 8 .

9 . others may require you to submit a CV and covering letter. Method of Application Companies vary in their methods of recruitment. Analytical. Typical skills sought include: Communication. Qualification Matching Career? In the UK. graduates from a range of different degree subjects will join a 23 year Graduate Training Scheme. As many as 40-50% of graduate job vacancies are for graduates from any degree subject. Accountancy. Planning & Organising. Key Transferable Skills UK employers are focussed on key transferable skills. See the earlier section on ‘What Do UK Employers Want?’ for further details. Check the FAQ sections of recruitment websites to see whether your questions are addressed before making contact. Team Working. Banking is not necessarily in the same field as the subject they studied at University. Many will require an application form completed on-line. Again early application is always advisable if you know what you want to do and want to get in ahead of the competition. If you are on a Master's course you will need to apply almost at the start of your studies or after you submit your dissertation if you wish to apply early for the following year. More about this in the International Student booklets on Identifying Employers and Employment Regulations. For many of these jobs. Problem Solving. you will need to check that you have enough time remaining on your Tier 4 student visa to do your job hunting in the UK.g. If you are keen to apply to established graduate training schemes. IT. the career that graduates enter e. Law. the degree subject is not as important as overall academic achievement and the possession of relevant skills and attributes. Application Deadlines A growing number of employers take applications all year round and may not have a deadline. Smaller or medium-sized employers (employing up to 250 staff) may be more flexible as they need to be reactive to market conditions and they are more likely to recruit as and when vacancies arise and quite often nearer to the time of graduation. Leadership. If the latter. you will need to start applying in the beginning of the final year of your course if you are an undergraduate. Most job descriptions are written with a certain skill set in mind and it is normally expected of the job candidate to illustrate how he/she matches the required skill profile both in their written application and during the interview. Decision-making etc. In many of these career areas. In job applications you need to show evidence of skills developed in areas such as work. Time Management.penultimate year undergraduates. The cardinal rule in all cases is to follow instructions and always ask for help if you have any doubts by booking a careers appointment or by contacting the employer direct if you have a very specific and technical question relating to the application process. course. sporting and leisure activities.

htm International Students. ability – Includes Graduate Job Search. refer to the section on ‘How to Improve Your Employability’ Under no circumstances will companies provide a job offer if they have not interviewed the candidate. bar and shop jobs. many employers will want to see that you have gained something more than just study experience in the www. What do you do? POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS • Go to the online Jobs Pages on the Careers & Employability website and search through the Work Experience. Assessment Centres normally include various exercises both individual and group-based such as case studies. vacation and part-time jobs on offer Remember that any work experience can be useful and can be a way of showing transferable skills Look at the UK employment obtained by some • • 10 .ac. For further information on attributes and competencies. Work Experience and Careers Advice sections. In the following table are some scenarios where challenges arise and some possible solutions. International students in the UK can sometimes encounter difficulties when trying to find suitable work and then in some cases move on to an Assessment Centre. Placements.Selection Selection processes can start from a telephone interview. Further Information in the Careers & Employability Centre Target jobs Get Directory (annual) Real Prospects Directory (annual) Useful Links www.targetjobs. Any UK work experience has its value as it will give you exposure to different groups of people and different uses of English and even if you decide to return home upon completion of your studies. includes section for FACING WORK EXPERIENCE CHALLENGES Gaining work experience will help you develop those key transferable skills needed by many employers in the UK and elsewhere. It is common for employers to do Competency-based Interviews where you are asked to give examples of instances when you have used and developed certain competencies (or attributes) that will often be on their website or appear on the application form. POSSIBLE SCENARIO 1. You would like to find graduate level work experience in a field relevant to your chosen career but you only see adverts for cleaning. progress to a face-to-face interview. in-tray or e-tray exercises. group discussions and some form of Psychometric Testing which involves a series of timed.prospects.

This means you are allowed to take employment for up to 20 hours per week term-time without getting any further approval or permission You can refer them to the UK Border Agency website and employers’ helpline on 0300 123 4699 where they can check that you are allowed to work Remember that all employers are legally obliged to check that all their employees are eligible to work in the UK Refer to the Careers & Employability Guide on Employment Regulations for further information • • • 3. They say that they only accept UK / EU applicants in the penultimate year of their undergrad • degree as they use the programme to later recruit graduates who can work for them long term. make friends with British people or other nationalities This may not be the case for every employer. Indian. Chinese. If the employer has a presence in your home country or elsewhere. • 6. could they put you in touch with someone who manages the internship programme there? Check UK based agencies who may specialise in UK internships for certain nationals e. 4.g. 2. A friend tells you that they are far • Remember that some types of work experience 11 . An employer is concerned that a • student’s English Language ability might prevent them from doing the • job to the required standard. An employer tells you that you need a National Insurance Number before you can start working. but you must obtain one when you get a job. Check their fees and services before registering. Find out about their policy in relation to work visas through visiting their website. Research different internship opportunities.g. they need to consider how they might fill these e. You phone an employer about an advertised work placement and they ask you to provide evidence of your eligibility to work in the UK. taking an English course. finding opportunities to practise their English.Cardiff International Alumni in Appendix 1. You approach an employer who is of • particular interest to you and express an interest in their summer internship • programme. How is the student going to convince the employer otherwise? • 5. What do you do? • If you have a work restriction as opposed to a prohibition stamp in your student visa you can show this to them. They can still employee you by giving you a temporary NINo until you get your own Refer to the Careers & Employability Guide on Employment Regulations for further information They might need to clarify what level of English Language ability is required to do the job What evidence can they give to show that they meet the English language and other requirements of the job If there are gaps in their English language ability. What do you tell them? • You do not need to have a NINo before starting • • work. contacting them direct etc. organise a language exchange.

But. it is important to pay attention to tone of voice and facial expression. It is considered polite to do so. Also asking personal questions or intensely staring at another person is not considered appropriate. it is probably best to stay formal on first contact with any business contacts. attending a graduate job interview or generally interacting with British when you are asked to do something it 12 . Usually all colleagues call each other by their first names. Managers are now less formal and will most likely expect you to address them with their first names once you have been formally introduced. The response to a first introduction is normally ‘nice to meet you ‘or ‘pleased to meet you'. it is worth being aware of the following: Greetings: A simple firm handshake is the standard greeting (for both men and women) for business occasions.g. Body Language: Privacy and ‘personal space' are important in the UK and people normally keep a certain space away from the person when they are talking to each other. 7.too busy with course work and don’t have time to do any work experience. Individuals usually do not discuss their salaries at work. You should always wait to be invited to use first names before doing so yourself.cardiff. as this could be a way of telling what people really mean e. Book an international appointment via www. It’s not just about good grades. Conversation: You will observe that on the whole most people do not talk loudly in public and try not to disrupt others e. How would you reply to them? • • • like work shadowing or tasters might be very short and may not be time-consuming. an internship. Exceptions are very senior managers. It is also considered inappropriate to touch others in public when in conversation unless you are really familiar with them. on the train. When in the workplace you may find that direct questions will receive indirect responses and conversations may be ambiguous and quite subtle. It’s the other aspects of the experience and how well you articulate the benefits of these to yourself and to the employer. Consider a general work placement or several short but different placements to help them decide. They are not sure which career to pursue anyway and as they plan to return to their home country immediately following their degree they don’t think that work experience in the UK will be very useful to them. Employers everywhere are keen to see how you add value to your qualification. Getting UK work experience as well as a UK qualification will make them more attractive to an employer back to discuss further.g. Any other challenges or obstacles you may encounter. in open plan offices. So. until you have established a good working relationship or have learned enough about the company culture. bus etc. • GENERAL WORK ETIQUETTE IN THE UK Whether you are doing a part-time job.

Politeness: On the whole. Punctuality is essential. This is encouraged by anti-discrimination legislation and often by a genuine desire to put the principles of equality and diversity into practice. this means your colleagues may approach difficult business negotiations with an air of detachment. Equality: In most working environments men and women are treated equally. All important decisions will be brought up. when they pass too close to you or when they accidentally bump in to you etc. Meetings are a very important management instrument. Nicola Taylor. discussed. race and ethnic origin.g. During meetings. Much use is made of irony so do listen carefully for cues and do not take all comments literally. positive or negative.short. A TUC Guide Useful Links www. restrained and stoic people can be when faced with difficult situations. negotiated and passed through during meetings. humour is very important in general communication and is present at every level and on almost every occasion at work and socially. Dress Code: This will vary from job to job and some work environments insist on informality while others are formal but will have a dress down day usually on a Friday. 13 . on-line Career Guide on 30 countries including the . Meetings: Business meetings in the UK are often structured but not too formal and begin and end with social conversation.labourmobility. Further Information in the Careers & Employability Centre Live & Work in Britain. You will have noticed that people say sorry often e. There is a charge for the full version of Guides. sexual orientation. people in the UK are renowned for their politeness and courtesy. disability. 'Stiff Upper Lip': This is a term often used to describe how reserved. open displays of emotion. This is a basic element of UK culture and is part of the style of communication. In British culture. religion and belief.might not be obvious that it is a request because it is done in such an indirect and polite manner. Humour: Often quite dry and somewhat sarcastic. It can be highly implicit and in this sense is related to the British indirect communication style. Crimson Publishing Your Rights at Work. This applies to other areas of difference such as age. On the whole though British humour is witty and selfdeprecating and can often be a defence mechanism. are not always looked on as appropriate. It is also customary to hold doors open for people when walking through a doorway or corridor. In negotiations a win-win approach is favoured. The established rules and practices are followed and as a result decision making may appear slow.

Appendix 2 at the end of this booklet lists some career destinations of recent international students (graduates from the years 2009-11) who found employment in their home country or another overseas location on completion of their studies. It might help as well to identify any alumni networks in your native country as they sometimes run re-orientation seminars for returning internationals and organise events to network with relevant alumni. The University Alumni Office has contact details for different networks of Cardiff Alumni around the world and social media platforms can also be a way of developing alumni contacts e. vacancy sources. this may be the best option in the short term even if you are considering an international career outside your native country. Careers & Employability receives adverts from International recruitment agencies that are looking for nationals of particular countries to fill positions within multi-national corporations. You will need to find out about the job market for graduates in your native country which may be vastly different to the job market in the UK. Organisations like UK India Business Council (UKIBC) and China Britain Business Council (CBBC) may provide you with contacts for international trade links in the respective countries. We gather data on the career destinations of our students 6 months after completion of their studies and we often get 30-50% response rate for our international students. via LinkedIn or special interest groups on Facebook. WORK EXPERIENCE OUTSIDE THE UK The majority of International graduates return to their home countries either to commence or continue their careers. On their websites click on their International Policy and International Trade pages for details of specific companies and industries within different countries. From time to time. 14 .http://goinglobal. CV/job application/interview format. If you return to your native country for vacations as a student it may be a good idea to use this time strategically to find out about the job market situation. make contact with employers or even undertake work experience in your chosen career field. It may also be worth checking any links that Cardiff Council or the Welsh Assembly Government / Business Wales may have with your home country. Either way. the methods of applying for jobs. Alumni from your country might be a useful source of information and advice on how to market your international education and compete in a job market with those who have undertaken all their education in the home country. you will need to know about the general timescale for job . Details of a few of these are listed below. Trade & Investment and employer organisations such as UK Trade Invest and British Chambers of Commerce may have international trade contacts on their websites.Includes Country Overview for 30 countries including the UK. In particular. Check out the fact sheets for a selection of key countries in the International Students section of the Careers & Employability website.g.

Website on Job hunting Abroad.labourmobility.An international recruitment consultancy specialising in recruiting internationally-based candidates from .globalcareercompany. Asia Pacific and Central & Eastern Europe back into jobs within their home .Moving to. www.You might find it helpful at this stage to refer to Appendix 3 in this We may be able to suggest . it contains general tips which will apply generally to any international student or graduate returning home. relevant Useful Links www. www.embassyworld.msu. Middle East & North Africa.Country specific information searchable by career field and career .careers and employment resource site for Malaysian fresh graduates.cbbc. www.Career site for Japanese-English .uk .net . please enquire at the Careers & Employability Centre or book an International Query on-line at American knowledge web portal that connects International business professionals worldwide to information searchable by industry profiles and around 200 country insights.Cardiff University Alumni Relations.Directory and search engine of the world’s Embassies and Consulates. Although this Appendix outlines Job hunting tips for Chinese students returning to China.China-Britain Business Council – UK’s leading organisation helping British companies do business in China to Wales – go to ‘International’ for International Links 15 . If you do not find something on a country or region of interest to you. http://goinglobal. www.Information and advice for UK-based companies wanting to trade . .com/ . www. Cultural differences.careerforum. http://globaledge. www. and working in Singapore with information on career opportunities in the key industry sectors. International CVs including Country Guides.

Make an appointment with your subjectbased Career Consultant and also with the International Career Consultant via the on-line Appointments Booking System: www. Reflect positively on any particular strengths in your international background and experience and be prepared to highlight the international aspects that could help you make a unique contribution to a UK employer.The European graduate career guide. 3.The Europass Curriculum Vitae (with example CVs in different European languages).UK-India Business Council which helps British firms do business with India. nts/Europass+CV.cedefop.A one-stop-shop where International students can search graduate vacancies.e. Attend the CVs for International Students workshop and get your CV reviewed on the Quick Enquiry desk. http://europass. Connect with International Alumni from your country for job search tips and information about career .ukibc. Check out some UK and overseas career destinations of international alumni in Appendices 1 & 2.cardiff. . www. TOP TEN TIPS FOR INTERNATIONAL JOB SEARCH 1. in relation to your ability and confidence in using .ac. Use Cardiff University Alumni Office. your awareness of UK work culture. your eligibility to work in the UK etc. the amount of work experience you have.eurograduate.Information about working and studying in over 50 countries.csp .prospects. click on Economic Development Department and then click on International Read the booklet International Students: CV Writing available in the Careers & Employability Centre and downloadable on our website. find information on working in the UK and look through country specific careers information. 16 . www. Aim for a CV which persuades employers of your suitability and strengths. 2. Be focused in your career . personal tutors and social media sites to expand your network of Make your CV stand www.Go to Business section.worldchambers. 4. Consider how you will respond to allay any concerns they may have about your application . Try to anticipate employer concerns about recruiting International students/ .the official global portal of chambers of commerce.

Further information is found in the Careers booklet International Students: Employment Regulations. Further information is found in the Careers booklet International Students: Identifying Regarding work during your 7. Know your personal situation and keep up-to-date with www. 8. 17 .6.homeoffice. Details on the job market in different countries is available in the Work Abroad section of the Careers & Employability Centre and the Working Outside the UK section of our website www. Attend the Work Experience Ideas for International Students workshop and read the careers booklets on ‘How to get a Placement / Internship’ for details of possibilities. This could lead to further work in the future. Check employer websites regarding work permit policy before attending Careers Fairs or Employer Presentations or before completing job applications. Identify UK organisations that have a presence in your home country and vice versa. It is worth pointing out that you do not have to have a National Insurance Number before starting work as a student. Try to identify any Work Permit contacts within companies. Obtain work experience. Check the Register of Sponsors on the UKBA identify other countries or regions of the world targeted by your country for export and trade.cardiff. Remember. 10. target employers who sponsor work visas. After the closure of the Tier 1 PSW visa route in April 2012. Further details available at www. Look out for international trade that a number of activities and opportunities count as valid work experience.homeoffice. the main way in which international students can stay in the UK to work is by securing a graduate level job with an employer who is a UKBA registered Tier 2 sponsor. be prepared to educate some employers about the regulations. This does not apply to all companies therefore you are advised to check with each company before applying. Regarding work after your studies. Register with Unistaff Jobshop in the Student Union for part-time work as early as possible in the academic year in order to catch the majority of advertised opportunities. Unfortunately some employers are reluctant to employ International Students for work experience if a work visa is required to work in the UK after graduation – the reason for this is that many internship and work placement schemes use the work experience as a recruitment method for their graduate schemes.

London Hugh James Solicitors (Cardiff) Tower Hamlets Partnership University Hospital of 18 .com Internet Solutions (Cardiff) Davies Llewellyn & Jones. Bristol Specsavers Scott Wilson Barbados Halcrow Group Ltd Brazil Burma Cameroon Canada Canada Canada Canada Marketing Assistant Architectural Assistant Social Worker Manager HR Assistant Admin Assistant Health Care Visitor IT3. Cardiff Caerphilly County Borough Council Menier Chocolate Factory.APPENDICES APPENDIX 1 INTERNATIONAL STUDENT UK EMPLOYMENT DESTINATIONS BY COUNTRY OF BIRTH (VARIOUS GRADUATING COHORTS 2004-11) Student’s Country of Birth Australia Australia Australia Australia Australia Australia Australia Azerbaijan Bangladesh Bangladesh Barbados Barbados Student’s Course at Cardiff BA English Lit BSc Econ Politics & Modern History LLB Law MA International Journalism MSc Human Resource Management MSc Planning Practice & Research Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice MSc Systems Eng BSc Accounting & Finance MSc Theory & Practice of Sustainable Design BSc Optometry MEng Civil & Environmental Engineering MEng Civil & Environmental Engineering BA Journalism. Cardiff National Audit Office (London) Focus Design Partnership Ltd. Film & Broadcasting MSc Theory & Practice of Sustainable Design MA Social Work MA International PR (2011) BA Italian & Spanish BA Religious Studies & Sociology BSc / Grad Dip in Community Health Studies LLB Law (2011) LLB Law MA International Public Relations MSc Environmental Job Title Secretary / PA General Administrator & Estimator Trade Marketing Coordinator Output Producer Graduate HR Trainee Senior Development Control Officer Legal Assistant IT Analyst Assistant Auditor Architectural Technician Pre-Reg Optometrist Graduate Water Engineer Civil Engineer UK Employer Crescent Petroleum Handywoman Ltd SHS Sales & Marketing BBC BG Group Monmouthshire County Council Harding Evans LLP Boss Computing Ltd. London Cardiff County Council Three Rivers District Council NHS Canada Canada Canada Canada Business Assistant Paralegal Project Officer Research Officer Mercer UK Business Consultants.

Kent) Private Architectural Practice (Cardiff) Victor & Albert Museum New Forest District Council Faber Maunsell Consult Ltd Sony Europe Professional Services Soft Sound Ltd. London Next plc (Cardiff) Sustainabilty and Environmental Officer Architectural Assistant Business Assistant Assistant Tax Adviser Office Clerk Assistant Control Engineer Graduate Urban Designer Clinical Manager Customer Service Manager Architectural Assistant China China China China China China China China China China China China Preventative Conservator Assistant Planning Officer Engineer Project Engineer Research & Development Engineer Hydrogeologist Junior Territory Manager Stock Control Assistant 19 . Stone & Webster Ltd. London Ernst & Young Chinese Consulate Manchester Shaw. Cardiff Entertainment Projects plc. Milton Keynes RPS Group (London) Everwell Chinese Medical Centre Hengja Group (Ashford.Canada Canada Canada Canada China China China China China China China China China China China China China Design of Buildings MSc Strategic Marketing PhD Language & Communication PhD Psychology Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism Studies PhD Psychology (2011) MA International Journalism (2011) MA International Journalism (2011) MBA (2011) MSc Economics (PhD Progression) (2011) MSc Education (2011) MSc Logistics & Operations Management (2011) MSc Sustainable Energy & Environment (2011) BSc/Masters in Architecture BSc Business Studies & Japanese (2011) BSc Business Studies & Japanese BSc Econ Economics BEng Electronic & Electrical Engineering MA Urban Design MBA MBA MSc Architectural & Environmental Design of Buildings MSc Care of Collections MSc City & Regional Planning MSc Civil Engineer MSc Electronic Engineering MSc Electronic Engineering MSc Environmental Hydrogeologist MA International Journalism MSc International Research Assistant Senior Lecturer Research Associate TV Researcher Research & Teaching Fellow Sales Consultant Sales Adviser Director Tutor University Tutor Buying Manager Wales Cardiff University Middlesex University Cardiff University BBC Wales University of Southampton Harrods London Clas Ohlson Cardiff Cardiff China Centre Cardiff University Cardiff University Self Employed Buyer in Recycling & Exporting (based in UK) Aquaris Direct Ltd (Newport. Cambridge Halcrow Group Ltd. Wales) Henley Harebrown Rorrison (London) Mercer UK Business Consultants.

Cardiff Cardiff University Engineering Company Arup (Cardiff) Remax Technology (Nottingham) Cardiff University Café Nativo Transport Planner Transport Consultant Sales Assistant Research Associate Numerical Analyst Modeller Simulation Programmer Research Fellow Owner of Coffee Importing & Roasting Company Assistant Consultant Urban Designer Self-Employed Journalist Nurse Baker Associates Self-Employed (Cardiff) Cardiff & Vale University Health Board Opportunity Housing Trust (Cardiff) NEG (UK) Ltd Kohn. Pederson Fox Ghana Ghana Hong Kong Personal Assistant Inspector Junior Architect 20 . Cardiff) Dragon Inn (Cardiff) NHS (Cardiff) Select Service (Cardiff) Assystem UK Quattro Design Architects Ltd Groundwork Starbucks Waterman Structures Cardiff University School of Architecture Halcrow Group Ltd. Spencer & Young Ltd Shaftesbury Ltd (London) Pandpina (London) ANTTCM (Penarth. London Jacobs Consultancy.China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China China Columbia Columbia Ghana Ghana Transport MSc International Transport MSc International Transport MSc International Transport MSc International Transport MSc International Transport MSc International Transport MSc International Transport MSc International Transport MSc Planning Practice & Research MSc Regeneration Studies MSc Strategic Marketing MSc Structural Engineering MSc Theory and Practice of Sustainable Design MSc Transport & Planning MSc Transport & Planning MSc Econ European Governance & Public Policy PhD Computer Science PhD Electrical & Electronic Engineering PhD Engineering PhD Mechanical Engineering PhD Systems Engineering MSc International Planning and Development Postgraduate Certificate in Planning Practice MA Journalism Studies (2011) MSc Advanced Practice MA International Public Relations MA Journalism Studies BArch Architecture Ship Broker Accounts Assistant Customer Service Clerk Sales Assistant Waiting staff Payroll Officer Sales Assistant Assistant Manager Part II Architect Voluntary Project Officer Waitress Graduate Engineer Research Assistant Simpson. Birmingham Communications Direct.

Solihull Freelance Advocate Acumen Marketing Services India India India India India India Media and Communications Intern Journalist/Reporter PR Account Executive PR Intern Graduate Structural Engineer Systems Analyst India Innovation Analyst India India India Coach Analyst Accounts Assistant European Trade Lane Analyst Laboratory Technician India India India India BEng Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering LLB Law LLM Commercial Law Graduate Engineer Advocate Business Development Executive 21 . Cardiff Jaguar Landrover. Manchester Molecular Light Technology Research Casis Media Ltd. Film & Media BMus Music BEng Civil Engineering BEng Civil Engineering LLB Law PA Graduate Music Teaching Assistant Civil Engineer Graduate Consultant Sabbatical Officer for Societies. London Atkins Ocado (Online Grocery Retailer) Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Cardiff Wales Africa Community Links Campden Publishing Freshwater Dow Jones & Company.Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong BA Journalism. London The Fresh Outlook (part of FreshTies). Postgraduate & International Students Pre-Reg Pharmacist Senior Engineer Planning Assistant Town Planner Lecturer Journalist Editorial Assistant Managing Editor Associates Urban Communications Wells Cathedral School Gray Ltd Faber Maunsell Cardiff University Students’ Union Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong India India India MPharm Pharmacy MSc Civil Engineering MSc Planning Practice & Research MSc Urban Planning PhD Business MA International Journalism (2011) MA International Journalism (2011) MA International Journalism (2011) MA International Journalism (2011) MA International Journalism (2011) MA International PR (2011) MA International PR (2011) BEng Civil Engineering BEng Computer Systems Engineering (2011) BEng Computer Systems Engineering (Yr in Industry) (2011) BEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering BSc Business Administration BSc City and Regional Planning (3 years) (2011) BSc Genetics Southampton University Hospital Capita Symons Rochford District Council Andrew Martin Associates Leeds Metropolitan University Goal. Harwell Conduit (Vodafone) (Cardiff) Hospitality Company DHL Supply Chain & Logistics.

UK) Cardiff City Council Adecco UK Ltd Sainsbury’s. London O2 Telecomms. Cardiff Norwich & Norfolk University Hospital Cardiff & Vale NHS Carillion Construction plc Glasgow College of Nautical Studies HCA International Cardiff & Vale University Health Board Thorp Precast Ltd (Newcastle. Swansea. Planning & Project Engineer Graduate Engineer Research Associate 22 . Herts) British Gas (Cardiff) Lidl Cardiff Tesco Cardiff Cal2Cal Europe Ltd. Wales Royal Mail London S P A Enterprise plc London LUL Recruitment Agency London Royal Bank of Scotland OPCO Construction Cardiff Euro Plast Ltd India India India India India India India India India India MBA (2011) MBA (2011) MBA (2011) MBA (2011) MBA (2011) MBA (2011) MBA (2011) MBA (2011) MBA (2011) MBA (2011) India India India India India India India India India India India India India India India MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MSc Clinical Dermatology MSc Computing MSc International Transport MSc Marine Policy MSc Medical Education MSc Pain Management Accenture PWC RGIS Inventory Specialists (Cardiff) Mahindra – British Telecom Ltd Planit Software (Reading.India India India India LLM Commercial Law LLM Legal Aspects of Medical Practice MBBCH Medicine MBA (2011) Fee Earner (Conveyancer) Consultant Psychiatrist Pre-Reg House Officer Recruitment Consultant Customer Service Assistant Duty Manager Team Leader Business Manager Admin Assistant HR Executive Trainee Recruitment Consultant Business Officer Business Performance Manager Accounts and Administration Executive Software Developer Architect Auditor Team Leader Requirements Analyst Sales Executive Service Officer Management Accountant Customer Service Assistant Product Controller Clinical Fellow in Dermatology Information Analyst Graduate Supply Chain Lecturer Resident Medical Officer Consultant Lawcomm Solicitors NHS Dudley Royal Glamorgan Hospital Sabre Resource Management (Tring. UK) Hyder Consulting Ltd Loughborough University India India India MSc Structural Engineering MSc Structural Engineering MSc Sustainability.

UK) Reed Agency Mobell Communications Nicholas Brown Associates VW + BS Architecture (London) Cardiff & Vale University Health Board Cardiff Research Consortium Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust O’Connor Sutton Kenya Kenya Kenya Kenya Kenya Kenya Kuwait Libya Libya Libya Malawi Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Pre-Reg Optometrist Optometrist Pre-Reg Pharmacist Pre-Reg Pharmacist Research Assistant Retail Assistant Graduate Trainee Teaching Assistant Structural Engineer Assistant Administrator Technical Support Architectural Assistant Architecture Intern F1 Doctor Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia BSc Maths Operational Research & Stats MPharm Pharmacy MSc Structural Research Assistant Pre-Reg Pharmacist Graduate Structure 23 . UK) Undisclosed Libyan School Cardiff Thorp Precast Ltd (Newcastle. East Grinstead Citizens Advice Bureau (Penarth. Leeds HM . Banking & Finance (2011) BSc Optometry BSc Optometry MPharm Pharmacy MPharm Pharmacy MSc Computing MBA BEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering MA Translation Studies (2011) MSc Structural Engineering MSc Computing BEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering BArch Architectural Studies BSc / Master of Architecture MBBCH Medicine Research Assistant Research Fellow Graduate Engineer Computational Biology Analyst Outreach Officer Lecturer Research Assistant Lecturer Urban Design Graduate Engineer Adviser Lecturer Tele-Account Manager Managing Auditor Design Engineer Assistant Officer Credit Officer Warwick University Cardiff University Corus Cancer Research UK Race Equality First (Cardiff) Cardiff University Cardiff University Cardiff University Mikikoishikawa Consultancy (Cardiff) Capita Symonds.India India India India Iran Iran Iraq Japan Japan Japan Japan Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kenya Kenya Environmental Policy PhD Business PhD City Planning PhD Electrical & Electronic Engineering PhD Medicine MA International Journalism MPhil/PhD Statistics MPhil Dentistry PhD Business MA Urban Design MEng Civil Engineering MSc Comparative Political Economy PhD Business MSc Human Resource Management MA International Public Relations MEng Mechanical Engineering (2011) MSc Human Resource Management (2011) MSc International Economics. Cardiff Cardiff University Coors Brewers (Cardiff) Confederation of South Wales Law Societies Optare Group Ltd.Revenue and Customs Cardiff Undisclosed Bank London University of Wales Hospital Specsavers Lloyds Pharmacy Royal Berkshire Hospital Cardiff University Asda Vodafone (Newbury.

Cardiff The Number (118-118) St David’s Hotel & Spa. Wales RCCG Garden of the Lord Charity Cardiff London Borough of Brent Capita Financial Cambridge University Local Exams Syndicate Accountancy Additions Unspecified Law Firm Holder Mathias (Cardiff) Teletext UK. Wales Lloyds TSB. Newport. Newport. Norwich Gatan UK 24 . Newport. Scotland Cardiff University Mir Steel UK Limited. Belfast Paterson Institute for Cancer Research Imperial College Horwich Solicitors Manchester Optical Express Leeds University University of Stirling. Wales AOC Archaeology Group Advertising. Cardiff University College London Hospital Cardiff Council Vodafone Cardiff Mauritius Mexico Mexico Moldova Nepal New Zealand Pre-Reg Optometrist Lecturer Lecturer in Spanish and Latin American Studies Lecturer Trainee Electrical Engineer Conservationist New Zealand New Zealand Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria Account Executive Research Assistant Accounts Assistant Trainee Solicitor Project Architect Customer Services Agent Customer Services Adviser Customer Relations and Financial Ombudsman Administrative Assistant Project Officer Business Development Executive Customer Service Rep Customer Service Representative Conference & Banqueting Assistant Database Manager Social Worker IT Support Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria MBA (2011) MBA (2011) MBA MBA MBA MSc Information Systems Engineering MA International Public Relations MA International Public Relations MSc Advanced Social Work MSc Strategic Information Systems (2011) MSc Structural Engineering MSc Transport & Planning MPhil/ PhD Chemistry/Electrical & Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria Architectural Assistant Assistant Transport Planner Development Engineer / Research Scientist Westbury Homes (Holdings) Ltd. Cardiff Mott McDonald. Belfast Lloyds Banking Group.Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Engineering PhD Medicine PhD Pharmacy PG Dip in Bar Professional Training (2011) BSc Optometry PhD Business PhD Journalism Studies PhD Business MSc Electrical Energy Systems (2011) BSc Conservation of Objects in Museums & Archaeology BA Journalism Film & Broadcasting MA Forensic Linguistics BSc Economics LLB Law Diploma in Professional Studies MBA (2011) MBA (2011) MBA (2011) Engineer Postdoctoral Research Scientist Research Associate Paralegal Cronin.

HERTS Secure Law Solicitors Reed Employment Agency Debenhams (Cardiff) MIND GO Outdoors (Cardiff) 25 . Cardiff Pakistan Customer Assistant Pakistan Philippines Philippines Qatar Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Singapore Singapore Lecturer Race Marshall Registered Nurse Associate Assurance University Tutor Project Manager Auditor Receptionist Sales Supervisor Orthodontist Account Executive Editorial Assistant Children & Young People’s Service Delivery Coordinator Assistant Producer Graduate Engineer Paralegal Data Entry Assistant Team Leader Project Worker Sales Assistant Coleg Glan Hafren (Cardiff) Team Sport Karting (Cardiff) Summerhill Group Nursing Home.Nigeria Oman Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan Electronic Eng) MPhil/ PhD Business (2011) MBBCH Medicine BA Politics & Philosophy BSc Economics MBA MBA (2011) MA International Journalism MSc Accounting & Finance (2011) MSc Electrical Energy Systems (2011) MSc International Economics Business & Finance (2011) MSc International Economics Business & Finance PGCE (FE) BSc Computer Systems Engineering Overseas Nurses Programme (2011) BSc Econ Accounting & Management PhD City & Regional Planning MA Journalism Studies MSc Clinical Research (2011) MSc Strategic Marketing BSc Econ Economics & Management Studies MSCD Orthodontics BSc Psychology BA Language & Communication BSc Psychology & Criminology Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism Studies MSc Transport & Planning LLM Commercial Law MA Critical & Cultural Theory BSc Accounting BSc Applied Psychology BSc Biomedical Lecturer in Accounting F1 Doctor Marketing Assistant Assistant Tax Consultant Vice President Sales Assistant Freelance Journalist Shift Runner Sales Adviser Kiosk Assistant Canterbury Christ Church University Aneurin Bevan Health Board Citibank PWC JP Morgan Financial Investments Boots Woking BBC (Cardiff) Domino’s Pizza Cardiff Curry’s Oxford Manchester United Football Club Halifax. Reading Cardiff University GAP Inc NHS Cardiff Swordfish Advertising Specialist Publications Welsh Women’s Aid Singapore Singapore South Africa South Africa South Africa South Africa South Africa Channel 4 (London) Pell Frischmann Consultants. Cardiff PricewaterhouseCoope rs Cardiff University RIA Novosti Quintiles Clinical Research.

London (Transport & Shipping) HW Chartered Accountants (Cardiff) Legal & General (Cardiff) Newport Medieval Ship Project Golley Slater (Advertising Agency. Cardiff Dux Enterprise (Cardiff) Cardiff University Queen Mary University of London Cardiff Institute of Society Health & Ethics LG Manufacturers Entanet. Cardiff) Barbican University of East Anglia Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Cambridge) ANP USA Team Leader USA USA USA Music Marketing Intern Senior International Officer Collections Assistant USA MSc City & Regional Planning Transport Planner 26 . London UASC. London Research Assistant Architectural Assistant Uganda Engineering Assistant Uganda Ukraine Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates USA USA USA Graduate Transport Planner Administrator Civil Engineer Manager Trainee PR Executive Deputy Commercial Manager Trainee Accountant Legal & General Practitioner Conservator Energy Equipment Testing Services. Taff’s Well WSP Group Language / Translation Service Costain Ltd PwC London Lewis PR. Telford Cardiff University Haobo Chair (London) Taipei Representative Office in the UK.South Africa South Korea South Korea South Korea South Korea South Korea South Korea Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan Tajikistan Thailand Sciences BSc Criminology & Sociology Bachelor of Dental Surgery (2011) MA International Public Relations Master of Philosophy / Doctor of Philosophy PhD Biomedical Science PhD Journalism Studies BA Journalism MBA (2011) MRes Bioscience (2011) MSc Strategic Marketing MSc Sustainability Planning and Environmental Policy PhD Psychology (2011) BSc/MArch Architecture (Five years) (2011) MSc Electronic Engineering MSc Transport & Planning MA European Studies MEng Civil Engineering MBA (2011) MA International PR MSc International Transport (2011) BSc Business Admin BSc Business Admin BSc Conservation of Objects in Museums & Archaeology (2011) BSc Econ Criminology & Sociology BMus Music MA Applied Linguistics MA Archaeology PR Assistant VT Dentist Marketing Assistant Research Associate Post Doctoral Research Assistant Researcher Shipping Organiser Marketing Assistant Technician Marketing Assistant Assistant Reed Employment Agency Peter Walker Dental Practice. London Cardiff University HWC Associates.

USA USA USA USA USA Zambia Zambia MA Early Celtic Studies MA European Studies Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism Studies MPhil Religion & Theology PhD Psychology BSc Applied Psychology Graduate Diploma in Psychology Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice BSc Physics with Medical Physics MSc Water Engineering Projects & Events Manager Fraud Case Investigator Publications Officer & Editor Priest Post Doctoral Research Associate Research Assistant Recruitment Consultant Legal Assistant Trainee Clinical Scientist Graduate Water Resources Engineer Glyndwr University. Wrexham RBS. Farnborough Amateur Rowing Association Church in Wales Cardiff University Kings College London Teacher International Consultancy (Penarth. Cardiff) RTL (Bridgend) NHS Halcrow Group Ltd Zambia Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 27 .

Botswana Ministry of Minerals. Rome. Germany Canada Staff Counsel Canada Project Assistant Canada Chile China MSC REGENERATION STUDIES MSC SUSTAINABLE ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT BSC BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Acting Manager of Transportation Strategy Maintenance Engineer Management Assistant 28 . City of Calgary Vestas Chile. Energy and Water. Tasmania Australia Planning Consultant Bahamas Bahrain Junior Associate Site Engineer Arnold Forbes & Co. Italy Municipal Government.APPENDIX 2 INTERNATIONAL STUDENT OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT DESTINATIONS BY COUNTRY OF BIRTH (CLASSES OF 2009-11) Student’s Country of Birth Armenia Student’s Course at Cardiff MSC INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT MSC INTERNATIONAL PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT LLB LAW BENG CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING (2011) MSC THEORY AND PRACTICE OF SUSTAINABLE DESIGN MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM Job Title Regional Manager Employer & Location US Peace Corps Armenia Lester Franks Surveying. Brunei Legal Aid Society of Alberta ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation & Restoration of Cultural Property. Wind turbine maufacturer Fritz und Mark Accountants. Botswana International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth. Brazil Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital. Bahamas p2m Berlin. Bahrain American International University Bangladesh Action Contre la Faim Bangladesh Bangladesh Lecturer Bangladesh Botswana Botswana BSC OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY MSC ELECTRICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (BUSINESS STUDIES) BACHELOR OF NURSING / DIPLOMA OF HE IN NURSING LLM LEGAL ASPECTS OF MEDICAL PRACTICE MSC CARE OF COLLECTIONS Brazil Assistant Head of Mission Communicating & Reporting Office Senior Occupational Therapist Principal Engineer Inspector of Mines (Machinery) Senior Research Associate Nurse Brunei Children's Hospital. Bahrain Bahrain Business Development Manager Hyder Consulting Middle East Ltd.

China China Designer China China China Project Manager Engineering Director Technical Assistant Construction and Design Institute of Shenzhen Jones Lang Lasalle SanShengHongYe Real Estate Company Shenzhen Institute of Building Research CO. China Nielsen. China China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation. China China China China Marketing Event Officer PR Coordinator New Product Development Specialist Urban Designer Urban Designer Senior Key Sales Manager Marketing Executive China China China China China China China Audit Associate Accountant Engineer Deloitte.China China China China China China China China China (INTER MANAGEMENT) LLM MA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM MA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM MA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM MA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM MA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM MA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM MA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM MSC ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE MA INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC RELATIONS MA INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC RELATIONS MA INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC RELATIONS MA URBAN DESIGN MA URBAN DESIGN MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MSC ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE MSC ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE MSC BUILDING ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL PERF MOD MSC CIVIL ENGINEERING MSC CIVIL ENGINEERING MSC CIVIL ENGINEERING MSC CIVIL ENGINEERING MSC CIVIL ENGINEERING MSC FINANCIAL ECONOMICS Auditor Newspaper Editor Client Manager Website Editor Internship Journalist Reporter English Translator Teacher Customer Manager Deloitte Beijing China Times China Everbright Bank Beijing Technology and Business University The Economic Observer. Wuhan Branch Toyota China Ketchum Beijing Yuanliu International Trade Atkins China RTKL China Jiangsu Credits Co Ltd.. Macau KPMG Huazhen Schmidlin. Ltd China Mobile Communications Corporation China Exports & Credit Insurance Corporation China Base Construction Management Business Graduate China 29 . China China Daily China Railway Seventh Group EF English First.

BANKING AND FINANCE MSC INTERNATIONAL PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT MSC INTERNATIONAL PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT MSC INTERNATIONAL PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT Urban Planning Consultant China Bank Officer Hubei Rural Credit Cooperatives China Business Intern Shanghai Pudong Development Bank China Treasury Analyst Danone Asia-Pacific Management Co Ltd China English Tutor Web International English China Customer Relations Assistant HSBC. China China Junior Planner Beijing Beilin Landscape Architecture Institute China Assistant Planner AECOM China Architectural Designer Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design 30 . BANKING AND FINANCE MSC INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS. Ltd..China MSC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Vice President Yong Zhuang Investment China MSC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Customer Supervisor Shenzhen Shenlao Human Resources Development Co. BANKING AND FINANCE MSC INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS. China China Centre for Information Industry Development China MSC INTERNATIONAL PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT MSC INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS & PUBLIC POLICY MSC INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS. BANKING AND FINANCE MSC INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS.

China MSC INTERNATIONAL PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT MSC INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT Urban Infrastructure Assistant ICLEI . China China MSC STRATEGIC MARKETING Marketing Assistant Shanghai CP Guojian Pharmaceutical Co Ltd 31 . China China MSC LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Project LogisticsMarketing & Sales Assistant Cosco Logistics China MSC LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Economic Analyst Assistant Jiangsu YueDa investment Co Ltd China MSC LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Management Trainee Ceva. NGO. Germany City Union Logistics Co Ltd China Overseas Advisor China MSC INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT International Account Manager HaiNan Airline Company China MSC LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Business Assistant Da Chan Bay Terminal One. China (Contact Logistics) China MSC LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Shipbroker Merchantship Brokers China MSC PLANNING PRACTICE AND RESEARCH Project Management Assistant Poly Real Estate Group Ltd China MSC PLANNING PRACTICE AND RESEARCH Graduate Trainee Jones lang LaSalle Surveyor.Local Governments for Sustainability.

China MSC STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Assistant Structural Engineer HuanQiu Contracting and Engineering Corporation China MSC TRANSPORT AND PLANNING Planning Consultant WSP Consulting China China MSC URBAN DESIGN MPHIL/PHD COMPUTER SCIENCE MPHIL/PHD SYSTEMS ENGINEERING MPHIL/ PHD (BUSINESS STUDIES) MPHIL/ PHD (ECONOMICS) POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN DIABETES BSC ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE BSC BUSINESS STUDIES AND JAPANESE BSC BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS) BSC BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (MARKETING) BENG MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MSC INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS. Georgia China Lecturer China Lecturer China Georgia Lecturer Director General of Private Outpatient Clinic Accountant Marketing Executive Hong Kong Hong Kong FT! Consulting. BANKING AND FINANCE BSC BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS) BSC BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT) BSC BUSINESS MANAGEMENT LLB LAW MA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM MA INTERNATIONAL Architect Assistant Research Fellow Shanghai Architecture Design Institution Tsinghua University. Hong Kong Hong Kong Logistics Administrative Assistant Media Executive Hong Kong Starcom Media Vest. Hong Kong Crown Motors LtdLexus. India India India India India Krishanpura Hotels. India India Society Redevelopment Executive Assistant to the Managing Director Chief Operating Officer Freelance Journalist Reporter/Film Critic M/S Hetali Enterprises. China Shanghai Institute of Technology University of Liverpool and Xi'an Jiaotong University University of Kazakhstan TeleClinic. Hong Kong Auto Italia Limited. Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Service Advisor General Banking Officer India Racing Driver Self-Employed. Hong Kong Lowe's Global Sourcing. Hong Kong 32 . India Rana Motors PvT Ltd CNBC-TV18 Movietalks. Shatin.

UAE The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs KPMG. India Times of India The Smart Cube. India Deloitte US Pvt Ltd. Kazakshtan Commission on Revenue Allocation. Singapore Aglow International Ltd. India Mitsubishi Nuclear Fuel Co Ltd. Kenya UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Japan Kazakshtan Kenya Assistant Manager of Global Business Operations Group Field Engineer Research Assistant Kenya Kenya Communications Officer Analysis and Reporting Officer 33 . India Frost & Sullivan. Coleman & Co Newspaper BBC Good Homes Magazines. India Noodle Bar. Saudi Arabia Raj Abhyanker PC Lawyers. India Global Software Resources. Business Consultancy. India Satnam Globai Infra Projects. India India India India India India India India India India India Japan India India MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MBA MA JOURNALISM STUDIES MSC ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE MSC INFORMATION SECURITY AND PRIVACY MSC LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT LLM COMMERCIAL LAW BENG CIVIL ENGINEERING BSC BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (INTER MANAGEMENT) MA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM MA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM India Beroe Consulting. Japan Schlumberger. India Conduit.India India India India India India India JOURNALISM MA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM MA JOURNALISM STUDIES MA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM MSC LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT MSC URBAN DESIGN MBA MBA Head of Documentary and Editing Correspondent Copy Editor Restaurant Owner Centre for Film and Dramatic Arts Bennett. Dubai Ebay inc. India NDS Infoserv. India Architect and Urban Designer Senior Response Officer Senior Business Analyst Associate Analyst Management Consultant Business Analyst Management Trainee Senior Software Engineer Call Centre Operator Marketing Executive Company Director Consultant Analyst Marketing Manager Press Analyst Associate Senior Software Engineer Research Analyst Abha Narain Lambha Associates. Dubai. Kenya UNICEF. Chennai. India Capgemini. India McKinsey.

Malaysia Special Education Teacher F1 Doctor Pharmacist Senior Executive Ministry of Education Malaysia Ministry of Health Malaysia Malaysian Government Hospital Central Bank of Malaysia Brickfields Asia College (BAC). Andri and Partners. Malaysia Malaysia Mexico Fund Accountant Lecturer and researcher RBC Dexia Investor Services. Malaysia Zul Rafique and Partners. Kenya Kenya Television Network MISC Berhad. Malaysia Rockwills Trustee Limited Quill Group Rockwills International Group Brickfields Asia College.Kenya Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia MA POLITICAL COMMUNICATION BSC BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS) BSC OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY MBBCH MEDICINE MPHARM PHARMACY LLB LAW DIRECT ENTRY (YEAR 2 ENTRY) LLB LAW DIRECT ENTRY (YEAR 3 ENTRY) LLB LAW DIRECT ENTRY (YEAR 3 ENTRY) LLB LAW LLB LAW LLB LAW LLM COMMERCIAL LAW LLM LEGAL ASPECTS OF MEDICAL PRACTICE PG DIP IN BAR PROFESSIONAL TRAINING PG DIP IN BAR PROFESSIONAL TRAINING POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN BAR VOCATIONAL STUDIES MSC ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE MSC ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN OF BUILDINGS PHD MUSIC BA JOURNALISM FILM AND MEDIA BSC DIAGNOSTIC RADIOGRAPHY AND IMAGING MBA MBA MSC INFORMATION Political Affairs Editor Logistics Executive Affairs(OCHA). Malaysia The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro. Nigeria Blue Atlantic Ltd. Nigeria United Bank of Africa Central Bank of Nigeria Mexico New Zealand Nigeria University Professor Commercial Writer Diagnostic Radiographer Head Corporate Affairs and Strategy Executive Trainee National Youth Service Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria 34 . Mexico Brunei Press State House Clinic. Malaysia Kadir. Malaysia Attorney Generals Chamber. Malaysia KPMG Malaysia Malaysia Invigilator Malaysia Legal Advisor Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Malaysia Legal Executive Legal Trainer Communications Executive Pupillage Deputy Public Prosecutor Pupil Lawyer Malaysia Malaysia Tax Consulting Assistant Barrister Pupiliage Malaysia Skrine Advocates & Solicitors.

Belgium Nurse Design Engineer Financial Intern Assistant Manager.. Oman ADTEC Plasma Technology Co. Saudi Arabia JTC Corp. Japan European Commission.Nigeria Oman Oman Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan SECURITY AND PRIVACY MASTER PUBLIC HEALTH BENG ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING MSC ADVANCED PRACTICE BENG ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING MSC INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS. Singapore Saudi Arabia Assistant Professor Singapore Planner Singapore Graduate Trainee Maersk Line Singapore General Practitioner Niks Professional Pte Ltd. BANKING AND FINANCE MBA Core Member Technical Support Assistant Civil Engineer Centre for African Family Studies (NGO) National Engineering Office. Oman Ministry of Health. Australia South Africa General Practitioner South Africa Buildings Environmentally Sustainable Design 35 . Brunei Qatar Diar Investment Company Chief of Cash Operations Project Coordinator Teaching Demonstrator Trainee Consultant Saudi Arabian Airlines Rafal Real Estate Development Co Ltd Dammam University. Saudi Arabia Riyadh Military Hospital King Abdulaziz University. Republic of Ireland SKM. Treasury Manager Consultant Deputy Financial Advisor Human Resource Analyst Graduate Trainee Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan Philippines Qatar Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia MBA MSC FINANCIAL ECONOMICS MSC ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE MSC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION PROGRAMME (ENGINEERING) MBA MBA MSC ADVANCED PRACTICE POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN DIABETES PHD PHYSICS & ASTRONOMY BSC IN CITY AND REGIONAL PLANNING MSC LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA IN PRACTICAL DERMATOLOGY POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN DIABETES MSC ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN OF Dalda Foods Private Limited. Singapore Self Employed GP. Pakistan Tata Best Foods Ltd Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund Pakistan Railways BAG Networks.

South Korea South Korea South Korea BUILDINGS BSC BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS) PHD PHYSICS & ASTRONOMY MPHIL/PHD BUSINESS MSC INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT MSC ELECTRICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS LLM COMMERCIAL LAW MSC MEDICAL EDUCATION MSC FINANCIAL ECONOMICS MSC LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT MSC LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT MSC LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT MSC LOGISTICS AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT MSC STRATEGIC MARKETING MSC REGENERATION STUDIES MA POLITICAL COMMUNICATION MA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM BSC EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY BSC MARINE GEOGRAPHY (3 YEARS) MA MEDIAEVAL BRITISH STUDIES MA INTERNATIONAL JOURNALISM MA INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC RELATIONS MSC INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS & PUBLIC POLICY Practice Leader Logistics Officer Clarksons Logistics. Thailand Thai Plastics and Chemical PLC Accenture. Thailand Thailand Export Sales and Marketing Management Consultant Management Trainee Manager Thailand Thailand Turkey L'oreal Thailand Kalkinma Calismalari Ltd Co. UAE South Korea Postdoctoral Researcher Director of Marine Territory and Development Division Civil Servant University of Cape Town. USA Greenpeace. Uganda Jordan River Foundation Marine Conservation activity. Maldives Eva K Bowlby Public Library. Turkey CEKUL. India Wildlife Conservation Society. Thailand Sudan Taiwan Tanzania Thailand Thailand Planning & Projects Engineer Account Broker Lecturer Data Officer Customer Service Executive (Logistics) Export Specialist Thailand General Motors. Transport and Maritime Affairs of Korea Seoul Metropolitan Government National Electricity Corporation of Sudan AON. USA Vietnamese Government Turkey Uganda UAE USA Publicity Officer Assistant News Editor Intern Marine Conservation Management Officer Librarian Media Officer Marketing Assistant Human Resource Management Advisor USA USA USA Vietnam 36 . Taiwan University of Dar Es Salaam Export-Import Bank of Thailand Tetra Pak. South Africa Ministry of Land.Turkey The New Vision.

CHINA JOB HUNTING TIPS . A student needs to explore how their residency status may affect their job hunting in the particular city where they wish to work.APPENDIX 3 . Including a summary or career objective at the beginning of a Chinese resume is essential. The institution’s brand is HR agencies tend to concentrate on experienced hires. Beijing. Social referrals and internet portals are the most popular methods of job searching. Normally only used for Chinese companies and/or State-owned companies. Guangzhou etc).org Multi-national companies tend to view work experience.A GUIDE FOR STUDENTS The content of this handout is based upon a careers employability visit to Beijing and Shanghai in 2009. This recommendation only applies if a student is confident that they can write Chinese characters well.hwrcw. UK Chinese alumni working in the Shanghai area were asked how Chinese employers view UK degrees. Residency status is a complex issue: some government initiatives are encouraging returning graduates to settle in main cities (Shanghai. Therefore a student must review and tailor how their work experiences and/or part-time work are presented in the resume.topuniversities. Good handwriting symbolises diligence. patience and a higher level of general culture. Companies (particularly Stateowned) may have a preference for paid relevant work experience and allocate little importance to any other activities. Resumes have only relatively recently been introduced into China. Many jobs never get advertised and positions are filled through personal referrals from friends or family (Guanxi). Where appropriate a student could include The Times World ranking of their institution in their application. while other initiatives are encouraging graduates to work in smaller more rural environments. See www. Application tips from employer contacts in China – To make an application stand out from the 1000s of others it can be useful to write a covering letter by hand in Chinese therefore are not as effective for job-hunting by graduates with little or no work experience. An organisation such as the Shanghai Overseas Talents Service Center www.arwu. highlighting institutional accomplishments as well as personal achievements could help to distinguish an application. As in the UK. In March 2009. part-time work and volunteering in a similar fashion to UK and Shanghai JiaoTong Academic Ranking of World Universities www. to highlight being highly ranked.jsp would be able to help a graduate apply for residency status and provide further information. The following is a summary of what they said: 37 .

• • • • Multi-National Employers: • English is the working language. • • • Enhancing Employability – Students should be encouraged to maintain their networks in China whilst studying in the UK by using any of the following: Online tools. UK graduates are expected to compete with Chinese for opportunities. however UK educated students have an advantage in that they are more familiar with the practical use and application of the language (e. Joining Chinese UG University Alumni Association (where UG completed in China). however emphasis is also placed on interpersonal communication skills. 38 . UK graduates are actively utilised by the organisation for translation skills as English language capability is seen as a desirable though not essential skill. reports. UK graduates are seen as more risky due to the high level of job hopping. LinkedIn. Skype. such as MSN. Facebook.State Owned Companies: • Place strong emphasis upon the University’s reputation within a specialist field. No real value placed upon UK education.g. e-mails). Maintain contact with tutors from Chinese undergraduate university and classmates. They expect more from UK educated graduates. However UK educated graduates may be used to show affinity with Anglophone companies. Much emphasis is placed on work experience and internships undertaken. • Private Chinese Employers: • The overall concern is whether UK educated students will have the capability to generate revenue for the business. bids. Chinese graduates are perceived also to have developed English language skills. The manager questions the quality of UK Taught Masters due to the short length of study.

senior and middle school (particularly if they are famous and high ranking). Chinese Students and Scholars Association. integrity. General Tips on what to include in CVs according to the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade www1. Training/ Qualifications = National course obtained.- Joining the British Council Alumni Association or similar. 39 . Related work experience/internships are essential for entry into a majority of graduate roles and positions. particularly for Taught Masters students. gender. originals are likely to be asked for at interview or on offer of the job. reliable. photograph. loyalty. CPA/ACCA (finance qualifications). computer skills. Copies of all qualification certificates should be attached with the CV. otherwise remove it).shift. Career planning training must start as soon as possible. trustworthy. TOEFL/National English Tests. Alumni volunteering to mentor students when job hunting in China. Returning graduates need to have realistic salary expectations. address. residency status (for Shanghai. Career Objective = What direction they wish to go in.g. other languages. e. e. Make visits home meaningful for employment not just a holiday. Work experience/Internships = Only paid experience. Education (reverse chronological) = University information (including dissertation title and courses undertaken).g. General observations – The two best periods for job hunting in China are three months before Chinese New Year and three months afterwards. if they have Shanghai Character description/ Interests = Include key words like honesty. as many deadlines in China mirror the UK recruitment cycle (ending around December to enable students to focus on their studies). date of Personal Information = Name. etc. therefore using their networks to discover appropriate salary levels is essential. Joining own UK University Alumni Association where possible.

com – Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange R:\General\literature\International Students Work Experience Ideas by ARW July www. as job hopping by returning graduates from overseas is perceived as a big problem by some employers who are therefore very wary.doc 40 . Useful Web resources for graduate jobs in China – – British Council China www.Demonstrating loyalty/intention to develop a career within the company (particularly State-owned) is a crucial Other Useful Websites www.

distress or damage of any kind howsoever caused (except for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of Cardiff University or the individual members of staff). activities. THIS BOOKLET IS AVAILABLE IN WELSH AND ON CD on request at the Careers & Employability Centre Careers & Employability aims to offer a fair and equal service to all its Career Central is an extensive online careers resource accessible from our homepage www. work experience and much more. religion or disability. video clips and reflection exercises covering all aspects of career exploration. statute or otherwise for any loss. from: www. regardless of their sex. job hunting. Careers & Employability also runs a series of workshops in conjunction with these booklets. contact your Department or School Office.FURTHER HELP If you have found this booklet You will find a wealth of information. Please contact us for further you may want to pick up or download our other booklets. All information and advice is provided only on the basis of this disclaimer. Neither Cardiff University nor the individual members of staff shall be liable to any person in contract. age. DISCLAIMER The information and advice provided by Careers & Employability is given in good faith and all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure by signing in using your Cardiff username and password. We are able to offer additional support to students who may benefit from extra help. tort. sexuality. ethnic origin. . You can find out more about these on our website. To find out if your Department hosts these sessions.cardiff. We offer Career Management Skills (CMS) Workshops in many Departments.cardiff.

Cardiff • • • • Minutes from the Students’ Union and a short walk from most Academic Schools. Please see the Web for further details: www. It is free for you to use and is open weekdays from 9am . Whether you are just beginning to think about your future. 50 Park Place. Cardiff. Offering GO Wales Main Building Careers & Employability Centre Students’ Union Glamorgan Building City Hall 50 Park Cardiff CF10 3AT Tel: (029) 2087 4828 Fax: (029) 2087 4229 e-mail: careers@cardiff. A wide range of resources Employer events As well as these services at the Centre we have a presence at Cardigan House. drop-ins and .cardiff. Governance & Students Directorate and will provide you with the professional careers-related support you need during your studies and beyond. Where is the Careers & Employability Centre? 2nd is Careers & Employability? Careers & Employability is part of the University’s Registry. Heath Park Campus. We also have GO Wales situated at 5 Corbett Road. have made some plans or simply haven’t a clue what you want to do there is an array of help available to you so please make use of it. Start today by reading this booklet and utilising the events and services on offer. advice and guidance. The new Careers & Employability Centre opened in July web: www.5pm throughout the year.