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Laboratory Test Sci 1101 Spring 2013 Your lab test will consist of about 25-35 questions.

While questions will be drawn from all of the exercises, special emphasis will be placed on the following five exercises: Experimental Analysis, Statistics and Graphing, Module 1 Capstone, Trees and Carbon, and Module 3 Capstone The questions will be short answer and the test is open notes and timed. You’ll have 1.5 minutes per question. Please note: you are responsible for calculating the standard deviation for a simple (small) data set. Here is a link that has good examples (study the first example of basic examples). Your lab directions described and discussed the standard deviation, but you did not have to calculate one. However, I want you to know how to do the calculation of the sample standard deviation. The calculation method is described in your lad directions and at the site link above. Your responsibilities:     Be on time. Class will start at 9 AM on the test day, April 27, 2013. Bring all of your lab reports and any notes, etc. that you wish to use. Bring a calculator to class (one that has log functions). You may not use cell phones, tablets, etc. Bring two sharped #2 pencils

You will not submit any lab reports for grading. Your lab grade will be based entirely on the lab test.