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Joint DISI Committee Meeting August 23, 2012 – 11:00 a.m.

388 19th Street CBD Conference Room
Present: Andrea Kirkpatrick, Chris Curtis, Sara May, Dane Hooks, CJ Hirschfield

Excused Absence: Laurie Cooperman-Rosen Staff: General Counsel: PR Consultants: Guests: Steve Snider/District Manager, Andrew Jones/District Services Coordinator, Fiona Simms/Administrative Assistant Elizabeth Clark/FAB Nancy Amaral/ Gallen.Neilly Associates Chris Hillyard

Discussions held and decisions made by the DISI Committee

Introductions Approval of minutes of the July 26th, 2012 meeting

The minutes of the July 26th meeting were presented for approval.

Andrea moved and Chris seconded the motion to approve the minutes of July 26th as presented. The motion was approved unanimously. No action taken.

First Fridays Management Update Great Wall Update

Steve gave the committee a quick summary of Richard Felix’s work and the plans for the next First Friday. The Great Wall is close to becoming a 501(c) 3. Issabella Shields will be named the Executive Director, and Chris will be one of the board members. It’s possible that Pixar will name a board member as well. Pandora is partnering with the Great Wall and will be creating an Oakland channel which will stream the audio that accompanies the Great Wall projections.

No action taken.

388 19th Street  Oakland, California 94612 DOA Phone 510.238.1122  LMUDA Phone 510.452.4529  Fax 510.452.4530  

In October the Great Wall will host another Pixar night which will feature a short on the making of Brave. Project Bandaloop is partnering with the Great Wall again. Chris Hillyard joined the meeting and explained that a parklet is a small public space that takes over two parking spaces, in this case, in front of Farley’s East. The parklet will cost $21,000.00 total and Farley’s East is providing more than half of the funding. Chris has begun a Kickstarter campaign which he expects to raise $5,000.00, and he has approached the DISI committee for the remaining $5,000.00. Chris has already gone through all of the City requirements and has reserved the two parking spaces which will be separated from the surrounding parking spaces by curb stops. The city has created two new parking spaces to replace the lost revenue. Chris also noted that he has the approval of the surrounding businesses. The issue of possible loitering was discussed at length. Because the parklet is a public space, neither Farley’s nor the Ambassador program has any authority to remove any individual from the area. Steve brought up the confusion between the PR Task Force and the need to refocus DISI projects and priorities. He also mentioned that many of the new businesses opening in the districts are owned and operated by graduates of the Women’s Initiative for Self Employment program including two pop-up stores that have now signed leases and become permanent retail establishments. This is a great story and should be incorporated into our PR and outreach. Dane mentioned that Pandora has expanded into the building adjacent to their current space. September 27th The meeting was adjourned at 12:11 p.m.

Parklet Funding Presentation: Chris Hillyard

Chris moved and Andrea seconded the motion to grant $5,000.00 to Chris Hillyard and Farley’s East for the funding of a parklet. The motion was approved unanimously.


Next Meeting Date Adjournment

Minutes taken by Fiona Simms, staff.