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• Adult child coverage until age 26

• Annual fee on pharmaceutical manufacturers begins • Annual rate review process • Auto-enrollment for groups with 200+ FTEs (implementation delayed until regulations released) • Increase penalty for non-qualified HSA withdrawals • Minimum medical loss ratio (MLR): 85% for large group; 80% fr small groups and indvidual • Non-discrimination rules apply to insured plans (implementation delayed until regulations are released)G

• Annual dollar limits restricted • ER coverage as INN, no prior authorization • Initial appeals review standard

• Lifetime dollar limits prohibited • No pre-existing conditions for kids until age 19 • Online consumer information at • Pediatricians as PCPs, direct access to OB/ GYNs • Preventive services with with no cost sharing

• Small business wellness grants (implementation delayed until regulations are released)

2012 2013 • 60-day advance notice of material modifications • Accountable Care Organization requirements • Appeals provision fully implemented • First medical loss ratio rebates to be paid by August • Administrative simplification begins • Annual fee on medical device sales begins • Deduction for expenses allocable to the Part D subsidy for “qualified prescription drug plans” eliminated • New women’s preventive services with no cost sharing • Employee notification of access to Exchanges • FSA contributions limited to $2.500 • Quality of care reporting requirements • High earner tax begins (applies to (implementation delayed until regulations individuals) are released) • Summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) • W-2 reporting of the value of employerand the Uniform Glossary sponsored health benefits .

wellness programs • States can open Exchange to CHIP and ICD 10 code adoption eligibles (2015) and all employers (2017) • Health Benefit Exchanges • Mandatory coverage for clinical trials • No annual dollar limits & pre-existing condition • OOP limits must comply with OOP limits for HSA qualified plans .2014 • Coverage for all adult children until age 26 including those that have employer coverage (formerly not covered for grandfathered plans) • Deductible caps cannot exceed $2k for individual and $4k for family • Essential health benefits required for small employers 2015 & beyond • High-value plan excise tax begins (2018) • Medicare Part D “donut hole” closed by 2020 • Waiting period limits.