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EDUC 429 Teacher Candidate: Dominique Wooders Subject/EEDA/SSCA Grade: 6th ELA

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Date/ Time: 2/14/13 10am and 11:35am

Learning Objectives: The students will be able to create poems using conversation hearts candy. Alignment with Standards: SCSS 6-1.8 Understand the characteristics of poetry (including stanza, rhyme scheme, repetition, and refrain) and drama (including stage directions and the use of monologues). NCCS 9-3w.d Use precise words and phrases, telling details, and sensory language to convey a vivid picture of the experiences, events, setting, and/or characters **(this is a 9th grade standard, because it is the only common core I could find that even mentions poetry)** Developmental Appropriateness: This lesson is geared to review the prior knowledge students have about poetry. This lesson gives students and opportunity to learn about the holiday of St. Valentine’s Day and create poetry using one of the holiday’s most popular candies.     Social: Students will need to be able to sit and listen to the stories presented in class without disturbing their classmates. Cognitive: Students will need to be familiar with poetry vocabulary and use prior knowledge about poetry n order to complete the assignment. Emotional: Students will need to understand that this process will take time. Physical: Student will need to be capable of writing, typing, and speaking.

Cross Curricular: Social Studies: Students will be introduced to the history of Valentine’s Day and The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Visual Art: Students will use clip art to create a decorated document that incases their poem after they have typed it in a word document.

EDUC 429 Assessments of Objective:

Lesson 1 2 3 4 5

Teacher observation during whole class discussion and individual activities. Review of writing to assess their knowledge of poetry and form. The students’ poems will be evaluated to see did students work all the candy heart phrases into their stories? Did the phrases sound natural within the context of the poem? Students will share their stories for the class.  Pre- Students will work in groups to write down everything they know about Valentine’s Day. o This assessment is used to gage how much they know and if they are familiar with the information this lesson is going to bring. During- This takes place while the students are working. The teacher will be assessing the creativity and using a checklist to make sure students are following the instructions. Post- Student will work in groups to add to the previous list of things they know about Valentine’s Day. o The purpose of this assessment is to see what the students have gained from the lesson.

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Accommodations: This lesson is designed to take all of class time, but if there are early finishers they will get the chance to create another poem with a different set of candy hearts.  Phonetic: During the time the teacher is telling the stories of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and the History of St. Valentine, if a word is used that he/she feels the students are not familiar with, then the word will be defined and explained for better understanding. o Prohibition Syntactic: If students are having trouble with correct usage of words, the teacher will ask the question, “does this make sense” or “what other word(s) would fit better in this line of your poem?” o Student will then reread to hear the difference in the change they made. Semantic: all vocabulary was discussed prior to this lesson, but if an issue is discovered the teacher will have a one on one with the student(s) to clarify any misunderstandings

Materials: Promethean Board to display examples and directions Boxes of candy hearts (each student will count out 10 hearts) Students will need their laptops Paper and pencil to write down the “quotes”

EDUC 429 Baskets for students to come and get hearts Treats for the pre and post Valentine’s Day quiz Procedures:

Lesson 1 2 3 4 5

 Student will enter and we will go over their Daily Standard 77. (This is a daily routine) Ok class what day is it?  Valentine’s Day!!!  Teacher shows students a slide Yes, today is Valentine’s Day. I have placed a sheet of paper on your table and I am going to give your group 30 seconds to write down as many things that you know about Valentine’s Day.  Students will work with their groups to make a list of things they know about Valentine’s Day.  Teacher will ask students to share and the group who had the most will receive a prize. All of the things you all mentioned are related to Valentine’s Day, but there is one event that I would like to share with you that was made famous because it occurred on Valentine’s Day.  Teacher shows slide of Al Capone. Can anyone tell me who this man is? Well this is a famous gangster named Al Capone. Has anyone heard of him before? Al Capone was a Mafia boss back in the 1920s.  Teacher will then show slide of Bugs Moran. Can anyone tell me who this is? This is Bugs Moran. He was also a gangster during the prohibition era. Anyone know about the prohibition era? Prohibition was a time when it was illegal to sell, make or transport alcohol. So guess what these two men were doing? Buying, Selling, and transporting Alcohol, among other things. Moran and Capone were rivals which led to one of the deadliest Valentine’s Days in history.  Teacher then goes into the story of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Do you guys think that this crime would have been as famous as it is if it didn’t happen on Valentine’s Day?  Give students an opportunity to respond. So what makes Valentine’s Day so Important? Where did it come from? Who is this person?  Teacher shows the slide of St. Valentine  Teacher tells the story of St. Valentine.

EDUC 429

Lesson 1 2 3 4 5 o Saint Valentine was executed on February 14, 270, but before he died he wrote a letter to his beloved and signed it “From your Valentine.” Does that sound familiar?

There are many stories about the St. Valentine, but we know he believed in love. So in the spirit of today we are going to continue our discussion of poetry, but you are going to do it using Conversation Heart candy. Here is what you will do. Teacher will show each step on a different slide for step by step instruction.  Take out a sheet of paper  When you receive your box of hearts please count out 10 hearts.  When you have your 10 hearts; write them down on your sheet of paper. Then you may eat your hearts.  Your poem must include all 10 quotes you wrote down. And be at least eight lines. o If you have a quote more than once you must create a refrain in your poem  Your poem is to be typed and decorated using clip art.  When you have completed your poem raise your hand so I can check to make sure you have followed directions.  Then you may print your poem. Teacher will display her poem at the end of the directions. As the directions are being given the students will have step by step visual pictures on the Promethean board, so they can see how the steps are suppose to be followed. Students will be given 40 minutes to complete the assignment. They will then share their poems with the class. In the last 5 minutes of class the teacher will give the students a chance to write down what they know about valentine’s day again. The group who has the most will be rewarded.