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. just maybe. and somehow find the discipline to follow the plans it gives me . and you have The Hope..” And why do we have The Hope? We have it because we're convinced that there's somewhere to get to. you should occasionally look at the results. We've all had The Hope.-Introduction- “However beautiful the strategy. .Winston Churchill “I know what it's like. then maybe.have the right partner / friends / children – the “there” of people and relationships..get the money / the car / the yacht / the house . spirituality or business book as you turn it over in your hands. .” You're scanning the cover of the latest personal development. Maybe this is the solution I've been looking for all these years. the big one. And “there” comes in a variety of tantalising flavours that look something like this: I'll be [happy / secure / fulfilled / peaceful / better / successful / ok] when I .find the right work / hobby / exercise / pastime . the thing that finally going to get me there. the thing that's really going to work.the “there” of stuff. with a soundtrack that goes something like this..” . “Maybe this is it.write the book / start the business / learn the language . and some of us have had it dozens or even hundreds of times.maybe if I do it right this time. and that “there” is better than “here”.the “there” of doing. the answer.. if I read it all the way through. .. and do all the exercises.. just maybe it's going to work. Maybe. . .. The Hope is a feeling.the “there” of accomplishment.

the “there” of spirituality.the “there” of psychology. . you've fallen into a trap. Or maybe not... change or heal? Or a LOT more? I know.accept myself / love myself / just let go – the “there” of surrender. doesn't it always seems like there's a little more you need to do? A little further to go? Just a little bit more to fix. You see. I spend a lot of my time living “there”. And yet. like you're very close. as strange as it may sound. No matter how close you get. powerful and all-pervasive. In brief: I grew up in an alcoholic household and started drinking heavily when .the “there” of selfimprovement. but sooner or later. but I didn't get here in the way you might expect. . you've probably never even noticed it. These days. because I've done it – everything on this list and more. But I'm getting ahead of myself. feeling like there was something missing. you may have felt like you're nearly there. after a week or a month or a year.. At times. And it's not your fault. I'd find myself feeling like I was back where I started.change my thinking / my limiting beliefs / do my affirmations . .lose the weight / stop smoking / start going to the gym .achieve time-freedom / financial freedom / social freedom – the “there” of freedom. like the pot of gold's just around the corner. I got value from many of my efforts. something wrong. Subtle.meditate properly / find the right practice / get enlightened . some or all of the above. .can take a year off / travel the world / eat at the best restaurants. You may have tried none. You may have made big changes and improved your life in a variety of ways. . And it's a trap that's so subtle.. something I couldn't quite put my finger on. The “there” of lifestyle.. the story behind that sense of “something missing” doesn't just stop you from enjoying your life to the full – it actually stands in the way of you living a life you really love. As it turns out.

Lost weight. but how I got here is a story of struggle.Built a tribe of tens of thousands of people who follow my work . and I haven't had a drink since. anxiety and suicidal thoughts . Just to give you an idea.Built a successful training and educational product company . The alcohol was like rocket fuel for my life – I got jobs.Began a spiritual journey . Today I live a happy. anxiety and obsession . Oh yeah – I missed one: I'll be happy when I get a cigarette / a drink / a line of coke – the “there” of addiction.Started a business with a friend .Learned NLP. an Israeli martial art . lost weight. as you'll discover later). foreign travel. fulfilling life (except when I don't. and started experiencing many of the trappings of success: expense accounts.Learned Krav Maga.Went on dozens of personal development courses .Spent countless hours talking to a Freudian psychoanalyst . Then.Had numerous false horizons.Was terrified of having to get a job again . That was in 1996. gained weight.Quit my job and became a consultant .Tried my hand at stand-up comedy .Struggled with worry. only to find myself back where I started . was promoted rapidly.Attended my first personal development training .I was 12 years old. . gained weight. frustration and heartbreak (much of which I could have avoided if I'd known what you're going to be discovering in this book). At age 19 I was a scholarship engineering student and a full-blown alcoholic. at the age of 30 I got married. her bags were packed so I decided to stop drinking in order to save my marriage. lost weight. thinking I'd finally “got it”.Got dumped by my wife and almost fell apart . It's beyond anything I ever dreamed was possible for me.Read hundreds of personal development books . A month later. got certified as an NLP Trainer and started teaching others . I was falling apart. in the time-period from 1996 to 2008 I. luxurious surroundings. But on the inside.Fathered two children (Matilda and Tallulah) ..Experienced depression.Felt like I was a fraud and worried constantly that I'd be “found out” . gained weight .Overcame my fear of public speaking (mainly by doing lots of public speaking) .Participated in various addiction recovery programmes .Went on a learning journey about women and relationships .Was paralysed by a combination of fear of failure and fear of success .Moved to London ..

Make a difference .A young entrepreneur has made his dreams of passive income and living his purpose a reality – a reality that's translated into international travel and spending his days doing what he wants to do at just 27 years of age. attracting numerous clients within months of learning the understanding in this book.By the end of 2008.Overcome fears and obstacles . but he says that the changes in his life are worth far more than money. A year later.Another client. stressed-out and at the end of my tether. For him. The things you're going to be learning in this book have enabled him to shake off his limiting beliefs and start living a life he loves. living a life they love has become their day-to-day reality. They've discovered new passions.Two clients (a couple) who had relocated to the UK didn't want to fall into the 9 to 5 grind. And as my sense of wellbeing and clarity has continued to increase. Nine months after discovering the understanding you're going to be reading about in this book. and that she'd given a presentation to her team at work.I introduced one of my clients to this understanding over lunch one day. . in many ways I felt like I'd been running on the spot. I'm experiencing a sense of peace. a successful businessman. . security and aliveness unlike anything I've had before. . it can be replicated . .Uncover your passions . (It's been a similar story with clients suffering from a range of fears. When I checked in with her a week later. I felt like I'd been giving it everything I had for over a decade. It's over three years later. . worries and anxieties). The good news is..Live a life you love . but anything else felt unobtainable. not only is his coaching . The amazing thing is that I didn't even know she had a fear of public speaking until she told me it had gone. the understanding you're going to be discovering has translated into better business and big increases in revenue. and while some areas of my life were better than ever. my external circumstances have been improving too. Here are a few examples. and are moving to the South of France to live their dream of making organic soaps and skin care products.the clients I work with are getting similar results.Beat stress and start living from wisdom . I was on the verge of giving up. Then I was introduced to the understanding you're going to be discovering in this book. It was do or die. and they've been the best three years of my life. I was unhappy..A coach who wanted to create a successful business helping others has done just that. Her fear vanished once she got an understanding of what you're going to be learning in this book. has had the stress of running multiple businesses replaced with a sense of calm that allows him to make great decisions and enjoy his life more. she revealed that a lifelong fear of public speaking had disappeared.

and by colleagues who are working with the understanding you're going to be learning about.Increasing confidence .Innate wisdom . Your experience of life starts to take on an “effortless” quality. . able to help in situations that used to seem baffling (coaches. people often start taking inspired action on projects they'd been trying in vain to make progress on for years. This deeper story relates to your experience of thriving. In fact. and really being part of life. friends and loved ones getting deeper and more connected. my clients and the other people I know who are learning this understanding are reporting radical changes in their experience of life.. In fact.You start to get in touch with your innate guidance and natural wisdom.You start to notice self-doubt fading away. . and he has a sense of confidence and self-belief beyond anything he'd previously experienced. to be replaced by a sense of increasing confidence and willingness to take action. there's a deeper story that's both more subtle and more powerful. . . leading to better decisions. It's not that you don't ever work hard at anything. The very qualities that people have been trying to get from outside of them start to show up from the inside! . Even relationships with clients and colleagues start getting richer and more enjoyably “real”.Richer relationships . therapists and change-workers find themselves suddenly able to make quantum leaps in the impact they can have with their clients using the insights you're going to be getting throughout this book). security and peace of mind that comes from within. but his family life is better than ever. .Security and wellbeing .Sense of purpose . some of them even had their sentences reduced when the parole board saw how much they'd . Often there's a feeling of gratitude and happiness that seems to be for no reason at all. other than the enjoyment of being alive. While the circumstances in these stories are great examples of the power of what you're going to be learning to make a real difference in people's lives. The discoveries you're going to be experiencing for yourself as you read this book have been used to transform people's lives in incredibly diverse areas: . Again and again.You notice your relationships with family.You start to feel an increasing sense of wellbeing. but it's with an increasing sense of engagement and enjoyment. These stories are echoed over and over again by my clients. (This book is one example of such a project).You start to feel a sense of purpose.Working with gang members in maximum security jail in the USA (I've sat and talked with convicts who say they've never felt so happy and peaceful in their lives since learning what you'll be reading about.Helping others – You start to notice that you're making a real difference in the lives of other people..

and the results they've seen in terms of employee engagement. but Innate Thinking® (the understanding you're going to be exposed to in this book) really has earned the label “Effortless”. discipline or pressure . the people in those projects grew into a community with high levels of mental health. They're going to be a natural expression of who you are. with high levels of truancy. sales forces and even the US Army.Transforming inner-city housing projects that were labelled as police “no go” areas. results and profitability have confounded what people thought was possible. .without the use of techniques. connection and shared perspective where it was thought there was none.without having to remember. addiction and abuse.Working with couples and mediating a wide variety of relationships (often in seemingly intractable positions).. tactics and interventions . The understanding you're going to be learning has been tried and tested with some of the most severe of mental problems and “personality disorders”. struggle or strive . The understanding you're going to be learning has resulted in harmony.. . . The insights and transformations you're going to experience are a perfect fit for you and your life. and associated changes in behaviour. . Best of all.Your transformations will be natural. .Consulting with large organisations. They've harnessed the power of what you're going to be learning in this book.Healing alcoholism.without needing to stress. When they saw the same understanding you're going to be pointed towards. The impact of what you're going to be learning about in this book is profound and lasting for human beings in all walks of life (even those who have been pronounced “incurable”).without resorting to regimes.Helping heal people with serious clinical diagnoses like clinical depression. The amazing thing is that all of the things you've read about above have been achieved without the things we're usually told we need. paranoid schizophrenia and psychosis. the changes that you can expect from your deepening understanding of Innate Thinking® share three important qualities: . drug addictions and eating disorders. advertising agencies. . .changed). reframe or manage your thinking It may sound extreme. including blue-chip companies. rather than trying to fit yourself into someone else's model.

and you can see how it works. you're very unlikely to get out of it. Because the transformations take no effort to “implement”. But once you know about the trap. In fact. and take a shortcut that gets you to the same place in a fraction of the time. you may find yourself getting excited about sharing what you've discovered with others. . You don't have to wait. Especially if other people have escaped from the same trap. I'm going to show you the trap.. once you escape from the trap. and joining the community of people who are passionate about getting this understanding out to a world that desperately needs it. struggling and unnecessary suffering that I went through. So in Chapter Two. Because that's the good news – you don't have to go through any of what I've done. and can show you how they did it. You can start living the life you deeply desire sooner than you think! But first. But before I do. and why you've been caught in it until now. You can cut to the chase. This means that the positive impact of what you'll be learning will show up in many different aspects of your life. Until you realise you've been caught in a trap. then escape is pretty straightforward. what's the one thing you have to do before you can escape? A: You have to realise that you've been caught in a trap.. how it works.Your transformations will be generative.. . without you having to “make it happen”.Your transformations will be sustainable. they're easily sustainable. and because they're such a natural fit for who you are. I need to share something very important with you – something you may never have thought about before. The reason I'm writing this book is to save you the decade or more of searching. It's time to wave goodbye to struggle and backsliding. a question: Q: If you're caught in a trap.

” trap you're going to be uncovering in Chapter Two. The explanation he shared with me has turned out to be one of the most valuable distinctions I've ever learned. He said that listening in this way was OK for getting an intellectual understanding of something.Chapter 1 -An Unsuspected Power- “We cannot teach people anything. it was something I was working at.. but it wasn't going to help me have the realisations and insights that could truly transform my life.” This sentence caught me by surprise. It's how we've been taught to read. it seemed like I had a lot on my mind. The idea that I wasn't a good listener seemed preposterous to me. You feel it.Galileo Galilei Piglet: How do you spell love? Pooh: You don't spell it. . so I asked him what he meant..” . this distinction is going to be an essential key for your escape from the “I'll be happy when. we can only help them discover it within themselves. My coach explained to me very gently that when I was listening. I had been trained to notice fine distinctions in voice tone and body language. but I was renowned for my listening skills. I was “doing” listening..AA Milne “Don't take this the wrong way. . The person who was coaching me didn't know it. More importantly. and is of crucial importance if you want to really get the most from this book. I realised that this is how we've all been taught to listen. but you're not a very good listener. It's how we've been “taught” to learn. But it used to be different. and could unpack the deep structures of what a person was saying. But I was curious. As I reflected on it.. moment to moment.

before you knew how to analyse and judge. That's OK. DISTINCTION: Reading for Confirmation VS Reading for Insight When most people read.. seeing how the new information can fit into their existing cognitive structure. you put your existing conceptual models to one side (to whatever extent that's possible) and allow yourself to be touched by what you're reading. . it's time to remember a different way to read. You can read in a way that creates a space for the innate knowledge that's already there within your consciousness to emerge more fully into your awareness. and that's fine as far as it goes. “That's nonsense” or somewhere in between. If you're anything like me. before you were taught that analysis and judgement had any value. Reading for confirmation is useful for evaluating information. listen and learn for an intellectual understanding. looking for confirmation of what you already know. You knew how to listen long before anyone ever “taught” you how to think.. and making decisions about its validity. saying “That makes sense”.. and make decisions about. But if you want to awaken an unsuspected power to transform your life and the lives of others. Reading for Confirmation Most of us have been taught to listen and read for confirmation. We think about what we're reading as we're reading it. When you read for an insight. but it doesn't create great conditions for having an insight. It's thanks to your natural ability to listen and learn that you can walk and talk today. Reading for Insight Reading for insight is reading with “nothing on your mind”. they're trying to fit what they're reading into what they already know. so the mind isn't as free to do what it does best – generate new thought. A person who's reading for confirmation “has something on their mind”. Whether or not we agree with it Where it fits into our existing cognitive structures If it doesn't fit. This is reading for confirmation. But there's another way of reading. why not? Whether to accept or reject it etc Just check .. Reading for insight. This is reading for insight.You were born a learner and a may be doing this as you're reading this passage. listen and learn. you were taught to read.

a figure that was totally invisible when you first looked at the image. You allow the innate knowledge to come from deep within your consciousness and step more fully into your awareness. The value you'll get from this book won't come from the information on the pages – the value will come from deep inside you. As you read this book. The reality is that every person has wisdom. twodimensional pattern. When you're reading for insight. The insight that can “leap into your awareness” isn't in the words anyway. So make the space for that to happen. Any understandings you already have will still be there when you get to the end of the book. stay in touch with your feelings. with a soft-eyed. so enjoy them when they come and relax when they don't. Insightful understanding is a natural function . Those beautiful feelings can be one of the signs that you're being impacted. People often sat staring at the 2D images. it's resides deep within your consciousness. Read when you feel inspired to read. You don't really need to “think about” what you're reading – you just need to relax and allow yourself to be impacted by the words. It often arrives suddenly. so I invite you to put them to one side and allow yourself to be even more deeply impacted. evolving technology led to the creation of “magic eye” images. and pause when you feel like pausing. When a person reads good poetry. Reading for an insight is sort of like looking at a magic eye picture. but nothing happened until they relaxed and allowed the image to emerge.The Magic Eye Back in the 1990s. you may occasionally find yourself feeling particularly calm and peaceful. they're not trying to decide whether they agree with it or not – they're reading to be impacted. seeing beyond the written word to what the author's really trying to convey. a magic-eye image looks like a repeating. relaxed gaze. At first glance. but if you look “through” the image. or what you've been through. something amazing happens. The power to transform your life is going to come from within your consciousness. You have everything you need to transform your life already within you. As you continue reading this book for an insight. And what's so great about insight? Insightful understanding doesn't come from the words on the page – it comes from within you. you “get a feel” for what you're reading. No matter what's happened to you. you can have a beautiful life. but can continue serving and informing you for years to come. “trying hard” to see the 3D image hidden within it. Another example is poetry. A 3-dimensional figure suddenly leaps into your awareness.

. You don't need to “get yourself to do it” ..” what they're really saying is “I've received information (from outside myself) and built intellectual structures relating to this.” But those situations where you “just know” what to do. even taking account of things you're not consciously aware of. . it comes with its own source of motivation. I wanted to leave my job and become a contractor. with all the freedom.. but insightful understandings stay fresh.When you have an insight. and can keep updating your system for years to come. but. but.. and has the power to transform your life..When you have an insight. but I don't know why” what they're really saying is “I've had some realisations and insights that are making a difference in my life (from inside myself) but I haven't yet built intellectual structures relating to it. it's perfectly tailored to you. I had an insight: I suddenly knew that I could leave my job and become a contractor. That's the polar opposite of the “I understand that intellectually. and can't explain why. When you read (or listen) for confirmation. the intellectual understanding you get is like a written instruction manual.” The great news is that insights start making a difference to you whether they make sense intellectually or not! A Sudden Insight In the 1990s I was employed as a project manager.. but I haven't had the deeper realisations and insights (from inside myself) that I need for it to make a difference in my life.Insightful understanding is context sensitive. It's good as far as it goes... and can adjust to your changing circumstances.” Insightful understanding is more like a mobile phone app – once it gets downloaded. .Intellectual understandings can get stale over time. That's why people often say “I understand that intellectually. because insightful understanding is powered up and ready to go! .You naturally find your behaviour changing in ways that serve you. You don't have to figure it out or try and adjust it to your needs – it already fits perfectly.” phenomenon. During the two days. When a person says “I understand that intellectually but. When someone says “I just know. a two-day introductory programme. I “knew” that I couldn't do it. it starts working immediately.of the human mind. My friends told me I could do it easily. and while I understood that intellectually. Insight is the “unsuspected power” mentioned in the title of this chapter. but it takes effort to put it into practice. Then in 1998 I attended my first personal development training.. .

” Many people also have examples of “just knowing” the right thing to do. . Everyone has examples of insightful understanding. . When you stop and think about it. you'll begin to find yourself relying on insights and your natural wisdom to guide you on a day-to-day basis. insightful understanding is an everyday phenomenon. as you start to become more and more aware of it. . People have many ways of referring to it: . through insightful understanding. . . started working for myself and creating the time and money to follow my passions. I can trace the life I have today back to that insight. And while this book is full of ideas that you may find interesting and informative. The “knowing” they're referring to is an example of insightful understanding.The common sense that saves the day in a difficult situation. In fact.The creative leap that takes things in a whole new direction.possibilities and rewards that entailed. but most people don't realise how powerful it is when it comes to transforming your life.The intuition that leads you to an unexpected success. Insightful understanding comes from your innate ability to have fresh new thinking at any moment.The inspiration that gives you fresh energy and inner motivation. . while the fresh.The insight that solves a problem that looked like it was impossible. but I didn't listen to myself. . new perceptions that can transform your life can only ever emerge from what you don't yet know. I quit my job two weeks later. In fact.The gut feeling that lets you know to take a certain decision. and can still feel the sense of freedom and possibility it carried with it. . everything a person perceives as limiting them is a reflection of their intellectual understanding (what they already know).The “moment of clarity” that turns an addict's life around.The “knowing” that has you ask just the right question. even though it doesn't seem logical at the time.The sudden realisation that makes a big difference in your life. the essential difference between this and most other books is this: Its purpose is to act as a catalyst so that your own insights can transform your life. While the example above was massively transformative for me. its real power is in creating a context where the innate knowledge that's already there within you can emerge more fully into your awareness and make a real difference in your life. Once again. insightful understanding comes from deep within your . having it turn out badly.The wisdom that guides you in situations where your old maps and ideas no longer apply. then saying “I knew I should have done it the other way. Everyone's had the experience of making a decision. .

. I described the “I'll be happy when. In the Introduction.” phenomenon.. a trap that I call. So I invite you to “read for an insight” as I reveal the trap that's ensnared millions of people (including yours truly)... . And you put yourself in a great position to have one when you're reading for insight instead of reading for agreement.consciousness. and explained that the first thing you have to do before you can escape from a trap is realise that you've been caught in it. and shows up in a way that can transform your life in a heartbeat.