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File 1   Food and restaurants 

baked beans boiled dessert duck fish fork fresh fried frozen fruit glass grilled home-made knife lettuce low-fat main course meat napkin peaches pepper plate prawn raw roast salmon salt sausages seafood serviette spicy spoon starter steamed /beIkt/ /bi;nz/ /bOIld/ /dI"z3;t/ /dVk/ /fIS/ /fO;k/ /freS/ /fraId/ /"fr@Uzn/ /fru;t/ /glA;s/ /grIld/ /h@Um meId/ /naIf/ /"letIs/ /l@U f&t/ /meIn kO;s/ /mi;t/ /"n&pkIn /"pi;tSIz/ /"pep@/ /pleIt/ /prO;n/ /rO;/ /r@Ust/ /"s&m@n/ /sQlt/ /"sQsIdZIz/ /"si;fu;d/ /s3;"vjet/ /"spaIsi/ /spu;n/ /"stA;t@/ /sti;md/ cotto fagioli bollito

Food that is baked in the oven is healthier than fried food. Beans are a cheap, healthy meal that you can buy tinned or dried. The water that vegetables are boiled in can be used to make soup. Do you want yoghurt or chocolate mousse for dessert? I prefer duck to chicken because I prefer darker meat. Fish that has come straight out of the sea is a very healthy food. Many people use a fork for cutting and eating food. Those eggs are fresh; I bought them today. Fried food is bad for you and has a lot of calories. Food which is kept very cold is frozen. Fruit such as melon is a healthy dessert. Could you bring me a separate glass for the water, please? There’s nothing better than the smell of grilled fish on an open fire. I love my mum’s cooking. Home-made cooking is the best. We’ll need a better knife to cut this meat with. The first course on the menu is lettuce soup. People on a diet often try to eat low-fat food. I’ll have steak for my main course, I think. Would you prefer to have fish rather than meat? People usually put a napkin over their knees while eating. One of my favourite fruits is peaches, which I often have with cream. Pepper makes food taste nice without making you thirsty. I couldn’t eat off a plate that was dirty. Prawn cocktail is a traditional starter in British restaurants. Sushi is made with raw fish. You can boil chicken but roast chicken is tastier. I love salmon but it’s quite an expensive fish, isn’t it? The soup contained so much salt that I had to keep drinking water. Sausages and biscuits aren’t very good for you. She doesn’t like seafood so she won’t eat prawns or crab. I had to use a spare serviette to mop up the water. Indian food like curry is very spicy. You use a differently shaped spoon for the soup and dessert courses. We can offer two different types of soup as a starter. Food that is steamed retains its flavour very well.

dessert, dolce anatra pesce forchetta fresco fritto congelato frutta bicchiere grigliato, alla griglia, ai ferri fatto in casa coltello lattuga a basso contenuto di grassi portata principale carne tovagliolo pesche pepe piatto gamberone, scampo crudo arrosto salmone sale salsiccia frutti di mare tovagliolo speziato, piccante cucchiaio antipasto cotto al vapore

so it was strange that he chose to hide the truth about finding the money. Bossy people like giving orders to other people. It’s dangerous to play tennis on a wet court. Affectionate people show that they love people very much. but we didn’t win the game. sconfiggere capitano giro allenatore campo (da golf) campo (da tennis) pareggio fan. as the streets are too busy.t/ /"teIk@weI/ /"vedZt@blz/ fragole dolce da asporto verdure At Wimbledon. The players tried their best.t/ /drO. There isn’t a pool near here so we go swimming in the river. Personality  affectionate aggressive ambitious bossy charming VOCABULARY BANK /@"fekS@n@t/ /@"gresIv/ /&m"bIS@s/ /"bQsi/ /"tSA. The skier leaned forward as she went down the steep slope.ts hO. autoritario affascinante intelligente competitivo disonesto disorganizzato estroverso amichevole. I play basketball twice a week. The referee stopped the match when someone ran onto the pitch. cordiale clever competitive dishonest disorganized extrovert friendly . The leisure centre has a sports hall with 4 tennis courts. Players usually warm up before a match starts. but we beat the others right at the end. tifoso mettersi in forma ferirsi. farsi male perdere campo giocare giocatore piscina arbitro segnare. Everyone in her family is clever. What vegetables do you want with your steak? Sport  beat captain circuit coach course court draw fan get fit get injured lose pitch play player pool referee score slope spectator stadium sports hall team track train warm up win VOCABULARY BANK /bi. He’s a good player. he ran a circuit of the track in triumph./ /skO.g@naIzd/ /"ekstr@v3.mIN/ /"klev@/ /k@m"pet@tIv/ /dIs"QnIst/ /dIs"O.l/ /ti./ /sl@Up/ /spek"teIt@/ /"steIdi@m/ /spO. He was not usually a dishonest person.kIt/ /k@UtS/ /kO. It’s difficult for fans to afford the ticket prices these days.z/ /pItS/ /pleI/ /"pleI@/ /pu. Professional sportspeople have to train every day.strawberries sweet takeaway vegetables /"strO. You’ve put too much sugar in it! Takeaway food is food you buy at a restaurant and take home to eat. There was concern when a spectator threw something onto the pitch.m Vp/ /wIn/ battere. He never knows where anything is because he’s so disorganized.000 people. I go running at a local track. Most of the staff are friendly and approachable. Aggressive people tend to get angry quickly. Charming people have an attractive personality that makes people like them. The tea’s very sweet. fare (un punto) pista (da sci) spettatore stadio palazzetto dello sport squadra pista allenarsi riscaldarsi vincere Our team were losing for most of the match. The captain kept up morale on the pitch as everyone did their best.brIz/ /swi. it’s traditional to have a bowl of strawberries and cream.s/ /kO. Competitive people always want to win. You might get injured. Each team scored a goal in the first ten minutes of the match. She’s a real extrovert and such fun to be around. The manager needs to change the team strategy or we’ll lose the game. The coach began training with some stretching exercises.t/ /"frendli/ affettuoso aggressivo ambizioso prepotente.t/ /"k&ptIn/ /"s3. the pitch was in good shape. I think he’s going to score a lot of goals./ /f&n/ /get fIt/ /get "IndZ@d/ /lu. Ambitious people want to be successful in life.l/ /ref@"ri.m/ /tr&k/ /treIn/ /wO. When the athlete won the race. When the new season started. It was a draw – the score was four all. infortunarsi. The outdoor tennis court was in poor condition. The new stadium could seat nearly 100. He’s definitely the best football player at this school. I’ve started going to the gym because I want to get fit. I live near a very famous golf course.

and are often bad-tempered. Honest people will always hand over any money they find to the police. Sensible people have common sense and are practical. modesto scortese. As a child. I wouldn’t ask him for a charity donation.d "w3. Reliable people are people you can trust or depend on. so expect her to be late. unlike her brother. and learned to be responsible from a young age. Jealous people think that someone loves another person more than them. Please be patient and wait a bit longer. or wants what people have.di/ /"O. I was very shy and found it hard to make friends. prosaico sgarbato inaffidabile He’s a generous person who would do anything for anybody. Spoilt children behave badly because they are given everything they want. Although he was not academically gifted. Her ex-boyfriend was so insecure he’d check her emails every day. When I first joined the company I was very quiet because I didn’t know anyone. Your room will start to look tidy straight away if you pick your clothes up off the floor. My oldest sister looked after us a lot. Manipulative people are good at influencing other people to do what they want.kIN/ /"QnIst/ /I"m&dZIn@tIv/ /Im"peISnt/ /IndI"pend@nt/ /InsI"kjU@/ /In"sens@tIv/ /IrI"spQns@bl/ /"dZel@s/ /kaInd/ /"leIzi/ /m@"nIpj@l@tIv/ /mi. Moody people are happy one minute and sad the next. and would send us all beautiful presents on our birthdays. I’m pretty unambitious.n/ /"mu. Everyone has to wait their turn.k@tIv/ /"taIdi/ /Vn&m"bIS@s/ /Vn"frendli/ /VnI"m&dZIn@tIv/ /Vn"kaInd/ /VnrI"laI@bl/ generoso laborioso onesto fantasioso impaziente indipendente insicuro insensibile irresponsabile geloso gentile pigro manipolativo avaro lunatico organizzato paziente taciturno affidabile responsabile sicuro di sé egoista saggio.pId/ /"tO. The man was rude and made an unkind remark about the girl’s hair. ragionevole sensibile timido socievole viziato stupido loquace ordinato senza ambizioni. It was very irresponsible of her to let the cat out while the fireworks were going on. He’s become more self-confident since he won promotion. Jane is renowned for being unreliable. As an imaginative child. There’s no point in being impatient. He’s very mean with his money. . Selfish people think about themselves and not about other people. My aunt was always very kind. The people were unfriendly and refused to give me directions.generous hard-working honest imaginative impatient independent insecure insensitive irresponsible jealous kind lazy manipulative mean moody organized patient quiet reliable responsible self-confident selfish sensible sensitive shy sociable spoilt stupid talkative tidy unambitious unfriendly unimaginative unkind unreliable /"dZen@r@s/ /hA. Sensitive people understand other people’s feelings or are easily hurt or offended. You must be quite unimaginative if you can’t think of a joke or story. Independent people like doing things on their own. ostile senza fantasia. Sociable people are friendly and enjoy being with other people. She’s a lazy person who expects everyone else to work hard but does nothing herself. so I don’t mind what job I do. she would paint the most fantastic pictures. We need to be more organized so that we can work as a team. She’s very talkative.g@naIzd/ /"peISnt/ /"kwaI@t/ /rI"laI@bl/ /rI"spQns@bl/ /self "kQnfId@nt/ /"selfIS/ /"sens@bl/ /"sens@tIv/ /SaI/ /"s@US@bl/ /spOIlt/ /"stju. he was far from stupid. who hardly says a word. She’s one of the most hard-working people in the company. The joke he made at the funeral was very insensitive.

Sn/ /pr@"test/ /reIs/ /rI"taI@/ /SeIp/ /su. Although we were complete opposites. When I was young we never went to restaurants. but he carried on working with horses. Everyone agrees that wholemeal bread is healthier than white./ /sO. we were very close. but we always make up afterwards. retirement can mean a successful new career. It’s very untidy. The age gap between them is only 5 months. but we knew that Mum and Dad weren’t happy. There was a clear foul on the goalkeeper. For the lucky few. scodella carriera imbrogliare vicino. When he scored the winning goal in the final minute.t Vp/ /"hVni/ /"dZQki/ /kIdz/ /meIk Vp/ /pIntS/ /"pO. aubergines and mince.l/ differenza d’età divieto mordere. gara ritirarsi forma minestra. "vi. so I’ll make a soup with it. I don’t want to throw this chicken away.p/ /stju. but the referee didn’t spot it. We have arguments. Losing weight is as much to do with portion size as what you eat. People who eat nothing but fast food are often fat and unhealthy. The Olympic officials examined the fencer’s sword. scontroso disordinato Lending her his last £20 was a very unselfish thing to do. The soup was so thick it was almost like a stew. it is still possible for sportspeople to cheat. generoso non socievole. The home fans started to protest loudly about the penalty that was awarded to the away team. I was horrible to my little sister – I used to pinch and bite her. When we bite into something delicious.unselfish unsociable untidy /Vn"selfIS/ /Vn"s@US@bl/ /Vn"taIdi/ altruista. morsicare incolpare ciotola. zuppa stufato spada telecronista integrale My parents are almost the same age. Fred Lorz competed in the Olympic marathon in 1904 and finished the race in three hours 13 minutes. I wish he’d clean his room. More Words to Learn age gap ban bite blame bowl career cheat close cool crowd dish eat out fat foul generation heat up honey jockey kids make up (after an argument) pinch portion protest (v) race retire shape soup stew sword TV commentator wholemeal /eIdZ g&p/ /b&n/ /baIt/ /bleIm/ /b@Ul/ /k@"rI@/ /tSi. A lot of very talented sportspeople have to retire early due to injury.t aUt/ /f&t/ /faUl/ /dZen@"reISn/ /hi. We’re going to stay in because we’re feeling unsociable. According to research. John McEnroe is now a highly respected and highly paid TV commentator. I always thought my sister was cool. I usually heat up a frozen meal or order a takeaway. I usually have a bowl of cereal or toast for breakfast. .t/ /kl@Us/ /ku. it has an effect on our whole body. Has the quality of honey got anything to do with the size of the bees? He became too big to continue as a jockey. but now I eat out all time. the crowd went wild. "kQm@nteIt@/ /"h@Ulmi. because it is so unhealthy.l/ /kraUd/ /dIS/ /i. the family is changing shape. Some people think there should be a ban on fast food. intimo in gamba folla piatto. When we were kids we had a lot of material things. Each generation seems to have a different idea of what constitutes healthy eating. She taught me that you can’t blame other people for your problems. Even in the modern era.d/ /ti. I looked up to her a lot. Moussaka is a Greek dish made of potato. pietanza mangiare al ristorante grasso fallo generazione riscaldare miele fantino bambini fare pace (dopo un litigio) pizzicare porzione protestare corsa.

The accident happened when he reversed out of his drive too quickly. Both the food and the weather were awful. What we eat affects our moods as well as our shape. so we went home early.dIN t@/ /@"dZVst/ /@d"mIt/ /@d"vA. as well as chips. Anna is the girl with red hair wearing the blue coat. My sister always defended me when other people criticized me. The atmosphere in the house was very tense. The amount of people who claim to be vegatarian but who eat chicken and fish is surprising. you can see he is definitely thinner in the earlier one. The chef is Chilean but I’ve taught him to make some English dishes. The canteen at work offers a wide variety of healthy food. I’m trying to cut down on chocolate at the moment. be addicted (to sth) /bi @"dIktId/ bee canteen celebrity cereal cheer chef coat colleague compete complicated couple cousin crash criticize (sb) cut down (on sth) deaf decision defend (sb) definitely depression description diet /bi. This is my aunt and uncle and that’s their son George. It takes millions of bees to produce the amount of honey that we eat in this country. as I have to have a cup of strong coffee every hour. The decision to ban him from athletics was the correct one. orribile essere dipendente (da qualcosa) ape mensa celebrità cereale acclamare. It is hard for many people to admit that they are lonely.ntIdZ/ /@"fect/ /@"maUnt/ /"&nIkd@Ut/ /"&tm@sfI@/ /"O.g/ /k@m"pi.t/ /"kQmplIkeItId/ /"kVpl/ /"kVzn/ /kr&S/ /"krItIsaIz/ /kVt daUn/ /def/ /dI"sIZn/ /dI"fend/ /"defIn@tli/ /dI"preSn/ /dIs"krIpSn/ /"daI@t/ . He told us a funny anecdote about once when he went fishing as a boy. I think I must be addicted to caffeine. If you compare the two photos.fl/ all’estero incidente secondo. there’s a high risk of depression due to the loss of status. but now she’s completely deaf. I can’t give a simple answer because the situation is very complicated. It’s easy to give a description of her personality: she’s loud and extrovert! People are trying to improve their diets by eating more healthily. a detta di adattarsi ammettere vantaggio influenzare quantità aneddoto atmosfera terribile. The spectators cheered Fred loudly when he won the race.d/ /"&ksId@nt/ /@"kO. the human shape is going to change within 100 years. of course! We were amazed when the quietest girl in the class went on to become a major celebrity./ /k&n"ti. According to scientists.n/ /s@"lebr@ti/ /"sI@ri@l/ /tSI@/ /Sef/ /k@Ut/ /"kQli. Children in larger families have to compete for their parents’ attention. My grandma always had poor hearing. A colleague at work told me about an amazing new diet. my cousin. applaudire chef. Many people start their day with a bowl of cereal. One advantage of being a vegetarian is not spending lots of money on meat. It’s difficult to defend someone who cheats in sport. When sportspeople retire. cuoco cappotto college competere complicato coppia cugino scontro criticare (qualcuno) ridurre (qualcosa) sordo decisione difendere (qualcuno) chiaramente depressione descrizione dieta I’d love to live abroad somewhere hot. I found it difficult to adjust to a new way of life. She became nervous about driving after the crash.More Words in File 1 abroad accident according to adjust admit advantage affect amount anecdote atmosphere awful /@"brO. A British research group predicted that more couples will divorce and re-marry in future. When I first moved to this country.

such as the Atkins diet.s/ /drQp/ /3.ntIdZ/ /dIs"kVv@/ /dIs"kVv@ri/ /dIs"greIs/ /dI"vO. My parents separated in 1995 and got a divorce two years later. People are trying to improve their eating habits by following diets. People want to improve their diets as well as lose weight. Officials examined the sword and realized that Boris had /Ig"z&mIn/ /Ik"sepSn/ /Ik"saItIN/ /Ik"spI@ri@ns/ /Ik"stendId "f&m@li/ /feIl/ /"feIlj@/ /fe@/ /fO. After his cheating was discovered during the Montreal Olympics.l "@Uv@/ /"feIm@s/ /"f&Sn@bl/ /fA.disadvantage discover discovery disgrace divorce drop earn money even examine exception exciting experience extended family fail failure fair fall over famous fashionable fast food favourite feel down follow founder fuel generous get better glamour greatgrandparents guest half-brother healthy hungry improve in-laws liquid loss /dIs@d"vA.d/ /"feIv@rIt/ /fi. perfino esaminare eccezione emozionante esperienza famiglia allargata essere respinto. fallimento biondo cadere (inciampando) famoso alla moda (cibo del) fast food preferito sentirsi triste seguire fondatore carburante generoso migliorare fascino bisnonni invitato. With the exception of Patty.n "mVni/ /"i.z/ /"lIkwId/ /lQs/ svantaggio scoprire scoperta disonore. Sportspeople often find it difficult to cope with failure. so you should be careful what you put in your body. Food is a form of fuel. we’re all red-haired in my family. you wouldn’t be so hungry at 11 o’clock. My great-grandparents both died last year. I get on really well with my half-brother and stepfather. I often eat chocolate to make myself feel better. When people retire. as we were regarded as public property. Many sportspeople retire having little experience of any other type of job. She is so generous. When I feel down. Soup is an example of a healthy liquid food. I can’t wait. Some of the guests at the wedding were complete strangers. are fashionable only for a short time. The glamour of a professional sporting career is something that is hard to give up. The competition will be so exciting this year. and gives a lot of her income to charity. non passare insuccesso. When the athlete fell over. I get on well with my in-laws because they’re like my husband.f "brVD@/ /"helTi/ /"hVNgri/ /Im"pru. I was quite nervous about meeting the founder of such a prestigious company. they made a shocking discovery. Fruit is always a healthy option for fu. If you fail the exam you can always take it again. Many people are keen to discover more about their family history.l daUn/ /"fQl@U/ /"faUnd@/ /"fju. In future. I only used to eat jam sandwiches.v/ /"InlO. I am dark-haired. The worst moment for our side came when the goalkeeper dropped the ball and the other team scored. Most diets. but I’m getting better at trying new food. he got up and eventually won the race! It was difficult living with such a famous father. aged 100.@l/ /"dZen@r@s/ /get "bet@/ /"gl&m@/ /greIt "gr&npe@r@nts/ /gest/ /hA. ospite fratellastro salutare affamato migliorare parenti acquisiti liquido perdita Living in a cold country is a disadvantage when it comes to eating salads. vergogna divorzio far cadere guadagnare denaro anche. When officicial examined Boris’s sword. Caroline was a confident person even when she was little. but my brother is fair. the typical extended family will consist of three or four small generations. My favourite food is pasta. but I feel terrible about it afterwards. the fencer was sent home in disgrace. they often find other ways to earn money. A loss of appetite is often the first sign that you’re ill. . Sometimes I get fast food for lunch. If you ate breakfast.

Researchers have been making predictions about family units in the future.kli@ "f&m@li/ /"Qf@/ /"@Unli tSaIld/ /"QpS@nl/ /peIn/ /"pA. Twenty years ago. già pronto riconoscimento suggerire. You need to think about the quantity of food you eat as well as the quality. women worry more about their diet than men.k/ /"fIzIkl edZu"keISn/ /pIk/ /plA. as many children don’t exercise. The food here is delicious.s/ /"nju. I’ve grown lots of herbs and other types of plant in my garden. It’s very important that physical education is on the curriculum. When the manager picked the team. consigliare riprendersi.tS/ /rI"taI@m@nt/ /ri.l/ /mIs/ /"nefju. I didn’t see my father for a long time after he left home. Can you recommend any good films? The footballer had to retire after receiving an injury from which he never recovered.meal miss (sth) nephew nervous niece nuclear family offer only child optional pain partly peak physical education pick plant pleasure position prediction pretend price professional promise promote proper pub quantity rare ready-cooked recognition recommend recover relationship relative research retirement reunion /mi. Sam was disappointed not to be in it. My nephew will have a baby brother or sister soon when my sister gives birth. Professional sportspeople have to train every day. In some countries.nt/ /"pleZ@/ /p@"zISn/ /prI"dIkSn/ /prI"tend/ /praIs/ /pr@"feS@nl/ /"prQmIs/ /pr@"m@Ut/ /"prQp@/ /pVb/ /"kwQnt@ti/ /re@/ /"redi kUkt/ /rek@g"nISn/ /rek@"mend/ /rI"kVv@/ /rI"leISnSIp/ /"rel@tIv/ /rI"s3. I’ve really missed you since you left. . My sister has just found out she’s having a baby pasto mancare nipote (maschio di zio) nervoso nipote (femmina di zio) famiglia nucleare offerta figlio unico facoltativo dolore in parte culmine educazione fisica selezionare pianta piacere posizione previsione fingere prezzo professionista promessa promuovere vero e proprio pub quantità poco cotto. Retirement for people in general is traumatic because of the loss of status and recognition. You shouldn’t make a promise that you can’t keep. Is a short but glamorous career in sport worth all the pain from injuries? I left my job partly because of the pay. it’s obligatory./ /"n3. Is it healthier to eat rare meat than meat that is well done? I don’t have much time to cook. al sangue precotto. The price of a restaurant meal often has nothing to do with the cost of the ingredients. I always wanted to have a brother or sister to play with. but also because of the lack of opportunities. According to research. I get more pleasure from giving rather than receiving gifts. I’m quite nervous about talking in front of so many people. The best place for a tourist to eat in England is in a pub."ju. Bob was about to retire when he received an offer to work as a consultant. She was an excellent writer who never received the recognition she deserved. She is in Britain this week promoting her new book. I thought he was very rude when he pretended not to hear me. It is said that your position in the family can affect your personality. It’s very sad that he had to retire at the peak of his career. I don’t want the people in the office to know about our relationship. rimettersi relazione parente ricerca pensionamento ricongiungimento I really enjoyed that meal.v@s/ /ni. there would be two or three generations. so often eat a ready-cooked meal. with many children in each nuclear family. I love seeing all my relatives at Christmas. As an only child.tli/ /pi. but we recently had a reunion. We always sit down and have a proper family meal. so we’re going to have a new niece soon. tipping a waiter isn’t optional.

adolescente When my sister and I were teenagers we became quite competitive with our style. as they say it ruins the flavour.vIs/ single-parent family /"sINgl "pe@r@nt "f&m@li/ snack /sn&k/ spiky stand out stepmother still strict sweet tooth talent teenager thin top touch trophy truth typical unhealthy variety vegetarian well done westernized wide worry (about sth) /"spaIki/ /st&nd aUt/ /"stepmVD@/ /stIl/ /strIkt/ /swi. but in summer I prefer something light. If you won some money. We waited half an hour for the waiter to take our order. ancora We’ve been sitting here for half an hour and we’re still waiting for someone to take our order. appuntito. I swap services with other people. debole per i dolci Desserts and cakes are popular in Chile because people there have a sweet tooth. but I try not to eat too much fast food. a punta My hair was long and straight. would you spend it or invest it? /bI w3. I love variety. vegetariano Vegetarians are healthier than people who eat meat. shy child. apice When you’re at the top of your career. Could I borrow some money to pay the phone bill? We’ve got bills to pay so we can’t afford a new camera.T/ /"t&l@nt/ /"ti. magro His clothes all looked too big for him because he was so thin. the team was looking forward to picking up the trophy. it took us a while to get used to our stepmother. verità TV cameras showed the truth about Maradona’s hand ball. you need to be able to spot talent.n/ /tSA.n/ /In"herIt/ /In"vest/ .T/ /"bQr@U/ /kA. matrigna When my father re-married. and didn’t stand out at all. Let’s stop off at the cash machine so I can get more money out.neIdZ@/ /TIn/ /tQp/ /tVtS/ /"tr@Ufi/ /tru. ben cotto Some chefs don’t like to cook meat until it’s well done. Don’t worry about the cost of the holiday – I won it in a competition. largo The river was so wide it took us ages to cross the bridge.nt @"fO.000. like a salad. even a slight touch fo the ball with the hand is counted as handball. talento As a football manager. varietà I don’t want to eat the same thing every day. rigido It isn’t healthy to follow a strict diet that restricts your food severely. spiccare He was a very quiet.T/ /"tIpIkl/ /Vn"helTi/ /v@"raI@ti/ /vedZ@"te@ri@n/ /wel dVn/ /"west@naIzd/ /waId/ /"wVri/ I often eat soups and stews in winter. she inherited £50. trofeo Having won their final game. culmine. tipico A typical breakfast for me would be tea and toast. insalata File 2   Money  be worth borrow can’t afford cash machine charge coin cost earn inherit invest VOCABULARY BANK valere prendere in prestito non potersi permettere sportello automatico far pagare moneta costo guadagnare ereditare investire You may not earn a lot of money but you may be worth a lot as a person. When Lydia’s granddad died. you think it will last forever. spuntino I often have a snack in the afternoon – something like fruit or a few nuts. servizio The service here is very slow.d/ /k&S m@"Si. non salutare Occasionally when I eat out I have something unhealthy. I don’t charge anything for my work. occidentalizzato The diet in Japan today is much more westernized. famiglia monoparentale Once Dad left home.dZ/ /kOIn/ /kQst/ /3. we had to come to terms with the fact that we were a single-parent family. while Carnie’s was short and spiky. I had a good social life and earned a lot of money.t tu. instead. tocco In football. preoccuparsi (di qualcosa) Oldest children in a family often worry about things when they’re older. I didn’t have any coins and the shop had no change for a twenty-pound note.salad service /"s&l@d/ /"s3.