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Beginners Course – Rowany

Day 1 – Resource – Trainer and 2 helpers Skills to learn – Stance and the Snap First we go into stance – Shield out forward with shield leg forward – Shield to cover maximum part of body and target areas. Sword is to be placed behind head to maximise power and strike zones.

Trainer to show correct balance – Not to high to be offbalance and falling backwards and not to squat so fast movements can occur (instead of duck movement)

Trainers to go around and make sure trainees have correct position with body, sword and shield. Go into snap – Trainer shows correct position for

    

Where hand and sword blade ends up Correct elbow position Correct hip rotation Correct position of shield whilst shot is thrown Power generation from shot aiming at ending 6 inches past target zone

Drill – Break into two and hit each others swords – Trainer shows how target sword is held out with body away by sword leg been out furtherst. Drill continual to everyone gets shot right.

Than Show Offsides with all correct positions as above. This should take 90 minutes if done correctly.

Show how to catch wraps in front of face – Than practice slow on each other. Learn how to throw shots back .left – Right – and why.make sure shield leg forward. Defence day – Teach different shield types – Explain weaknesses and strengths of centregrip to strapped – Round to heater Show Point blocking Show Punch blocking Show minimalist movement and explain why overblocking is bad Show how moving hips and body movements can affect blocking and counter blows. . Throw Drill of Slots on Horizontal Blade. forward. Drill – All shots as per day 2 Day 5 – Go through Day 4 Learning     Movement – How to move – Forward – back . Drill – at ¾ speed block shots from Trainer’s only – To practice blocking at different angles Drill – Show Sword blocks and how they go to counter shots. right . Day 4 – Go through Day 3 learning      Sword Blocks and counter attacks Show how to do them Drill – Throw at half speed snaps and block to snap Drill – Same as above but offside.Day 2 – Resources – Trainer and 2 helpers     Go through what was learnt from Day one Go through drills of snaps and offsides Introduce Slots and wraps showing how to throw shots. Day 3 – Trainers and 2 helpers – Different size shields and strapped and centregrip         Go through Day 2 learning – Repeat all drills quickly. left Drill shots with movements Drill group movement drill – in a line with commands yelled.

Teach “sticky hands drill “ movement where 2 people are touching hands and moving around each other.Go through day 7    Fighting on knees – show how and why Fighting people on the knees. Throwing shots with power – 4 inch drill – keep sword 4 inch from target and practice powering from that range – Using body to power shot Day 7 – Go through Day 6    Combinations – go through basic combos Drill – With armoured person go through 6 area zone with numbers and do yelling 3 numbers between 1 and 6 drill Drill – Learn throwing 3 shot combos determined by trainer Day 8 .Day 6    Go Through day 5 Movements. Show how to kill people who are legged. . Drill – Practice on armoured trainer the how and why Day 9 – Recap on all the above – Run through all drills and all facets and put it all together Day 10 – Slow Work Tournamant.

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