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Mine Sight 3-D Icons

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1 – Data Manager 2 – Cascade Windows 3 – Tile Windows 4 – Unset Edit Object 5 – Query Element 6 – Undo Change 7 – Redo Change 8 – History List 9 – Delete Selection 10 – Make New Selection 11 – Make New Multi-Object Selection 12 – Save Selection Edits 13 – Save Selection Edits and Continue 14 – Modify Selection 15 – Show Only Selection 16 – Show Selection Nodes

17 – Global Label Visibility 18 – Global Drillhole View Selectability 19 – Global Modal View Selectability 20 – Clear Marker 21 – Clear All Markers 22 - Linker 23 – Point Editor 24 – Select Edit Grid 25 – Unselect Edit Grid 26 – Edit Grid Properties 27 – Snap Edit Grid to Plane 28 - Snap Edit Grid to 1 Pt 29 - Snap Edit Grid to 2 Pts 30 - Snap Vertical Edit Grid to 2 Pts 31 - Snap Vertical Edit Grid Perpendicular to 2 Pts 32 - Snap Edit Grid to 3 Pts

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16 17

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1 – Zoom Box 2 – Zoom to Extents 3 - Zoom In 4 – Zoom Previous 5 – Reset Camera 6 – Camera to View Plan 7 – Camera to View East-West Section 8 – Camera to View North-South Section 9 – Camera Position 10 – Camera Target 11 – View Normal to the Grid 12 – Camera Target on Marker 13 – Viewer Properties

14 – Load Viewer 3-D Preset 15 – Save Viewer 3-D Preset 16 – Change Viewer to 2-D Mode 17 – Change Viewer to 3-D Mode 18 – Refresh View 19 – Light Toggle 20 – Hidden Surface 21 – Viewer Volume Clipping 22 – Viewer Grid Toggle 23 – Set a Grid Set to the Viewer 24 – Set a Edit Grid to the Viewer 25 – Set Plane from Definition 26 - Set Fence Geometry on the Viewer 27 – Remove Planes from Viewer

MineSight Shortcut Keys for Viewer Window Action
[ ] { } Ctrl + [ Ctrl + ] + Shift + Left Arrow Shift + Right Arrow Shift + Up Arrow Shift + Down Arrow Delete/ Backspace Left Arrow Right Arrow Up Arrow Down Arrow F2 F3

MineSight Shortcut Keys for Data Manager Action
F3 Ctrl + A Ctrl + C Ctrl + D Ctrl + E Ctrl + K Ctrl + O Ctrl + P Ctrl + R Ctrl + U Ctrl + V Ctrl + W Ctrl + X Ctrl + Z Ctrl + Shift + A Ctrl + Shift + D Ctrl + Shift + M Ctrl + Shift + N Ctrl + Shift + S Ctrl + Shift + T Ctrl + Shift + Z

Decrease Scaleable Cursor Size Horizontally Increase Scaleable Cursor Size Horizontally Decrease Scaleable Cursor Size Vertically Increase Scaleable Cursor Size Vertically Rotate Scaleable Cursor Crosshairs Counterclockwise Rotate Scaleable Cursor Crosshairs Clockwise Step Forward Through Attached Grid Set Step Backward Through Attached Grid Set Pan Left Pan Right Pan Up Pan Down Remove Last Leg in a Polygon Increase Azimuth by 5 Degrees Decrease Azimuth by 5 Degrees Increase Dip by 5 Degrees Decrease Dip by 5 Degrees Switch Viewer to 2D Switch Viewer to 3D

0 1 ! 2 3 4 5 6 7 A B E H I L M O R S T U V

No Snap Mode Point Snap Mode Point Elevation Snap Mode Line Snap Mode Face Snap Mode String Snap Mode Grid Snap Mode Plane Snap Mode Plane Intersection Snap Mode Global Label Visibility Zoom Box Save Edits and Continue Hide/Show Selected data Zoom In Use Last Function Toggle Viewer Popup Menu On/ Off Zoom Out Refresh Viewer Snap to Self Toggle Set Camera Target Unset Edit Object Toggle Volume Clipping On/Off

Opens Print Dialogue Box Select All Copy Object Delete Object Edit View (Drillhole Objects, Grid Sets, Model View Objects) Wildcard Selection Open Object Show Member Properties Refresh Unselect All Paste Object Close Object Cut Object Redo the Last Change Unselect All Arrange Icons by Date Arrange Icons by Materials Arrange Icons by Name Arrange Icons by Size Arrange Icons by Type Undo Last Change

Data Manager Icons

Manage Resource Maps
1 2 3 4 1234Go up a level Resource Map name Open Save

Data Type filter icons; if depressed the corresponding Data Type is displayed

Shift Ctrl-

Unselects elements Allows selection of elements across folders


Digitize Polyline for selecting (Hold down “P” and digitize a polyline to select by “fence” or close the polyline to select by area)


Drillhole Views

Geometry Objects

Linked Objects


Mouse Movements
Movement Zoon In/Out Two Button Mouse ALT+Left+Right Buttons Three Button Mouse Middle Mouse Button Left+Middle Button or use Scroll Wheel (Middle Button)
1 2 3 4 5

Model Views

MineSight® Viewers

Plot Layouts

Title Blocks

Plot Legends

Additional Data Types/Folder Icons
1 1 - Geometry Object in edit mode/ folder with Geometry Object in edit mode 2 - Cutoff Table/Items Folder 3 - Materials Object/Materials Object Folder 4 - Project Settings Object

Move Azimuth and Dip Left+Right Buttons

Status Icons

Pan Movement

Shift+Left+Right Buttons

Right+Middle Button

Used in combination with others


The keyboard arrow and Shift keys can also be used to adjust the Viewer orientation in MS3D (←↑→↓)—Azimuth rotation (2D and 3D views)/Dip rotation (3D view only) SHIFT+(←↑→↓)—Pan the viewer (2D and 3D views)


3 1 - Linked 2 - Unkown or unreadable (no permission to read) 3 - Unreadable (corrupted) 4 4 - No permission to read or edit Interactive Planner Object 5 - Read only 6 - Object belongs to a Geometry View Object Data Security System

LGO View Object

Inc.The Options tab contains the MultiRun function. Tool. Open : Opens project using the Project Response File. in the United States and/or other countries. the MineSight® Logo. ABCDEF MineSight Compass A Setup Tab . F Rotation Tab . files. edit menus.The Rotation tab allows you to check the orientation of your model file. and MineSight® Compass™ are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Mintec. [ ] denotes optional and | is “or”.dat d65002.1 or mscompass p65002. Save or Save As : Saves the Project Response file (.Starts MineSight Compass (MineSight Compass can also be called from within MineSight 3-D) Opening a procedure (where italics are place-holders. Shells VBM Digitize Presentation AVI Texture Shape Surface Table Mapping Plotting MineSight 3-D PCF = Project Control File (File 10) File 11 = Assay File File 12 = Survey File File 9 = Composite File File 25 = VBM File File 13 = Gridded Surface File File 15 = 3D Block Model PCF File 25 File 11 & 12 Composite Attributed Data Base File 9 Interpolate File 13 Preliminary Scheduling Cutoff Optimization File 15 Pit/Phase Optimization MineSight® Strategic Planner Geologic Resources Edits CAD Survey Solid/ Surface Design DH Ring UG Stopes Solid/ Pit Faults Expansion Design Design Drifts Reserves Long Term Planning MSIP NPV MSAP Design Mining Cuts MSSO/MSHaulage Running MineSight Programs MineSight 3-D ms3d . The Index tab creates an index of the type of help available. Under File you have the following options New -> PCF : Creates a new PCF (Project Control File 10) New -> Project : Creates a project from an existing PCF. or Tab to get help. The Search tab allows you to type the help information needed. This file has an extension of VR if responses are from Manager or PRJ if the responses are from MineSight Compass. Index and Search Tabs.) mscompass [[drive:path_name]project_name]procedure_name [-panel | response_name | -ascii [[drive:path_name]project_name]response_name] [[drive:path_name]project_name] Ex: mscompass p65002. The results will be displayed on the left window. Search for procedures.msm mscompass .then click with the left mouse button on the Icon. C Options Tab . Quick Reference Card MineSight 3-D and MineSight Compass . All rights reserved. (Note: You do not have to be logged into the Internet to use the help. You can create new files or edit existing files. B Menu Tab . The help files are independent of the Internet. ms2compass -multi package_name response_name [[drive:path_name]project_name] Ex: mscompass -multi sections northings MineSight Compass MineSight®. D Project Tab .The Menu tab is where you choose the menu you want to use and how that menu is displayed.Project Overview Import DXF Survey 3-D pts.The Project tab allows you to edit your MineSight® Compass™ files. Contents. The fields are grayed-out when not in edit mode.VR) Refresh : Refreshes MineSight Compass menus.Starts MineSight 3-D Changing fonts in Data Manager and dialogs. [ ] denotes optional and | is “or”. Exit : Exit MineSight Compass Help From MineSight and MineSight Compass MineSight and Compass help can be obtained using the following keys: Click F1 .Use the Extent tab to change or view the PCF project limits and the project levels. and is where a user’s initials can be assigned. MineSight 3-D help files are in html format.Select default MineSight files and Modes to run procedures. The Contents tab allows the selection of different topics from the left window. Some common browsers include Netscape or Internet Explorer.PRJ) Delete : Deletes the Project Response file (. Default response editing.PRJ or .) General help in MineSight can be obtained from the menu or F1 General help in MineSight Compass can be obtained from the menu.dat-panel Executing a Multirun: where italics are place-holders. Use your default Internet browser to read the help. and add MineSight® procedures. E Extent Tab . The help menu will appear with 3 tabs. ms3d -font <font name>-<size>pt Ex: ms3d -font arial-10pt Open with an existing Resource Map ms3d <Resource Map name>. and PCF edits.