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Mathematical Requirements

AQA expect all students to have developed certain mathematical skills before beginning and AS and A2 Physics. It is expected that have acquired competence in the following areas of mathematics in order for you to be able to progress through the course. If you feel there are areas that need work, you will see links in the table to online workbooks and quizzes to assist you. You will also see references to these as you move through the course book. When you registered for this course, you should have received log-in information for If you haven’t received this information, please contact your tutor. When you log-in to mangahigh, you will find a series of challenges. These are all relevant to AS and A2 Physics. The table below indicates which skills they relate to. I’ve added page numbers to help you find them. Any section highlighted in red is A2 only. Topic Arithmetic and computation Candidates should be able to: recognise and use expressions in decimal and standard form Mangahigh Challenges Change between standard form and ordinary numbers
Challenge No.

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use ratios, fractions and percentages

Solve problems using standard form Ratios Working with ratios Write one number as a fraction of another Find a fraction of an amount Reciprocals Find one amount as a percentage of another calculator Find percentages – calculator

18 14 15 8 10 11 13 Fractions: =%7BC0298BF6-15D4-4D73BEE1-E5D50A737332%7D Percentages =%7BE96A619A-D05F-4294B0FA-D57060EE5C17%7D


< s/resources/PDFLaTeX/units. substitute numerical values into algebraic equations using appropriate units for physical quantities Find the mean Direct proportion Inequalities Solve equations by rearranging 61 See Units exercises below 39 31 30 Metric Units Units of area and volume Substitute whole numbers into algebra Substitute whole numbers into algebra using indices Substitute positive and negatives into algebra using indices 53 54 19 20 21 Appropriate units http://www. integer and fractional indices. logex use calculators to handle sin tan x when x is expressed in degrees or radians use an appropriate number of significant figures Round using significant figures 16 http://www. >>.uk/res ources/leaflets/mathcentre/mech anics/ sebitesize/maths/number/rounde stimaterev1.pdf Changing Units http://www.  ~ change the subject of an equation by manipulation of the terms. <<.Handling Data use calculators to find and use: xn. >.nln.shtml 1/ s/resources/PDFLaTeX/conv_un cos x. α 8EC856-14B7-4AD7-9C347B43A9D7394D%7D Algebra find arithmetic means make order of magnitude calculations understand and use the symbols:=.pdf . ex. including positive. log10x.pdf http://www.

2_compoun d_measures.Substitute any number into algebra 22 Electrical Units solve simple algebraic equations Introducing equations and function machines Introducing Equations Solve linear equations Solve linear equations involving negatives Two-step equations.pdf Dimensional Analysis: http://www.plym.plym.or g.pdf Compound Measures: s/resources/PDFLaTeX/dimensi AD9A92-3324-4210-9FBAC6458071FE6A%7D s/resources/PDFLaTeX/elec_uni including brackets Solve linear equations involving brackets Solve linear equations with an unknown on both sides Harder two-step equations 4 23 24 25 6 26 27 5 Transposing Formulae http://go.

uk/?req=%7B883 AAF82-83A5-4EE3-867193341753290F%7D Quadratic Equations (factorise) http://go.elimination method Solve simultaneous equations .uk/?req=%7B2D FC3B64-D2B7-4046-B2B01A1D39DA784E%7D Simultaneous Equations 0D6E66-4887-4979-8586D4F0EF3E1A5B%7D 32 Quadratic Equations (graphs) Equations Solve Linear Equations involving fractions and decimals Solve simultaneous equations .straight line graphs Solve simultaneous equations .substitution method Forming Simultaneous equations Solve Quadratics by using the Quadratic Formula 7 28 Graphs translate information between 77A5EC-1F4A-4185-BC858EEB060725EF%7D understand that y = mx +c represents a linear graph Draw Straight Line Graphs using y=mx+c 34 .uk/?req=%7B778 0228A-5A2C-4C86-ACC7F13D7FEC2185%7D 33 67 29 plot two variables from experimental or other data Use line graphs 66 Graphs: http://go. numerical and algebraic forms Graphical Solutions: 0A111-FB0B-45FA-92F965ABDB3FDB34%7D Application of differentiation to find tangents and normals cs/integration/reversedifferentiation/?audience=studen ts Application of integration to find areas and volumes E83622-9A1A-4747-87E19ED35FB3D9F9%7D understand the possible physical significance of the area between a curve and the x-axis and be able to calculate it or measure it by counting squares as appropriate Integration DDDA16-7261-4A59-9050EDB084A8D4BE%7D s/resources/PDFLaTeX/intro_diff .uk/topi cs/differentiation/tangents/ http://go.determine the slope and intercept of a Find the equation of a line linear graph from a graph draw and use the slope of the tangent to a curve as a measure of rate of change 35 Introduction to differentiation

surface areas and volumes of rectangular 431737-A251-454D-980C422FE613C32F%7D sketch simple functions including y=kx. y = 43EB2A-7A59-4F60-BF5C0E46F76226FA%7D Sine and Cosine F106E9-1DA7-4179-969B0B640E8F64B7%7D Volume http://go. y = sin x. y = e-kx Drawing Curves Exponential graphs Trigonometric graphs 36 37 38 Geometry and Trigonometry calculate areas of triangles.p df Sine Waves: circumferences and areas of circles.use logarithmic plots to test exponential and power law variations y = k/ s/resources/PDFLaTeX/logs.mathcentre. y = cos cs/integration/finding-areasvolumes/ s/resources/PDFLaTeX/ 3152EB-8A93-4467-9AB76921BF64725D%7D .plym.pdf cylinders and spheres Area of a triangle Surface Area of cubes and cuboids Surface area of a sphere Volume of a cuboid Volume of spheres Volume of a prism The parts of a circle Circumference of a circle Area of a circle Surface Area of a Cylinder 41 42 43 44 68 45 46 47 48 51 Areas http://go.

.pdf understand the relationship between degrees and radians.use Pythagoras’ theorem and the angle sum of a triangle Volume of a Cylinder Lengths and areas with circles and triangles Segment Area Arc Length Angles in Triangles Pythagoras Theorem Use Pythagoras to find the hypotenuse Use Pythagoras theorem to find the length of a shorter side Trigonometry ratios Use Trigonometry to find angles Use Trigonometry to find lengths 52 3 50 49 9 2 57 58 Pythagoras Theorem ources/Engineering%20maths% 20first%20aid%20kit/latexsource %20and%20diagrams/ cosines and tangents in physical problems 1 60 59 FC9565-D48C-4F38-B220E65C871633F2%7D use sines.

uk/?req=%7BA6 C06573-C5BB-4481-BCC8ADE8813CC0DB%7D Electricity Exploration Tool eter Chapter lab/ may find the following additional skills useful: Topic Candidates should be able to: Measurement use a protractor to measure angles read simple scales choose appropriate units and measuring equipment measure time use a micrometer to measure length use vernier calipers to measure length use a voltmeter to measure voltage Mangahigh Challenges Measuring angles Reading Scales Measuring Measure Time Challenge No.phy.wikipedia.8 in Course book and: Correlation and linear regression =%7B95FAA852-09D9-4B56880E-5AD8679F54AF%7D Errors use an ammeter to measure current be able to read analogue and digital C06573-C5BB-4481-BCC8ADE8813CC0DB%7D http://en.html ter/ Other resources 40 55 56 65 http://feh.nln.html Electricity Exploration Tool http://go.osu.uct. use an oscilloscope Representing Data Produce graphs to represent data found in experiments Determine errors in data Line Graphs Scatter Diagrams Correlation 62 63 64 .ac. 1BF4CE-36DE-4429-AFB7F3A7B8B550AF%7D .