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Press Release for Immediate Release
April 15, 2013 1:30 pm

Jordan Adam Criado was sentenced today on 5 counts of Aggravated Murder and 1 count of Arson in the First Degree. Judge Lorenzo Mejia sentenced Criado to Life without the possibility of release or parole on the Aggravated Murder counts and to 90 months consecutive to the Arson in the First Degree count. The Judge said at the time of the plea that the evidence was overwhelming that Criado had committed these crimes. This case was investigated by the Medford Police Department with the assistance of the MADU (Major Assault and Death Investigation Unit). The reports and interviews were extensive, as well as the analysis performed by the Oregon State Police crime lab. District Attorney Beth Heckert said that “in a homicide investigation, the defendant is often not truthful with the police. The evidence must speak for the victims, since they cannot tell us what happened ”. Here are the relevant facts from the investigation:
 On 7/18/11 Jordan Criado called 911 to report his wife was missing. Officer Mellgren responded to the residence at about 5:00 am and learned from Jordan that Tabasha Criado had gone out with a female friend to a bar the night before and had not returned home. Jordan Criado told police that he tried to reach her by phone but Tabasha didn’t answer. At the time that Officer Mellgren spoke to Jordan the four children were running around the house, it appeared they had been awake all night. Officer Mellgren walked throughout the house and backyard to make sure Tabasha wasn’t at the residence. He entered the house through the front door and went through the back sliding glass door into the backyard. Jordan Criado removed a large stick from the glass slider to allow the backdoor to be opened. Jordan Criado appeared concerned and frustrated about his wife not being home. He told Officer Mellgren he and Tabasha were not having any relationship issues. Jordan did not have the address of Tabasha’s friend Tambrie Smith, so Jordan loaded the four children into his vehicle and had Officer Mellgren follow him over to Tambrie’s residence. Officer Mellgren was able to make contact with the

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Tambrie. She reported to Officer Mellgren that they had been at a local bar and had met some other people and gone to a male’s house. She stated that Tabasha was in the process of separating from Jordan and wanted a divorce. She did not have the address of the male’s house, only a general description and area. Officer Mellgren told Jordan Criado to go home and he would start looking in the area for Tabasha. As police were looking in the area, Tabasha Criado called into the police. She stated she was in the parking lot of the Minute Market on Oakdale. Officer Bridges met Tabasha at the Minute Market. Both Officer Bridges and Officer Mellgren spoke with Tabasha. Tabasha told Officer Bridges that she had just told her husband about an affair. She told Officer Mellgren that she needed a break from her husband. She stated “Jordan had called her thirty times last night so I turned my phone off”. Tabasha asked for a ride home and indicated she would be fine. Offficer Bridges left Tabasha at her home 1027 West 10th, Medford Oregon in Jackson County at 7:53 am. Tabasha never said anything to the Officers to indicate she was concerned for her safety and did not ask police for any further assistance. When Detectives spoke to Tambrie she stated that Jordan had called her numerous times that evening. In one of those conversations he said to her “you better hope she’s not having an affair”. Tambrie also told police that Tabasha was very open about leaving her husband. Detectives identified the male that Tabasha had spent the night with. He told police that she had spent the night at his residence and in the morning he was going to give her a ride home. Tabasha told him that morning that the police were looking for her and she phoned into 911 to tell them she was not in any danger. He told police that Tabasha also called Jordan and told him that she had had an affair. He stated that Jordan was extremely angry and vocal on the other end of the phone call. He stated that Tabasha then hung up the phone and asked him to take her to the Minute Market. During the investigation, police were able to track down witnesses that observed Jordan at a gas station, the receipt would later indicate at 6:32 am. The witness stated that Jordan had stated to them that his wife had been out in the bars and didn’t come home. He appeared angry to the witnesses. It was determined that when Officer Mellgren told Jordan Criado to go home, he stopped for gas. This would have been prior to Tabasha calling and talking to Jordan or the Police. Police received the 911 call of a house fire at 1027 W. 10th St. Medford at 9:24 am. When police first arrived at the residence, the front door was locked and the back sliding glass door was not able to be opened fully. Police could see flames and heavy smoke in the residence. As firefighters forced entry they found the front door was dead bolted and a couch had been moved to block the front door. Firefighters also located a wooden dowel in the glass sliding door. The firefighters found Tabasha Criado, Issac Criado, Elijah Criado, Andrew Criado, Aurora Criado and the defendant in the master bedroom. One firefighter reported that Jordan Criado was holding a large knife when firefighters found him. During the initial searches at the residence, 3 knives were located in the master bedroom. Those knives were a large kitchen knife, a steak knife and a paring knife. The Oregon State police crime lab examined those knifes for latent prints. No latent prints with sufficient clear ridge details were found. The large knife Jordan was seen holding by the firefighters contained blood on the blade. DNA analysis done by

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the Oregon State Police crime lab matched that blood to Jordan Criado. The Steak knife and paring knife located in the master bedroom did not have any blood detected on them. A knife was recovered from an upper bunk bed between the mattress and the railing in the children’s bedroom on 12/30/11. The knife had been photographed by the police at the time of the initial searches but inadvertently not collected. That knife was described as a steak knife. Latent prints examination failed to reveal any latent prints. There was blood on this steak knife’s blade. DNA analysis done by Oregon State Police matched the blood on that knife as Tabasha Criado’s. Fire Inspectors determined that the fire at the residence was the result of Arson. The investigation revealed that there were four fires, located in four separate locations of the residence. Fire inspectors concluded that the fire burned for 15-20 minutes. All windows in the house were intact and many had a plastic material covering them which retarded the ventilation and growth of the fire. This allowed the fire to smolder but not become fully engulfed due to lack of oxygen. The home suffered significant damage from the fire. In the kitchen, fire investigators determined that on the stove all the electric coils and the broiler were in the on position. The smoke alarm in the kitchen had been removed from the wall and placed on the counter.  The next fire was located in the dining room. A futon couch was set on fire.  In the living room the next fire was located on the couch that had been placed as a barricade to the front door. Fire investigators also located in the living room an empty gallon size can of olive oil with the lid removed and an empty deep fryer appliance. The walls of the living room had a splash pattern that was consistent with someone throwing a substance against it. Fire Inspectors believed that this was an attempt to accelerate the fire.  In the master bedroom was the fourth fire. It was started in the closet with a large amount of paper. Oil was throughout the master bedroom. Oil was located on the children, bedding and the furniture in the master bedroom. An autopsy was performed on Tabasha Criado on 7/20/2011 by Dr. James Olson the Deputy State Medical Examiner. He found that Tabasha had 2 stab wounds to the face, 2 stab wounds to the neck and 10 stab wounds to the abdominal area. He noted that she had no defensive wounds to her arms, wrists or hands. He further noted that she had long fingernails and no fingernails were broken. The cause of death was multiple stab wounds. The toxicology results showed a .03 alcohol and marijuana in her system, no other controlled substances. She had a carboxyhemoglobin of less than 6%. This is a non lethal level of carbon monoxide. An autopsy was performed on Andrew Criado (5/12/06) by Dr. Olson on 7/21/11. Andrew had sharp force injuries to the neck. The cause of death was homicidal asphyxiation by carbon monoxide poisoning due to smoke inhalation. Dr. Olson’s other findings included nonlethal drug levels, potentially lethal stab wound to right side of neck and a non lethal stab wound to the neck. Testing by the Oregon State police crime lab found carboxyhemoglobin levels of 46%, a lethal level of carbon monoxide. An outside laboratory determined that Andrew had 25 ng/ml levels of Melatonin in his blood. 

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An autopsy was performed on Isaac Criado (2/27/05) by Dr. Olson on 7/21/11. Isaac had stab wounds to the neck and both wrists. The cause of death was ruled homicidal violence, probable asphyxiation by suffocation. He did not have lethal amounts of carbon monoxide. Testing by the Oregon State Police crime lab found carboxyhemolglobin levels of less than 6%. An outside laboratory determined that Isaac had 24 ng/ml levels of Melatonin in his blood. Dr. Olson’s findings were non lethal drug levels, nonlethal carbon monoxide level, the wounds to his wrists were nonlethal and one of the wounds to the neck had lethal potential. An autopsy was performed on Elijah Criado (2/24/2004) by Dr. Olson on 7/20/11. Elijah had a stab wound to the back of his neck. The cause of death was ruled homicidal violence, probable asphyxiation by suffocation. He did not have lethal amounts of carbon monoxide. Testing by the Oregon State Police crime lab found carboxyhemolglobin levels of less than 6%. An outside laboratory determined that Elijah had 6.6 ng/ml levels of Melatonin in his blood. The stab wound to the neck would not have been lethal. An autopsy was performed on Aurora Criado ( 1/13/2009) by Dr. Olson on 7/18/11. Aurora had no external or internal injuries. The cause of death was ruled homicidal violence, probable asphyxiation by suffocation. She did not have lethal amounts of carbon monoxide. Testing by the Oregon State Police crime lab found carboxyhemolglodin levels of less than 6%. An outside laboratory determined that Aurora had 50 ng/ml levels of Melatonin in her blood. An expert would have testified that melatonin is a sleep aid. Adults normally have levels between .02.20 ng/ml, that varies based on time of day and age. An oral 6 mg dose in adult females produced a peak concentration of 12 ng/ml approximately .75 hours later. A 10 mg. dose in adult males produced an average concentration of 9.8 approximately .75 hours later. The bottle located in the Criado residence was 3 mg tablets of Melatonin. All of the children weighed between 35 and 50 pounds. The expert would have testified that in studies based on adults being given two 3 mg tablets, the levels of melatonin ¾ of an hour after ingesting the doseage was between 9.8 and 12 mg. Aurora had more than 4 times the amount found in adult females. On 8/2/11 Jordan Criado was interviewed by Police Detectives at Rogue Valley Hospital. He was advised of his Miranda rights and waived them. Criado told police that he was caring for his children and Tambrie’s children. He stated the children were up all night. He stated that he called Tabasha and Tambrie numerous times during the night. He told police that Tambrie picked up her children, but Tabasha didn’t return home. Jordan Criado advised police that when he got home he put all of the children in their beds in the children’s room. He admitted that he gave each child a dose of Melatonin. He stated he gave Isaac three tablets , Andrew two tablets, Elijah three tablets and Aurora two tablets. Criado reported to the police that Tabasha told him that she woke up in someone’s bed and thought she had been drugged with ecstasy. He stated after they had this conversation, he went out to the back yard to work on a vehicle. He exited the house through the back door slider. He claimed to have spoken to a neighbor while he was in the backyard. He said after being outside for awhile, he got a feeling that something wasn’t right. He entered the house through the back slider and saw fire in the kitchen. He then went into the master bedroom and saw Tabasha sitting and the children all laying down in the master bedroom. He claimed that the children were laying motionless and he saw some blood. He

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stated Tabasha was holding a knife, they struggled with the knife and he took it from her and killed her. He then stated he obtained some olive oil from the kitchen and doused himself with the oil. He stated he could not remember pouring olive oil on the children or the walls. He stated he held each of the children and then layed them down. He could not remember what position the children were in on the mattress. He admitted to using paper to start the fire in the closet of the bedroom. When asked questions about specific things, he couldn’t remember. The police spoke to him for a little over 1 hour. When Detectives contacted the backyard neighbors, both denied that they had spoken to Jordan on that date. One of the neighbors has dogs, which she told police that the dogs bark if the Criados are in the backyard. She did not recall her dogs barking that morning. Dr. Olson would have testified that given the lack of defensive wounds to Tabasha’s arms and hands, there was no evidence of a struggle over the knife. In fact the lack of defensive wounds would indicate Tabasha was surprised by the attack. Detectives would have testified that Jordan Criado had faint cut marks on his inner upper left forearm, described as hesitation marks. He had a deeper cut on his inner lower left wrist, which appeared to be self inflicted. His carbon monoxide level was 41 upon admission to the hospital. Police would have testified that the wooden dowel in the back door made it impossible to open the door very far. This wooden dowel would have had to been placed from someone inside the residence. When you step into the back porch from the slider, you have an unobstructed view into the kitchen. It makes no sense that he would have seen the fire in the kitchen, and yet closed the slider and replaced the dowel. Firefighters reported that all 5 of the victims were laid out in the master bedroom. Police were able to determine that Andrew and Aurora were laying on the master bed. They were also able to determine that Elijah, Tabasha and Issac were laying on a mattress on the floor of the master bedroom, with Tabasha being between the 2 children. Tabasha had been very vocal with her family and friends that she planned to leave Jordan. Many of Tabasha’s family members had openly discussed them divorcing with Jordan. Tabasha’s stepfather told police that he had spoken to Jordan and Tabasha about 4 weeks before the homicides. At that time, Jordan told him he didn’t want her to leave, he just wanted his family to stay together. Tabasha told her step father it was still her plan to leave Jordan. Police were able to contact Jordan Criado’s first wife. She told police that Jordan was very possessive and jealous. She stated that Jordan had threatened to kill her if she ever left him. She divorced Jordan Criado when he was in prison serving a sentence for sexually abusing a child. The evidence indicates that Jordan Criado was very angry that his wife had gone out and met another man. Jordan Criado lied to police when he told them that there were no issues in their relationship, when in fact Tabasha had been very candid with Jordan that she was going to end their marriage. Jordan had been told by Tabasha that she had spent the night with another man prior to her arriving home. Jordan had given each of the children a large dose of Melatonin. The children were asleep in their own beds when Tabasha came home. Jordan Criado stabbed his wife multiple times, killing her. She never had a chance to block any of the stab wounds. Jordan then went into the children’s bedroom and moved the children into the master bedroom. He carried a knife with Tabasha’s blood on it, into

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the children’s bedroom and left it on one of the upper bunks when moving the children. He killed each of the children laying them and Tabasha on the mattresses in the master bedroom. He then started the multiple fires in the residence. Andrew was the only child that was still alive when Jordan started the fires. Jordan barricaded the front door with the couch and the back door already had a dowel, making entry or exit through the backdoor difficult. He took olive oil from the kitchen and splashed it all over the walls, himself, Tabasha and the Children. He also took an oil fryer and threw that oil on the walls of the living room. He believed the oil would be an accelerant. He was attempting to commit suicide after killing his family.

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