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WAGazine Author Guidelines

Welcome, WAGazine Warrior!
Thank you very much for contributing to WAGazine,’s online magazine aimed at providing quality education and promoting animal welfare. With our online reach of over 100,000 animal lovers via website, mobile network and social media, we hope to offer a united front for animal welfare warriors to convey their messages and insights effectively, educating the public through lively, informative, inspiring and touching articles that would help reshape and enhance the animal welfare scene in Malaysia. As a participating author, we have structured a set of tips and guidelines on the preparation and publication of articles for you. Please review and let us know should you require any clarifications.

Article Content Guidelines
WAGazine is flexible on article content. Anything under the sun about pets is welcomed. It would be classified under one or more of the following main categories:       Commentary: Analysis of issues, opinions and insights Fun: Funny, weird, lively happenings or personal experiences Inspiring: Touching or motivational accounts, interviews of inspiring people News: Important happenings or events, time-sensitive announcements Pet Care: Essentials on caring for pets, pet owner education Welfare: Happenings related to Malaysia’s animal welfare scene. This category is primarily used for consolidated publication of 2 dozen+ NGO news sources.

General article guidelines to ensure a friendly, informative and conducive educational environment: 1. The article should be original, or the author has the necessary permission to reproduce its contents 2. The content should be written in proper, grammatical English 3. Please make it lively and include elements of humour whenever possible 4. The recommended length per post is 300 – 500 words. If the content is too lengthy, please break it into multiple separate articles or a series 5. At least one accompanying picture is highly recommended to effectively feature the article 6. Include citations or references for text or image materials sourced externally, and refrain from copy-and-pasting large chunks of text 7. Article should not contain any advertising or commercial elements (unless it is an unbiased, objective review of a certain product or service unaffiliated with the author) 8. Kindly avoid the following elements: personal insults, hostility, foul language and defamatory statements; or sensitive topics such as religion, politics and racial issues 9. Please refrain from any form of solicitation, especially donations
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please contact the Editorial Team to do so Advertorial Guidelines Authors may write about their commercial pet-related products / services in the separate Advertorial section. Please take note of the following Advertorial Guidelines:       Only authors committed to a minimum submission frequency of 2 articles / month qualify to utilize the bonus Advertorial section Each qualifying author is limited to 1 Advertorial / month Such Advertorials will not be counted as replacements of standard articles where the monthly commitment remains The Advertorial allows authors to provide an informative overview of their products / services.WAGazine Author Guidelines As a contributor of the non-exclusive rights to publish your article across all of its outreach channels You retain the copyright to each of your articles. which is incidentally not endorsed by for reasons of remaining impartial and fair to all parties concerned. and may be edited before publication for purposes such as conciseness. effectiveness in expressing your based on criteria such as quantity of new articles available during that period and your contribution frequency By submitting your article. please take note of the following Terms & Conditions:         Articles are contributed on a voluntary basis without any remuneration (PetFinder. the Editorial Team will notify you for corresponding amendments The article will be published based on a schedule determined by the Editorial Team. and are free to publish it at other locations In the event that you wish to revoke your article from PetFinder. and to establish good readership following Each article will be reviewed by the Editorial sincerely thanks you for this – we really appreciate your effort!) We recommend a consistent article submission schedule of at least 1/month to ensure proper continuity in your articles. but not intended as a direct listing of items for sale Authors may not degrade or attack competing brands / services either directly or indirectly All existing Article Content Guidelines and Terms & Conditions apply 2|Pa g e . you grant PetFinder. linguistic correction and formatting adjustment In the event that key changes are required.

you can proceed to login below: http://www. click on the “Profile” tab on the left to configure your Author Profile. 3|Pa g e .my/wagazine/wp-admin Once logged in.WAGazine Author Guidelines Author Login & Setup Each author will be provided with their personal login to WAGazine’s publishing system. Once you receive your login credentials.PetFinder.

if available (ex: “SPCA”) Sample of author profile display: 4|Pa g e username.WAGazine Author Guidelines Important things to configure:  Nickname & Display Name: The name to appear in each of your posts  Biographical Info: A few introductory paragraphs about yourself  Avatar: A nice photograph of you  Website: Your official website or blog (ex:”)  Twitter: Your Twitter username (ex: “myPetFinder”)  PetFinder: Your  Facebook: Your Facebook page / user name (ex: “PetFinder.

click on New->Post at the top grey bar. you could either write your article in Microsoft Word first then copy it over. or “Preview” to view a sample display of it  All other fields/columns can be omitted.WAGazine Author Guidelines Writing Articles Depending on your preference. and will be configured by the Editor before publication 5|Pa g e . To post the article. Things to note when writing:  Enter a suitable title for the post  Enter your article content within the large text area  Images referenced in the article should all be uploaded (not linked to other websites)  You can use the buttons at the toolbar to format your content. or directly write online at the WAGazine publishing system. Click on the “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink” button (or press Alt-Shift-Z) to show more buttons  Click on “Save Draft” at the right side of page to save your current progress.

6|Pa g e . select the image alignment and size (usually Medium or Large) then click on “Insert into Post”. click on the “Upload/Insert” link above the toolbar buttons. The corresponding image would appear in your article content area  To make an image the featured image of your article (the default image displayed when your article is listed). locate the desired image. click on the “Use as featured image” link Please refer to the screenshot on the next page for further illustration. Usage notes:  Click on “Select Files” button or drag and drop images from your Windows Explorer to upload images  Uploaded images would appear in the Gallery section  Once uploaded. Click on “Save All Changes” to confirm the information update. you can optionally update the image’s title. The Add Media page will pop up.WAGazine Author Guidelines Uploading Images To upload images for your article. description and link URL (other fields can be omitted).  To insert an image into your post.

WAGazine Author Guidelines 7|Pa g e .

2012 8|Pa g e . In other words. only login to the WAGazine Publishing System if you need to submit articles or respond to comments.2 | June 20th. we shall provide a fun. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! That’s all! Your masterpiece shall be featured to thousands of readers once published. Once you are satisfied with the article’s content. then proceed to browse the pages as a general visitor. Browsing WAGazine The WAGazine system provides a faster. sincerely thanks you for being part of the WAGazine team in this exciting effort. we strongly recommend that you first log out of your Author account. optimized reading experience for the general public. May your mighty pen help bring forth better welfare for our furry friends! PetFinder. and together. you can proceed to submit the article to WAGazine by clicking on the “Submit for Review” button. please refer to WAGazine’s article content guidelines and publishing terms & conditions at the beginning of this document to ensure that everything is in order. To browse and read articles. layout and verified that it looks fine in the preview. educational and effective learning platform for animal lovers and pet WAGazine Publishing System Version 1.WAGazine Author Guidelines Submitting Your Article Is your masterpiece ready? It’s time to submit then! As a final check.