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Windows is an ____ system~operating~operation~oparetion~opuration~A _______bar is located at the top of the window~Menu~Title~Status~Tool~B Windows is easy to ______~lean~laren~learn~lern~C _____ is a small picture~Desktop~Taskbar~Clock~Icon~D

Taskbar is divided into ___ parts~3~5~7~2~A The first sreen of the computer is called as____~taskbar~desktop~icon~start butt on~B Start button contains a ____ of programs~nember~namber~number~numder~C Taskbar has ___ button and clock~taskbar~desktop~icon~start~D Taskbar is located at the ____ of the desktop~bottom~button~batom~buton~A _____ is a small blinking vertical line~Desktop~Cursor~Taskbar~Icon~B ___ is a framed rectangular area~Work Area~Internet Explorer~Windows~Taskbar~C The area where you work on~Work Area~Internet Explorer~Windows~Taskbar~A It is a web browser~Work Area~Internet Explorer~Windows~Taskbar~B It shows the current time~Work Area~Internet Explorer~Windows~Taskbar~D It is located on left side of the taskbar~Start button~Recyclebin~Frame~Statusba r~A It stores deleted files~Start button~Recyclebin~Frame~Statusbar~B It is outer boundary of window~Start button~Recyclebin~Frame~Statusbar~C It shows the position of the cursor~Start button~Recyclebin~Frame~Statusbar~D The background pictures on the windows desktop is ___________~Start button~Recyc lebin~wallpaper~Statusbar~C When the computer is on and not in use a moving picture will appear on the scree n~Start button~Screensaver~Frame~Statusbar~B Paint is an _______ software~application~aplication~applecetion~applikation~A Paint is a _________ and wonderful tool for drawing on the computer~sample~simpl e~single~singer~B Paint is used to _____ shapes and colours~dra~darw~draw~derw~C Tools are found in ____~Ribon~Riben~Ribban~Ribbon~D Ribbon is near the top of the _______ window~Paint~Point~Peint~Piant~A Paint button is displayed at the ________ left corner of the window~bottom~top~b elow~right~B To close Paint, click the ____ button in the right side of the titlebar~maximize ~minimize~close~restore~C Title bar is located at the ____ of the window~right~left~bottom~top~D The ____ of the titlebar contains the name of the opened file~center~bottom~midd le~left~C In the right end of titlebar _______ buttons are placed~central~cantral~contral~ control~D ____ is present to the right of the Paint button on the window~Quick Access Tool bar~Statusbar~Ribbon~Titlebar~A ____ is located at the bottom of the Paint window~Quick Access Toolbar~Statusbar ~Ribbon~Titlebar~B All the tools, the colour palette, and most commands are grouped together in the _____~Quick Access Toolbar~Statusbar~Ribbon~Titlebar~C _____ size shows the size of a selected picture~Selection~Image~Disk~Zoom~A _____ size shows the size of entire picture~Selection~Image~Disk~Zoom~B _____ size shows saved picture size on disk~Selection~Image~Disk~Zoom~C _____ slider is used to zoom in view and zoom out~Selection~Image~Disk~Zoom~D Ribbon is divided into ____ menus~5~6~7~4~C ____ menu has cut, copy and paste options~Clipboard~Image~Tools~Ribbon~A ____ menu has crop, resize and rotate options~Clipboard~Image~Tools~Ribbon~B ____ displays new, open, save, save as, print and close options~Clipboard~Image~ Paint button~Ribbon~C ____ tool is used for free hand drawing~Pencil~Fill with colour~Text~Eraser~A ____ tool is used to fill an area of picture with selected colour~Pencil~Fill wi th colour~Text~Eraser~B ____ tool is used to insert text into the picture~Pencil~Fill with colour~Text~E raser~C ____ tool is used to erase a part of picture~Pencil~Fill with colour~Text~Eraser

Rectangular tools are present in _____ menu~Tools~Colour Picker~Mag nifier~Image~D _____ shape is used to draw straight lines~Line~Curve~Oval~Rectangle~A _____ shape is used to draw curved lines~Line~Curve~Oval~Rectangle~B _____ shape is used to draw circles and oval shapes~Line~Curve~Oval~Rectangle~C _____ shape is used to draw rectangle or square boxes~Line~Curve~Oval~Rectangle~ D _____ shape is used to draw rounded rectangle or rounded square~Rounded Rectangl e~Polygon~Triangle~Diamond~A _____ shape is used to draw irregular shapes~Rounded Rectangle~Polygon~Triangle~ Diamond~B _____ shape is used to draw triangles~Rounded Rectangle~Polygon~Triangle~Diamond ~C _____ shape is used to draw 4lines shape~Rounded Rectangle~Polygon~Triangle~Dia mond~D _____ shape is used to draw 5lines shape~Pentagon~Hexagon~Arrows~Lightning~A _____ shape is used to draw 6lines shape~Pentagon~Hexagon~Arrows~Lightning~B _____ shape is used to draw the arrows like right. undo and redo buttons~Quick Access Toolbar~Statusbar~Ribbon~ Titlebar~A ____ tool is used to pickup a colour from any part of picture~Tools~Colour Picke r~Magnifier~Image~B _____ tool is used to enlarge a portion of drawing~Tools~Colour Picker~Magnifier ~Image~C Transparent. left. the edited colour will vanish away~Wordpad~Notepad~P aint~Tools~C The line of ____ squares at the bottom will show the edited colours~black~blank~ back~bend~B The ____ colours are used to add new colours in palette~Emit~Exit~Entry~Edit~D . and down~Pentagon~H exagon~Arrows~Lightning~C _____ shape is used to draw lightning shape~Pentagon~Hexagon~Arrows~Lightning~D _____ menu is used to select various widths and textures~Image~Brushes~Shapes~To ols~B ____ menu is used to select the width for the selected tool~Image~Brushes~Size~T ools~C ____ is the foreground colour~Colour 1~Colour 2~Colour 3~Colour 4~A Colour 1 is always____~green~white~black~blue~C Colour 2 is always ____~green~white~black~blue~B ____ is the background colour~Colour 1~Colour 4~Colour 3~Colour 2~D The ___ top lines of the colour palette shows all the colours available~two~thre e~four~five~A When we closed ____ window. up.~D Clipboard menu has ____ options~2~3~5~4~B ____ contains save.