Dev Alpha Limited Edition Trade-up

Process Steps: 1. App is Submitted  App is submitted by developer to the Vendor Portal for BlackBerry World™ 2. App Approval Process  BlackBerry World test team, tests the app and provides approval based on BlackBerry World vendor portal guidelines 3. App Approval Decision  BlackBerry World test team provides decision on approved or not approved app, based on the Limited Edition Trade-up terms and conditions 4. App Decision Email sent  Based on this decision the developer will receive an email inviting them to complete the Limited Edition Trade-Up process  Each developer with an approved app as the opportunity to participate in the Limited Edition Trade-up program  Included in the email is a link to access the Trade-Up portal to complete shipping information and process the return 5. Trade-Up Portal – Shipping Information  The link brings them to the portal where they need to complete their shipping information:  This information will be collected for two reasons: o As a location to pick-up the Alpha device from the developer  Developers will be asked to ship back their device to the corresponding warehouse that is in the Region they are in o As a location to deliver the new Limited Edition device to the developer  All necessary fields need to be completed before clicking ‘Next’ 6. Trade-Up Portal – Shipping Label & Email  Based on the developers location the system will provide a UPS shipping label, or the developer will be contacted to secure the pick-up o Based on your regional location you may be asked to ship back your Alpha device instead of having it picked up from you o UPS shipping label is sent via email in PDF format for printing  If applicable, a commercial invoice is sent along with shipping label for international shipments 7. Trade-Up Portal – Shipping Preference  Developer is asked to choose their pick-up option i. UPS Drop off ii. UPS Pick-up

The regional warehouse is connected to the Order based on the shipping information of the developer Arrival Notification . Any additional pick-up details are required to be entered (i.: side-door. Developer is asked to choose a date for pick-up of Alpha device 2. Trade-Up Portal – Completion & FAQ  Once the developer has completed the shipping & pick-up details the session is complete i. buzzer #) 3. 8. The system will generate an arrival notification for the warehouse to receive the old device iii. return shipment details and the developers address ii.Developer  An Order is created in the system i. Arrival notification will be sent to the appropriate warehouse to collect the Alpha device based on the shipping information of the developer Shipping Notification – Developer  A Shipping Notification is created in the system i. Timing for this pick-up is subject to change.Warehouse  An Arrival Notification is created in the system i. the Limited Edition Trade-Up device will be sent i. Email Order Confirmation is generated and sent to the developer which includes: Confirmation number. and is sent an Arrival Notification when the order is completed  Once the device has been received by the warehouse the PIN of your return will be validated that it matches the PIN you received  Once the match has been made and the Alpha device has been validated.1. The system will generate an order for the warehouse so that a new device can be sent out once the old device is returned 9.e. Shipping notification will be sent to the developer once the replacement order has shipped from the regional warehouse . Limited Edition Trade-Up devices will be sent to the same address collected in the Shipping Information Order Confirmation . Warehouse Receipt  The warehouse is expecting your return shipment of your Alpha device. a minimum 7 business days is required from current date to the first scheduled pick-up date. A confirmation will be sent to the Developer to confirm their order receipt ii.