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Root the latest 'unrootable' MT6575/ 77 via CWMR V2

by yuweng@xda

At ADB shell, use either below command to get cat /proc/dumchar_info > /sdcard/ -> Save to sdcard cat /proc/dumchar_info > /mnt/sdcard2/ -> Save to sdcard2 Download link MTK_Rom_Studio_1.1.77.301 Mediatek Smart Phone Flash Tool V3.1224.01 Android Kitchen Plugins for Porting CWMR to Any MT6575/ 77 (For cygwin) Generic CWMR installable -> Copy only one of them to sdcard & install via CWMR.

Extract MTK Rom Studio to a folder. The first time you open MTK Rom Studio, it will show unknown Russian character but is not interpreted correctly

Go to the folder Ing, copy out Eng.Ing & delete whole lng folder & restart it. After that, it will display correctly in English.

Copy from your sdcard into this folder & open it

The RED square is the start address & size for recovery.img Go to File -> save 'scatter' If yours is a MT6575, then it will be MT6575_Android_scatter_emmc.txt

At Mediatek Smart Phone Flash Tool (SPFT), click at Scatter-loading & open MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt For this example, we'll use MT6577

At SPFT, click Read back, Add read back file. Double-click any where on the newly added read back file & it will prompt you where to save Create a new folder SPFT Upload & change the name from ROM_0 to recovery.img & save it into that folder

At read back block start address, key in 0x1588000 for Start Address & 0x600000 for Length as indicated by MTK Rom Studio

Other MT6575/ 77 devices may be different so follow the one for your device as interpreted by MTK Rom Studio

Shutdown your MT6577, click Read Back, plugin your USB cable & it shall starts to upload Some MT6577 requires the battery to be taken out in order for it to work while others requires battery to work ! Unplug & re-plug usb cable & it shall upload

First stage of uploading...

2nd Stage of uploading

Upload completed

Download link for offline cygwin install Download link for latest dsixda Android Kitchen Java SE Download ->Java Standard Edition Development Kit (JDK) avase/downloads/index.html Extract & copy MT65xx folder to dsixda's Android Kitchen tools folder

Rename existing plugins folder at scripts to plugins ori. Copy the downloaded plugins folder into it If you don't know how to install cygwin then refer to this tut ipafozf4f5w7d3w

Start cygwin, Android Kitchen & select menu option 0

Select menu option Plugins scripts depends on which Android Kitchen version you have installed

There is only 1 selection

Copy uploaded recovery.img to cwm.img_MT65xx folder

After you have copy recovery.img to cwm.img_MT65xx folder then only press enter

Here you will be ask whether you own a MT6575 or MT6577 Please check properly which device you have or else ported cwmr will not properly backup your device. However, both version does boot up on either devices !

After making the selection Press Enter. Unpack repack is successful. If not, an error will be prompt.

Repack recovery shall have a smaller size than the stock recovery. Ignore mu7577.apk. It is mobileuncle tool for flashing cwmr that require root access. If you plan to try out other recovery then copy to sdcard & you can install it.

Copy the repack cwmr recovery.img to MTK Studio folder

At SPFT, click at Scatter-loading & open MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt

Click Download

Download Warning will pop-up. Click Yes

1st Stage of download completes

2nd Stage of download completes. Pull out battery & USB cable if you had battery in & re-insert back

AFAIK, there are a few ways to enter CWMR & the common is Method 1 Method 1 Press and hold Volume-Up but don't let go, now press the power button until the phone boots up. There will be a small sentence at the left bottom corner => RECOVERY MODE Method 2 (for Lenovo A789) Press the power button for 2 seconds & let go; then quickly press & hold both Volume-Up & Down button simultaneously until the phone boots up.

I must stress this, MAKE BACKUPs & I mean at least three copies ! It is advisable to backup clockworkmod folder at sdcard to somewhere safe, make a new folder BackUp1 at pc, copy out whole clockworkmod folder then delete whole clockworkmod folder at sdcard, reboot recovery & repeat the whole process again with BackUp2 & BackUp3. I have had MD5 checksum error continuously with two backups ! With this error, you can't restore if you brick your phone ! This is a very important step please don't skip it !

Different phone has different button for navigation at cwmr but typically is Method 1 Method 1 Volume Up-Down to navigate, Power Button is the Enter key Method 2 (Lenovo A789) Same as above. Addition is as below Menu button is navigate down only Home button – no function Escape button – Exit Search button – Enter Camera button – Full press is Enter(A789 camera button when lightly press is auto-focus, fully press is to take photo.

CWMR backing up all data

Backup complete

Come back to the main screen & select install zip from sdcard

Choose zip from sdcard

Press Power button If you have a lot of file then use Volume-Down to go to & press the Power button

Use Volume-Down to go to Yes – Install & press the Power button again

Install from sdcard complete. Go Back to the main menu

reboot system now & you'll have your MT6577 rooted !

This cwmr version supports ADB shell. If it doesn't work meaning you haven't install the ADB driver. Download link : To install, double-click at Other devices -> your android phone, update driver & browse to where you have extracted it & look for android_winusb.inf. When ask about compatibility issues, click Yes & it will continue to install.

Android ADB Interface successfully installed at Device Manager

ADB shell working at cwmr